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    What is a CT scan with contrast?

    Posted by John Holden on Sun, Jan 11, 2009

    CT scan contrast injectorAn CT scan is high-tech medical imaging test that can help your doctor diagnose many different types of disease.  You can read more about CT scans here. (For MRI and contrast click here.)

    When your doctor decides to send you for a CT scan he or she will fill out a prescription or a Radiology referral form. The form will usually have your name, your symptoms, the doctor's signature, and the type of test being ordered.

    The CT scan your doctor orders usually matches the body part where you are having symptoms. For example, if you have pain in your stomach, your doctor will order a CT scan of the abdomen. Many CT scans are ordered with contrast (aka dye). If your doctor orders it without contrast, on occassion the Radiologist interpreting the scan may recommend that the test be done with contrast. 

    CT Scan Contrast Indications

    Many CT scans are ordered with contrast.  Here are some common reasons why contrast is given:

    • History of tumor, cancer, or surgery
    • Looking for infection, inflammation, or cancer
    • Evaluating blood vessels
    • Investigate a finding in a scan done without contrast

    CT Scan Contrast Side Effects

    There are risks associated with the injection. The most common side effects include:

    • Mild to life-threatening allergic reaction
    • Flushing/redness and hives
    • Shortness of breath
    • Nausea, vomitting
    • Blood clots
    • Dizziness

    Some people develop allergies to CT scan dye over time. For example, a patient may have no side effects with multiple contrast CT scans but then experience one. Because the risk of severe life-threatening reaction increases, if these patients need another CT scan with contrast they are pre-medicated with Benadryl and steriods to reduce the risk or severity of another reaction.

    If you've had a reaction to CT scan or IVP dye in the past you should inform your doctor and the Radiology staff.

    The Contrast Injection

    You might have some non-contrast images taken before the contrast is administered. The techologist will then come into the CT scan room and back the table out of the tube. The technologist or the Radiologist will then place a tourniquet around your arm or hand and insert an IV and connect it to plastic tubing. The tubing is connected to an injector. The IV will remain in your vein for the rest of the test. You'll be asked to place your arms above your head. The technologist will leave the room. The scanner will start and the injection will begin. You'll feel a warm rush of fluid into your arm, chest and abdomen. Some people describe the feeling as "rushing heat" or a "sun burst". After the test, the IV is removed.

    Passing on the Contrast Injection

    As a patient, you have the right to be informed and decide how you receive medical treatment. If you are afraid of the injection or potential contrast side effects, you should discuss this with your doctor or the Radiologist at the facility and learn more about why the contrast is being given.

    Have you had an CT Scan with contrast? What was your experience like? Leave your comments below.

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    I had the first part of the CT w/wo contrast of my chest, the tech couldn't find a vein and on the third try inserted the cannula as though he was in a vein.I am a phlebotomist and have had lots of IV's...he did not have blood in the return but by the time I thought to say anything, he was injecting the contrast FAST!!! I immediately experienced severe pain and told him to stop, something was wrong. He kept injecting, however, then stopped. (his report was to say he stopped because he ran out of contrast). I had immediate swelling, tremendous 10 pain. Was sent up to my room (i'd been admitted day b/4 w/chest pain that had resolved.)...cold compresses applied, finally surgeon arrived and determined we needed immediate surgery for compartment syndrome. This is my right forearm-I am right handed. The first surgery was to debride the contrast and open the compartments . An incision is from my wrist to past my elbow on the inside of my arm. 58 stitches, 39 cm. " Forearm Fasciotomy". the incision was left open with drains and vacuum-assisted wound closure device for 48 hrs. Second surg included another debridement, cleaning up necrotic tissue on muscle, and closure of incision. That was before t-giving. I am dealing with what might possibly be permanent nerve damage and hypersensitivity. Aside from the loss of my business, this is my right arm. I've had to learn to deal w/the pain as well as loss of the ability to do so many things I've enjoyed. 
    This is my experience. Has anyone had anything similar? I'd really like to know!!

    posted @ Monday, March 02, 2009 3:00 PM by Catherine

    I had ct scan w/contrast 3 times all 3 times I developed a "rash" under my right arm, which did not develope until 6 or so hours after test. 1st time rash was not too bad, thought maybe it was due to wearing a shirt washed in new detergent. 2nd time was so bad it was like little clear bubbles, doc at ER said was cellulitis after staff infection was ruled out. I asked if it could be due to contrast dye and was assured it was probably due to shaving armpit and bacteria entering which was believable.3rd time which was yesterday 4-7-09 rash developed as usual, when I called my docs ffice they returned the call after relayng what I said to doc, said the doc thinks it is not due to dye, as it developed so long after test,yet I am convinced it is as it happens EVERY time. It itches and burns and I can't even put my arm down. Doc said to take benadryl and put hydrocortisone cream on it which does not help. Benadryl makes me tired yet I can't sleep!

    posted @ Wednesday, April 08, 2009 8:42 AM by Kim

    I had a reaction to contrast dye years ago. Thank goodness I was still in the hospital having another test preformed. Started breaking out with hives, within minutes I was having a convulsion. My advice would be to hang around the hospital for awhile after contrast, you wouldn't want to have these reactions out on the road.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 28, 2009 2:33 PM by Judy

    I've heard of several allergic reactions to the contrast given with a ct scan. Wish mine had just been a rash...still looking for someone who'se had the IV infiltrate and been injected with the contrast in their tissue and not the vein. lousy outcome...

    posted @ Tuesday, April 28, 2009 11:50 PM by Catherine

    I also went for a CT and had the feeling of that like a sleepy hand or foot, combined with the heat rushing through my body. Gave me a mild headache and some itching. It calmdown fast but 2 days later had all the places in my body where the contrast went, reacting the same way without the warmth. Looked like I had goosebumps all over my body with little pin pricks of red blood showing in most of them. It is now a week later and I still have the itching and some bump and some bloodspots that seem to "come and go" all over my body. Also took Benadryl and cortisone cream that does not seem to help too much. So here I am still itching :( 

    posted @ Sunday, May 03, 2009 2:28 PM by Trixie

    I recently had a CT scan with dye contrast administered. Two days later my throat started closing up and my voice became extremely hoarse. I developed severe burning from the inside/out on my face. Called my doctor and was given prednisone, albuterol, pepcid ac, and a shot. Waited a few days and went to the emergency room only to be told that they were stumped. They gave me a script for anxiety medicine and sent me home. My face is still on fie. I believe I have radiation burns. Has this happened to anyone else?

    posted @ Wednesday, May 06, 2009 5:06 PM by Joyce Smith

    I had a recent ct scan and developed a reaction. I felt my face getting stiff,felt like swelling, chest pain, and pressure in my head like it was going to pop. My throat felt funny and I started to cough. I felt something bad was going to happen. Luckily they reacted quick at the hospital and gave me the shots necessary. Now I'm scarred of this exam with IV dye contrast. My face was red under my eyes lasted one day and a half.

    posted @ Sunday, May 24, 2009 8:59 PM by Lisa

    i had colon cancer they gave me a ct scan about the 4 ct i notice a burn on my elbow not just once but this makes it the 3 time i told them about it but they say its not the ct scan doing it i just yes it is same arm and big blisster everytime has it happened to anyone else please let me know what to do the ct scan people think im crazy bit im not tk deb

    posted @ Friday, June 05, 2009 4:07 PM by deb

    Several weeks ago..about 4 or 5, I went into the hospital as an outpoatient to have a CT Scan of the abdomen area, in preliminary step for the test where they run a camera down your throat to the stomache while you are "out". About 1 or 2 days after the CT scan (in which I DID have the dye contrast, I developed alot of pain and soreness in the crook of my arm (where they put the tube for the dye). It is still varying degrees, even after all this time. It definitely hurts. Can't throw anything or lift anything without pain in crook of arm. It often radiates to the forearm. I have been hesitant about going into the doctor again over "noithing", but now I think I may need to. Any suggestions or comments?

    posted @ Tuesday, June 23, 2009 12:05 PM by Michael A. Cooley

    I am an attorney who works on medical negligence cases. I just met with a new client who had a similar experience to yours. I would like to learn more about your experience. Please send me an email so I can ask you a few questions. Thank you.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 24, 2009 7:11 PM by Erik

    Michael, I would have a doctor check it out. I have heard of the contrast infiltrating moderately and causing tissue damage, not to the extent that mine caused compartment syndrome, but it certainly is worth checking out. THe contrast they use is caustic to tissue, it's a wonder it doesn't dissolve our veins as well!

    posted @ Monday, June 29, 2009 8:11 PM by Catherine Stauffer

    Had a ct scan and mri done in the same day both with contrast dye 1 week ago. Now my arms, hands and legs are itching so bad I want to rip my skin off. It started a couple of days after the test. Any one had this and if so, how long does it last?

    posted @ Tuesday, July 07, 2009 6:56 PM by judy

    Went to get a ct scan today with iv contrast and i had some weird side effects. Instantly got short of breath, hot in my face and throat, and my blood pressure shot up really high and i felt very "car sick" feeling. If anyone has had this happen to them will you let me know.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 07, 2009 10:23 PM by kelle

    had ct with contrast done and my heart started beating rapidly and spasming after injection. was admitted to the hospital the next morning with extremely high blood pressure, chest pain and trouble breathing.they did ekg and blood work and sent me home. went back to hospital 1 day later with same symptons and was admitted, had ekg,blood work and stress test and was sent home with anxiety meds. have no heart problems in my family and I got the scan for a facial pain problem I've had for many years and now I have this strange anxiety heart thing going on, Its been a week now. Im really worried about it.

    posted @ Friday, July 24, 2009 9:47 PM by Niki Martin

    had dye injected in shoulder , next day both feet swelled up , now feel like my heart is beating faster at times with a little shortness of breath. went to hospital about feet they said I must have had reaction to the dye . will never have it done again , hurt like ------

    posted @ Monday, July 27, 2009 7:42 PM by b taylor

    I wish I had found these entries before I had the CT done today. The tech inserted the needle into my right arm and told me she would insert saline first to test my vein tolerance. It burned immediately and she took the needle out and tried my left arm. She said she would run the saline slower in the left arm. I didn't feel much at first, it was very tolerable. But when the dye went in, it began to burn. I tolerated it for the sake of having the test. When the test was over, I was in agony. The tech took the needle out and the inside of my arm looked like the front of my knee it had swollen so large. After I left the facility, it seems the arm just kept getting larger. It really frightened me. I went to work as I'd planned, but about an hour later, I had to leave. My arm felt as though I needed a sling. I couldn't straighen it. The right arm was also swollen, but about half the size of the left. I called my Dr. who told me that it was not normal. He told me to take Advil, elevate it, and use warm compresses. He also told me to go to ER if it got worse. I'm getting the swelling down, but now I'm really starting to itch.. It seems this test should not be this strenuous on the body. I'll keep you posted.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 28, 2009 7:03 PM by Yolanda

    I had a CT of my abdomen and pelvic area with contrast yesterday. 8/5/2009. I felt a warm feeling as the dye went in. The tech explained everything and she was right on. Other than a pain in my right side that started shortly after. I had no complications and it was quick and relatively painless. I'm anxiously waiting the results now.

    posted @ Thursday, August 06, 2009 12:44 PM by Joanne

    I had a contrast dye head ct scan 2 days ago for severe swelling in the throat whick locked my jaws. They warned me about the rush of heat you feel. I was very scared and asked for medication to relax first. They gave me ativan into my IV. I didn't want to have this test. Considering I couldn't open my mouth and swelling was starting to block my throat; what choice did I really have?!? So, I signed and went into the scan scared as hell, even with the medication. Well, no heat rush was felt. I felt nothing at all. I was out in 5 mins. It's been 2 days and I feel my jaw tightening up again, though I am assuming that is the jaw infection still there. I am going in tonight to get checked to be sure I am ok, but I really felt nothing at all with this test. Note; my mom had this test done years ago and had a severe hive reaction. She is ok, but bad things can happen. My 'dye' risk outweighed the consequences of suffocating- that's the only reason I signed that paper!

    posted @ Saturday, August 08, 2009 10:33 PM by lynda

    I had this test done to diagnose kidney stones aprox 20 years ago and had a severe reaction to the dye. my eyes were almost swollen closed and my wind pipe began closing. The tech injected me with benadryl and some other meds and I survived the rest but it took several weeks to get over the reaction. I was told to never have the iodine injection again.Now I have been diagnosed with kidney cancer and the dr has ordered a CAT with iodine. I told him about my reaction and he said they would pre-med me so there shouldnt be a problem. I dont feel good about this and feel even worse after reading this blog. I have been told by a rad tech friend that a PET scan which uses a nuclear medicine to reflect "HOT" spots might be an option. any thoughts out there?."Tonight I'm scheduled to do this. Think I'll call my dr back. Signed: Chicken, But smarter now

    posted @ Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:55 AM by Wayne Tousley

    I just had a CT Scan 9/2/09, this was contrast, of the eye, I was told that this procedure will tell the Dr if any findings with the veins or muscles or any abnormalities, felt no side effects

    posted @ Thursday, September 03, 2009 2:05 PM by emma espinoza

    I just had a CT few days ago with IV. I developed heart pullpitation and irregular bits out of control. 
    I have a high blood preasure and take medication for few years. Noboday told me that I should not do this testm, because it can couse seriouse side effects. During the procedure the doctor was inform about my heart pulpitations and they decided to continue tests. I was not feeling well after when I came back home and I don't feel right until today. 
    Can I have a feedeback from either patient or attorney about simmillar cases or reactions ?

    posted @ Thursday, September 03, 2009 4:31 PM by lidia

    I had my first scan in April. It was aweful! I had no reactions afterwards but during the scan I got very very sick and felt intense burning, not a warming sensation. One tech said it was normal the other said it was weird. Anyway, I was very scared to go get another scan for fear of feeling like that again. This time my head will be in it which worries me even more. I was hoping that this time would be better but instead... The if infiltrated and my arm swelled to double my other arm and was in a lot of pain. They were not able to do the test. I have to wait for my arm to heal and go back. Very very frightened!!!

    posted @ Thursday, September 03, 2009 9:18 PM by Here we go again.

    Wow...think of all the law suits you guys can have. You can get million and millions of dollars for your pain, or even if you made up...err...exaggerated your pain. You can get a big house,a fancy car, maybe even a boat out of the doctor or hospital easily. Let's teach them a lesson and really drive up their malpractice insurance. Yea...I know, if I bothered to even read the release form it would have told me about the risks, especially the allergic reaction to the contrast medium. But who has time to read when you are laying there all scarred. I don't care if they are trying to help me. I'm going to take advantage of it and sue the crap out of them. I'll admit it, I'm lazy and want to enjoy the easy life as soon as I can. So what if I drive up health care cost. That's somebody Else's problem. If god didn't want us to sue everybody he shouldn't have made so many lawyers.

    posted @ Saturday, September 05, 2009 9:35 AM by Darryl

    Kelle- i had the same feeling when i got mine done the other day. I believe it's normal to feel those things. and as for wayne- don't do anything you don't feel good about. if you had a reaction before, it's more than likely going to happen again, and possibly be even worse than before. Other than that, my only problem is that the iodine made me have to urinate about every 15 minutes for 24 hours following. Has anyone had this happen to them?

    posted @ Saturday, September 19, 2009 3:45 PM by morgan

    I've had two CT scans with and without contast in the past three weeks. Both experiences were extremely unremarkable. Other than the expected warm, "flushed" sensation with the injection of the contrast solution, the procedures were completely uneventful.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 22, 2009 3:23 PM by Janet

    Catherine...Yes My wife had the same exact thing happen to Her in 2007. It's called extravasation. Let Me just tell You that nothing gets "better". The muscle You lost is not regenerated. I hope You are looking for representation.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 23, 2009 4:40 PM by R

    I has a CT with the injection and it felt like a warm sensation, from my hear to my toes. It also felt like i had to use the rest-room : )

    posted @ Thursday, September 24, 2009 1:29 PM by Tonya

    In San Diego @ the Sharp Memorial Outpatient Pavilion I had a Pelvic & Abdominal CT with 3 glasses of clear liquid contrast that I had to drink. I went to the Dr for tummy pain, gurgling & he said he wanted me to go next door & get the CT's done. 
    The clear liquid contrast they gave me is typically used in an emergency room setting because it goes thru the body quicker.  
    When the gal turned on the CT Scan and started using the red lines (Laser) to align me, I immediately felt a sharp pain across my belly button area. I screamed "ouch". She said "what happened". I told her & she said it was just coincidence. 
    Then later that day i started developing a weird dry, burnt feeling on my lips, tongue, roof of mouth & back of throat. My voice started getting a bit hoarse. It has been 4 weeks & it is the same. Actually getting worse. still the sharp pain in the tummy too.  
    The DR said the CT's came back fine. He claims no knowledge of any negative reactions being reported like I had experienced from the CT Scan or the Clear Liquid Contrast. The secretaries became tight lipped.  
    I know that the CT or the Contrast or both have caused my issues. But nobody will give me any answers. They want nothing to do with it. 
    I don't know what to do. I am really mad at myself for blindly trusting & having the CT done. I do believe that I am probably dying from this & none of the people who did the CT care. They have their money & they have moved on. I'm left to suffer. Probably an untimely death as a result of it.  
    DR's today are too quick to put patients thru  
    "The Machines" & expose us needlessly to radiation!!!! How many people silently die because of this. 
    I don't know what I should do. Please help. I'm scared about what's going on with my mouth & tummy pain & yes they should be sued, but how?? It seems impossible. I just want my health back right now. 
    Thank you for your thoughts.

    posted @ Saturday, September 26, 2009 2:12 AM by Cayla S

    I had a CT sacn w/ contrast 2 days ago and got a severe allergic reaction to the dye. My whole face swelled up and its still swollen after two days. I'm going to the dr. tomorrow morning for a follow up and hope they can help me w/ the swelling. For now, I have to wear sunglasses 24/7 b/c I look like a blow fish.

    posted @ Sunday, September 27, 2009 7:06 PM by Becky

    hi had a ct contrast scan yesterday sept 29 i still got the runs hope this is normal

    posted @ Tuesday, September 29, 2009 3:51 PM by patty

    I had a Ct scan done today with contrast and I'm happy to report it went well. I have heard of awfull stories about what could go wrong but for me it was a breeze with very little side affects and no pain what so ever... Thank God

    posted @ Wednesday, September 30, 2009 10:53 PM by Lorraine Vidal

    I had a catscan today. I was in the ER so I already had a port in my arm for fluids & blood draws. They had me drink 32 oz of something mixed into apple juice. And also injected contrast. 
    First the drink, was only mildly yucky and I drank it all in about 10 minutes. They also came and gave me a shot of morphine and an anti-nausea med while I was drinking it (suspected appendicitis, I was in a lot of pain) and I got really shaky and sick feeling but I still easily finished the drink. 
    At this point I was shaking uncontrolably from the morphine shot, but this is what happened. I got to the scan machine and the tech was extremely nice. He flushed my port which hurt horribly. They stopped right away and called a nurse in to checkk the placement. It was placed correctly and they decided to try again with less pressure, and it was just mildly uncomfortable, I had heat shoot down my hand and they said thats normal. 
    Then they did a few scans, and then the tech came and held my other hand as they administered the dye throught the IV. He held his other hand over my vein, He said he was monitoring the pressure in my veins and it felt fine. And that they were administering it at half flow so I might feel weird up to a minute. I felt really hot and it was hard to breathe for about 30 seconds. My heart felt like it would explode, but it all went away very quickly. 
    Within 5 minutes later I walked to the bathroom and felt fine. It's been about 24 hours and my arm still hurts a little but otherwise no effects from the contrast.

    posted @ Thursday, October 01, 2009 2:11 AM by V

    I had ct scans done 18 months ago, for kidney cancer, since then, I have had my right kidney removed and 1/3 of my right, after that I have had scans done twice without contrast, at my request. Now the DR. is telling me I need to do Lung, pelvic and abdominal ct's with contrast, this is supposed to happen on October 21st, and I am afraid of damaging what is left of my one kidney. I have heard that when you have kidney problems you should not have contrast, and I have also heard of people going into renal failure. Any Comments welcome! Sincerely scared stiff.

    posted @ Saturday, October 10, 2009 3:22 PM by Cheri

    My mother is currently in hospital with kidney failure which has developed since her CT scan with contrast on 1st October. Kidney failure is not listedas a side effect, but the doctors are now saying it could be. Has anyone else had this problem?

    posted @ Tuesday, October 13, 2009 5:04 AM by Linda Lee-Gough

    I am scheduled to have a CT w/contrast tomorrow afternoon for the pelvic/abdomen area. After reading these postings of all the various side effects, I seriously am concerned and frightened. However, if I change my mind and there is a strong possibility of bladder cancer, do I put myself through all of this...suffering. Please advise with any suggestions and/or comments. Thank you!

    posted @ Wednesday, October 14, 2009 3:54 PM by Olga

    Do it WITHOUT contrast or ask for an MRI or Ultrasound instead. They have no radiation. You are in control of what you put your body thru NOT the Doctors. Doctors are Salespeople. Do not forget that very critical point. Don't blindly let them lead you around by a ring in your nose.

    posted @ Thursday, October 15, 2009 9:32 AM by Cayla

    I went for a CTscan today and I haven't had any weird reactions or side effects as of yet..  
    I drank the not so taste friendly Barium, but I got it down. Don't think I'll be doing any Fear Factor Reality Show anytime soon, this was hard enough to drink.. haha 
    however, I went in and had my CTscan w/wo contrast. First did it before the Dye injection. Then did it with the dye and then again 5 min later. I had no issues with him putting the needle in my arm. I felt the warm sensension run through my body, first I felt it in my throat and I felt hot, just about the time I felt that he was telling me I would start feeling a warm sensation and I nodded yes I feel that. It only lasted a min and I was fine. When I finished my CTscan I went to eat and then went home. I haven't had any problems. If I do, I'll be sure to come back and advise.

    posted @ Friday, October 16, 2009 4:51 PM by Faith

    I had the ct w contrast dye done on Saturday Oct 17th. The tech was very informative and was helpful to me so i knew what was happening next. gladly had no reactions. After having it done I went to breakfast and tumy was a little bubbly all day and had to be in the bathroom all day but besides that i had no problems so far.

    posted @ Monday, October 19, 2009 12:41 AM by kathleen

    I'm scheduled for a CT scan w/dye on Nov. 2nd and after reading these stories I'm more terrified than before since I've had heart palpitations all my life and break out in hives at the slightest provocation, I have decided to stand up for my rights and ask for the no contrast or the MRI. After all it is my body and as I'm in enough pain now for 5 people, I really do not relish the thought of any more pain or damage to occur. I believe everyoone should be fully informed prior to the proceedure of the consequences and alternatives!

    posted @ Monday, October 26, 2009 3:19 PM by alida carraway

    response to Cayla...and the idiot who would change their tune if they were left with an arms length incision on their primary functioning arm making it impossible to function normally and had their livelihood grossly affected!....anyway, Cayla, you certainly do have a choice to put or not put this dye into your system. Obviously there are a bunch of different reactions and we should all be so lucky to have tech's so caring as V! The only reason I bring suit against this hospital is hoping it may save someone else from an insensitive and one trac minded tech! I'd like to hear more from the man who's wife suffered the same thing in 07??what resulted??

    posted @ Wednesday, October 28, 2009 11:33 PM by Catherine

    For Catherine, 
    I don't want to go into specifics here, but We have brought suit against the hospital. You can contact Me at

    posted @ Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:58 PM by R

    I am scheduled for an abdominal cat scan w/wo contrast, I have polycystic kidney and liver disease, I told my Dr, and he assures me that it will be ok! He advised me to drink plenty of water tonight so that I won't be dehydrated. I am really afraid because my brother had this procedure done, and had complications. My daughter also had problems after she had it done. I there a great danger with my condition?

    posted @ Monday, November 02, 2009 6:41 PM by Beverly N

    I had a CT Scan. Today for my head. I was really scared. When the injection went in it felt really really warm, and it burned alot. I had a CT Scan to check my head.

    posted @ Thursday, November 19, 2009 4:03 PM by Britt

    I had a CT w dye for my neck.I really did not like it. It burned and it felt like I wet my pants.

    posted @ Monday, November 30, 2009 10:32 PM by Linda

    I am a 49 year old female with a recent 1-year history of unilateral violent headaches w/nausea, disorientation, vision and speech loss. Also a family history of brain aneurysm. Today I had my first CT scan, of the head, at Providence Hospital in Kansas City, Kansas. The tech explained all the possible adverse reactions in advance, and took a detailed history. He told me that I might feel a fullness in the throat, because the contrast contains iodine and has an affinity for the thyroid, which is located there. He told me that if I experienced any severe reactions like anaphylactic shock that I would be immediately cared for in the ER and that my airway would be managed until the crisis passed. I was made to feel very much at ease. I experienced only a strange "rush" which I had been told to expect, a warm feeling, and a sensation that simulated wetting my pants -- though I knew I was not doing so, it was slightly disconcerting but not really uncomfortable. Afterwards I had a slight dry mouth, and the tech advised me to drink plenty of fluids to help my kidneys flush the contrast from my system. Overall it was a positive experience, and I will know soon if I have any cause for concern over my headaches or not. The peace of mind is well worth a little discomfort.

    posted @ Monday, December 07, 2009 5:17 PM by Kathy

    I'm still struggling with the effects of the extravisation of the vein putting 80cc's of iodine contrast into my right arm resulting in compartment syndrome,complete fasciotmy and some muscle loss. If any attorneys are reading this, and have any advice for me, please feel free to contact me! thx !!

    posted @ Tuesday, December 08, 2009 8:10 AM by Catherine

    My Mom Is dealing with barium dye left in her for the last two weeks. she is in the hospital for obstruction in her stomach and the gave her the dye to drink and had to stop the test cuz they belivie they found the blockage and drained(sucked) it out of her stomach thru her nose, some how a bit of it got into her intestines the dr. didn't tell her much about, but the radioagest seemed very concern and they gave her a sopostory, now were just waiting and seeing, her condition is detreating. she hasn't had a bowel movement yet or in the last two weeks. Am trying to find out about the side effects of it being left in you but having hard time with all the info on the web. If anybody knows anything about this or a good website to check out for this or stomach, intestine problems, please let me know. God bless. CArole

    posted @ Tuesday, December 08, 2009 9:24 PM by Carole

    carole i read your note about your mom about not using the bathroom for 2 weeks let me tell you they need to do a bottom barrium its when they put an enama and put it on tv screen doctor sees thats what happened to me it took them 2 months to find the problem i had a blockage i had cancer in the colon and im wearing a bag im trying to lose weight so they can take bag off its been 3 years im trying to hang in there if it wasnt for my husband he changes my bag i wont look at it it makes me cry. im trying to lose 60 pounds because of chemo i gained weight back so if any one reads this i hope it helps someone ive been through alot. deb

    posted @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 10:04 AM by deb

    Anyone reading these comments should remember that those with bad experiences are more likely to post than those with good experiences, so don't let the negatives overwhelm you. As for me, I just had a CT Scan with contrast without incident. I have untreated hypothyroid and strangely enough I felt remarkably better than I have in years about 3 hours after the scan, lasting a couple days. Love that iodine!

    posted @ Thursday, December 10, 2009 6:29 PM by Cherry

    Would like to know how many cc's of iodine is injected for checking for wet macular degeneration condition ?

    posted @ Saturday, December 12, 2009 2:08 PM by anne

    I have had CT scans with contrast done previously with no problem. Two days ago I went in and had one done to check kidney function. Yesterday I started to itch badly across my torso and arms. I'm still itching really badly today. Benadryl didn't do much to help it out. I'm hoping that it will stop soon but dreading that it won't. I'm scratching so much I'm starting to leave raw, red areas on my stomach, chest, arms and lower back. No fun to be sure! Better luck to everyone else out there.

    posted @ Wednesday, December 16, 2009 10:58 AM by Dave M.

    I would agree with Cherry, who posted on Thursday 10th December, in that people with bad experiences are more likely to post on here and seek out a place for them to talk about their distressing experience. 
    I had a botched lumbar puncture once, and added my thoughts to a blog - it definitely helped in knowing that other people had gone through a similar experience. 
    I had my CT with contrast scan a couple of days ago, and all is well.  
    The I know the radiographer (he's a friend of my partner), and he told me that less than 0.1 percent of people have problems with the CT Contrast procedure, and an even smaller fraction of that figure have a serious allergic response.  
    Touch wood, so far I've experienced no unpleasant side-effects, apart from a heavy left arm from the injection site, and an urgency to go for a wee frequently for the 12 hours following it.  
    I would agree with a lot of other people's opinion on here regarding choice. It's absolutely O.K to decline or refuse a procedure. It is then up to the medical staff involved to approach the issue from another angle.  
    Good luck to you all. 

    posted @ Wednesday, December 16, 2009 1:04 PM by Matthew Buckley

    I am going in for a cat scan of my small and large intestine using high contrast die. I have ONE KIDNEY and DIABETIC. They are requiring me to come in the day after the cat scan for “test”. So what is the danger? I don’t have to do this. Anyone??

    posted @ Friday, December 18, 2009 2:24 PM by Scotty

    I had my CT scan on December 15, 2009. I had no problems with the scan nor the contrast. Before the contrast was administered and after the ct scan was started I experienced a terrible crushing sensation across my chest it then moved below my sternum. I tried to breath through the pain but had to end up going to the ER. They took 2 EKG's and bloodwork. Heart problems were ruled out. I ended up going back to continue the CT scan, upon my request. The tec was right on target when they said I would feel a warming sensation ending at my pelvic area making it feel as if you pee your pants. 
    Don't let all the negative replys scare you. Finding out the reason for your pain is worth the chance of a reaction. Good Luck and God Bless you all.

    posted @ Monday, December 21, 2009 10:04 PM by susan

    What about the 2 new studies (one with National Cancer Inst.) relating CT scans to causing cancer? 

    posted @ Monday, December 28, 2009 1:36 PM by W. Sandaris

    had the scan with contrast no problems during the scan, however I developed urinary infection two days later and it has not improved in 3 weeks, going to the doc tomorrow and see what is going on, no problems with infection before.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 05, 2010 3:16 PM by D looper

    The entire procedure with contrast went well, no side affects or problems. In my opinion, the risks involved with the dye injection should be highlighted before sending the patient to the procedure, not just ordering and setting up the procedure without the patient knowing the risks.

    posted @ Wednesday, January 06, 2010 11:47 PM by Flash

    I received a CT Scan yesterday.Lost of pain in my right arm.The technician said that he blew a vein,hence the massive burning.My arm swelled up twice it's normal size.Tech said just keep a warn packet or towel on it. Then instructed me to go to the emergency room if things didn't get better. I started getting a red rash inside my right eyelid.Got a nasty headache. Today the headache is gone the rash inside the eyelid is still there. The swelling in my arm has dimenished somewhat.Still experiencing warm feeling in the armand itching. Worried that I might get neurosis and possibly lose my arm. I will never get another CT Scan again.It's been said that it useful for the Doctors.Well it's certainly not usefull to me.I feel a lawsuit coming on.

    posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 12:51 AM by John Doe

    This post is in reply to Scotty's post from Dec. 18th. My mother was a diabetic and was diagnosed with kidney failure 4 years ago. She eventually had to go on dialysis. After her kidney function had gotten down to something like 13% she was admitted to the hospital (for heart and lung issues) and the attending physician wanted to do a test with contrast. I remembered hearing that the dye could decrease kidney function - so I asked him about that. His reply was "well - she only has 13% left anyway so it really isn't going to matter". You don't want to know what I told him after that.. Just know that we did not have the test. That test would more than likely have finished off what little function she had left. You need to research this before you make your decision. Hope this helps.

    posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 6:27 PM by Donna

    THIS IS FOR JOHN DOE!! You better get yourself into the emergency room, by the description you gave, you have quite a bit of contrast dye in your arm. Necrosis of tissue, and muscle is the bigger problem, you may have compartment syndrome. No way that tech should have let you leave.

    posted @ Monday, January 11, 2010 7:03 PM by RR

    OMG. I have had a similar experience to some of you. I had a CT scan with contrast and the person put the IV in and ran the saline solution. No problem. Then she started inputting the dye and I told her that my arm was burning, she just rubbed it. I said again, with tears in my eyes, that it was burning. Again, she just rubbed it. After the test, I asked her how long my arm would take to heal and she said no time at all the burning was from the needle. I knew that she was wrong. When I got home, my arm was huge and swollen. I called to let the doctor know and he had me come right back to the hospital. They took Xrays and found a large amount of the dye in my arm. I had to put ice on it the first night and a warm compress for the rest of the nights. He told me to follow up with my primary doctor. I did a week later and my primary doctor was so surprised at how much dye was in my arm. He read the report to me and explained how much was there. He gave me a pain prescription and told me it would take at least two months to get rid of the pain! He said that the dye was in my muscles too. This is ridiculous!!

    posted @ Thursday, January 14, 2010 6:10 PM by Painful experience

    I've been reading all those horror stories about the CT w/contrast(3D) 
    OMG! My doctor is scheduling me asap for a nodule on the middle of my left lung. Needless to say, I'm scared to death now. Is this something that can be seen better with an MRI? What are my options? 
    Thank God for all the positives posted!

    posted @ Friday, January 22, 2010 1:23 PM by Barbie

    i had a ct scan 2 days was awful!!! the contrast burned so bad i felt like i pissed myself theni couldnt breath. as soon as ct scan was done i broke out in big hives all over my body and was extremely itchy they immediately laid me on a table and gave me saline IV and made me drink large glasses of water to flush it out. i still have the hives but they are fading. the worst part was the extreme burning sensation when it goes in...NEVR again!!

    posted @ Sunday, January 24, 2010 8:57 AM by dane

    I had a CT today with contrast to check my thyroid. Felt the heavy, warm sensation, a feeling like I was urinating and a slightly metallic taste in my mouth. All is fine so far, 7 hours after. The hospital told me the risk of a serious side effect was low.

    posted @ Monday, January 25, 2010 9:14 PM by karen

    Had my very first CT scan today due to a lump on my left collar bone. I'm never in the hospital, so all of it was so intimidating!! First off, I hated having to get blood drawn to find out if I was pregnant or not, lol and 2nd, the machine just looked so freaky! Anyways, put a little bead on my lump and got the injection of saline, and didn't feel a thing. That red laser they line you up with, I don't think burns or anything like that? I was fine...then he injected the Iodine and I could immediatley feel a difference. It was such an awkward feeling! He told me I was going to have something like a hot flash, but to be able to feel that stuff go all through your body was so weird! I didn't feel like I had to pee, but I definitley felt it down there too lol. I got so hot and I almost started getting worried because I wasn't sure if I was supposed to feel that much anxiety and heat? So I breathed slowly and relaxed and just kept my eyes closed and I was fine. I had it done about 5 hours ago and I am still feeling fine. I am really sorry for everyone that had bad experiences, but I had really great doctors and they weren't busy so they really took their time! I hope everyone finds answers to their problems, and just know if you fill out your medical history correctly and let them know the entirety of your symptoms, they won't do anything to you that is going to hurt you (on purpose at least). Not all experiences with a CT are going to be bad ones, so don't go into the appt. feeling like you are going to get zapped and die or something! You will be fine, just make sure you tell the Doctors everything and let the doctors know if you are hurting during the scan; don't deal with something that you know isn't supposed to hurt that bad because it'll just make it worse!! 
    I hope my results come back good as well as everyone elses. How long does it take to get these results back, does anyone know?

    posted @ Thursday, January 28, 2010 7:43 PM by Ashley

    I had a CT scan about 4 days ago for shortness of breath (turns out the ER doc thought it was a side effect from my new med, Vyvanse, but the doc who gave me the med said it was an anxiety attack). But, they did an EKG, blood work, and the CT scan. They told me it was going to burn, so, I expected the worse, and hoped for the best. I obviously didn't know what "the worse" was going to be. I was ok at first, because i was just hooked up to the Oxygen...which was amazing. But, then they connected the Contrast to my IV port... As the machine told me to breath in, i started screaming, yelling, and crying. It took about 10 seconds for the tech/nurse to come in and unhook me. The test kept going. I was pretty much having another anxiety attack on the table. I wasn't staying still, I wasn't holding my breath like I should of, nothing. It was HORRIBLE. I've never been in SO much pain. After the test was over, the severe pain went away. I apologized profusely to the ladies who were in the room with me. A little bit of pain still resided in the upper part of my arm right afterwards. i NEVER cry during medical procedures. The test was done Thursday morning, around 3AM. It is now Monday morning, at 121AM. my arm still hurts to stretch it completely out, or to carry something heavy. It's a little swollen, and it "tinted" pink where the pain hurt. My mom said it infiltrated...when I was first given the IV, the nurse took the blood test, and then hooked me up to the fluids. But, she somehow managed to hit the needle. That caused a bunch of pain, too. So, we've come to the conclusion that when she hit the needle, she either went through the vein, or almost did, and the contrast caused enough pressure to go through. 
    I hurt :(

    posted @ Sunday, January 31, 2010 1:24 AM by Katelyn

    I'm sorry to see all the negative posts on here. I can certainly understand everyones frustrations, anxiety and nervousness over a CT scan. Not only are most of you worried about the possible outcome of the test, but the test itself. I have been a REGISTERED CT Technologist for over 14 years now as well as a recipient of a couple of CT's with contrast. Contrast reactions are relatively low, but are still possible. Everyone that is upset that they got one needs to rethink things. If your DR. prescribed an antibiotic and you had a reaction its the same thing. We do not know how you will react until you receive the medication. As far as the Extravasation (contrast going into the soft tissues vs in the vein) that is a whole other story. I emplore you to do a little research as you are getting tests done. Ask the XRay tech or the CT technologist or the Nurse if they are registered in their field. (Not all CT Techs are registered) Ask them how long they have been doing there job. They should not take offense to these questions. This should help to give some more comfort and trust. You wouldn't feel as comfortable with a plumber who has 1 year of experience as you would with one that has several references and has been doing it for 15 years???? Same thing here.  
    This is your body you are dealing with. I'm so happy that all of you put your trust and faith in us, I'm sorry that there are individuals or organizations that have let you down in that respect. But please do not shame a potent, well researched, safe, and extremely effective treatment/diagnostic tool on the basis of some idiots. If that were the case, I would never go to a Mcdonalds drive through again.  

    posted @ Sunday, January 31, 2010 5:34 AM by JC

    I had a CT scan with contrast two days ago. Other than a hot flash that lasted less than a minute it was no big deal.

    posted @ Sunday, January 31, 2010 10:22 AM by Peg

    On a Thursday I had 2 CT Scans at 10:30 a.m., one of which was with contrast. Later that same day at 6:00 p.m. I had a MRI with contrast. My face started itching about 12 hours later. Itching turned worse Friday evening and all Saturday. Sunday seemed to be a little better. Monday at work people comment how blotchy my face looks. Itching gets worse as the day progresses. Thought this was the body soap I started using. Realized later that I must be reacting to the double dose of contrast. This didn't happen to me with two past MRIs two and three years ago. Did not see the doc. Hoping this reaction will past tomorrow. If not I'll probably go see the doc.

    posted @ Tuesday, February 02, 2010 1:46 AM by James

    To many of you, I am a CT tech and for the 99 per cent of the time your reactions are just a mild side effect. Most reactions to the contrast today are very mild and resolve within minutes. Allergic reactions can occur up to 1 week after, hives, blistering is conseiderd in the hive family of reaction. Swelling of the throat, shortness of breath are more serious, but rarely occur with the new non-ionic contrasts. Just like buying any of the over the counter medicines we do not know what your allergies are and this is a very small risk for the life saving benefits of this exam. You all need to realize that if you have certain complaints your doctor is trying to figure out the problem and must diagnose that some how. A CT is an excellent and most of the time the best way to visualize this. If you have or had a very serious health problem, you better thank God for the ability to diagnose illness today using a CT Scanner. Ultimately this will enable you to receive immediate diagnosis and treatment so you can get well again. Thirty years ago we did not have this modality in radiology, and I myself as well as my closest family members have had this exam done with excellent outcomes and treatment. Choose the Radiology department like you would a doctor with a little research and conversation with others who have been there. Choose one that has a long standing reputation and an office who cares about your feelings. Our goal is to provide you with good quality care and a pleasant outcome.  
    If you have had a reaction to dye you can be prepped with steroids and benedryl, I have done many scans where patients have had this prep and I have never seen a patient have a reaction, I am not saying it is impossible but I have not seen a break through reaction. I will say though if I myself had an anaphylactic reaction where I had trouble breathing, and or my throat closed type of reaction, I would not have the IV dye, I would not take the chance of that.  
    I have also had many many patients who had reaction to the dyes years ago and now do not have any problems, that is because in the last 10 years they have developed non ionic dyes, and patients that have iodine allergies, or shellfish allergies do not react anymore, so just because you had a reaction 20 years ago does not mean you do not have an allergy to the dyes that are made today. 
    The contrast will not cause post test palpitations, heart issues, or heart pain, the laser light definately does "NOT" ever cause pain, nor will it cause hoarsness, dry lips or any of the things Cayla talked about....get a grip!!! To the person who only wants to sue...shame on you get a life and work for a living, you have to answer to the man above on judgement day.... 
    Just remember we are here to help you, certainly not to hurt you!!!! 

    posted @ Tuesday, February 09, 2010 2:23 PM by Carrie

    It is very reassuring to read the comments on this site from the CT techs. I had a bad experience during my last CT similar to what some of the comments posted describe. I am scheduled for my annual CT scan with contrast on Monday, February 15th. This is the fourth February that I have had this procedure (to check on the changes in an AAA). I am dreading it because last year the needle infiltrated and my arm swelled up with dye. I didn't know what was happening. It had never hurt before. At some point the technician noticed my arm was changing colors (I couldn't see it of course) and asked me if it hurt. By then I was in agony and screamed that my arm felt like it was going to explode!!! They turned off the CT and removed the needle. My arm was a lovely bright orange color. They had a nurse check me out and let me go home. She said if I had any problems that evening to come to the ER. My husband is going with me this time, just in case.

    posted @ Thursday, February 11, 2010 7:13 PM by Debbie

    I had a two CT scans yesterday because I am being screened to see if I can donate part of my liver to a friend in need of it. [it's so cool that my liver will grow back to its normal size and the piece my frind recieves will grow into a whole new liver!] 
    This morning, there is a mild rash over half of my body, but it doesn't itch much. My bigger concern is that my face looks like I've been sunburned and feels very hot. I called the hospital to ask what they gave me that would have caused this. They said that if the reaction was from the iodine, it would have happened right away. From reading these comments, that doesn't seem true. They gave me a different injection for each scan. For the second one, they first put benedryl into the IV and then for 30 minutes, had to do a slow drip of a different agent. After that the scan had to be done within 15 minutes before the agent dissipated from my system. Does anyone know what that substance would be. I have no desire to sue them. I only want to know what to do about it. So far, they seem to be denying it could have even been from the scan. I so want to help my friend, but am a little concerned about their reaction to this. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to handle this?

    posted @ Friday, February 12, 2010 12:24 PM by Sharon

    I had a CAT scan today (02-15-10) with and without contrast.. I was a bit apprehensive after reading this forum. It was very uneventful. I felt a warm sensation in my arm and that was it. I have not had any adverse effects. I hope this helps out.

    posted @ Monday, February 15, 2010 6:20 PM by Ronald Gordon

    Sharon, they would have no reason to keep the name of the contrast from you. You just have to talk to the right person and ask the right question...just be honest and explain the procedure you had and tell them you would like to know the name of the contrast for this other CT "for your personal records", or just out of curiosity, or you Mom wants to know...I wouldn't tell them you want to know because u think it caused a rash. However, you may get ahold of a tech like these good ones who've posted here, and they'll be glad to help you stay informed about what substances are put into your body...for whatever reason! It's your body, your right to know! 
    Good luck!

    posted @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010 3:27 AM by Catherine

    I'm scheduled for a CT scan Thursday 2/18 of my pelvis and abdomen. I'm a little nervous because when I had an IVP in 1986 (quite a while ago!) I immediately went into uncontrollable shivering! I felt no heat at all, but it scared me. This time I'm a little scared because I'm afraid I might have a worse allergic reaction. My dr has prescribed prednisone and benadryl to be taken the morning of the scan. I hate to take these things, especially prednisone (I'm sensitive to meds that get you hyped up), but I guess I will because I don't want to take a chance on having a bad reaction. Wish me luck. I will report on it afterwards. Barbara

    posted @ Wednesday, February 17, 2010 11:06 PM by Barbara Donino

    The adverse reaction I had was agonizing gut pain throughout the entire night. The relatively frequent urination was to be expected as I've been hydrating my body to get rid of the dye. BUT, that pain from my diaphragm and whole thorassic area including headache and jaw pain were not! I am very unhappy about the use of a CT scan w/without contrast in lieu of an MRI (because of the cost!) and esp in light of the fact that I told all that I had had adverse reactions in the past including vomitting and sneezing. I had 4 tests of the abdominal region after an US found "something" in the right horn of the bladder. I have been suffering from uretria for about 8 months off and on, trying to treat this homeopathically. On Unia de Gato, the bleeding actually stopped for about three months and then began again after a "healing" done by a well-meaning friend. At this point, I went to my doctor...sigh.

    posted @ Thursday, February 18, 2010 6:59 AM by Sharon P.

    I said I'd report on my CT scan so here it is: I sneezed twice right at the end of the procedure. Then I broke out in hives all over my face and chest and in the roof of my mouth. Lasted for about 30 minutes and gradually the swelling returned to normal so I walked out of there looking like myself! No trouble breathing, but a slight feeling of fullness in the center of my chest, which went away. I feel back to normal now, but I don't think I would have another one. If I did, would follow the drs instructions for prepping to the letter. Maybe I didn't do enuf.

    posted @ Thursday, February 18, 2010 9:12 PM by Barbara

    i had a CT scan Friday 2/19 of my pelvis and abdomen due to stone in i have dark red spot on my left arm where i was injected the med.what should i do?give me quick reply,m waiting.

    posted @ Monday, February 22, 2010 12:59 PM by abc

    I had the CT with contrast on abdomen yesterday-02/23/2010. Had reactions not really mentioned on this site.While the "cocktail" they gave me to drink wasn't really bad at all upon finishing it I immediatly began to feel nauseous although it seemed to come and go. I had to wait for an hour before the procedure began. While during the test I had the typical reactions which included hot sensations and metallic taste. (Which by my description I say it taste like rubbing alcohol in your mouth, smells like it and thats what it feels like shooting thru your veins). Once the test was over I felt "ok" just slightly off kilter. About 20 minutes after the test I began to get a dull headache (something I never get) and felt fatigued. Went home and immediatley fell into a deep sleep. Woke up 2 hours later with my stomach making very loud obnoxious noises. What followed was about 4-6 hours of hot flashes, chills, vommitting and diarhea. At one point I became so weak I felt like I would pass out. I called the "on-call" doctor who seemed baffled at my reactions and said he felt like I had a "bug" instead of a reaction (although I told him I researched it online and have found other reports of these reactions)he basically told me "to get some rest and if I wasnt feeling better the next day call my doctor. Well today is the next and feeling "some better", still not up to par. Still suffering with explosive bouts of diarhea, dizzy spells and cold chills but feel tons better than yesterday. I pray I continue to see the effects subside.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 24, 2010 3:44 PM by Dana

    I had ct scan with contrast 10 days ago. This is the sixth since having a kidney out through cancer, no problems with them but this one burned all through my body especialy my grion. Next day had pain in both sides of grion and under left armpit and pain in my kidney.Day 10 still got all the other pain plus its now its under my right armpit and one of my lower ribs is sore to touch. I have been to my GP 3 times and seen the surgoen who took the kidney out. He said i have had a reation to the dye.I have been Given no medication.In agony

    posted @ Thursday, February 25, 2010 2:31 PM by Joe

    I had a cat scan with contrast last week for abdominal pains and bowel issues. The drink was not to bad. The tech that inserted the IV was excellent! Felt no pain at all. As the dye went in, just a warm flush, and a feeling of needing to urinate. Afterward, just a headache which did not last long.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 09, 2010 8:28 AM by Elaine

    Like Catherine said things DO go wrong sometimes. If you have over 70 cc of contrast dye pumped into your arm, not your vein, your arm! You develop compartment syndrome, and have to have emergency fasciotomy then I'd say someone wasn't doing their job!

    posted @ Tuesday, March 09, 2010 11:26 PM by RR

    Shame on so many of you. I came to this site and everyone on here is so selfish. MOST of you just ask a question and very few people actually provide feedback OR updates. A blog is like this should be mutual in that you GIVE and TAKE information. Updates on a blog like this are very important as well (not just when you were not feeling good and came here to post, but a follow up). I am sadly disappointed in the level of selfishness on here.

    posted @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:36 PM by jim

    I have been meaning to give an update. Sorry, Jim, I didn't mean to be selfish. I posted back in Feb. and had a somewhat mild reaction at the time [a rash that didn't itch, face was puffy and looked sunburned. I was worried about the hospital's reaction to my asking what I was injected with.] As for my symptoms, they continued to get worse- the extreme itching began the next day, the rash spread to my whole body and got very red and hot. The pharmacist said to take benedryl [my doctor later told me I could have taken another anti-histamine that didn't cause drowsiness] and to rub hydra-cortisone cream on the rash. I did that and it did make the symptoms tolerable. The treatment would last about six hours and would then need to be repeated. After seven more days, and about 15 large tubes of the cream, the rash and water retention went away. Hallelujah! My skin was left very dry and sensitive, but I'm hoping that will eventually go away, too. I realized the one nurse I talked to was not the whole hospital. The liver donation is still on and scheduled for 4/12.  
    The doctor said that next time he will send me to get an MRI w/o contrast. I hope this was helpful to any of you with similar symptoms.

    posted @ Friday, March 19, 2010 7:08 AM by Sharon

    Jim, I would not say that we are selfish. At all. We want answers. and by coming to a forum about medical procedures, we wanted answers, which means that we are (more than likely) not qualified in this field. Some of us are getting our questions answered, and some of us can relate to other people. It's awareness that we are posting about. Every medical procedure has it's own side effects, but I had NO idea about infiltration, and now I know. Had I read this website before I had my CT scan, I would of told the lady doing it, "hey, my IV was bumped, is there a possibility that the contrast might infiltrate and cause me severe pain?".  
    We're just searching for answers, but it seems that the most common answers are: these are all side effects/reactions, and to ask the tech doing the procedure what the side effects are.

    posted @ Friday, March 19, 2010 3:43 PM by katelyn Van Slycke

    I too came here to read about others' reactions if any and am scared to death now. I had a CT scan with contrast in 1992 and although I felt no warmth, I did have the sensation of my throat closing up...almost as if I had a large ball of plegm in my throat. I could breathe but I was shaking from nerves. The symptoms started to subside even before they removed the I.V. I had no after-effects. 
    My issue is: I need a CT scan w/contrast on the abdomen/pelvic area and since I had a previous reaction, the radiologist wants me to have it at the hospital. That scared me too!  
    Now, from this forum, I've learned that they use a different contrast than they did 1992 and that I can take meds beforehand to minimize reactions so what is the real likelihood that I would have an adverse reaction. I would like the answers this test will give but am very apprehensive about the risks.

    posted @ Thursday, March 25, 2010 9:54 PM by Jean

    Jim, I'm so sorry you are disappointed in all of us scared people. What is it you want? We are describing our symptoms and reactions and sharing what information we have. That is what this forum is about. Most of us don't have (or have been denied by the medical community) any valid information about after-effects of CT scans. By linking with others who have been through the same test, we are at least comforted by knowing we are not alone. That's the value of this forum.

    posted @ Sunday, March 28, 2010 4:06 PM by Barbara

    I'm supposed to go in on April 1st for CT scan with and without contrast of my brain then an EEG of the same. I guess they are looking for TBI and Brain seizures. I have other health problems and am 47, I am to afraid to have the contrast done after reading these posts as I have bad thyroids and high blood pressure. Please someone reply... 

    posted @ Sunday, March 28, 2010 9:27 PM by Vickie

    you will be fine. these reactions only happen, literally, less than 5% of the time. i think someone said it best earlier: people dont get online to report the good things that happen; they report the bad things to warn others of what COULD happen. 
    you'll be fine, and everything will be ok :) 
    good luck! let us know what happens

    posted @ Monday, March 29, 2010 8:53 PM by ashley

    Attention: Before any of you agree to 1 more CatScan you have to read this article that was printed yesterday. Type in "Scientist: FDA suppressed imaging concerns". Maybe somebody can link it on here.  
    This article is blowing the roof off of CatScans. Even 1 CatScan!!!!!!!! Do not do it, ever!!!!!! It is not worth it. You are setting yourself up for issues down the road. Get an MRI or Ultrasound instead.  
    You can't blindly trust Doctors, their assistants or CT Techs because they either do not know the truth or will not tell you you the truth. Like the old saying goes " You don't ask a barber if you need a haircut."  
    Remember, the old days of Nice Doctors who are out for your best interests are GONE!!! Todays Doctors & their staff are SALESPEOPLE, PURE & SIMPLE! Do not blindly trust them 1 day more!!! Just say No to CatScans!!!

    posted @ Wednesday, March 31, 2010 10:59 AM by Concerned

    This is a link I found in regards to the posting above, concerning CT scans and radiation. 

    posted @ Wednesday, March 31, 2010 3:30 PM by Rob

    I gad a CT Scan/contrast, and I had to drink an iodine solution before. I have had these several times with no problems. This time, I got a lump in my throat when they injected the dye, not bad, so I didn't say anything. When I sat up they ask me how I felt and I said my throat felt funny, the Dr. came in and I had started to get flushed. They immediately hung an Iv solution on me. Since I had gone by myself they couldn't give me benadryl, but I had to hang out for about an hour before they released me. He said it's not uncommon to have many contrast scans with no reaction, then suddenly start to have them.

    posted @ Sunday, April 04, 2010 4:23 PM by CONNIE

    3 months ago i went in for ct scan w/contrast for suspect nodules in my lungs 
    i felt the usual flush sensation. i have had cts before. 
    i also had an mri of my lower back immediately after ward and they stuck me in the machin head first. i wonder what the long term effect of the mri with the contrast in me will be. and shouldnt i have been put in the m r i feet first for a lower back scan. any one who has any ideas please let me know  

    posted @ Wednesday, April 07, 2010 9:53 PM by zing

    I had a CT scan with contrast just two days ago, and ended up in A&E. I was in agony all through my back and especially in my kidney area. I kept going into spasms and felt like my back was going to snap. I had trouble breathing and terrible tight pain in the left side of my chest and arm. In A&E they gave my an injection of steroid and antihistamine and paracetamol for my awful headache and pain in my eyes. I needed the lights off for quite a while. Today I feel as though I've been hit by a train and still have dull pain in by body and still cant get shut of my headache.I feel really weak too. Has anyone had this happen to them? I would appreciate a reply .thanks

    posted @ Saturday, April 10, 2010 4:23 AM by debbie

    Hi's not so bad. 
    Wow, if I read these posts before I did the scan on Wed., I NEVER would have gone thru w/ it. I just want to assure people that it is not all that bad. I did have a terrible experience in there with the techs trying to get a vein. Then they sent me to a lady who supposedly knew what she was doing, it hurt like heck when she put the needle in. When everything was over, my hand was super swollen. It didn't really hurt though, just a little tender. I called my aunt who is a radiologist and she said that it was very normal and it will go away. I wrapped it up to put pressure on it and meditated on it that it would go away in the morning and it was totally fine by then. If it was painful then that wasn't normal. Did anyone feel like they had a low grade cold or flu after. I am getting chills w/ no fever. I was coughing a little before the scan was done, so I am hoping this is something related to that.

    posted @ Saturday, April 10, 2010 10:40 PM by Miriam

    I had a CTA done as well with the contrast. One key element they told me was very important was when they inject sayline ( ya I dont know how to spell that)to tell them if I felt ANYTHING, All I said was oh, you did that already. I think the key is if you feel anything, this means the IV is not done properly. 
    It was injected by the machine as a test, I would assume for the rate of injection that can be used for the contrast material. 
    They told me what to expect, and that is all I felt. It was the tingling of the tounge, and a warm, well, it actually was really warm feeling that went from my head downwards, and YES, it does feel like you pee'd your pants. They told me it would feel like I needed to go to the bathroom, but it actually feels like you DID, but when you get up you see that your still dry. 
    Someone else posted that it made them feel better, I ahve to admit, after waiting in the hospital for 12 hours to get this test, I was all tired, but it actually woke me up and I felt great. 
    The only side effect I had, if it was even from the contrast was my left arm that had the IV in it, seemed to get cold, and tingle a bit, as if you fell asleep on it and there was less blood circulation. This happened about 2 hours after the test and it concerened me a bit becuase they told me about every last possible reaction that could happen, naturally I wondered, is this a start of a reaction. 
    The entire procedure ( less the IV ) was painless, quick and exactly as they described.  
    However, they did say that they do Hundreds a day at the hospital, they have had very few that have had any reaction, but they also said they had one person die on the CT table as a result from the contrast. ( they made note that the peron had other medical issues) I wonder if they injected air? hmmm 
    My situation, I got rear ended at 50Km/h, and I kept falling to my right side at times, they wanted to check to see if I had an airtery that got damaged from the whiplash. 

    posted @ Monday, April 12, 2010 2:15 AM by Mike

    Had 4th CT with contrast in 2 years, absolutely no problem, had usual sensation of peeing. If you think you will have side effects, then you probably will

    posted @ Tuesday, April 13, 2010 6:00 PM by Tom

    Hi everyone, I just had a CT scan done and was reading up on the procedure because of shortness of breath and pain in my arm where they injected me. Doctor said shortness of breath was anxiety, and pain/swelling in my arm, was normal. Also had my stomach making some loud noises the next day and having diarrhea. Hope all of this goes away. Thanks for the information, good and bad, anyway it's more then the doctor's tell you. Getting answers sometimes is like pulling teeth. Good luck to everyone that posted, past and future.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 20, 2010 2:51 PM by christina

    My mother was a sever diabetic and was given contrast dye before a catscan without any of us or her being told the risks. She died 3 days later after contrast-induced renal failure set off a series of problems including, what looked like a heart attack. It seems criminal that a hospital could give this dye without notifying patients of the risk. This all happened a 1 1/2 weeks ago. Still in shock. Makes you wonder if the person who scheduled the test even checked to see if she was diabetic.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9:30 PM by Pamela

    I am going in for a CT of the chest thursday the 29th, I have scheduled it for early in the morning being as I am a type 1 Diabetic, they are running some extra labs on me before hand (ba and creatinine) I guess I am more afraid of the results then the test itself, They are thinking it is either sarcoidosis or lung cancer. Well from everything I read 80% of sarcadosis sufferers are sympotmatic and I show none, temp98.5 no lymph node swelling no nausea. I am scared s__tless, but I am finding the strength to get through this being that I recently (even before all of this) found God again. Im not a preaching type of person just saying that having the faith has helped be alot recently.  
    Guess everything is just going so fast , this all started on Monday because I was needing a refill on my Insulin, weird... 

    posted @ Friday, April 23, 2010 8:03 AM by Tom

    In 1997 I was involved in a hit & run while driving my motorcycle. A lot of damage was done. 
    My husband told me my left side look like I had broken every bone, It was swollen that bad. 
    To make a long story short, I lost my left kidney, my spleen, broken ribs, torn liver and a head injury. From May 15th to July 12th I had 9 CT scans most with contrast and 4 MRI's..When I would get real bad off my hospital in Sal. NC would transport me to Baptist Emergency Room where they would automatically send me for a CAT scan even after I expressed to them my concerns and condition of my kidney. I let them know that it scared the crap out of me to go through another scan... of course they say to me "we do hundreds of these a day, you'll be fine".."it's either the scan so we can see what's going on in there and we treat it or you can go back home without treatment". I bet I heard this at least 4 times if not more. 
    I know my body has been affected by this but the hospital in Winston Salem N.C. claims different. At first it started as convulsions. My body (felt like it was in my bones) would contract then release in a few minutes. Then my hair started fallen out. I had it cut short hoping this would help. It didn't. My back felt and still feels like its being wringed out like a shirt. I ache all the time. I started having pains in my left arm, from my elbow to my wrist, sometimes it runs down my hand. Here it is almost three years later and I've gotten worse. The clinic here in HI is horrible, the hospital is just as bad. They shoot me up with pain medication and send me out the door. I have abdominal pain, fell sick a lot, dizzy when I stand,sit and bend down. I hurt in both areas of my kidney, even the left one that they let shrink like a raisin. I have severe headaches and blurred vision that I never had before.. I ache all over most days, I forget things REALLY bad. I have these scaly like spots on my skin that I call alligator skin because of the way they feel. I can scratch them off but it seems like two come back in its place. My hair just started falling out again one day last week. Oh, I forgot, I had blood clots in my chest that wasn't found until seven CAT scans later on July 7th '97. I still have then today... 
    I take 18 pills a day one of which is warifin a blood thinner, three pain pills, two muscle relaxers (that don't help). 
    Let me remind you that until my wreak the only thing I have been admitted for were to have my tonsils removed and to give birth.  
    No one wants to take a step up and see what is going on in my body because they are worried about a law suit or malpractice.  

    posted @ Monday, April 26, 2010 10:58 PM by Susan

    Had CT w/contrast of Neck, 
    April 26, 10. The morning after, upon waking up my entire face was swollen. Made appointment with my ENT and he confirmed that I had a reaction from the dye. My salivary glands are swollen. He put me on cortisone orally for 6 days to reduce the swelling. My doctor also stated that it may take up to 3 weeks before my face is back to normal. This is the first and last time that I will be agreeing to a contrast CT.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 27, 2010 7:11 PM by Sherronda

    I have had itching for around two months. One year ago I had ovarian cancer and took 6 treatments of chemo, then after the treatments were done started having ct scans with contrast. Because of being allergic to ivp dye I take Benedryl and Predisone before the ct scans. I had my first in August second in December and started having itching on my nape area in February now it is on by buttocks, upper legs and I itch so bad I bruise myself. I showed my cancer Doctor and she didn't do anything about it. I have another ct scan first part of May, because they saw something they want to recheck. Has anyone ever experienced itching after having ct scans?

    posted @ Wednesday, April 28, 2010 9:40 AM by Carol Huff

    I had a cat scan with IV contrast dye done last Fall. Shortly after it was injected into my arm my throat became very dry and it started closing up. I waved the tech over and he called for help immediately. I was okay after a few minutes but when I looked in the mirror a bit later I was as red as a tomato, and I stayed that way for about an hour. I won't do a cat scan with the contrast dye again.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 28, 2010 1:47 PM by Susan

    I had a ct scan a week ago. This was my 4th one in 2 years of my brain. I have never had any problems and kidney function was tested prior to the scan. However, 2 days after this scan, my lower back on both sides started hurting really bad. I developed a headache, dizziness, chills but it is the back pain that is unbearable. I finally went to urgent care yesterday and dr thought I strained my back or I have the flu. He did do a creatine test and it was normal, as was a urine test. Last night in the middle of the night, I got up for an hour because the pain was so bad. I had that warm rush like the injection. I drank alot of water and the pain subsided. Today it is back and I am so uncomfortable. I did not strain my back. Is this reaction unheard of?

    posted @ Monday, May 03, 2010 1:01 AM by mel

    I just had this done IV W/contrast- and when I got home my eyelid swelled up -but went down today- the only problem is that I've been having heaviness in my chest and heart pains all day- should I go back to the hospital? I felt the normal symptoms and was ok until I got home-  
    I would highly suggest that people do not get he contrast- ask for the CT scan w/out contrast-(and you CAN do that) 
    it's safer and you don't run the risks of having a bad reaction.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 12, 2010 6:36 PM by jackie

    I went to the emergency room with back pain in 2004. They did a CT Scan and found that I had a Disected Aorta, pretty severe 9 inch long tear. I had surgery to repair the worst part of the tear. Since that time I have had so many CT Scans that I've lost count but I'm guessing it's over thirty of them, probably twenty plus I received the contrast. I have conveyed my concerns to my Dr. but he doesn't think there is anything to worry about. Still I'm worried because I now know that every time I get a CT it's like getting 445 chest X-Rays and the radiation that goes with them not to mention the contrast and whatever it's doing to me. I've read conflicting accounts of CT's causing cancer and I have a cousin who had the same medical problems that I've had and received many CT scans, he recently passed away from brain cancer. If anyone can answer or give me some guidance I would greatly appreciate it. 
    Thanks Mike

    posted @ Tuesday, May 18, 2010 11:53 AM by Mike Neilson

    I had a CT with contrast done yesterday and did not experience any adverse effects. When the dye was injected I felt a metallic taste in my mouth and I felt a rush of warmth, but not through my arm and chest, rather I felt the warmth rush through my genital area. Is that weird? I have had no other effects, no swelling, hives, pain, nausea, headaches or anything else thank God. 
    Was told to drink lots of water to flush the dye out of my system and to eat a lot of high fiber foods to push the barium meal (which I had to drink the night before) out of my system.

    posted @ Saturday, May 29, 2010 1:41 PM by Felicia St. Cyr

    Kathy with the 1 yr hx of unilateral headaches- may I ask what your outcome was. I'm curious-b/c dealing with similar issues with my husband who has been rec. to have CT w/ contrast.

    posted @ Friday, June 04, 2010 2:04 PM by Shawn

    I had a ct scan with contrast on May 27, 2010. Today is June 12, 2010. No problems during the test other than the tech having a hard time getting the iv in, however I am a mess with itching rash that goes from one part of my body yo another. Looks like hives, welts and burns all together. Never Again!!

    posted @ Saturday, June 12, 2010 7:29 PM by Dot

    It sounds like you had a delayed allergic reaction. You should inform the imaging center and your doctor.

    posted @ Sunday, June 13, 2010 11:51 AM by Ravi Sohal

    We really should refuse these things. I had a doctor become adamant when i questioned whether I needed one. Then the shift changed & the next doctor told me that the test (d-dimer) that triggered the order for the CT with contrast was very sensitive & was only slightly elevated in my case. He said it could rule things out & that there were any number of benign explanations for the slight elevation. He gave me the impression that he wouldn't have pushed me to take the test. But I did & now I'm nauseous & have a slight metallic taste in my mouth. Best we can do now is a heavy metal cleanse or the like from a naturopath.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 16, 2010 4:03 PM by Anne

    I had one a week ago; I HATED it. I am allergic to iodine, and I told them this, and only after protesting/complaining a billion times did they say "Ok, we can give you some benadryl and steroids first". I dislike doctors. The iodine is what I hated, not the CT scan itself. I hated it because I was worried I would have an allergic reaction (despite taking the bendryl, etc) and then even if I wasn't allergic the way it makes you feel is icky.

    posted @ Thursday, June 17, 2010 9:47 PM by alex

    I have allergies to certain meds & I was wearing a bracelet to taht effect that they put on me - yet I had to question the doctor about possible allergic reactions to the contrast. He basicaly said, "If it happens, we treat it. If someone is allergic & still needs the scan, we give them medication first." No suggetion of not giving the test. Sounds crazy, giving the contrast to people you know are allergic to it. Despite this discussion about my allergies, I had to demand Benadryl beforehand - he never suggested it. They are so determined to do this test, they treat it like it is no big deal. It is a HUGE deal. You should never have this test unless you are obviously in a life-threatening situation. I am so upset that I let the doctor manipulate me into it. I now live in fear of when I'll get cancer from it. I am trying to detox, but I wonder if I will ever enjoy life again.

    posted @ Friday, June 18, 2010 3:00 PM by Anne

    I have Crohn's Disease & am having my 3rd CT done. I am definitely NOT looking forward to it. I always have to drink the large quantities of contrast & also have it injected into my veins plus have it administered anally. Not pleasant. The worst is drinking 3 containers of that awful liquid. The first time, I was already in the hospital. The liquid gave me the worst diarrhea in the world - over 20 trips in a 1 hour period. I started convulsing & was wrapped like a cocoon in heated blankets. The IV felt hot but left no lasting problems. The 2nd time, the liquid made me vomit so much they thought they would need to put a tube down me to help keep it in. I'm now wondering whether to cancel the whole thing!

    posted @ Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:30 AM by Beth

    I had a CT scan yesterday and have been in agony with low acute bladder pain and terrible pain in my urethra and feeling extremely nauseus, I have now developed pain in my left upper thigh...Pain killers are not helping. I had no idea I would be suffering like this

    posted @ Friday, June 25, 2010 1:03 PM by Jean McIntyre

    You need to keep drinking fluids and get your kidney function checked.

    posted @ Friday, June 25, 2010 1:07 PM by Anne

    I had a CT scan with contrast of my abdomen Friday to look at my pancreas. I coulnt believe how well everything went. All went as advertised and I was very pleased. I just hope the results go as well.

    posted @ Sunday, June 27, 2010 11:01 AM by Scott Kriger

    i had a scan w/contrast on Friday. It is Sunday now and my eyelids and below my eyes are swollen so badly that I can hardly see. I look like Herman Munster. Also, the skin on my face is red, dry and flaky. It's not all that painful, and other than that, I feel fine. But if it's not better tomorrow, I'll have to go in. Never get medical proceedures done on a Friday!

    posted @ Sunday, June 27, 2010 4:56 PM by Randy

    Had a CT done this morning with contrast due to kidney stones. 
    It went pain at was uncomfortable for about 10 seconds when the dye went in..just felt hot inside..didnt last long. 
    When I left I drank tons of water, went to work and am fine. No rashes no was an easy test for me..and I'm 43 ,not young. 

    posted @ Tuesday, June 29, 2010 2:05 PM by CB

    I recently was involved in an auto accident and had to CT Scans done (CT SCAN/BODY AND CT SCAN/HEAD) but I'm confused because when I received my bill it indicates I had a CT Scan with no contrast but I remember when I got the CT scan done they put stuff through the IV i had in my arm. When I went to the hospital to obtain my medical record it indicated no contrast too but I know I did get the dye. Is it possible for the hospital to be lying on what was really done? This is my first CT scan since then I've been experiencing some pain in my ribs and feel a lump that hurts when I press on it and now scared because after reading the side affects of contrast that there can be possible blood clotting.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:18 AM by Elena

    I had a ct with contrast yesterday at the ER. Ive had this test done before years ago and everything seemed ok. When the contrast went in, everything seemed ok. I knew there would be a warm feeling and so on. We left hospital and came home and i didnt feel well at all. The next day i felt really bad. I slept for about two hours and when i woke up, i thought i was going to die. My husband called and i told him how bad i felt and he came home. I am so sick to my stomach but that is not the only thing. I feel so much pressure in my head like my skull is fixing to explode. My husband and i cant figure out what has happend. I took some aleve to see if that would ease up some. Its now day two and im very sleepy and still very sick. Im trying to ride this thing out, but i do feel different and like something has happend to me. I will never have this done to me again.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 30, 2010 7:53 AM by Stacy Hatfield

    I hope that my comment will be REASSURING to many. I had read all the scary stories posted above and I was pretty nervous when I went for my scan with contrast dye (36 hours ago). As with Janet (above) the test was quite unremarkable. The technician did a good job of finding my vein and, after getting the needle in, the sharp tip was withdrawn leaving only a blunt tube inside (a neat trick). In this way extravasation due to a 'knocked needle' is avoided. 
    A minor warm feeling from the dye (not really unpleasant) was all I felt. The new dyes are apparently much less annoying than the previous type.The only side effect was a slight feeling of weariness 
    (nice to bedriven home). Once home,I read a book & snoozed for a couple of hours and then was OK. 
    *** NO OTHER EFFECTS *** 
    I post this note to counteract some of the bad press given to the contrast dye; it scared me UNNECESSARILY. The dye is IMPORTANT to get a good image for diagnostic purposes. Don't worry too much -- most people don't have issues. If,like me, you also have an unremarkable CT scan, please post here in order that others will not be scared.

    posted @ Friday, July 02, 2010 3:37 PM by Bruce

    I had a CT Scan with contrast 24 hours ago of the abdomin and pelvic area. I drank a liquid beginning 4 hours prior to the test and also a small amount once in radiology. The nurse explained the procedure to me, asked if I had any questions and the procedure began. Prior to injecting the contrast she explained that I would receive saline via the INT prior to the contrast. Once the contrast began flowing she stated I would feel a "warming" sensation and that it was normal. The procedure went as predicted without any problems. 
    Once completed, she explained that the contrast used in the scan pulls "water" from the blood and that it could cause dehydration and that I should double up on liquids for the day. 
    Other than feeling really washed out and sleepy, all was fine.

    posted @ Thursday, July 08, 2010 8:21 AM by Peggy

    Hi everyone who has had to have a ct scan with contrast!! I have had it done several times without any problems except the normal feeing hot flashes and feeling like I'm gonna pee my pants. Everything went fine...until after. I left immediately after the scan with my two boys in tow. We went to do a little shopping as they are about to start school again, well about thirty minutes after the test I felt like a wall came up in fromt of me. I felt so weak and tired. So i said we had to go home. We had about an hour drive to get home. I was feeling so tired and kinda scared to drive. My left arm, where the njection was done kept falling off the steering wheel and I was so exhausted. Well, we did make it home okay, but I was going to just lay down for ahile, but I passed out for 6 hours. I don't even remember falling aseelp. I had the worst night, of not being able to get confortable and bad hot flashes, which is kinda normal for me, but at 100 times what it normally is. When I woke up after the deep sleep, I felt like I was waking up with the flu. A full 24 hours later and I'm still feeling extremely tired and flu like symptoms. I really didn't think it was a reaction to the contrast as I've never had a reaction before, but I was reading over the comments on here and feel a little better knowing that someone else had the same fatigue feeling. I know the symptoms are scary, but the stomach pain I've had for the past five years needs to be dealt with and if I have to have a hundred tests done to get it resolved..I will!! I'm lucky I didn't have as bad reactions as some of you have had. Good luck to all of you on the results of your tests!! Jamie

    posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 6:56 PM by Jamie Crewell

    Friday-10am-Dr.Harry Punjabi-said I might have Kidney Stone,and he was right,which he usually is!was having some pain.which got worse by sunday morning. 
    Sunday-7-11-2010-2:30pm- Emergency Room-Abdominal Pain- Had CT Scan with Dye Contrast.All went Well. Franford Hospital-Frankford Ave, and Harrison Street,Philadelphia,Pennsylvania.Acceptance Nurse-very detailed in getting all right symptoms-as I had 3 possiblities as to what pain was,kidney stone,lifting too much weight,infection or other organ failure. 
    Dr.Glenn Merewitz,RN-Barabara Gelenberg,CT Scan Operator(name?-was not on my Treatment Page)All were very professional! Explained Every Step of Proceedure.Explained even that saline solution was to clear and test if IV inserted right. CT Scan Guy-was very professional-explained every step in full detail. Dr.Glen Merewitz took his time to make sure which proceedures to do first.I was Hydrated for 2 hours first, checking vital signs during this time. 
    Thank You All for your Kindness,Caring and Professional Service. 
    PS - read some of negative comments- 
    1)can they administar-benadryl or claritin-to stop allergic reaction,even if person does not have history of allergies? would this make good sense,what are the reasons and percentages-plus and minus-treatment wise and insurance claims wise. 
    2)IV Insertion-can x-ray ,MRI, CT Scan be done first to check IV insertion? which would stop-body damage and piercing thru vein,compartment syndrome. 
    3) Doctors,Nurses, CT scan Operators-please post comments about-above items-let your hospital and insurance adjusters-know percentages,may save lives and insurance claims.

    posted @ Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:08 PM by Ernest Ryder

    Editor please add to my previous post-3)If nurse thinks she pierced thru vein,or to much pain,should CT Scan or MRI be done to check insertion and move IV Insertion to other arm or other Vein? 
    make Item 3 to Item 4

    posted @ Sunday, July 11, 2010 9:28 PM by Ernest Ryder

    I have been reading these articles on contrast. I had a ct-scan with contrast done 2 weeks ago. The test went fine but the next day i awoke with lower back pain and leg pain in the backs of my legs. I am still having it i can hardly stand to put my feet flat on the floor could it be from the gases associated with the contrast?

    posted @ Tuesday, July 13, 2010 2:30 PM by Beverly

    I had a head CT with contrast on July 12. I felt all of the instant side effects, such as rush of warmth to the head and groin. I also had the metallic taste in my mouth and also some nausea. It all went away rather quickly, but felt generally unwell for the rest of the day. Other than that, everything went fine. Still waiting for results though!

    posted @ Thursday, July 15, 2010 9:40 PM by Sabrina

    I'm having a Chest CT Scan w/contrast on Thursday 7/22. My question is from walking in to walking out how much time will elapse? Also if I could get a sequesnce of events for the procedure, it would be awesome.

    posted @ Monday, July 19, 2010 1:45 PM by tracey

    I had carotid CT angiogram and after 2 weeks I was advise to undergo another CT angiogram of the head and neck both with dye contrast. The technician had difficulty in inserting the IV,I had 2 vein piercings before he finally made it through. I didn't experience notable side effect except that the IV insertion was painful and itchy and took 3-4 weeks before it was totally healed. I have had 3 CT scans in 6 months. I learned that CT Scan radiation is 500x as much as ordinary xray. I am worried about the risk and effect of too much exposure to radiation due to CT scan.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 20, 2010 6:34 AM by Cristina

    for Christina...and all of you scheduled for ct scans...take someone with you to the scan!!!You need an advocate with you in case you have a reaction or they have an accident! Insist that this person be able to stay with you ALL THE TIME! What happened to me might not have gotten to this extreme and damage if I'd had someone with me to reiterate my plea for the tech to stop the injections! EVERYONE NEEDS A PATIENT ADVOCATE TO STAY WITH THEM DURING AND AFTER THE TEST!! Switch to MRI if you can...radiation is too intense in a CT scan!

    posted @ Friday, July 23, 2010 2:56 PM by Catherine

    I had my first CT Scan 7/22 and I was a little scared, but I ended up having the best nurse in the world his name was Greg he was a trauma nusre 31yrs...he was Phenomenal....Did the IV Perfect no pain what so ever, made me laugh the entire time..when they went to do the Contrast portion of the test they explain I would feel a very warm sensation going through my body and in seconds that feeling was there..Honestly felt like I pee'd my pants after the test was over he came back in asked how I felt I just laughed and asked him if I had pee'd my pants...he laughed at me and said no you didnt that was the warm feeling I told you, you were going to feel....Overall it went Perfect! No side effects...But I am sorry for everyone else who had to go through a nightmare getting this procedure done!

    posted @ Friday, July 23, 2010 4:30 PM by Sasha

    I had a CT w/contrast a week ago on my head and lower back. Everything went well, until I got home. From that night on, I have been losing control of my bladder. Has this happened to anyone else? It is embarassing and I am sooo depressed about it!!

    posted @ Monday, July 26, 2010 2:30 AM by Jamie

    Hi I was reading about CT scan with contrast and I had one today and when they said it was being injected now I never felt hot flush only a severe pain in my arm and severe swelling so much so my whole arm feels solid. 
    I was also sick. They kept me there for an hour or so with ice packs and said if my arm changes colour to come uo straight away. 
    My arm feels a ton weight.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 28, 2010 2:32 PM by Theresa Bell

    I had a CT with contrast on my chest. I asked a million questions before I let them inject the dye, and I think it really frustrated them because it is such a routine thing for them and I was slowing the process down. Regardless, I like to know all the possible side effects before I sign my name giving consent for a test. Anyway, it wasn't bad at all. I had the warm rush for a few seconds and that was it. 
    But if you're scheduled to have one of these scans, don't be afraid to ask questions. If you feel like there's any risk, talk about it until you feel comfortable.

    posted @ Thursday, July 29, 2010 10:48 AM by Alan

    I have had numerous CT scans with no incident. Then last week I had one and the next day I was burning in the vaginal area, and now, the 6th day after, I'm still having trouble. My doctor does think it was the injected dye in my veins that's doing this! It's been really hard to work and sit! He did give me some cream for irritation and I used emu oil. It has helped some. But that is SCARY!

    posted @ Tuesday, August 03, 2010 11:52 AM by Cynthia

    Prior poster said contrast does not cause palpitations, but it CAN for some people and did for me today. I started having palpitations almost immediately after the contrast was injected. I didn't experience any nausea. Post-test I experienced significant palpitations, chest tightness, and a shaky adrenaline rush feeling. I've never had any heart problems before, never experienced anything like this. I was not nervous about the test and was happy I didn't vomit. :) I'm 12 hours post-test and I'm feeling much better now.

    posted @ Monday, August 09, 2010 8:50 PM by Tara

    I had a ct scan with contrast done on April 19, 2010 for abdominal pain. When I attempted to get up off the table my legs went into severe spasms. They admitted me and gave me something to control the spasms but I could not walk once I had the ct scan done. I ended up with spinal surgery with fusion. Why the contrast reacted that way to my spine and neck I have no idea. That's one test I will never let them perform again.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 10, 2010 5:00 PM by Deb

    I has a CT scan done 2 weeks ago and did fine until they injected the dye. Everytime I would breathe in my lungs and diaphram would hurt to the point that I could not take a real deep breath. I am wondering if this has happened to anyone else and if it will happen again because I am getting another CT scan done soon because a nodule was found in my left lung.

    posted @ Wednesday, August 18, 2010 1:40 PM by

    Just want to share I had an abdominal cat scan today with and without contrast and it was EASY!! I am so sorry for the complications people had who have written before me but I also wanted to share my experience for those of you who are anticipating this test. I don't always react well to any kind of intervention into my health but this really was no problem. I felt the hotness, the metal taste in my mouth and the feeling of urinating when I really wasn't urinating. But I didn't mind any of it and the actual test was very short. I think after drinking all that stuff (which took 2 hours) the actual test only took about 45 minutes once I walked into the cat scan room. Please know there are many people who have had this test with no complications whatsoever. For those of you who have had complications, I hope you get some relief to your symptoms!!!

    posted @ Tuesday, August 24, 2010 3:05 PM by Nancy

    I had a CT Scan done yesterday on my kidneys..and the same thing happened..the contrast all went in my arm..i was in terrible pain..they had to do it over in the other arm swelled twice the size.

    posted @ Thursday, August 26, 2010 8:09 AM by phoebe


    posted @ Sunday, August 29, 2010 12:45 AM by LORETTA

    Loretta and those who read this blog before they have a ct scan w/wo have a choice to have an MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging) or a CT scan with radiation.An MRI is much safer although a bit more expensive, from what I understand. The iodine you are injected with, if it goes in your vein, is caustic to the rest of your system! It destroyed all the fat in my forearm and some muscle before they got in and cleaned it all out.Compartment syndrome, is what it's called, when your arm swells and doesn't stop swelling. Surgery is usually the next option. 
    I am involved in a lawsuit with the hospital for the damage done to my arm...I will forever be in pain because of this! 
    again, you have a choice...and take an advocate with you to the test and insist they stay with you all the way.

    posted @ Monday, August 30, 2010 2:27 PM by Catherine

    Had CT-SCan yesterday 8-30-2010 was given contrast IV. Had CT-Scan 10 years ago with oral contrast solution, no problems. Four hours after yesterdays Scan broke out in hives, chest, abdomin, back and arms aslso swelling under the eyes. Anyone know how long this will last? Well at least no tumors, but not looking forward to passing another kidney stone! thx

    posted @ Tuesday, August 31, 2010 12:10 PM by Manfriday

    09/Monday/06/10. Hello to everyone here. I had a abdome.pelvis w/o contrast on 07/21/10. I told the surgeon/ that I had problems with Iodine. I can not use salt that us iodine. or other Iodine products. I am 53 years of age, but as a child I remember that back as a child mother would put Iodine on cuts that would afterwards swell get red worst then when they first happen,which led to proper showing that I had Iodine problem. allergy. The CT Scan was done because of hernia problems.

    posted @ Monday, September 06, 2010 7:50 AM by Lin

    I had an MRI w/contrast about 2 months ago to check for an ongoing bladder issue. Wasn't showing anything serious and no reation to contrast. Still have the problem. Urologist sent me for a CAT scan w/contrast yesterday. Today -- diarrhea, light-headed, pinpricks down my arms and sides, heaviness in left arm-side of injection. I am worried now that I've had too much contrast in a short time. Will not do this again after reading all this. Had Breast Cancer in 2007 & the bladder issues worry the docs given my history with cancer -- but if they can't figure it out w/o using this type of diagnosis tool, then I'll just have to live with it! Hope those who have had such serious issues get better -- my thoughts are with you all!

    posted @ Wednesday, September 08, 2010 11:07 AM by Kathy

    I am in renal failure from receiving iv contrast dye when presenting in the ER in dehydrating stat from possible food poisoning. I am trying to get a lawyer but ER physician conssultants for these lawyers say this was within standard of care. The contraindications include dehydration. This is crazy I won't be the last one on dyalysis if this continues! can anyone help me?

    posted @ Wednesday, September 08, 2010 2:28 PM by Theresa M. Gladney

    I was just diagnosed with a paralyzed vocal cord and my ENT wants me to have a CT scan with contrast. I told him I'm concerned about the radiation and asked if I could have an MRI - he said he wasn't sure if that would show everything. When I got home and realized the prescription said "contrast" I got nervous b/c I always react to chemicals/meds, etc. Does anyone know the difference b/t a CT scan and an MRI? I do know that a CT Scan is radiation and is less safe than an MRI. Also, can you still have a good result if you have a CT scan or MRI without the contrast? Do insurance companies cover MRIs like they do CT scans? I believe the ENT wants to do a CT scan to rule out any masses that could be causing my paralyzed vocal cord. Thanks!

    posted @ Thursday, September 09, 2010 4:44 PM by David

    I just had a MRI without contrast because of the renal damage from IV cat scan dye. Do have your kidney function checked and be well hydrated. It was just on Fox News that renal damage can occur with a MRI and contrast dye just like the cat scan dye did to me. It is the same dye. Starts with a G. Get second opinions and protect yourself.

    posted @ Saturday, September 11, 2010 4:50 PM by theresa gladney

    Check out this site. I just checking my e-mails and this was in box. From: FDA Medwatc( Subject: FDA Medwatch- Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents: Class Labeling Change-Risk of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis

    posted @ Saturday, September 11, 2010 10:12 PM by Lin

    Had a ct scan Sept.13th 2010 with injection of contrast via IV. after the procedure was done and I got home I was more or less in a daze. Went to bed early and was unable to sleep all night. Heart palpations all night long with the shakes. I then started to run a fever. Was almost ready to go to the hospital it was so bad. Finally got up today Sept 14th in the afternoon after all the side effects passed. I will not have this procedure every again.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 14, 2010 6:58 PM by Pat

    Ok, After reading the above, I"m not sure I want to have this done in two days, on Friday. Some of these side effects are scarring me to death. My Dr. wants me to have a CT scan done due to a finding on an Ultrasound that I had a month ago, showing a "spot" on my Liver. I just picked up some Contrast, two big bottles, that I have to drink Friday morning before scan, then the nurse also told me that they are planning to also put a contrast IV in me. Any one have some more positive info for me, cause I really don"t want to take any chances of nasty reactions to my body. Kasper

    posted @ Wednesday, September 15, 2010 8:55 PM by Kasper

    Response to Lin, That website link doesnt seem to work, but I wanted to point out that CT studies done with contrast are iodine based not Gadolinium based. Gadolinium is used in MRI studies. I have only been doing CT's for a few years but I am blown away by all the negative outcomes people have had with CT exams. I have seen 2 anaphylaxis reactions(rare) and some with hives, People should keep in mind that this is a medical study that has possible risks and/or complications like many other exams or procedures would. The patient is informed of these risks before hand. There is never a guarantee. If someone is scheduled to have a CT exam with contrast and they are not allergic to iodine, they have good kidney function, are well hydrated,and have a good iv placed, you will be fine.(given that the CT tech is able to stop injecting at the first sign of extravasion. Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience Catherine. The Tech should have known better and stopped the injection right away. There are certain protocols that are in place to insure patient care and saftey. The MD will decide what is right for you but think of this, does the benefits outweigh the risks? Is that test going to make you better again? or prevent something more severe in the future? If you dont agree with the MD, you are the BOSS, you can say NO. You can get also get second opinion as well, its your right as a patient.  
    Good luck.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 28, 2010 3:42 AM by Nick

    response to Nick,If well hydrated is a protection against renal damage would you speak up if a dehydrated ER patient was to be given the iv contrast dye by you?

    posted @ Friday, October 01, 2010 8:56 PM by theresa gladney

    I had a CTscan W/WO yesterday. I had diarhea bad - could hardly make it home. Anybody else?

    posted @ Saturday, October 02, 2010 5:49 PM by Barb

    Theresa, I would most certainly question the DR. about giving the i.v. contrast to a dehydrated person. Hydration alone wont prevent renal damage. It is an extra precaution to take. Contrast is hard on the kidneys, why not help the body flush it out quickly? Most patients That come into the ER or that are admitted to the hospital are commonly given I.V. fluids because of dehydration and other reasons. Some other C.T. exams require hydration for other reasons. Hope that answered your question?

    posted @ Tuesday, October 05, 2010 12:10 AM by Nick

    To Nick, thank you for your answer. I am in renal failure after a IV contrast cat scan given while I had intense n/v from possible food poison. I would have had a change if the cat scan crew had been your understanding of the risk and could speak up.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 06, 2010 8:53 AM by theresa gladney

    I just had a IV C-scan on 10/5/10 
    to find out any abnormalities on my ears. no side effects. 
    I was told to drink water for the next two days to flush out the dye out of my system. No problem.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 06, 2010 11:48 AM by angela

    Theresa- sorry to hear that. Did you have any history of kidney disease or diabetes before your exam? There are many contraindications for i.v. contrast, dehydration is only one of them. What state are you from (if you dont mind me asking) I am not sure of your current health status/age at the time of your exam or if your problem could have been avoided but where I work there is a standard protocol for administering i.v. contrast to prevent contrast induced nephropathy. I now wonder how different this protocol differs from state to state.(or even city to city?) We have such a difference in the quality of care depending on where you go these days. It doesnt seem right. Hang in there, I wish you the best, Nick.

    posted @ Thursday, October 07, 2010 1:23 AM by Nick

    i have to have a ct with/without next thursday on my ankle. i've read here about people having it done to other parts of their bodies, but not on their ankles. if someone has had one, please let me know if you've had any side effects with the contrast. i'm kinda nervous from what i've read here. but the pain i'm in seems more intense than the side effects i might have. thank you, cynthia

    posted @ Thursday, October 07, 2010 8:04 PM by cynthia

    After they met an accident, my parents will undergo CT scan this Monday. Cranial CT scan to be exact. After reading all your comments,I feel scared having a w/ contrast CT scan.. but if i decide not to go w/ contrast, there is a possibility that the image are not visible compared to that of w/ contrast.I'm so confuse and i do not know what to do. I just want the best for mo parents. Please I need your help.

    posted @ Thursday, October 07, 2010 10:01 PM by Divine Amor

    To Nick, I was 60 years old with a history of htn on BP meds for years It was in a ER in New Jersey. Consulted ER physicians say it was STANDARD OF CARE! N/V/D apparently not a concern to them. Thank you again for your concern.

    posted @ Saturday, October 09, 2010 9:53 AM by theresa gladney

    I was scheduled to have a CT Scan on 10/05/2010 for gallbladder issues. It started out fine (I have had a CT Scan in the past)everything seemed to be normal. But the first thing that went wrong the CT Tech had a student place the IV in my arm (without asking me if it was ok). They take the first picture, came back out and started the contrast dye. At first I did not feel anything, I did not have the rushing heat feeling or the metal taste in my mouth. The next thing I knew my left arm felt like they put the tourniquet back on with a softball inside my arm. I was in so much pain because of this. I was taken to the ER immediately. There they gave me pain medicine and put warm compresses on my arm. As time went on my pulse in my left arm because faint and hard to fine. The ER doctor transferred me to another facility better equipped to handle the situation (so he thought). When I arrived there by ambulance I encounter some of the rudest nursing staff that I have ever met. I was told there was no need to be there nothing was wrong with me, I had IV therapy yelling at me cause the first facility started my IV in a bad spot and my RN wanted it moved. As the night went one my arm was 3 times it normal size, I could not lift it up on its own. The pain was so unbearable (worse than child birth). I was released the next day and told everything will be fine, no damage what so ever. Well I would believe them if they had done some x-rays or something of my arm. When I went back to my regular for a check up for my arm. She point blank told me the facility and the main hospital where I was transferred to have no policy and procedures in place. Nobody knows what to do for arm. I am very upset about the whole situation. The swelling has gone down, but know I have constant burning, prickling pain. And when my arm is down by my side to long it goes numb really quick. I cannot even open a can of pop, because I have lost that strength in my arm. I have not been able to work, because my job requires me to lift 25 lbs or more at time.

    posted @ Tuesday, October 12, 2010 3:11 PM by Mary

    To Mary who posted Oct 12,2010.....I have been a CT tech for a long time, and I feel you may have had a mild form of what is called "compartment syndrome"...since you still have tingling. When you have an IV infiltrate like it sounds like you did, the bolus of IV dye, when it does not go into the vein and goes into the tissue in "rare" cases can cause nerve an tissue damage. 
    99.9% of the time, we treat with warm compresses, and the patient immediatly feels relief and has no other problems. There are those extremely rare instances when this becomes something worse...I have only seen this happen 1 time in the over 10 years that I have been doing this, but it is possible.  
    I would see another physician who might now more about this. Luckily it sounds like you did not have the severe case in which you could end up with surgery and possibly much more loss and movement of that arm. It is rare but this can happen with any IV and drug injection.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 11:36 AM by Carrie

    I have been a CT tech for over 10 years, I have been in other radiology departments for over 30 years...regarding IV Contrast, it is really not that bad, I have it a few time myself and even for a cardiac scan where they inject at a high rate of 5cc/seconds. Nick is right, if you are hydrated well after the exam to flush the kidneys, drink about an extra 2 quarts of fluid over 48 hours after your exam of any clear liquids, water, juice, soda, tea, etc...and you have good kidney function, as well as no prior anaphylactic reactions, asthma, multiple myeloma or mysesthenia gravis, then you should be fine. Regarding post CT injection reactions, yes reactions can actualy happen up to a week later from the dye, that would include hives, itching at the site of the hives. In extremely rare occurences, some swelling. The dye in "no way" ever causes fever, shaking,leg numbness, headaches, and would NEVER End up causing some one to have to have  
    back surgery...I am absolutely sure that person had an underlying issue. Many of the so called symptoms I see listed on the many blogs I am sure are due to other causes, like while in the office you came in contact with a virus, or have some other underlying condition that has caused what you think is a related side effect. 
    We always screen our patients, require kidney function lab testing, and stay with our patients as long as we can during injection, and at the onset of an infiltrate immediately stop the injection process, to avoid a real patient injury. Yes I have seen "1" patient end up with compartment syndrome in the last 10 years, but that patient was a past drug abuser, and we know that even that was most likely caused by his past drug abuse in injecting himself with God knows what....... 
    I am sorry that some of you think a CT scan has caused your so called reactions....etc...but stop scaring others into not having these tests done. With todays scans, they take less than 10 minutes start to finish, the contrast is necessary to get a good exam in "most" cases, and CT is truely one of the best diagnostic tools we have today. We have lowered radiation doses to almost nothing with the new imaging scanners and no one should be afraid of this type of testing. The alternate to not having the testing done, could be much worse....prolonging treatment because of being afraid of this testing is truely just not right in this day and age. I would and am not afraid to have any of my family treated and diagnosticly have a CT or an MRI scan done.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 13, 2010 12:05 PM by Carrie

    I had a CT Scan with conrast the other day at the hospital (looking for blood clot(s) in the lungs). I ended up being admitted for two days and am now home, thank goodness. About my scan experience, all I can say is that I definitely did NOT expect the intense rush of sensations I felt, nor do I believe it was adequately explained to me (to me, there's a difference between a brief feeling of warmness and feeling like you're on fire!). I felt as if my skin was literally burning up, I was instantly nauseous, felt claustrophobic, dizzy, exhausted and felt like I needed to urinate beyond belief. I only have one kidney (left side), so I'm wondering if that has anything to do with the intenseness of the contrast "side effects." I mentioned this to the ER Nurse and he didn't think it was a problem. In the future, I know I will think long and hard before deciding to get another scan using contrast. And to anyone else out there who has posted comments trying to minimize other people's pain, I have this to say to you: Until you walk a mile in that person's shoes, you have no idea what that person went through, how they feel/felt or anything else.

    posted @ Sunday, October 17, 2010 1:42 AM by Mandy

    I had a few CT Scanns every 3 mos. A few were fine Uncomfortable One I didn't have much faith in the tec she keep messin up w/ the needle. When they put the contrast in total pain burning arm and letting them know its not right. They finished anyways Pain and a new tec came and took it out quickly. I saw them having words in the window. On the way home my arm blew up like a football hugh. I know the needle wasn't in correctly. It lasted for days after a while I got a very hard vain felt like a rope, ended up in emergency said I had a thrombosis and they gave me antibiotic stronge for 7 days. I know that was the tec fault the iodine shoot out of the whole into my arm and some went in my vein. Horrible for Weeks and scary because of the clot or hardening of my vein. My sisters story...... She went in for stomach problems. When they started the Contrast she went into cartiac arrest. Praise God they brought her back with shock??? Now she is in ICU 15 days and got muric/ cyanobacter in isolation. I wonder how much practice do some of these Dr and tec's have. Scary.I don't know but think the contrast was shot too quickly. Shes had many CT Scan's and never a problem. Why this time almost lost her. She is still not talking?? Pray for her if you will Sherry is her name. Thanks

    posted @ Sunday, October 17, 2010 10:06 PM by SDL

    I just got a chest CT last night with my abdomem covered. I am 10 weeks pregnant and was experiencing light headedness and breathlessness that day - they thought I had a blood clot. My only side affect was early cramping and now strong lower abdominal cramping at 2am. I have an ultrasound scheduled this morning am am terrified that the procedures has harmed the baby based on the cramping. The baby was 100% before the CT based on the ultrasound results. I have found very few references to cramping so far. Any informative input would be appreciated.

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 2:13 AM by Suzanne

    To SDL, 
    Stop scaring people, you cannot get muric cyanobacter from a CT scan, do you even know what that is??? It comes from marine Algea... and I do not believe now your sister had cardiac myove 10 years as a CT tech with the new dyes, I have not seen any cardiac arrest cases, so with the lie of the algea diagnosis, that I know did not happen I would say you are just trying to scare people.

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 5:47 PM by carrie

    Most people who experience side effects of nausea, shaking, dizziness, and claustriphobia, are caused by your fears, do you know you can even bring on an anaphylaxis reaction just from your fears. If you are unsure, ask questions to minimize your fears, relax, the CT exams, all except for 2 or 3 of them take less than 10 minustes total, and take less than 3 minutes in the CT scanner ....the set up and questions to patients take the longest....just relax and realize that we as CT Techs are there to help you, certainly not to hurt you.

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 5:57 PM by carrie

    Carrie this is for you 
    To: "Sally Loffredo" <>Carrie, That was pretty Bold.......I have been talking to the nurses at the hospital my sister is in since Oct 4Th.  
    The Name of the Disease is Acincobacter (can) which could be caused from some tube inserted in a persons body. They refuse to allow me to go into see her in ICU because she is in ICU and she was on a ventilator with a feeding tube and catheter. This is the disease she has along with mercer which is know to have only been in hospitals.  
    As for calling me a liar that is very unprofessional. I am stating what is told to me and as far as the disease I requested the nurse spell it and that is the spelling she gave me this AM....... My sister is Isolated because of the Acincobacter (can) because it is very contagious. As I said, I am not allowed to visit her because I am a 3C cancer patience with a 25%Chancece of living 5 yrs. I have no reason to lie or scare anyone. 
    My sister has had many CT Scans and for some reason she went into cardiac arrest when the iodine was given. She was in for stomach pains. Don't know for sure is the cc's hit her heart too quick or something else, but it never happened before I can only say what happened. 
    As far as my experience I get Ct Scans every 3 months and I have had a bad experiencece which hurt and scared me for days.  
    I also have panic attack which I got from the Gulf War when I was in the US ARMY and now retired. I know what panic can do. You can say all day that one can do this to themselves, but to them it is a real experience. You have to go through them before you can make a comment. Mine is as real as they can be. I have had them so long that I can ride them out. The Chemicals in the Gulf War are real and they can and do mess with your nervous system. I feel for people who get them.  
    I am highly allergic to a certain med that I have taken for 5 yrs and it reacted with itching lightly, next time med and the third time was drawing blood with itches. I let my Doctors know about my experience and they said they would change my meds. They did same med but genericic (big change) this time I went intanaphylaticic shock which I lost all my body function and ended in a white clouded place. No one was there to meet me. I was in the hospital when I woke up and could not move only hear as they were working on me. I don't think you can fake anaphylaxtic episodede. One may be so frightened but that would cause the Adrenalinin to flow and shaking,sweating and all that goes with shock but not the part where they feel like they left their bodies.  
    So I hope since your a tec you take the time to explain to your patience what they might feel......Even tho I had a greatechec on my first one. My sister explained her first CScannn so I was ready for it.  
    It is rude to call peope liar because you've never walked in their shoes. For myself the military taught me integrity and that is the standart I live by. 
    Also as the Bible states, Watch your tunge it can be as sharp as a sword, think before you speak, most people do not go around lying unless they have a mental instability and need attention. I am very stable and do not want any attention. One other thing, I also share my time too by telling others of my experience, I am not telling them what to expect. Everyone is different......Dont' be so quick to jump because a word was spelled wrong. Ask first before calling people liers. I have my experiences and you have yours 

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 10:17 PM by SDL TO Carrie

    Let me ask something,,,,is it TRUE that one CT Scan really equilivent to 400 chest exrays. I have heard this twice..... My Dr won't give me more then two chest exray a yr. The CT scans for me are necessary because I am Stage 3 cancer patient and they need to keep looking for the cancer.  
    I had a scary but short experience of being scard at first when the contrast started running in and almost went into panic. Then I remembered what my sis said, and calmed down. The Tech explained well but my sis explained better. 
    No bad incodent for the first two. Then I think this tech messed up on the needle. Part went into the vein and the other must of went into my arm because it grew like a football. The warmth down the center of you body is shocking but for me went away on the good scans

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 10:26 PM by SDL

    How did you get the message sent to me at my email. Let me know I need to rewrite the name of the Diease Mirci is one and Acincobacter(can) I never said she got it from a CT scan. It is from the vent in her throat or the other tubes she had. she is in ICU and Isolation. You didn't read it correctly. She went in for a stomach pain and ended up coding on the table when the scan w/contrast started. Now I don't know WHY this happened right at that time of the contrast, but it did. She ended up in the ICU since Oct 4...Finally got the vent out Sun. The nurse told me today she has Acincobacter (can) I don't know what can is. I just got the spelling this am. I was looking up what I thought the nurse said and the Blue Green Algae was what I found 1st. Now this is the correct spelling. So don't jump to calling people liars. Maybe we spelled it wrong but no one said she got it from a CT SCAN I just mentioned the other complication going in for stomach pains, having a ct scan and still there NOW with the bacteria's. BE NICE

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 10:45 PM by Carrie

    How did they shield you?? Was there a shield under you and on top of you, or all the way around you?? Did they do a D Dimer blood test on you prior to the CT?? A CT exam at that gestation is not a good thing unless they shielded you totaly around, and they used a low dose technique...If you had a positive D Dimer test then they had to run the CT based on those findings. A blood clot can kill, so they have to do what is necessary to diagnose that based on blood work.

    posted @ Tuesday, October 19, 2010 12:49 PM by carrie

    To Mandy protect the kidney you have I am in renal failure both kidneys from cat scan dye!

    posted @ Thursday, October 21, 2010 7:48 AM by theresa gladney

    To SDL, 
    You really need to stop scaring people, with all that information, it all runs together and makes it look like CT's are killers....these are very important exams that help millions of people every day. The information you are giving all at once is questionable, and you did describe your sisters illness in the same paragraph as "cardiac arrest".....yes liar was a little harsh but your explanations warrant the questions....  
    A cardiac arrest in a Ct scan would mean there was either a severe allergy, or it possibly was due to the condition of the patient's infecton which is totaly unrelated to the CT, so scaring every one because of one senario is definately wrong and should not be told to every one, with no way of knowing the exact reason. It sounds to me like the infection is the underlying cause of every thing, and I have seen many patients go down hill fast due to Septic types of infections. This being said there is no reason to scare others because you really do not know the cause. As to a CT equaling 400 xrays, not true. The new CT scans equal several xrays, but certainly 400 is a highly exaggerated number. So once again you are scaring people with wrong information.....and do not post your writings with my name on them who is giving misinformation here?? You have to many wild stories here to believe any of them....

    posted @ Monday, October 25, 2010 12:36 PM by carrie

    Clearly your bread – and that of the medical establishment that has told you what to think – is buttered by these expensive CT exams. Your opinion is not fact. It is unethical of you to tell someone you've never treated that their adverse experience was "totally unrelated" to a CT scan. These exams CAN BE killers, both short-term and - importantly - long-term; people SHOULD take them very seriously; and YOU should be ashamed of yourself for trying to shut down a vital discussion.  
    The sheer number of people relating horror stories on this blog shows that adverse events are far more frequent than the medical establishment would have us believe. And let’s face it, the same people citing “rarity” stats to us are the ones who have to report the adverse events that make up the "rarity" stats they are quoting to us to persuade us to take the test they bill us for.  
    No wonder you are so dedicated to attributing adverse events following a CT scan to some pre-existing condition -- to anything but the obvious answer – that horrific dye & radiation. It’s a conflict of interest. What area of the country do you work in? I want to avoid going anywhere near there for fear of ending up at your medical facility.  

    posted @ Tuesday, October 26, 2010 12:24 PM by Anne

    In June, I almost fainted & went to the ER in Northern Virginia. I had been in that same ER twice in the preceding 3 weeks for reactions to antibiotics. Blood tests revealed that I was dehydrated and in ketosis - major contraindications for a CT scan with dye. I also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Hashimoto's causes your thyroid to veer between hypo and hyper. Hyperthyroidism is also a contraindication for the contrast dye. Let alone dye shoved in at the high rate used in a chest CT.  
    To my eternal regret, I also had what turned out to be a very slightly elevated D-Dimer - in the 600s. I later learned that it could be caused by the infection for which I took the antibiotics, or by the big bruise on my arm from a bad IV stick at the last ER visit before this one. Below 600 is normal. No, you don't "HAVE" to order a chest CT scan for an elevated D-Dimer. A 2004 study illustrated that no one with a D-Dimer below 1000 had a pulmonary embolism. My ER doctor withheld the contraindication info and D-Dimer number from me and scared me into a CT scan while I was alone & drugged on Benadryl. I couldn't even sign the consent form, which said nothing - it just asked if I had a history of kidney problems. No tech or doctor raised the risks of a dye scan with me – the doctor just said that I could die if I didn’t have the scan. I was groggy but tried to question him. He actually said to me, "What's the big deal? We've done 7 or 8 of these (on other patients) already today." Clearly he was the CAT scan guy - easier to order an exam than practice medicine. Of course the scan was negative.  
    The risk outweighed the reward. The dye and the radiation sent me into hyperthyroidism. My hair fell out, I turned red & got a rash, my heart raced, I could not sleep & could not function for weeks. Some people can’t handle 3 years’ worth of radiation at once, let alone the dye. I resorted to Reiki and detoxification to try to recover. My ER doctor's concern with CYA due to the slightly elevated D-Dimer outweighed his concern for me as a patient with an individual history. His boss - the head of the ER - confirmed as much and reprimanded him when I thankfully survived the adverse event to tell my story.  
    Other doctors I spoke to afterwards said that doctors should be able to diagnose without resorting to CT scans as frequently as they do and that they would not have ordered the scan in my case. A different doctor in this same ER - who discharged me after a shift change – said that when you really have a blood clot, the D-Dimer result is in the thousands. The dehydration alone could have led to kidney failure, as experienced by that dear lady who wrote here recently. These doctors confirmed to me that, contrary to what you are implying, doctors do not always order scans just to help the patient. Often the reason is CYA. A scan MAY help a particular patient, but in situations such as mine and many of those posting here, the doctor puts defensive medicine and money to be made from scans – in other words, he puts himself - ahead of the patient. When you are willing to do that, it is time to find another field. 

    posted @ Tuesday, October 26, 2010 12:29 PM by Anne

    I am thinking that you work for a private firm which does CT scanning. I believe that these facilities do a much more thorough job of screening and caring for their clients. However in a busy hospital setting, at night or on the weekends I believe getting a scan is a lot riskier than you think.  
    Letting others know of possible problems is doing them a service, not scaring them.  
    Having 70 cc of contrast dye pumped into your arm, not your vein and the ensuing emergency surgeries, necrosis of muscle and tissue, and basically losing use of the arm, is a possibility people should know before getting a scan. No I am not and was not a drug user...I had a bad experience because the hospital put incompetent people in a position to make a mistake like this.

    posted @ Tuesday, October 26, 2010 2:01 PM by R

    I had an Iodine contrast CT Scan about 25 years ago. Upon injection I started getting nauseated, headache, flushed and then started having respitory problems. I believe they gave me a shot of epinephrine. Not fun. A few weeks ago I started having abdominal pain that would not go away. After an xray and blood work (negative), my Dr. suggested an iodine contrast CT Scan. I told him about the problem I had and that I was very apprehensive. He said that there had been great strides and the contrast used today was different than 25 years ago. I had the test done yesterday. Actually had no real problem during the test. At about 6pm last night I started getting very hoarse and my face got very hot. My eyes started burning and got very bloodshot. I felt like I had a fever but was at 97 degrees. Had a horrible night, very restless and my legs bothered me all night. This morning my face feels like I have been sunburned and my eyes still burn. Over all I feel like crap. My Dr's. offfice called to tell me the results were all negative. I asked the nurse about what was going on and she said she really didnt know but it was probably a reaction. No suggestion for relief or anything. I for one will never get another contrast CT Scan.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 27, 2010 12:19 PM by Jack

    To all those people who love to give their uneducated opinions on the 'negligence' of health professionals - these people are not out to get you, in fact, they have likely chosen the profession to help. 
    When constantly faced with patients ready to assign blame for any bad event makes it very hard, as a health worker, to continue to care for the people who are ready to knife you in the back for any small mistake! 
    There ARE cases where the health professional acted in a NEGLIGENT manner (look up the meaning of the term if you think that means "making a mistake"), and there should be consequences for that person in a negligent situation, HOWEVER - the majority of the problems listed above are simple mistakes or side effects! Would everyone cut out this ridiculous mentality that says you have a right to compensation because of some human error made by the person trying to provide a service - in a risky profession which constantly has to weigh up possible side effects with possible benefits! 
    Let's not spit in the face of the people who are providing us by far the best healthcare in the history of the world. 

    posted @ Thursday, October 28, 2010 8:05 PM by Alicia

    I had a ct scan with contrast performed today and I didn't have any problems or side effects afterwards.

    posted @ Thursday, October 28, 2010 9:03 PM by Lisa

    I can and will give my expertise involving CAT scans, I have worked in a hospital setting including a Major Trauma Center for over 30 years, and I have also had several CAt scans with dye myself including one with the highest injection rate, 5cc/sec that is given for Cardiac scanning, so yes I think I do see and know most of what could happen, and yes I am able to speak on the value of CAT Scans, and YES THE RARITY OF REACTONS! And yes "MOST" of what is said on this site is false, most of the reactions stated do not happen because of a CT scan, even when dye does stop flowing through a vein and enters the inside of the arm, just simple warm and cold compresses take care of the side effects of that as well, and the symptoms and slight pain subside. 99 percent of patients have very little to no side effects, and 99 percent of that extra 1 percent have "NO LASTING EFFECTS". Like I stated before, in all my years, I have seen only 1 true extravisation, that resulted in a surgery, and because of the new dyes, in the last 10 years, I have seen only 1 moderate allergic reaction and around 10 to 15 mild allergc reactions. The only real problem I have seen is, yes if you have an underlying kidney issue, you have a few things are contraindicated interact with the dye, I have seen kidney problems and a few kidney failures. Proper Screening of the patient will avoid that from happening in most cases, so it is important for patients to give complete hisories when asked.  
    Just getting a regular CT will not cause hair to fall out and all those other reactions people are trying to scare you with. I am sure yes there might be some nelgect from a very few number of technologists, but it is rare. Do not be afraid of these exams.

    posted @ Saturday, October 30, 2010 11:47 AM by carrie

    Well to bad you are NOT in my shoes. It has been 4 weeks since this happened to me and still no relief in sight. So until you have this happen to you and are taken by ambulance and spend the night in the hospital because everything they tried did not work and now I am seeing a neurologist for nerve damage don't tell me that a simple warm/cold compress will take care of it. Because it didn't!

    posted @ Monday, November 01, 2010 1:54 PM by Mary

    I've been reading the posts and want to add that we, too, experienced a tragic result from the scans. My mother was not checked for dehydration. She was a type 1 diabetic. After her scan with contrast her kidneys failed she died after a massive heart attack 2 days later. She had gone into the hospital for a simple test. Maybe some technicians care about what they are doing. Others do not care that they are dealing with human beings and do not check that the test is safe for that patient so people must educate themselves and speak up for themselves. If a person is old or doesn't hear well, as was the case with my mother, they don't have a chance to speak up for themselves. No one was in the room when they took her for the test and her hearing aids were out so it's pretty certain no one explained the risks of the test to her. To the medical people reading this...please don't just give a test, make sure the person can handle it. he or she diabetic. Have I tested that he or she is hydrated. Are there signs of kidney issues that would make this test more dangerous. Did I explain all the risks to the family and patient. Could the patient hear me.... PLEASE take the time to check. As you can read - lives are really at stake and people ARE suffering from these tests.

    posted @ Wednesday, November 03, 2010 8:37 AM by Pam

    i have just had a ct with contrast and it was nothing like anything ive seen in these comments so i think alot of these stories are strange to me not saying they arnt true its just hat ive had 2 in the past 2 years they say i have had pneumonia for over a month now the only thing that i have ha a problem with is my drs office has yet to give me results the place where i had it done sent me home with copies of the test but i obviousley have no clue how to read and also sent copies to my drs office with the report im so angry that it has been 2 days and ive called both places and nobody will give me a call back ahhhhhh wish i knew how to read thesebut enouph of my venting lol

    posted @ Wednesday, November 03, 2010 11:04 PM by lisa

    OK, so last week I found out I was having a CT scan, then found out it would be with contrast. So I did what everyone tries to do and find out what to expect. I stumbled upon this site and it scared the mess out of me. First let me tell you the scan was for my throat, I have a feeling like something is stuck there and I cant swallow it down. I read things like your throat feels like it is going to close up, to the tech is going to miss the vein and the fluid will go into your arm and you will have to have a procedure to remove the dye. I told my husband this and the first thing he said to me was what are you going to do when you get home from the ct scan, I said go to sleep, he aid right because if you don't have a bad experience you have nothing to worry about. So that made me think that I should come here and share what happen to me. First off I had call my doctor let him know I as scared, he prescribed something for me to relax, I went in they were very nice, made me comfortable, put a IV in me that I didn't feel, ran a little saline through it which I felt but was no big, I laid down they took a few images, then the guy said ok we are going to put in the contrast and we will be done in a few minute. I felt a very light rush of heat almost like someone put a nice warm blanket over me, and that was it I was done. I got all worked up over nothing. I scared myself more then the whole procedure its self. I went home and rested only because of the meds my doctor had given me. But im proud and so very happy to report that I had no side effects and even am at work today. So just relax.

    posted @ Monday, November 08, 2010 12:27 PM by JACKIE

    I am more confused than ever...I looked this up as I needed to prepare myself better before drinking the stuff.....but now I am so anxious...Im actually scared to death.....I think I will call my doc and ask for other alternatives....does anyone know of any? Im having pain in my right abdoman....but dont need this drama and pain..i have firbromyalgia and that alone fatigues me...does anyone have any helpful comments or suggestions..please....

    posted @ Sunday, November 14, 2010 7:03 PM by

    After reading all the comments yesterday about all the horrible reactions that people had, I went into my scan feeling pretty freaked out. However, other than feeling like my heart was jumping when they first gave me the injection, I came out of it fine. No side effects as of yet.

    posted @ Wednesday, November 17, 2010 8:13 AM by Mary

    I had a CAT Scan w/contrast of my abdomen today without out any side effects, at least not up to now which is 5 hours after the test. The first IV they put in my arm was extremely painful so I had they try the other arm which was fine. I am anguishly waiting for the results and trying to remember to drink copious amount of water which is difficult since I normally don't frink a lot of water.

    posted @ Thursday, November 18, 2010 3:59 PM by william boyer

    i had ct scan chest with contrast couple of weeks back,it was a unnecessary ct scan.but i did not hve any allergic reaction.I saw a post saying that he was diagnosed with kidney cancer and 20 years back he did a ct scan for kidney stones and it made me to think tht ct scan would have caused him cancer.Iam feeling terribly bad that i unnecessarily submitted to this deadly ct scan.

    posted @ Friday, December 03, 2010 2:32 AM by michael

    Had a CT scan done with contrast and the contrast was injected manually which now I'm told is a very old way of doing it. Scan showed some inflamation in the lung. Symptoms were sharp pain in bottom right lung and pain upon inhalation. Less than a month later I was crippled with lung pain and was hospitalized and diagnosed with a pulmonary embolism and gallstones. The ct scan in the hospital caught this. Shouldn't the first ct scan have caught some of it to prevent a complete pe attack?

    posted @ Sunday, December 05, 2010 5:43 AM by O

    Goodness if you read these comments you would be terrified I had a ct scan with contrast two days ago. It was quick, simple, painless although there was a weired warm sensation from the injection of the fluid which I had been warned about. The ct scanner is a wonderful piece of equipment and the job it does cannot be regarded lightly. If you are recommended for this procedure you shouldnt even hesitate in my view!

    posted @ Sunday, December 19, 2010 6:11 AM by Lynne Cottignies

    I understand how frustrating people can get after having a CT scan and doctore & TECHS! Telling them side effects go away within 2 weeks. They all act like your crazy. No other drug has a site like this one letting people telltheir storys. If they do its not as easy to find. I think CT scan dye is more harm than good! Think about it - if you have cancer what are you going to do? Take Chemo? You may want to do what I wish I would have done nefore the horrible Dye! RESEACRH for yourseld. There are doctore whpo do natural healing like in europe or China. They only get paid for helping you get better! I found this out because a Chemo Doc wouldn't even use his own method - he went to a All Natural Diet and without drugs cured himself! DO YOUR RESEARCH there are answers! If your body get inflamed or you get rashes - there are foods that make it worse and make it better. Exercise helps fight every form of cancer. Weight Training is the best form of exercise! Research people! God Bless you right now as you read this! Think and beleive you can heal yourself if you listen to God! Whoever your God is!

    posted @ Sunday, December 26, 2010 1:33 PM by MIKE

    am i the only one that had no side effects ? going for my 4th CT in 2 years. had 1st stage rectal cancer that was found early and removed.this test keeps tabs on it. so far so good. maybe you all should try st.Anthonys hospital in st. pete fla.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 28, 2010 7:31 PM by hugh

    I"m supposed to be getting a cat scan done soon but I have my tongue pierced and i just got it done a week or so ago and i don't know if i will be able to take it out without closing up the piercing. and i'm not sure if i can do it with a plastic rod and balls any ideas?

    posted @ Wednesday, January 05, 2011 4:23 PM by Ashley

    I had a blood clot to form after having a TVT for bladder incontinence. The blood clot was the size of a lemon. The operation was doneOct. 11, 2010. i have had ct scan on Nov.15,25. I just had another on Jan.8,2011. This last one I had I am so weak, tired and dizzy. i got light headed and dizzy after the test. The clot was formed were the Dr. hit or brusied me trying to put the sling under my bladder.

    posted @ Sunday, January 09, 2011 10:57 AM by

    I just came back from my regular Dr who prescribed steroids for the rash on my leg which I believe was caused from the iodine. I too had the vein rupture. My first symptom was throbbing in my arm and the next morning I noticed a big red mark on my upper leg. Three days later it covered my upper leg and itched and burned like no other. My Dr. thought it was probably from the iodine but couldn't confirm it. After reading this sight I am convinced that is exactly what it was. My blood pressure was high too. Interesting

    posted @ Thursday, January 13, 2011 7:30 PM by M Lundquist

    I just had a cat scan yesterday of my lungs, at the time I had a warm feeling. Immediately afterward I sneezed, had a sore throat and wheezed like I had asthma. About 6 hours later my head began to itch and it progressed down to my waist. The following day I no longer have any symptoms other than the itching rash. It has been about 30 hours since I had the cat scan. I just began taking benadrel, I hope it helps. I had the same cat scan about 14 years ago with no ill effects.

    posted @ Friday, January 14, 2011 6:27 PM by Sharon

    I had a CT scan on my lungs 2 days ago. I sneezed twice, got a sore throat and was wheezing like I had asthma immediately after the scan. About 6 hours later I began to itch from the rash on the upper half of my body. It is now two days later and I still have the rash and chills. How long does this usually last?

    posted @ Saturday, January 15, 2011 3:55 PM by Sharon Peterson

    I had a CT scan with and without contrast yesterday. I was told by my good friend who is a nurse that it is no big deal. I went into it with no fears. I drank the iodine drink with mild nausea after it. But nothing to alarm me at all. It went away quickly.  
    During the CT scan I felt the warm sensation and also had the metallic taste. A little strange but not too bad.  
    My doctor asked for a pelvic scan and I think they scanned from my throat all the way to my pelvis which concerns me a little, because of the radiation. 
    After the test I felt dizzy and it was a little hard to breath. My chest felt heavy. My hands were tingly and I felt a little nauseous again. 
    The nurse was very nice and asked me many questions. By the time I left I felt Ok. But noticed my face was hot and red. I didn't expect to feel worse so I went shopping. I felt pretty tired and my head hurt so I went home to sleep. Soon after arriving home I got the runs. All I wanted to do was sleep. I slept for about 15 hours. I got up once in awhile to eat and drink a little or run to the bathroom.  
    My head still hurts and its over 24 hours after the procedure.  
    The nurse mentioned that she as noticed that fair skinned people seem to have more of a reaction then darker skinned people. (I am fair skinned)  
    From reading other posts I feel lucky my reaction was not worse. But I wish I had no side effects at all.  
    Good luck to everyone here.  
    I wish you all health above all else! 

    posted @ Sunday, January 16, 2011 4:02 PM by Gina

    Been since July 29 2010 since ct scan w/contast dye, still having lots of problems, too many to type. It is even hard to type now. Just need to know I am not alone. Predisone helps but drs keep putting me on and I am better, they take me off and back to all the problems....UGHHHH! Can anyone relate?? Please help.

    posted @ Monday, January 17, 2011 9:39 AM by Mrs. J

    I've had 2 ct scans done. the first one on march of 2010 and the other one this year, on january 20th. the first one everything went ok, I did not experience any side effect, but the day after the last one I had, I started to feel a numbness in my left leg,then the other leg, my harms, my back, even on my face, some people will call it "sleepy sensation"; also my back itched.I was afraid thinking it could be something more serious, something neurological until I found this blog and read that a few people have had the same reactions after the scan. I call my Dr office and they said they have not heard of any side effect like mine and that I should go to my primary dr. and find out what was it........ 5 days have passed and the "sleepy sensation" is almost gone. I hope my experience help someone else that is going through the same problems and thanks to all the people that have shared their experience on this blog, as I said, it's being really helpful.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 25, 2011 8:12 PM by Fanny

    I had a CT scan with and without contrast today. First had to drink barium and then they did one CT scan then the dye was injected and the two technicians stood over me during the IV injection telling me that I will feel warm and have a metallic taste in my mouth, they waited and said "well?" I responded that I only felt a strange sensation in my throat and one of the techs said "ok, that's good." The second scan was performed and the procedure was over quickly (pelvic/abdominal) the sensation in my throat went away in a few minutes and I had no further isssues. I'm fine now just awaiting results.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 25, 2011 11:11 PM by Debbie

    God bless us all for life!@=In memory of the late Jack la healthy..exercise..stay positive in happy!. I thank God for everyone that posted on this blog.. 
    community awareness...(.keep focusing on positivity.).. in spirits we perceive things...everything in due God and keep faith that we are never alone.....taking responcibilities and acknowledging builds strength and courage...we will get through this... 
    Dr' with patients..please listen...communicate..(both parties).we all have to remember that we are made up of different gene pools at the same time we are one whole.(Not statistics).first tests are taking on rats..then with proper authority they are tested on humans...each of us tolteration of pain is totally different.God bless !we can talk or sign lanuage... 
    major issues can get over looked.yet we can experience the same side effects..we pay more attention to what is ailing worst. we have to communicate with the Dr.more ;with the love and support from family? and friends etc..have someone with you to advocate .. 
    Any health condition consists of taking meds..God help us all for pre-existing conditions... Dr.and support of nurses, keeps patients inform to the best of their abilities...and speak calmly ----they can not detect side effects in patients.....they have to wait and see what happens....Dr.s and pharmacists gives a list...of the side effects.(some conditions persists and Doctors usually don't tell you untill it gets out of control ;when you inform them and the blood level test are checked.(monitoring the patients) 
    is no need to alarm patients...patients are safely in the range (statistically of the norm) avoid overwhwelming patients which are kept on watch sort of speak...its not life threatening worries..its normal..just pray..). experiencing...sure they explain..yet when you get to the point that the determinations calls for a cat scan or any other treatments comply with the Dr...referrals..and sign the dotted line to consent and preform. all the stuff that was explained(some may take it as complaining ).Bloggers..patients have no choice but to consent to find out what is the underline problem that causes them discomfort or pain... 
    the side effects are pros and cons...sure the Dr..s are doing their best and abilities to inform..a real Doctor will tell you the truth or its just another sales pitch for the medical community(avoid stinking thinking-its just fear, anxiety...we all going to go through things in life...Just listen..relax and pray for your own experiences to be at peace..everyone is important...its how we are going to handle the stress...of the unknown...pray it will pass...its another experience and a purpose..we most go through .positively speaking! 
    community....Dr.are in the field to help assist what is ailing.If a mistake happens...God forbid ! you know the reality to that..Dr.s are human..(sure).Dr.s should take responsibility if mistake happens.( again)Dr.s are human too. people with cash can afford lawyers(real world)(people can say what they want especially when you get scared until it happens to their family....sue.?..yet you too sick to enjoy the royalties. if any.some one will!...stay in prayers!.your choices are yours and no one elses..take the time to acknowledge your souroundings to pray and get you thoroug attitude change especially when i found out what i am content with ...i can today.....sick or best of health through God grace....postivively pay close attention....that does not excuse Dr's...pros and cons.(stay in prayer)...certain meds cause constipation ..blurred vision..liver or kidney problems and the lists goes on. 
    as you get older..allergies from the sensitivity gives skin rashes and other reactions..etc...the conclusion is what ever our diets and stress levels are in effect. 
    The key thing is to flush , flush , flush out the meds with lots of water and proper diet...with the (consultations of your Dr..).we eat what we want when we could. Yes, we do not like to go to the bathroom often....or pass gasssssss...Ha ha ha....Thank God that we could.....fruits veggies added also less meats and drink lots of water..or eat enough fiber.the meds are strong in your system ...even when we take these tests...the Dr....and nurses keep you well informed...anxiety yes..of the unknown....pray to God ...we are! in our very best of health..healthy enough to write this blog...Dr..and patients community happy with your friends and family...keeping your still speak up! a nice way..God is Thankful for health insurance ...its a different story when you have none...prayers answered..God bless!.amen! love and peace...stay healthy my friends....The courage to love!enjoy what you can today!

    posted @ Wednesday, January 26, 2011 2:31 PM by

    I just got out of a cat scan with contrast. It was no big deal at all except for the one minute when the dye made me feel like I was being microwaved. I also felt like I had soiled myself. Alas, all was dry and I did not get cooked. No big deal.

    posted @ Thursday, January 27, 2011 1:24 PM by Robert Bradshaw

    I just had a ct scan the tech couln't find the vien maybe because I just had blood draw from it an hour before. He wasn't in my hearing range when I said it hurts . I decided I would get it done with the pain . I guess he noticed when it was too late ,My left arm bicept and fore arm was in a great deal of pain .He then iv'd my rt arm ,Then he finished the scan .Now my arm is balloned up and red .They said keep ice on it today and warm water next thee days .

    posted @ Monday, January 31, 2011 3:34 PM by jerome zeratsky

    I read some of these postings hours before my first ct scan,and i must admit I was ready to cancel.I called my girlfriend (an RN )and she asured me it would be ok so i went and hours later everything is good.The nurse who IVed me was very good she hit the vein and i never felt the needle at all.The Tech. that ran the scan was very calming and caring about my conserns over my internet findings.I must say the warm feeling was a rush, not to say i would want to do it again but then again it came and went fast,wow.I had this CT scan at Brandywine Hospital,Coatesville,PA. where everyone i dealt with was very nice.

    posted @ Friday, February 11, 2011 9:31 PM by Mike Fedin

    my 83 year old mother has had numerous cts with contrast to keep track of her lymphoma, after each proceedure she has broken out in hives lasting for a week after. Is there any nonioic contrast availabe that will prevent this reaction? She is due for her next abdominal CT and wondering if there is any other contrast medium that would eliminate this reaction for her and still give a good study? Thank you.

    posted @ Saturday, February 12, 2011 5:37 AM by pat ayers

    I've had several xrays with contrast over the years because of kidney stones. I've never had a problem or reaction. I do feel the warm sensation that is described by the others. But that is it. I would be interested in hearing from people that haven't experienced problems. BTW...I am scheduled for a CT Scan w/contrast tommorrow, again for a kidney stone that will required lithotripsy.

    posted @ Thursday, February 24, 2011 9:53 AM by Bill

    @ Pat Ayers, your Mom probably has a shellfish allergy. Ask her Doctor about taking benedryl and prednisone prior to the CT scan.

    posted @ Friday, February 25, 2011 12:29 AM by Debbie

    Yesterday I had to get an abdominal ct scan w/iv contrast. I also had to drink 2 vials of oral contrast. The test went perfectly fine until I got off the table. 2 minutes after the IV was injected..BAM.... My allergic reaction to it started right up... I turned bright red and had millions of little hives everywhere..luckily they were able to get the benedryl in me fast enough that it only caused scratchiness in my throat instead of swelling..... 

    posted @ Tuesday, March 01, 2011 10:27 AM by Brit

    My daughter had a ct w contrast and wow ive never seen anything like this before, she went in fine and when she came out wow, she was totally swollen and red as a tomato. scary, she did not make it back to the er when the nurse came with benadryl and other meds. they quickly gave her oxygen treatment and more and more meds. i would never ever allow drs to have any exams done with contrast. very scared mom here....

    posted @ Wednesday, March 02, 2011 5:23 PM by vivian

    I had a scan 9 days ago with dye. Yesterday I developed a rash over my whole body that itches and burns. The doctor at the walk-in center spent 5 seconds looking and diagnosed it as an allergic reaction. He prescribed Prednisone. I have never been allergic to anything before and am now assuming that it was from the scan. Hope it is minor and not long lasting because it is quite uncomfortable. Have bookmarked this site and will update when the symptoms disappear. If they remain after a week I will post also.

    posted @ Saturday, March 05, 2011 7:13 PM by Robert

    I had a CT scan with oral and intravenous contrast for a suspected appendicitis. They did the first scan without the intravenous contrast which went fine. After they put the intravenous contrast in I felt the warm sensation and the metallic taste in my throat which I was told to swallow. When the part of the scan where I had to hold my breath came I started to feel very nauseous and then started to vomit violently. After vomiting I got this burning feeling in my face traveling up to my head. The burning feeling went away after about 2 hours but then I had this immense pressure in my head almost like my brain was swollen and fighting for space in my head. This pressure has stayed constantly worsening for a few seconds every so often. I did my scan on Friday and its not Monday, pressure in head still there.

    posted @ Monday, March 14, 2011 11:44 AM by Chrissy

    I had 2 CT scans in one day, one with contrast one without. Neither scan bothered me much. To me with contrast was the least to deal with, other than the worry factor. No Problems at all. It's been about 40 days now.

    posted @ Monday, March 14, 2011 12:20 PM by John Lake

    ssI had a cat scan done last year that had infiltrated through the IV. It was with contrast. Immediately the pain was excruciating in my arm and my throat was on fire! I screamed for them to stop the pain was unbearable, and they did. Nothing else was done, they said they were through. Since then I have no strength in my legs, my arms hurt so badly I cannot sleep.The area where they had the IV bruised terribly, in more than one spot. My veins puff up on my hands and arms when I am hurting the worse, the DR says it has nothing to do with the CT, it is arthritis!! I need a good attorney.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 16, 2011 3:20 PM by Carolyn

    my daughters experience is so much like Catherines until it is scary!! 
    She was just released from the hospital yesterday and is sitll in pain. They told us she could lose her hand and arm. They wanted to cut her arm open also but after one night in the hospital they decided to send her home even though she told them that she was scared.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 16, 2011 11:18 PM by Rezia Givens

    The first CT scan I had was for a tear duct infection. They wanted to make sure it wasn't risking my brain. I had morphine before the scan and everything went perfectly fine. I felt the warmth, which I found amusing at the time, and no after effects. 
    My second CT scan was to rule out appendicitis when I actually had C.Difficile. They did a rectal enema contrast. It was basically horrible and the guy giving the contrast was angry because the ER guy let me eat. I had to take a pill crushed in apple sauce because I can't handle large pills. He was pretty harsh with my rear end too. I'm not sure if it was the contrast or the c.diff that caused me so much pain but it felt like my insides were going to burst and I was screaming non-stop and begging them to take it out and stop but they refused and just kept telling me to keep my arms up over my head... 
    Was back in the ER two days later and a different doctor wanted to do a SECOND CT scan before getting the c.diff test results. I refused and they attempted to scare me by telling me I could die if I don't get it so I signed a paper saying I wouldn't sue them or something and the doctor from the previous visit showed up minutes later with my positive c.diff test results.

    posted @ Thursday, March 17, 2011 2:58 PM by Laura

    Reezia, how is your daughter? have they decided to do surgery? I had no pulse in my hand and that's why they had to do the surgery. I hope she will be ok... 
    To those of you who do not have a bad experience, thank God for that! I would not wish my deformed and now-handicapped right arm on my worse enemy. I had experienced many ct's with and without contrast and went into the procedure joking with the tech that ultimately wouldn't listen to my cries to stop!!! I should have done a couple of things: 1)taken a friend with me and insist they stay with me through the whole procedure (you DO have that right!) 
    2) Insist that the procedure STOP when I sensed they were having trouble with the IV! These are simply poorly trained at best, XRay techs...NOT nurses, or phlebotomists, or even trained IV techs! BE CAUTIOUS!!! Your livelihood and very life could depend upon your diligence and caution. These tests are part of the miracle of medicine that allows the doctors to diagnose us like never before. However, an MRI is another option. I will, however, NEVER allow anyone to put contrast of any kind in any orifice or vein into my body and if I am unconscious, my advocate will make sure it does not happen! 
    Good luck, and God bless you all...He has been good to me..

    posted @ Wednesday, March 23, 2011 1:19 AM by Catherine

    I had several CT Scans and never had a reaction, but before my spinal fusion surgery, the doctor asked for a CT Scan with contrast. He injected the dye directly into my spine with a long needle that he had to insert five times before reaching the righ place. The I went to surgery. When I waked up I had the most terrible headache in the whole world. Was like pieces of metal were banging against my head and couln't open my eyes without incredible hurting. I was 7 days with powerful opainkillers, including morphine to control the pain. I heard that I had what is called arechnoid pain, because when you close your eyes you can see the veins and arteries that cover your brain. Worst experience that I had. The said that the dye went into the spine fluid and went though to the brain.

    posted @ Monday, March 28, 2011 4:02 PM by Fred Tower

    Hi Fred, 
    You had a CT myelogram. This type of CT scan is used to look for spinal fluid blockages and disc bulges.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 29, 2011 2:52 AM by Ravi Sohal

    I was scheduled for an ultrasound on 17 Mar 2011. When the customary call came to remind me of my app't I was told I was to have a CT scan. I contacted my doctor's nurse and she said she had told me that I was to have an ultrasound but that she had made a mistake. She did not inform me of the process I would have to go through to have the CT scan. 
    My doctor had been informed by me that when blood for my tests was drawn, that several attempts always seem necessary and that it was extremely painful. He then referred me to a source where there were people who were trained just to take blood samples. Then I had no further problem with the blood tests. 
    When I was called to take the CT scan, I ask that my husband accompany me and was told that he couldn't "because the room was too small". (The room turned out to be quite large.) Without knowing anything further about receiving a CT scan for the thyroid area, I went blindly to have the test. When I was told that a "needle" had to be put into my arm for the "dye", I told the large male RN of the difficulty I had had with needles and that he could have one try to get it right. He goofed the first try which resulted in extreme pain and I begged him to stop. He ignored my request and tried another location on the same arm. By this time, I was limp from the extreme pain and begging him to stop. Then, I found him working on the other arm. I was almost unconscious from the pain in the arms. He eventually got the needle in and injected the dye. After he said he was through, I felt a warm feeling. Now, I don't know when one is suppose to receive the warm senation. Should it be felt before or after the CT scan? Is the negative report for the test valid, or not? 
    Then the large male RN said to "get up". My head was whirling round & round and my stomach was doing flip flops. After some time passed I manage to sit up. My feet couldn't touch the floor and I was afraid I would fall if I tried to stand. When I was able to get to my feet, I looked at my watch and noted that I had been in the room for over 35 minutes. With great difficulty, I made it back to my husband in the waiting room.  
    I leave this message for the unsuspecting: Before submitting to any medical tests become fully informed through personal research. Ask (DEMAND) your doctor to describe the steps that will be taken. Don't be rushed into taking tests. Cover all your bases before submitting to something that may leave you worse off than before. I would rather die than go through such an experience again. 
    I feel certain that the extreme pain from inept insertion of the needle could have been avoided by a competent, caring, professional who had been well trained to insert neeles. 
    This experience will be described to my regular doctor. I will ask him to make a notation in my record to NEVER order a CT scan for me again.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:13 PM by Wilda Stovall

    I had the CT scan with contrast on my chest for chest pain, and now I am having more chest pain and shortness of breath than what I was having before I went to ER as a reaction! Oh well, at least now they know for sure 
    there's "nothing" seriously wrong, and I have the new and improved pain to show for it!

    posted @ Thursday, March 31, 2011 9:54 PM by Debbie

    i had a bad reaction to the ct dye and ended up in ER still feeling the effects in my heart and right arm i had breast cancer and lympenode removed in 2007 i will never do a ct scan again still feeling the side effects in my right arm and heart. no doctor will give you tell you the truth about the side effects sandy

    posted @ Saturday, April 09, 2011 9:19 PM by sandy

    I am glad to have stumbled upon this web site before having my CT scan with IV contrast. Now I am going to request an MRI scan order from that doctor (or a different one if that one does not cooperate).  
    I am sorry to hear about negative experiences with the contract that many had and that could be avoided if another type of diagnostic technology was used. To those contemplating having that procedure, there is also another side effect of CT scan that is usually "forgotten" - and that is the radiation exposure.  
    CT scan is not just an X-ray. To reconstruct the 3D image of the body area, the X-ray beam takes a complete revolution around the body. In terms of the radiation exposure it is equivalent to taking thousands of X-ray images at the same time. Hence, is much higher radiation exposure. According to this site 
    the abdominal and pelvis CT scan repeated with and w/o contrast is equivalent to 10 years of radiation exposure from the natural background (cosmic rays, radon gas, etc.) That radiation exposure is rated to have a moderate additional lifetime risk of fatal cancer development (1 in 1000 to 1 in 500). Additional CT scans would add to the radiation exposure and to the lifetime risk of cancer.  
    That information is not to divert anyone from having the doctor's prescribed procedure, but to help make an informed decision weighting all pros and cons - something that each and every patient is entitled to.

    posted @ Monday, April 11, 2011 1:48 AM by Mike

    I had my first ct-scan 8 hrs ago. I have had absolutely no reactions. I wanted to know what was injected in my arm before the scan; therefore, decided to get some answers on this website. And since I have read so many negative reactions to the persons receiving Scans...I felt I should respond to this forum. I will be back to comment if any negative reactions should happen later.

    posted @ Monday, April 11, 2011 5:12 PM by Tee Kal

    Does anyone know of a law suit against the manufacturer of the CT scan contrast dye and/or the barium company. I had a CT scan w/ contrast in 2007 and I have had permanent nerve and GI damage. I am no allergic to almost anything I eat. I was fine the day before I had this test. I highly recommend avoiding this at all costs. Had I known the risks I would have never had this done. It's horrible.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 12, 2011 2:52 PM by bk mcbain

    I just had a CT scan w/contrast for my head tonight. Didn't really know anything about it thought it was just a scan and when i read the paper when i got there it said with contrast. The technician i had was great he explained everything to me. He told me I would feel a warm sensation and sure enough i felt it move up my arm and my heart began to race. Then I thought i had peed myself then my legs felt funny. But all in all no reactions so far and waiting now to find out my results. These headaches have been going on for 6 weeks and i am getting tired of it. I am glad I didn't read all of these before i went or I might have been leary on going. But so far so good.  
    Good experience overall

    posted @ Tuesday, April 19, 2011 10:49 PM by keera

    The reaction I've had was to "low Ostmolar contrast agent (300-399 Mg/Ml Iodine concentration)oral". 
    The two time I had scans done using this contrast agent the side effect were with the Pancreas. The fist time was was admonial pain. The second two weeks later was Pancreatitis and hospitalzation for three days. The widow of another cancer patient told me her husban had a sinilar reaction and had to take "CREON" from then on. Fortunetly my systoms after six weeks of pain have mostly gone away. I have had to reaction to theIV contrast or to the Barium contrast.

    posted @ Friday, April 22, 2011 5:58 AM by Alan

    Had an abdo/pelvic/thoraic CT scan today for persistant upper right abdo discomfort, with contrast. Got the warm 'peed my pants' feeling immediate to the contrast going in, but otherwise nothing abnormal. Yes as has been said, a high amount of radiation going in, but for me, the knowing what is causing my pain far outweighs the risks from this. There are certain parts of the world where people are subjected to far higher amounts daily just due to the geography of their area. 
    I felt drained once I got home, and have had a dull headache since, however I'm well aware that a foreign substance has been pumped into my veins and my body is dealing with excreting this. I'm just grateful that this test will show up any abnormalities that may be troubling me now - or likely to trouble me in the next 5 yrs and am willing to put up with some mild side effects as a result. It's an individual choice and I'm sure many 1000's of these tests are carried out everyday unremarkably, if you're in pain and don't know why, a CT Scan is the gold standard at diagnosis. I'd certainly have one again for the peace of mind it may give. Fingers crossed, and if nothing shows up, at least I'll stop worrying I have Cancer or something far worse than a few days feeling ropey from the effects of my body dealing with a foreign substance!

    posted @ Thursday, April 28, 2011 5:43 PM by susan Keane

    I had the ct scan with iv contrast today may 4, 2011 and i was scared after reading what others had posted on here. I went in and i was extremly scared of the needle and the side affects. It was simple and I had no pain even from the needle being put in. I had a moment less then 30 seconds where I felt warm like when you first wake up all snuggle in your covers. I also felt the sensation like a tingling like I had to urinate, this too lasted only 30 seconds and it was not a strong urge. after that the test was over and i had no side affects what so ever. My procedure was done at the va clinic and im 44. They did havce me drink less then a 20 oz bottle of barrium and it was flavored like a bannana smoothie, infact that is what it said on the bottle. took me 5 mins to drink. was not bad like i heard it was. drink plenty of water the night before and the day of and the night after. Its hard to drink so much water but it helped alot, hope this helps others out there that are scared after reading all the bad things that some experinced. here is my email and dont be afraid to email me about the procedure. I am a wuss when it comes to needles and will admit it right up front. Tim

    posted @ Wednesday, May 04, 2011 6:11 PM by Timothy D Jones

    I had my contrast CT scan this morning. I was told to mix the 50 ML solution with 32 oz. of liquid of my choice. I was then to drink 16 oz 12 hours before the procedure and the rest two hours before the procedure. I told the tech my breathing concerns before the scan. The tech thoroughly explained the procedure beforehand. I was surprised that I didn't have to put on a hospital "gown", just pull down my jeans out of the way under the sheet provided. He doubled the pillow under my head to help with the breathing issues. Said everyone over 65 needs a finger prick to check if their kidneys are functioning for the dye. Inserted the IV. Then he had me place my arms over my head to rest on a pillow beyond my head. While in the machine, there were times he had me take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.I had no problems with any of the procedure. The tech said the doctor should have the results by Friday. (Today is Wednesday.) Hope the results are as easy as the scan!

    posted @ Wednesday, May 11, 2011 5:56 PM by Becky

    Thanks all, you have helped me make a decision at last. In 4 days I am due for a CT scan with contrast to see if anything was damaged after my temporary tracheostomy. No way am I having contrast, maybe an MRI scan will suffice.

    posted @ Thursday, May 12, 2011 2:41 PM by Bev

    Due to battling cancer for a touch over 5 yrs I've had quite a few CT's scans with contrast. Only once the guy could not get the needle in my vein. I only have one left to use in the "ditch"of my arm.(Where it bends) I told him it did not feel right and I ought to know! He just went ahead with it anyway before I could pop him in the head. (Kidding...but felt like it!)I did NOT feel much of that warm flush feeling your normally get instantly...and a bruise was already showing up before I left the place. Not too long after being home I looked at my arm and it was black, blue, red & swollen. It looked horrible! I called the place where I had the scan and told them about it and they actually had the nerve to tell me that's quite normal...and it happens. Just to put a warm rag on it and in a few days it will be OK.  
    It was almost 2 wks before you could see no evidence of what they had done.Plus the "Impressions" (Results) on my scan said very little unlike all there ones. That's because the contrast didn'nt go thru my body like it was SUPPOSE was mainly in my arm thanks to that idiot.  
    They seem to forget we are being EXPOSED to ALOT of radiation to do these personally I want mine done right or not at all. In fact I heard some doctor on CNN say one CT equals something like 400 + regular chest X-Rays. So make sure the place you go has ppl that know what their doing and care. I have only had that one bad experience with my arm. But other then that the contrast causes that warm flush feeling...slight taste in my mouth. Plus I get a dull headache that won't go away and I will feel tired when I get home. But that's about so far.

    posted @ Saturday, May 14, 2011 10:49 PM by Jan

    I was admitted to the hospital for blood clots and they did a ct scan/contrast May 11 then I started bleeding on May 12th when I started to go home they said it was not coming from the blood thinner and told me I needed to go see a OGBYN never had any problems before with this, has anyone else.Will never have another one.Thanks.

    posted @ Sunday, May 15, 2011 10:01 AM by brenda morton

    Had a CT with contrast on Friday, May 13,2011. My face was swollen the next morning and my upper torso was covered in red rash. The face swelling went away, but today May 17Th my arms are covered in a "goosebump" red rash. Doctor's office tells me it cannot be a reaction to the CT Scan, but what else could it be? I'm on antibiotics for diverticulitis but stopped taking everything because they all have the same side effects as the CT scan. I've never had an allergic reaction to anything before until this Scan. Will these symptoms ever go away? And how will I know if the Scan caused it??

    posted @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 3:35 PM by Jacqueline

    Did you get an IV injection of dye contrast? Sounds like you might have had a delayed reaction.

    posted @ Thursday, May 19, 2011 6:25 PM by Ravi Sohal

    Had my cat scan done with contrast yesterday. Since yesterday I have had this terrible back ache, where my kidneys are and have the constant feeling of a urinary tract infection. I was fine before the dye went in. I did drink a lot of water to flush it out but I still have tremendous pressure.

    posted @ Thursday, May 26, 2011 11:12 AM by Lori Castro

    It has been over two weeks since my problem started. My CT scan with contrast was on May 13th and until May 22 my body was covered in red itchy welts . The doctor finally conceeded that it was probably due to the dye (which it was I had been saying all along). He gave me a Decadron shot on the 18th and another one on the 20th and put me on Methylprednisone. I also took Benadryl. The rash/welts finally went away on the 23rd. Now I have backpain and acid indigestion and they keep telling me that "it will just have to work its way out off your system." i've been drinking water like crazy and I'm trying to cleanse my body from the horrible dye with which I was injected. I'm taking an occasional muscle relaxant and pain meds for the backpain. I've also used a heatpad for my backache which seems to ease the pain. This has been without a doubt the most awful test experience of my life and I will NEVER let them inject dye again. I wake up every morning and wonder what else is going wrong with my body after this experience. 
    I'm very angry at the doctor for NOT telling me about the possible reactions to this dye.

    posted @ Saturday, May 28, 2011 12:34 PM by jacqueline

    To Lori C. go to your doctor and have your renal function checked to be on the safe side.

    posted @ Monday, May 30, 2011 6:07 PM by Theresa Gladney

    I'm suppposed to have a CT scan to check for secondaries following the excision of a melanoma mole in Sept 08. After reading this site I have decided not to have the scan and to see if it's possible to do an examination withour dye. I'll letyou know what success if any I'll obtain with the doctors.

    posted @ Thursday, June 02, 2011 10:14 AM by Maire

    i have a cat scan coming up this week.after reading these comments.iam quite concerned as my ct scan was ordred with contrast.i would like to give myself the most advantages situation with my ct scan and yet like most people would feel if theses side effects happen to this many people and these are very serious than it will probably happen to me.

    posted @ Sunday, June 05, 2011 4:00 PM by gordon greenwood

    I had a ct scan with contrast done later in the day i started having really bad cramps i called the dr and they told me to drink alot of water that did no help the next day i had severe pain in the middle of my stomic called the dr she said my test were fine and called me in something for the apin well that didn't help so on the tird day i have pain in lower part of stomic it hurts to walk what will tomorrow bring

    posted @ Saturday, June 11, 2011 3:26 PM by Lori

    My sister was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Last week she had a cat scan done of her head to see if the cancer had spread to her brain. Two days later, she was scheduled to have a port inserted into her chest so she could begin chemo. The process took awhile, they told her it was because her body frame was so little (she is an adult but only 5' tall and approximately 110 lbs). They eventually got the port in and started to bring her out of the anesthesia. That's when she started to feel naushea. This continued for a bit and then she passed out and her blood pressure began to drop and her heart stopped beating for a short time. When she came to,the doctors told her what happened and that they didn't know why her blood was so red. Could this be a reaction from the contract dye two days prior and should they have done this procedure so close to the ct scan? Has anyone else had this problem? I am worried that they may do other scans of her using this dye. I think the doctors should have known why her blood was so red and have put it together that she had the scan only two days prior.

    posted @ Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11:40 AM by Tona

    I had a CT scan with contrast on Easter Sunday after having fractured 5 ribs and a partial lung collapse. Within minutes I experienced a severe allergic reaction and was given benadryl. Luckily it worked, albeit slowly. Since that time I am experiencing topical numbness/soreness on my right thigh. Has anyone had a similar post procedure problem?

    posted @ Tuesday, June 14, 2011 5:59 PM by Jeff

    I don't know why her blood was so red, but I will comment that when I was a phlebotomist, I could tell if a woman was pregnant by how red her blood was in the tubes. The blood is more oxygenated when you are pregnant. Could she be pregnant?

    posted @ Tuesday, June 14, 2011 11:16 PM by Debbie

    I am going to put my day-to-day experiences of mt CT scan with Contrast (CTS+C). At about 2:30 pm I had the procedure done in a County Hospital. Radiology Tech, Melissa, was kind enough to explain what reactions to the C would be. Such as metal taste in mouth, flush feeling, feeling like I was peeing in my pants, etc. I had a very mild sensations of these. I believe the C was infused with antihistamine and a Group A, short- to medium-acting glucocorticoids, like prednisone. I say this because it is 2 a.m. and I am wide awake and all my tricks to get to sleep are not working. I had this same experience from prednisone a doctor said would not hurt me (yeah - right). I will now specifically have it in my records, NO STEROIDS - NO PREDNISONE. Unless of course it would be a matter of last resort in life-or-death situation.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 15, 2011 2:25 AM by truenexus

    I just had CT Pulmonary Angiogram last week. It didn't go well as my vein burst,causing the needle to dislocate and in turn,all the dye went to my arms. 
    It was like hell! It was as if my arm was going to fall off! I was in extreme pain. I was told to apply cold compress for 2 hours and then hot compress. The next day (which is a few hours later), the swelling subsided already. It's been a week already and I feel fine.  
    I feel bloated though. I don't know if it was an effect or the iodine or I just really gained weight. I will be undergoing the procedure again. I do hope it will go well next time. 
    After reading your messages, I got scared because its scary to feel the heat rush around the body and having to feel shortness of breath after. I hope that wont happen to me..... 
    The procedure was actually ookay, but the injecting of the dye was terrible! I really cried. That was just the test dye. The actual 80cc dye went to arms as a result of the bursting of a vein.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 29, 2011 12:27 AM by Nix

    Wow, I had a CT Scan done on my head Friday pass; without contrast. On yesterday, I received a notice from the imaging center to have another CT Scan done w' contrast on the 18th of July. Im very nervous about this second test. Help?!

    posted @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 2:54 PM by Danielle

    Two days ago I had a CT Scan; for the last two 26 months I have had about 12/14 no problem until two days ago. The Tec started the scan in a few minutes he said he was starting the IV; right away something felt wrong, my head started burning, I told him something is wrong. He said just another minute. Again I said, something is wrong this doesn't feel like the others. He said, "Hold Still" I said "NO" Somethings not right its shooting in too fast or too much; my head was burning like fire, my face felt hard and blowing up, my heart was beating so hard and loud, he finally shut it off and stopped the flow. I was saying "Help ME". His office was next to the ER and he Call them. They ran in, I opened my eyes and say like cystal through my eyes and many people there. They were yelling 10cc of this and 15cc of that. Look how red she is. My heart was jumping around like someone was beating it like a punching bag, my inside organs were getting hit like the balls of a pin ball machine hitting one thing and then another. My legs were on fire, I felt big goose bumps with needles poking out from the inside out. My head was burning up and I felt like I was going to explode, on fire and being beat up inside my body. My heart seemed like it was being bounced in all directions, I felt a ball in my throat closing it, It was so difficult to breath. I remember them asking to see my tongue, they put hot towels on me I was cold but body was burning life I had a fire in it. I tried to throw up but that didn't late long couldn't sit couldn't lay. Was just asking "HELP ME"... It took a while for the meds they gave me to take hold. They wanted me to sit breath with the oxygent. It took a while for me to come a bit back to a bit normal. After 4 hrs they wanted me to stay the night. It was a very bad experience. The next 30 hours I had a terrible headach..some goosebumps and sweating didn't feel well and felt like eating only sugar things.. Sleep the whole next day and all seem to be going back to normal just tired. This is about the 14th or 15th one I had why a reaction??? Now they tell me to stay away from Shell fish or any other fish. I was given an Eppie Pin and Potassum pills. I feel fine now but don't ever want another CT Scan With Contrast again. They did say I can take another Scan but they have to medicate me 18 hrs before. I don't think so. 3 mos ago after a few scans over a few yrs. My sister went into cardach arest when they started her Contrast. Praise God she was able to be brought back with the shock machine. Why is this test a hit or miss test. It is fine for a while and then goes bad. It is a dangerous test and people should be tested for reaction before. I went through two yrs without problems and this one test OMG I was told its a good thing we got to you in time. WOW...No More for me. They need to find a new way.

    posted @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:33 PM by Sally

    I had one on my head 2 days ago and had a terrible reaction to it, burning, throat swelled ER people called in they shot me up with all kinds of things to stop the reaction. My body turned Red, couldn't breath, heart pounding. Funny think is I have had them every other month for 2 yrs and nothing happened then. This time it had a horrible reaction. Now they say I need meds 18hr before another one, NO I never want to go through that again. Now they say I can't touch shell fish or even fish. I am going to an allergist and see what part made me so ill. They said, Its a good thing we got to you in time. Never again. Some People its OK then you never know when it will fire up and you just can't take it?????? Really Suprised me and scared me. Think again but be close to the ER like I was.

    posted @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 10:51 PM by Sally

    I have a CT Scan in 6 days, which i wasnt scared of until now, it is for my stomach and bladder, for finding blood in my urine. Im pretty sure i dont have to get injected with it i just have to drink it so it can go to my bladder quickly, now i was wondering if it has iodine in it because my doctor didnt tell me?

    posted @ Friday, July 01, 2011 12:57 PM by Chelsey advice is to exercise EXTREME caution and ask questions BEFORE you receive the contrast...e.g., what type of contrast will they use, what are the possible side effects, etc, and make sure they have every necessary antidote readily available in the event you have an adverse reaction. I am of the opinion that if a contrast is NOT that relevant or crucial to the CT results, DON'T DO IT! Don't let them talk you into it, because if they can, they will. And it's YOU that will suffer, like I did.

    posted @ Thursday, July 07, 2011 4:50 PM by Jeffrey Hanna

    Ihad abdominal/pelvic w/wt contrast done on december and the 3rd i see in dr oz show ct enduice cancer since that day i could'n eat i'm meserable i try everything to forget but i can't tell me please what to do to prevent it is like i'm dieying i'm 37 thanks

    posted @ Monday, July 11, 2011 1:35 PM by nadegea

    I had a CT scan with contrast Friday afternoon. Sat morning woke with hugely swollen neck and very sore neck lymph nodes but no other reaction. Anyone heard of this before? After 3 days, still somewhat swollen and sore.

    posted @ Monday, July 18, 2011 8:59 AM by Ron H

    I had a CT scan today without notice! I didn't research the process in advance as I would normally do with any procedure. When I got there I was told I would have an injection of the contrast material. 
    As I am an energy healer I was mortified! I eat organic, meditate and do not take anything into my body that is toxic. 
    So the following is a way that you can prepare your body for this procedure: 
    1) ask for an empty bottle of the contrast material 
    2) get into a relaxed meditative state and call in your helpers, spirit guides, etc. for high level assistance 
    3) drop your emotional body into the ground - grounding techniques and then ask for a body to chemical harmonization; 
    4) take bottle into your hands and align with your body's energetic being - harmonize with the substance even if you feel it deleterious to your health - ask for easy bodily adjustment; 
    5) as you are lying down on CT scan come from within your heart chakra and expand your heart chakra with a continual mantra "LOVE" - repeat this over and over again as you intentionally expand your heart chakra... 
    6) send love to yourself and to the process and to the material injected; continue process throughout CT scan and continue afterwards. 
    7) go home and relax and continue thanking the process for not being upsetting at the moment - continue your mantra of love for the duration of the time that this element is in your body... 
    Send blessings and great love to the "thing" you were getting a CT scan for...continue LOVE as your mantra and fill your being with it...

    posted @ Monday, July 18, 2011 10:44 PM by L.

    I had a CT scan a couple of weeks ago relating to large cysts on my liver. I drank water beforehand. The contrast dye was injected, I felt a warm sensation running through my body. This wasn't unpleasant, I'd call it a 'minty' feeling. The whole procedure didn't seem to take long. A large rash has appeared on my thigh, which is very ichy. I have awful sharp pain (like a large pin being bashed into my head) plus general headache pain each day above my right eye, my eyeball aches, and I have a 'bruised' sensation running down the right side of my face. This started directly after the contrast injection. whilst I appreciate modern medicine, the side-effects can be awful. HAS ANYONE ELSE had the same as me please? My advice, to self, NEVER undergo the procedure of CT CONTRAST dye again. Thanks, & good luck with your decisions

    posted @ Saturday, July 23, 2011 7:54 PM by Lyn

    Had a scan today with contrast at 2.15pm at 8pm this evening while siting watching TV i had the feeling of wanting to fall to the left and my head spinning although i was sitting. I have had CT Scans with contrast at least 5 times over the last 3 years and had no ill effects so i am not sure it was the after effects but one of the side effects listed is Dizziness

    posted @ Tuesday, July 26, 2011 5:08 PM by Ross

    I had a CT Scan yesterday because the doctor was concerned about my appendix. I went in and drank this 32 oz of fluid. Then went to be scanned about an hour later. The scan without contrast was a breeeze. Then when they added contrast...I felt it go from my arm to a warm feeling sensation on my Anus like it was time to go to the bathroom. I was holding it as best as I could. Finally they were done in about 5 min...and I went to the bathroom and had explosive diarrhea. I am talking about flushing the toilet 6-8 times. I noticed bumps all over me. Lifted my shirt and it looked like i just knocked down a beehive. They were very concerned even though I felt fine...gave me some benadryl which made the bumps go away in 30-60 minutes. Said next time...I need to tell them I am allergic to the iodine contrast, because the reactions typically get worse the more you have. BTW..I have never been allergic to anything and go to the gym 10-15 hours a week. I think it was just a groin pull..but the doctor insist I check my appendix. Sounds to me like either way I had a chance of dying. If not by my appendix which again showed perfect, would have been the CT Scan. Lol.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 27, 2011 7:46 AM by Derek H

    I had a CT scan with contrast today. Reason for it is I have been running a fever for 10 months after rotator cuff surgery, 30 pound weight loss, constant fatigue, bad night sweats. MRI of shoulder showed possible re-tear - that's another story. Have had numerous labs etc. done with no answers. 
    Arrived 2 hours before scan to drink the fluid. I chose lemonade flavor. It wasn't bad at all. Chose to have IV inserted 30 minutes before scan. 
    First tech to insert IV tried twice but couldn't get catheter inserted. She apologized profusely, I said no problem. Next tech was able to do so. Felt light headed after IV inserted, but could be because of the multiple sticks. 
    Scan went fine, contrast injected and felt a warmth in left arm and mild warmth in other parts of body. Felt good because I was freezing when others were comfortable. 
    9 hours after scan I have a slight head-ache. No other symptoms at this time. Hoping for answers. If I have other symptoms, will post again. I have benadryl on-hand if needed. Arm sore from needle sticks, but not too bad at the moment.

    posted @ Friday, July 29, 2011 6:06 PM by Patrick M

    I agree that most people who bother to post on here are the ones who had bad experiences. Whereas those people who had no problems wouldh't think to post. So although I believe the stories told on here, I think it's a very skewed sample. 
    I myself am a big wuss, and read this blog prior to my CT scan and it scared me to death. Made it hard to sleep the night before. 
    But when I had it done yesterday, it wasn't that big of a deal. I think filling out the forms took longer than the whole test. Yes, the contrast did make me feel warm and like I was wetting my pants (glad I expected that beforehand). And then it felt like my chest got heavy and my breathing was labored, but I know myself and am pretty sure it was my own nerves causing that. So I focused on my breathing, and since the CT was on my neck, I was able to wiggle my toes a little without risking movement to my neck area, so I concentrated on my toes and that focused my mind away from everything else which helped my nerves a bit and before I knew it, it was over. 
    No side effects afterwards whatsoever. Went back to the office, worked the rest of the day, drank lots of water, ate dinner, slept fine, and feel great today! 
    So although it's good to know the potential risks, don't let this site terrify you. 

    posted @ Thursday, August 04, 2011 12:31 PM by Joel

    My dad had a CT scan 10 days ago, when they injected the contrast, he said he felt like his arm was going to explode and he was having a heart attack. When he started screaming in pain, they stopped the contrast. The nurse came in and asked the tech if she could have put it in an artery instead of a vein and was told to shut up. He was taken to the ER and treated for several hours and send home with medicine. He has not felt well at all since this happened and woke up yesterday morning with shortness of breath and chest pains. He was taken by ambulance and admitted to the hospital where he was diagnosed with PTSD from anaphylactic shock plus he was told he has a heart murmur. He has been to the doctor several times a month in the last few years and no doctor has ever mentioned a heart murmur. I think the contrast was injected into the artery in error instead of a vein, but have no idea how to find out. Any suggestions?

    posted @ Saturday, August 06, 2011 6:27 PM by Sheree Nixon

    I just had a abdo/pelvic CT for adominal pain. I drank a barium smoothie and was also injected with iodine. I too had an alarming amount of hot sensation in my abdomen. My scan was on Saturday and today is Tuesday. For lack of a better description, I feel sunburned inside. Even up into my esophogus and throat. I'm tired and feel "off". I am NOT itching or anything like an allergic reaction. Has anyone else ever experienced this sunburned on the inside sensation lasting days after?

    posted @ Tuesday, August 09, 2011 4:12 PM by Brenda

    Update on my scan. Headache lasted for 2 plus days and nausea for about 24 hours. Thought I was going to vomit about 12 hours after contrast injected but managed to hold off. The following hour I let it all out. When I woke up the next day, nausea was just about gone and ended after I re-hydrated myself after another night of night sweats. Awaiting results of scan, appointment is next week. Haven't heard anything as my Dr. is on vacation, but was told if something bad was found, I would be notified by the office.

    posted @ Wednesday, August 10, 2011 4:23 PM by Patrick M

    Yesterday, I had a CT scan with contrast, night before drank a Barium smoothie, didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, next morn. drank another one an hour before the scan. They hooked up an iv into my arm at the time of the scan, very different sensation, warm rush of heat throughout my body, didn't hurt though, except holding your arms up during the scan with the iv needle in your arm, was probably the most uncomfortable part of the whole experience. But, still wasn't that bad. No side effects afterwards. Was hungry since I couldn't eat or drink anything from midnight the night before. Was somewhat tired after the whole experience, but no ill effects. You might want to take the whole day off from work when you get this scan, so you can go home and eat up and then take a nap.

    posted @ Sunday, August 28, 2011 12:45 AM by Steve

    Had abd CT with contrast. Drank barium prior to and had IV with dye. Felt mild warmth for maybe 20 seconds. Test was very fast. No side effects thus far. Very pleased.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 30, 2011 3:20 PM by Kathy

    I read all the comments last night and had an upper abdominal ct with and without contrast. My suggestion is ask about your tech. Mine was certified (30 years experience)...Felt very little with injection (my veins blow out) stick...Yeah! So far no side effects. I am tired though and expecting bathroom issues soon. As some other comments stated...stupid, and unskilled labor should be painting houses not risking lives...Skilled professionals are dedicated and great when you need them...Thank you Rich!

    posted @ Friday, September 09, 2011 12:25 PM by Nancy

    Had a CT with contrast done yesterday. The staff were very friendly. When I checked in, the lady behind the desk asked if I was wearing jeans. I replied " yes", and she then informs that I will have to remove them and change into a gown. So I get changed, and just as I was finishing up, a nurse came into the waiting area to take to the prep room.  
    Nice thing about the gowns it that they're like really thin bathrobes, so the back end isn't flying out for everyone's amusement. Anyways, they sit me down in a tiny room and get the IV in. It's a BIG IV, 14 gauge (I think). It hurts going in, but once it's in, there's no pain. So I go back out to the small waiting area and take a seat. A few minutes later, a nurse come out an calls me in for the actual scan.  
    The room was dimly lit (no bright lights), and rather small-ish. Just enough room for the machine, a few cabinets, and a walking area for everyone. The nurse gets me up on the table/bed thingy, and we get situated. The bed's on the hard side. No cushion, except for a pillow. Fortunately, I was on there for all of 10 minutes. 
    Anyways, the nurse explains the procedure, what I can expect overall, and if I had any questions. No questions, so into the machine I went. I'm a little claustrophobic, and I got a little nervous as my head went through the machine. Fortunately, the machine is thin, and my came out.  
    First scan was done without contrast. The tech told me to take a deep breath, exhale, deep breath, and hold it. The table moved, and the scan took all of 5 seconds. 
    A different tech came out and said that he'd be hooking up the IV for the contrast injection. I was told that I could expect a warming sensation and that I would probably feel like I was peeing.  
    So the tech gets everything hooked up, and then tells me that he's going to test the IV. Basically, they inject a little saline to make sure the IV is working correctly. It's not painful, but it feels cool, almost like someone dribbled a little water down your upper arm.  
    The tech disappears, and then the voice on the speaker (that's how they communicate with you) tells me that he's going to inject the contrast. It felt cool running my arm, but then got really warm when it hit my chest. The warming sensation worked its way down my torso, and I got the sensation that I was peeing. I really wasn't, but the warmth makes is feel like you are. They ran me through the machine a few times, got the scans, and that was that.  
    No side effects, no problems, and the setup took far longer than the test. The contrast injection doesn't hurt. It's not uncomfortable. It's an interesting sensation, but nothing to worry about.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 14, 2011 1:26 PM by Chuck

    Type II diabetic, controlled for 9 months with diet & exercise. Had CT scan with contrast Monday for nodule on lung-some nausea, light headed (out-of-focus) onset after IV and increased. Woke up Tuesday morning with headache and blood sugar 156, concerned if side effect.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 11:12 AM by Maggie

    I had my CT with contrast done this morning. I made the mistake of reading this page just before I went to my appointment. It caused more stress than I think was necessary. I was given some contrast fluid mixed with water one hour before procedure (which did give me a slight headache and it was not barium, it was clear liquid), then when I went into the room I told the tech that I worked in an animal hospital and knew about IV's and she very cleanly and expertly placed an IV (18g, very reasonably size) and then checked it with saline while I watched the whole thing. I was very confident that the IV was good. She then took pictures without the iodine solution then came back into the room and told me the iodine would now be administered. It was not a dark fluid, it was clear just like the saline solution. She was next to me the whole time checking the IV and telling me that I would start to fell warm in my arm, neck, face and then abd (which I knew ahead of time). After the idoine was in they took another set of pictures and then pulled the IV and I was done. I went straigth to eat and now several hours later the only thing that tells me I had a CT was the IV location bandage.  
    I have had no reactions to the contrast or idoine, urine and bowel movements are fine and if I had one suggestion for someone getting a contrast CT scan would be to eat something at least 6 hours before the procedure to help settle your stomach. I did not eat anything the night before or the morning of and my stomach was a little quezzy from the contrast I had to drink.  
    I would do it again at the same location.

    posted @ Thursday, September 22, 2011 7:42 PM by Don

    my wife was taken to hospital after car accident. they did several ct scans, and 1 of the ct scans they charged us for was a " contrast ct scan ", but they used " NO " contrast,  
    is there any purpose to a " contrast ct scan " without the " contrast / dye " 
    or was it a billing error.. 
    also after a car accident, would they give a " diagnostic" or " screening" ct scan ? 
    16,000 seems alot for " non-contrast" ct scans. 
    i'd appreciate any comments 

    posted @ Thursday, September 22, 2011 11:13 PM by elmwoodplebis

    Had a CT Scan w/contrast in mid August for suspected Appendicitis. There were no problems or side effects. Lap Appy was done . Everything went well.

    posted @ Saturday, September 24, 2011 7:57 AM by Carolyn

    I had a CT scan done this morning without any problems. I had to drink barium sulphate the night before and this morning. I also had to drink some red stuff that tasted like cool aid then they injected the dye into me which only gave me that warm feeling from my legs down, they told me that would happen and only lasted about 10 secs. The techs where I went were super nice and helpful! No bad experience here....Praise God!

    posted @ Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1:32 PM by Donna

    I had a Ct scan last night,well middle of the night.I went to the ER because I had shortness off breathe and pain in back,thought I was having heart attack,but anyway due to having past blood clots in my legs they had to check for them in my lungs. I have massive p[anic attacks but thank goodness I took benadryl before I thought I was having a allergic reaction and that's why I couldn't breath,but anyway yes some people do freak out about being confine in small spaces, but the test was short and I was in so much pain ,I really didnt care, I ended up with a rash and I was gagging,itching horrible, they gave me benadryl, didnt work then 3 predionse(steriod)pills, finally I got to go home,after an hour, This morning I feel like crap,a different sickness then what I have,my body is on fire and Im still itching,going to call the hospital to see if I should take more benadryl,and flush flush with water, when that die went through my body my heart jumped and I thought I was going to die. They did ask me a head of time if I had trouble before,and with shellfish,well I dont eat sea food and never had a scan so i didn't know. Having said all this I have talked to others and no one ever had any reaction to the dye in a catscan .My brother had one he had no trouble. So maybe Im rare,they put the needle if fine,test was fast,I just got a bad reaction from it. I dont discourage this but I wish I didnt do the test. I was in so much pain I wasnt thinking straight but who knows what your body will do. I actually feel worse with this bad reaction ,now I have to deal with this and my issues I went to the hospital with,btw the original issues were digestive troubles as far as they could tell. Im not suing anyone but I thought I needed to post my experiences,

    posted @ Wednesday, September 28, 2011 3:32 PM by Kathy c

    I have had stomach pains for several months. I am diabetic and have had the gastric dumping test done it came back negative. I also had a colonoscopy done and it came back negative-than all hell broke loose. One morning I experienced a different strong pain in my gut and it was followed by uncontrollable vomiting, this went on for several hours and I finally went to an emergency room. Within a few hours and several xrays I was being confronted by surgeons. They were convinced I had a small bowl obstruction. I was admitted to the hospital put on saline and was given nothing to eat or drink for 2 days. Than my stomach felt ok. I was told that maybe it was not a small obstruction but a air bubble. HUh? Than they sent me down for a CAT scan with contrast. I take metformin and I know from experience that you cannot take that with the contrast. No one person asked me about that. I actually asked the tech in the CAT scan room. He said its more important not to take it for 48 hours after the contrast. Good think I asked because it was not in my discharge papers or instructed to me by any hospital personnel. Last year I had a contrast for a heart test and that hospital made sure I had a blood test before I could start metformin again to check my liver enzymes. Well Im still very ill and came home from the hospital last night and cannot keep anything in my stomach. I could just drink a little and than I vomit its not in my head folks-Im really sick.....

    posted @ Saturday, October 22, 2011 9:17 PM by Sue

    I know some people are more sensitive to pain then others but most of these bad events are not normal and I'm sorry that some think if you sue you are making it up or just trying to get rich. Serious damage is definitely cause to sue since you went to find out what was causing your pain or problems and could wind up with more serious ailments you have to live with. My question to all you ever get a cure or just pills and vague answers like IBS, or diverticulosis, hiatal hernia and no cure or relief just experimentation with more tests and different drugs?... I've been suffering with reflux that keeps getting worse, IBS which is debilitating with diarrhea whenever... and dozens of pills and trying with my diets and everything I can find out about controlling the problems for almost 8 years not and I have to go every year for endoscopy to make sure my Barrets doesn't get worse with my stage 4 esophogitis, and I still get a script for the same meds....

    posted @ Saturday, October 22, 2011 11:50 PM by Nancy Lie-Winters

    Had a CT scan with contrast yesterday. I have had several scans over the past years. History of cancer on a broken back. Yesterday the iodine contrast infiltrated and all the contrast went into my right bicep. I had some pretty good pain and my entire right arm swelled to twice its normal size. Today the swelling is down but I am having headaches and severe right shoulder pain. I am also experiencing right hand numbness and tingling. The hospital said the symptoms should go away in 3 to 5 days. And that if symptoms got worse to go to the ER. I am worried about any permenant damage to my arm and how I should legally document the incident. I am not the sue happy type of person at all. But, I can't function without my right arm if there is permenant damage. I'm only 38! I have been alternating ice and heat like they advised. Hopefully all of the symptoms will resolve themselves and I will have been worried for no reason. If anyone has any good advice or a similar experience please place a post. I will do my best to keep everyone informed. Thanks to everyones posts.

    posted @ Thursday, November 03, 2011 10:44 AM by Zak

    I've had CT Scan w/ contrast on my head last month I think but to tell you guys honestly, I've had no single allergies on it.It caused me no allergies. I honestly felt nothing. It was just like lying on my bed. I was so scared the time I knew I had to go through this CT scan, I even thought it would give me another seizure attack, but it didn't. Reading all these reviews made me even scarier going through this process.But of course, I wouldn't read reviews only, I read FACTS. and does not depend solely on such reviews but somehow I believe them. I just have to find a solution for the common problem they're all talking about after going through this process and this was the ALLERGY. THREE Things I tell you would solve your main problem and that is PRAYER..pray that God would just give you strength,help you go through this process and to conquer your inner fear. second is OBEDIENCE, just follow what the nurse told you before going through this process and that is to FAST for few hours..You won't even feel you haven't eat anything for awhile because after that they would be letting you to eat all you can..I did that..and I sure felt nothing..Just eat enough..and Thirdly is WATER,WATER, WATER..Drinkl lots of it that you wont be gaining those so called ALLERGIES and that you won't event think that it's better if you're confined when going through this process.. And dont forget to relax while they're examining you..If you can't, then entertain yourself by talking with the nurse and laugh about something..That would sure give you a relief..I hope this helps..Take care you guys! And stay out of trouble..Bye..

    posted @ Tuesday, November 08, 2011 11:38 PM by mc

    I went to the ER with abdominal pain and bloating. I was told that they were going to perform a CT scan. I was asked the questions, "are you allergic to shellfish?" and "are you allergic to iodine?" to which I replied no. During the CT scan, the tech explained that she was going to inject me with the contrast dye. I immediately felt the warm sensation that comes with the dye, and even though I was meditating to stay calm, my heart started to race. Right after the CT scan, I had the shakes for a minute or two. It was weird. While waiting for the results, I ended up having diarrhea, probably because of the fluids I had to drink before the CT scan. I was relieved to find out that my CT scan was normal, but the mystery remains as to why I continue to have abdominal pain on the left side. Here is the side story. I ended up going to urgent care 5 days after my CT scan because my abdomen was covered in hives. I was given Zantac/antihistamine. I ended up going back to urgent care the next morning because my whole torso, neck, and face was breaking out in hives. I looked like someone slapped me in the face. The doctor took one look at me and said that I was having a delayed allergic reaction to the contrast dye. I got a benadryl shot & cortisone shot. I also was prescribed predisone. I also am taking benadryl every 4 hours because the itching is pretty bad. At least the hives have traveled away from my face & neck & upper torso. They are now on my abdomen & arms & legs. It looks like it might take a week for the hives to disappear. I am going to call the ER doctor to find out what type of contrast dye was used so that I can know for the future.

    posted @ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 1:57 AM by Anna

    I had allergies in seafoods but still I got no allergies here having CT Scan w/ Contrast.Just read my previous comment above.WATER!!

    posted @ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 7:46 PM by mc

    My ain't had a ct scan yesterday and the iv broke and context went everywhere eyes mouth should we be worried for her? Her eyes are swollen and is having you've seeing .

    posted @ Thursday, November 17, 2011 2:07 PM by Cassie

    This morning I had a CT with contrast test which I have had maybe a dozen times previously. Well, within 5 minutes after leaving I felt my right eye and face start to swell up and I looked in the mirror. Not only was the under eye sinus cavity all puffed out, my eye was bloodshot and the conjunctiva was filling up with liquid. I took 2 antihistamines within a few minutes. I was heading to the hospital anyway because I needed a blood test as well for my post-cancer checkup. The nurse near the lab area told me to go to ER which I did. I was not having trouble breathing but the eye was not looking normal. By the time the doctor saw me the antihistamines were starting to work and my eye swelling went down a bit. Now I guess whenever I am scheduled for a CT with contrast I will have to be pre-medicated with steroids to prevent a reaction. 
    Hopefully, my eye will be better by tomorrow. For now I have been taking more antihistamines and putting ice on my face. Anyone develop a late allergy? No problems for a low time and then suddenly an allergic reaction? 

    posted @ Saturday, November 19, 2011 12:07 AM by Eileen

    I had a CTScan this morning w/wo contrast. This is not my first bout with Lung Cancer. First diagnosis was 2006 and then again in 20010. I have had many CT Scans. During the last Scan in 2006 I developed a spiderlike rash on my left top part of the hand 2 hrs later at work and slight shortness of breath. Thought nothing of it, and it went away late that evening. When, when I had gone for my Follow up Dr visit, I told her about the rash. Now, I am premedicated prior to scans. Is there not another type of contrast that is not so threatening? This last time, my vein blew. That has me worried. I am getting something that I am allergic to, and now it is into my tissue. Yes, my tissues felt very tight. My question is, should I take more Benedryl? Why spread this allergic med thruout my body now? There has to be another way. 
    I dread my next scan. And I can relate to anyone else out there who is not a medicine taker.  
    Any comments? Where does the contrast go? What are the dangers of hitting the tissues? These are questions that I have that no one seems to answer truthfully! 
    Any Comments?

    posted @ Tuesday, November 22, 2011 2:50 PM by Marilyn

    Had ct pelvic scan done yesterday. they shot the dye in and I got warm then my p*nis started burning. It is now the next day and the inside of the head of p*nis feels like it is on fire. And now it burns when I urinate. went to doctor urine is clean and he said sorry nothing I can do just go home and maybe it'll be out of your system eventually. The head of my p*nis is burning like hell now. And just so people know some of these scans have radiation in them like the cat scan. And 1 in every 200 people will develop cancer from a cat scan . stay away from that contrast dye if you value your health and life

    posted @ Tuesday, November 22, 2011 3:53 PM by Blake

    I had a CT of the abdomen and pelvis yesterday with contrast. I've had several in years gone by. The only difference this time was that the heat from the contrast went to the inside of my skull and to my 'privates'. I have to admit that, though it got rather hot, it felt quite comforting. I was totally lacking in anxiety. That may have made it a better experience. I joked with the tech later that I now know which parts of my body are most closely linked. :-) As someone above stated, beware that most of the comments come from people who had a 'bad' experience. I believe that to be the exception, not the rule. Drink LOTS of water after the procedure. Allow yourself to enjoy the freedom from cellphones, TV and newscasts. Focus on the other people who are having procedures. Send out your good energies to them and it will bounce right back at you!

    posted @ Tuesday, November 22, 2011 10:33 PM by James

    Just had CT with contrast dye. No big deal. Mild flush (sensation) from throat to pelvis. No horror story or reactions.

    posted @ Wednesday, November 23, 2011 12:13 PM by Louise

    I recently had a CT Scan with Contrast on the Chest Area. I felt no discomfort at all, nor did I have any side effect. Prior to having the scan, I had a silent payer with My God. I taught the Radiologist had a caring hand and a godly touch. I will pray for her so that she may touch lives daily. I taught I would share this comment because God is real. I am 50 years of age.

    posted @ Sunday, December 04, 2011 1:35 PM by Sewnarine Sirju

    The results were phenomenal. I am so relieved. All results shown was normal. Trust God; He is able!

    posted @ Monday, December 05, 2011 7:39 PM by Sewnarine Sirju

    I have A ct every 6 mo. on my liver to check for cancer . every time it just kicks my butt for about 3 or 4 days . Feels allmost like I got the flu . DONT LIKE it .....

    posted @ Tuesday, December 06, 2011 6:17 PM by Steve

    I have stage IV Colon Cancer and have had four CTs, two with IV contrast and one a PET Scan--radiotractive tracers. 
    NO real problems. Important to drink Barium cold and keep shaking. IV contrast did give me a short warm feeling (yes, I did think I needed to urinate), but not hot or burning. With PET scan, need to be on time for appt. as radioactive tracer has a quick half life of usefulness after being prepared by pharmacy techs. Sorry to hear of so many problems, but I was ok. HR

    posted @ Wednesday, December 07, 2011 4:17 PM by Hillel Raskas

    Wow...think of all the law suits you guys can have. You can get million and millions of dollars for your pain, or even if you made up...err...exaggerated your pain. You can get a big house,a fancy car, maybe even a boat out of the doctor or hospital easily. Let's teach them a lesson and really drive up their malpractice insurance. Yea...I know, if I bothered to even read the release form it would have told me about the risks, especially the allergic reaction to the contrast medium. But who has time to read when you are laying there all scarred. I don't care if they are trying to help me. I'm going to take advantage of it and sue the crap out of them. I'll admit it, I'm lazy and want to enjoy the easy life as soon as I can. So what if I drive up health care cost. That's somebody Else's problem. If god didn't want us to sue everybody he shouldn't have made so many lawyers. 
    posted @ Saturday, September 05, 2009 9:35 AM by Darryl WOW! Darryl,people can't explain what they experienced so other can kinda have idea what they MAY go threw! Sorry that was pretty sad on Your part, I know I HAVE read all of info.before I sign or have any tests done.why You so bothered!

    posted @ Saturday, December 10, 2011 2:05 AM by Shiela

    Marilyn- I'm sorry to hear about your troubles with your scans... Some people do have a allergy to iodine like you so its good you are now being pre-medicated. Unfortunately there is not another type of dye that you would not be allergic to since they all have iodine in them. Iv dye is really important to see certain things on scans it can be the deciding factor in determining if you just have a cyst or a tumor. Iodine has a high atomic number so X-rays can not penetrate it as easily as tissue. When you are injected with the dye it goes into your blood stream and to your organs and highlights structure that on a scan w/o dye would appear gray and not distinguishable. As far as your IV infiltrating, your body will absorb the fluid on its own but applying ice and elevating should help speed up the process. We also give saline during the injection so its possible that it was only saline and not the actual dye in the tissue. If you have a iv that infiltrates monitor it for color changes in the tissue. Its normal for it to feel hot, tight and red. It really depends on how much dye infiltrated but if its less then 100cc you should be fine. If its close to 100cc or more complications can arise. They should have had a dr check your infiltrate if it was the dye to make sure it looked ok. Next time you have a scan make sure they start your iv above your mid forearm. The veins in your hand and wrist are not as strong as your elbow and can blow easier. The hospital I work at has a policy in place that we are not to use its in the hand. Let them know your iv infiltrated last time they can lower the injection rate a little. I hope this helps a little. If you ever feel any pain or burning at your iv site make sure you let them know.

    posted @ Monday, December 12, 2011 5:09 PM by Cass

    I must confess to having searched out and read all of the comments here before going for my CT scan, and to be honest, I went through hell for days,and made life bad for all around me due to some of bad comments made here. I managed along with lots of support from Hubby, my Son and Daughter, best friends, and my Macmillan Nurse/Carer to get to the Hospital and into the CT scan waiting room. From there on in, although I was still nervous, I found the whole experience totally pain free, and the young Ladies in the scan room were great, checking on me throughout the process. I will never be afraid again. I can't believe how much pain I was in beforehand due to the stress from reading here. 
    For any others reading here that are scared too, please take heart and tell the people doing your scan at the time, and I feel sure they will work hard at reassuring you throughout your process too. 
    Good luck to all.  
    Maureen. :)

    posted @ Saturday, December 17, 2011 5:33 PM by Maureen C

    I just wanted to say here that when I found out I needed a contrast IV for my CT scans I found this website and it really freaked me out, because i have never had an IV before and it turned out that the most pain I had was before the IV was even in - all my anxiety and anticipating that there might be weird side effects was the worst part. The prick of the needle felt no worse than having my blood drawn the day before and the flush of warmth was minimal.  
    From reading all these comments i was terrified and went back and forth telling the tech I didnt want the IV then to agreeing to have it, i did this about 4 times and was probably a little frustrating to the tech, but in the end I decided it was worth it to get the results I need. Im glad I did it and so far no late side effects, dont be nervous because that is most likely the most discomfort you will feel through the whole thing. : )

    posted @ Wednesday, December 21, 2011 3:57 PM by Stefanie Fields

    I had one done today..had to drink the redicat 3 hours prior..then some before the scan..I felt fine..the dye was a lil weird but only lasted a minute..then about an hour later I felt so sick..I fell asleep and then bad diaherra..bloated belly..and worse cramps then what I was getting the scan for (pelvis & stomach). Now its 6 hours later I have a horse scratchy voice..kinda feel like I have the flu..and a weird red mark where my iv was..prob normal but I dont feel well at all..been trying to drink but the thought of it makes me want to vomit..who knows what's going on..I'm allergic to a bunch of lets hope this is the worse of it all..good luck to everyone else <3

    posted @ Thursday, December 29, 2011 6:45 PM by Dawn

    l have to have a CT chest abdo - contrast a shadow showed up on my left lung when l had an x ray. My partner does not want me to have the CT. His father had a CT and got cancer not long after. l think my partners just scared of losing me. l dont know what to do. l read where l could ask my doc for a MIR or altrasound. Then l,m wondering should l wait. So confussed here. l just dont want to open a can of worms having CT risk of cancer scares me.

    posted @ Friday, December 30, 2011 5:33 PM by Maree

    Hi Everyone 
    I am to have a CT scan of my brain for migraines that I have had for many years. I have never had one done before, and I am wondering if the dye is really necessary, as this procedure is just to check to make sure that there is nothing major (or as a friend states :to make sure your brain is still there, lol). I am not really scared, but at the same time, since this is sort of a recon, would the dye be necessary? I do not want to subject myself to the potential problems outlined in the blog...

    posted @ Friday, December 30, 2011 6:54 PM by Richard

    posted @ Monday, March 02, 2009 3:00 PM by Catherine  
    Hi Catherine, 
    I am sorry to hear of your incident with the CT contrast. I was in the hospital in Sept. 2011 and when the technician was inserting the CT contrast into the IV, the IV exploded and I suddenly had severe pain and extreme swelling, and tingling in my fingers. Several doctors looked at my are and as the swelling was slowly starting to go down, told me I didn't have compartment syndrome. The area where the contrast went in and where the burns were has always been sensitive, but now, since December 2011 I am having a lot of pain and tingling in my arm to my fingers. I don't know if this is related to what happened or what. How did your situation turn out? Are you having/had any residual problems? 
    Thank you. 

    posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 7:23 AM by Sandi

    Hi All, I have been looking all over the web for anyone that had a painful CT Scan. Everywhere you go it tells you that there is no pain to a CT scan. Sorry to hear about your stories but I glad that I'm not losing it! I had a CT Scan with contrast last week and felt as if I was getting torn apart at the mid section and pain in my chest. I scream for them to stop, but they said it will only take a min. When they came out I couldn't move off the table because I was in so much pain. It took about five mins for the pain to subside enought for me to get off the table. They said I must be having a back spasm and it couldn't be the CT scan because that is painless and that I had one before without any problems. I know that I wasn't having a back spasm because I had them before and I wouldn't been able to move for alot longer that 5 mins. 
    Has this happened to anyone else and did they find out why???

    posted @ Friday, January 27, 2012 9:21 AM by MIchelle

    I go in for a CT Scan On My Head Tomorrow For Migraines! I'm scared! All these comments have got me freaked out thinking I'm gonna die or something from the dye! Haha.. Do yeah I'm alil worried! :/

    posted @ Tuesday, January 31, 2012 6:20 PM by Jessica

    I had CT scan done.It was over with in a few minutes.A little warm sensation when dye went in and that was all.After reading comments here I was terrified.I think people don't come post here that have had no problems,and look how many they do a day.Yes some have problems.But it was quick and easy for me.

    posted @ Thursday, February 09, 2012 11:38 PM by Rose

    Contrast scan is o.k . l didn't like the PET scan. Nor did l like the scan you have when you have a bi-opsy it looks like a donut

    posted @ Friday, February 10, 2012 11:10 PM by Maree

    There are radiation calculators that can estimate the risk of the scan causing cancer...for me, since it will hopefully not be repeated and there is no contrast, there is pretty much no risk unless I were to get them repeatedly...

    posted @ Monday, February 27, 2012 11:36 PM by AJ

    had n mri with dye on chest,id had a cage over chest and face.all was goin well n then i had this feeling of my chest and face being crushed i called for them to get me took me about 3 hrs before the colour came bk in my face i was grey it really scared me.i had 2 ct scans before and had no problem but they wae without dye.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 07, 2012 5:57 PM by michelle

    I have diverticultis and had 3 CT scans over the last 4 years. At each one, I drank the prep - that was no problem. Once it was in ER - the rapid (clear) Prep. The other times - was the white EZ Prep. When they were going to start an IV, I said "No". and that I had a problem back in the 1970's with it. They said fine and just did the test without the IV contrast. This last time, the radiologist insisted on the IV contrast. My throat swelled up, I couldn't breathe and I had a severe asthma attack that last 48 hours. I did not go back to the hospital. But I called the Radiology dept when I got home and the secretary said "Oh you would have had an immediate reaction if it as the IV contrast - so what is happening to you has nothing to do with it." This was Friday and today is Monday and I am still coughing and having shortness of breath. I will refuse the IV contrast next time and if they insist, I will not have the test. The test is very important, though, if you have diverticulitis - you can have a rupture and die - so when you have a flare-up of pain, the doctor orders this test, straight away.

    posted @ Monday, March 12, 2012 4:01 PM by Linda Hanley

    I had a CT scan with and without contrast (iv right arm) I felt a warm sensation but it was not intense. After the scan, they asked me if I had any itching. I did but it was only around the jock area and only lasted for 10 mins. kinda strange but I am happy that was the only symptom I had. Today I feel great. Drink lots and lots of water after the test. The doctor told me most people dont do this but to flush it out of the body FAST, DRINK DRINK DRINK ( WATER) You should be fine !!

    posted @ Wednesday, April 11, 2012 8:28 AM by Dean Whitehurst

    CT scan with contrast this AM. Only comment is a slight warm feeling when the dye was injected. No 'peeing pants' feeling. Have bad kidneys so needed an hour of 'hydration' before and three hours after the scan. Scan was for thoracic aneurism and took only five minutes. 'walk in the park'

    posted @ Friday, April 20, 2012 9:34 PM by Chuck

    I had to go to the ER for severe constipation issues and had a CT scan done ... My problem isn't itching or swelling, but not being able to pass the oral contrast they gave me. They told me before I drank it that it could solidify in my intestines. Well that was 4 days ago and haven't been able to pass anything, even with enemas, stool softners, laxatives, and home remedies (diatomaceous earth, lots of H2O, yogurt, probiotics). Nothing is working and the hospital doesn't seem to be concerned at all.

    posted @ Saturday, April 21, 2012 4:47 PM by Katie

    I had a CT scan with out contrast about a year ago and Im still having side effects from it today. I was overdosed by technician error. Imidiatly after the scan my face and chest felt very hot and sunburned. Not only on the outside but the inside too. I felt very out of it and lathrgic. I lost all signs of an appitite and that last for over 10 days. I lost 15 pounds in the 10 days because I couldnt eat even when I tried. It made me very nauses. Later my hair thinned. Now I have a delayed radiation brain injury along with other effects. And im in my early 20's. My advice to anyone DO NOT GET A SCAN. It is not worth it. Any one who has a scan with or without contrast and gets through it fine is lucky. They are VERY bad for you and they DO NOT tell you the things that can happen to you during the scan or even years down the road. Purposely. So you go through with the test. And do not believe anything they tell you if and when you have a reaction or something doesnt feel right. Thats what they are trained to do to avoid a law suit. Document everything and see a malpractice Lawyer and another Doctor not affiliated with the first incident. Dont chance it, Ask for an untrsound or an MRI. Doctors dont care about YOU they care about your money. Espicially ER doctors.

    posted @ Thursday, April 26, 2012 1:52 AM by Charelle

    When the nurse went to put the dye into my arm, the vein burst and the dye had to be placed in the back of my left hand. The next day I notice white spots on my right hand where the dye burst open and I had a few white spots on my left hand also. I called the clinic where I had this done and they said that there was no medical connection with white spots. My doctor diagnosed the white spots as vitilago, the same thing that the singer, Michael Jackson was suffering from. It seems very strange that I have never suffered from vitilago and no body in my family history either, to, all of a sudden, wake the next morning after the dye spill on my hand, and have these white spots on my hand. This has been over a year ago and I have not gotten any other spots, nor have the ones that I have gotten changed any. 
    Any comments would be appreciated.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 01, 2012 2:30 PM by Fred Miller

    I had a cat scan last Friday for abdominal pain. I had a previous cat scan a year ago without issues. The technician stated they used Isoview 300 Contrast Dye and immediately after the initial dye application. I told the tech I was going to pass put in pain. I am told that I went into the most severe anaphylactic shock the Radioligist have ever seen. I stopped breathing , my heart stopped. Bottom line after 7 hours in the ER and several days in ICU and telemetry I am now home still being administered steroids and benadryl. A week has gone by and I still get flashing headaches, and still cannot completely focus.

    posted @ Sunday, May 13, 2012 5:00 AM by John

    I had CT scan yesterday with contrast agent, today my lower back hurts so bad I can hardly move.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 15, 2012 10:33 AM by Maggie

    I just had a CT scan with contrast. No problems and no reactions. So far so good. Now to wait for results.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 23, 2012 11:28 AM by Janelle

    I just had a CT scan on my chest with contrast dye and it was perfectly fine. I was so nervous because I had read so many bad reactions on here. 
    I was totally FINE!! Just a little faint after, but likely due to fasting and being anxious.

    posted @ Saturday, June 02, 2012 8:38 AM by LK

    Had a chest ct with contrast today, great staff explaining every technique. Felt very comfortable, strong warming sensation head to GU area, passed very quickly. Am drinking lots of fluids, VERY IMPORTANT, and so far all is well. 

    posted @ Wednesday, June 06, 2012 10:13 PM by bev abbey

    During my CAT scan, none of my body parts not being scanned were protected with a lead shield. An example: my thyroid was not protected from radiation scatter thus putting me at risk of thyroid cancer. Other similar incidents have occurred.

    posted @ Friday, June 15, 2012 2:29 PM by Mary

    Had the Ct scan done of abdomen and pelvic with contrast and barium. I got severe headache and have had a mild one since. about a week now. The next day I started experiencing dizzy symptoms like a person with vertigo. laying down standing up never know when it will happen and I fall over. my head just feels like it is spinning. still having these symptoms a week later.

    posted @ Sunday, June 17, 2012 12:07 AM by lisa

    Having st scan with contast of glands in I am a bit scared I have heart problems already and astma...

    posted @ Sunday, June 17, 2012 5:38 PM by Phyllis Wilding

    Had a Cranial CT Scan with Contrast last June 26, 2012. IV was done to my right wrist, but the allergies appeared on my left arm. It's been 2 weeks, but it keeps on getting worse.

    posted @ Monday, July 09, 2012 9:48 PM by Janelle

    Wow. I'm amazing at how many people have had a negative experience. My advice to you is if you have NOT YET had this procedure, do NOT read the negative content too much. It was SCARE you. I had my CT scan of my neck today. My app was at 1pm. I got in and registered at 12:15pm. I was early, which is fine. They want you to be early at the county hospital. I ask at 1:10pm when they will be calling me back since I'm starting to get scared of the IV. I had a CT scan before in 2003 from my car accident and I knew what to expect from the CT scan itself. I was told at 1:10pm that they had someone from ICU in there now. I waited another 10 minutes. I began to sweat and my eyes started to tear up (since I had read a post like this with about 95% of the people commenting on the horrendous side effects). I asked at 1:20pm when I was going to be called back since I was getting very nervous and I didn't want to make any other patients nervous. I was called back at 1:25pm. I told the nurse (Or X-Ray CT scan person) that I was very nervous of the IV, not the CT scan. Well. . .it went FINE! God. Reading these things make you think that is ALL BAD and that EVERYONE has a BAD experience. I'm 37, single, no kids. . .and I had hip surgery when I was 13 and another one when I was 14. This was NOTHING compared to my hip surgery. I knew that I'd feel a hot feeling allover since I read up. First she put a turnikat on my right arm. Then the IV, but no contrast yet. The scanner went around (and the computer voice said "Take a deep breath in,. . pause Don't breathe". I did that. The nurse asked how I was doing. I gave a thumps up. She said 'Now, I'm going to put the contrast in and you will feel warmth all over your body". Okay. A little pop in my vein. No biggy. Surgery was MUCH MORE scary. I felt a BIG hot feeling in my groin area and in my arm. No where else. The CT scanner went around 2 times the voice said "DO NOT swallow". So, I didn't. And bam. She said, "Okay you okay?" I said Yep. She said, "You are done!" I said "Did you say I'm done?" I was laying down for all of 6 mintues. I didn't breath when it said not to, I didn't swallow when it said no to. The blog posts on this are way off, this is NOT a normal distribution of a "Sample study". RELAX and you should be fine. Oh, side effects. I have some mild itching on my face, my arm hurts where the iv was (duh), and as I was driving home I was scared since I thought the procedure was too fast and may be they didn't do everything and take all the pictures they should have (Since I read it takes 15 mintues). Again, hip surgery for my dislocated hip at age 13 - much more scary. You don't want to go into an operating room fully awake and hearing all kinds of heart monitors going off. Not cool for a kid or an adult.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 17, 2012 6:58 PM by Sandra

    I have a scheduled CT scan with contrast tomorrow at 2pm. I have never had one before and I'm scared. After reading all these horrifying experiences I don't know what to think...The scan will be of my pelvic region...How long does it even take for results from one of these? Will I be able to drive myself home afterwards? What types of allergies would prohibit the radiologist from using dye(contrast)? Any answers would be very much appreciated...thank you!

    posted @ Wednesday, July 18, 2012 3:32 PM by michelle

    Hi I was reading about CT scan with contrast and I had one wednesday 18/7/12 and when they said it was being injected now I never felt hot flush or anything.My arm has severe swelling so much that my whole arm feels solid. They todld me it had not worked and told me to go home if it went red to go my doc. i phoned my doc who couldnt believe what they had done i was sent back to A/E via my doc docs, at A/E they said they had never seen anything like this before and said my arm would be like this for a week. I was not told any of this before my scan.

    posted @ Thursday, July 19, 2012 2:40 AM by DENISE

    on 07/23/12 I had an abdomen and pelvic CT scan with contrast performed on me. Since I had read most of the your comments I was very anxious. I actually asked if there is an alternative but the medic was very encouraging. Anyway, the whole process was executed professional, painlessly, and very smoothly. I did not experience any of the effects others claim they did, including that "warm rush" that even the medic indicated I might feel. I have received my report, and up to this moment, I have absolutely nothing to complain about.

    posted @ Friday, July 27, 2012 8:57 AM by peter

    I had posted on July 17, 2012. I was the one that had a CT scan of my neck (with contrast). I had said to not read these posts if you have never had a CT scan before. Most of these blog posts are very negative and that is not a normal distribution or a normal sample of all people getting a CT scan with contrast. Well, on July 18th, I went to my OB/GYN (completely unrelated to this CT scan) and I found out my cyst on my ovary grew from 4cm to 6cm. I need it removed and as I was left in the small doc room (alone) for 30 minutes waiting to be discharged. . .I was crying since the nurse didn't explain anything to me. . .I was looking back on July 17th (the day of my NECK CT scan with contrast). While crying in this small room since I was scared of surgery. . .I thought "Geez, I sure did make a huge deal out of getting contrast in my arm for that CT scan. That was nothing compared to hearing I need surgery to remove this cyst". And I don't know if I have cancer. That will be determined once they open me up and take the cyst out and give it to the lab. So, if you have never had a CT scan with contrast before, please do yourself a favor. . .don't go and read these posts. Most are negative and many many people are FINE getting an IV with contrast. If you can take a blood test, you can do this. It doesn't hurt. Try surgery and then 3 months recovery time with crutches. That's the pits.

    posted @ Friday, July 27, 2012 7:51 PM by Sandra

    I had a brain ct scan on the 20th of july after havin been involved in an accident and the xray showed I had a depressed skull fracture so after havin the contrast injection I felt a metallic taste in my mouth which made me feel nausea but I held my self after the test from time to time I would feel like I want to vomit this happened for a week.will this affect my health or was it temporary

    posted @ Sunday, July 29, 2012 4:30 AM by hilary

    I had the contrast dye last August to determine whether I had appendicitis. I did. Shortly thereafter, I developed a rash that started on my thighs. It spread down my calves, up to my stomach, on the insides of my arms and on my behind and back. I still have the rash. I was told it was systemic. It does not itch. It was red spots that ended up connecting and as it is drying out..after about a has turned a purplish color. I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's Disease in January, which is an auto immune disorder that affects your thyroid. I understand that iodine is very bad for people who have Hashimotos. I also want to know if anyone has had a long term rash like mine that does not itch. One doctor seemed to believe it was the contrast dye. I can't find anything on the internet that even slightly resembles what I have. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 31, 2012 7:33 PM by Lisa

    In 2006 I went to the ER because I believed I may have a tubal pregnancy, due to some pain I was feeling. Dr. Lowe gave me a pregnancy test, and then he sent me into a CT Scan. I had contrast that made me feel little I had wet myself as my entire lower body felt heated. They said this was normal. After the CT scan the doctor immediately sent me into an ultra sound. I was confused and asked what could you possibly see in an ultrasound that did not show up on the CT scan? The doctor said you are pregnant. He failed to check the test before giving me contrast and sending me into a CT scan. The ultra sound showed a normal healthy embryo and pregnancy. Following the Contrast and CT Scan my BP shot up to 250/150 and I began to have serious issues with getting it to come down. We had to abort the child because of a 72% risk that the child would be deformed from the radiation. My kidneys shut down and my bp took a long time to get under control with medicine and will never be normal on it's own again. From the first few days after the Contrast and the CT scan I began having problems with my balance and walking. I develepoed lumps in my hip and buttocks and my walking became worse and worse effecting my left leg. I pay for massage therapy every week and I am able to walk a little better and I have a little more control over my foot after the massage. After all the trauma I have stayed away from doctors... I am now afraid of them and no longer trust them, they cost me the life of my child and have impaired my abilitiy to walk and ruined my BP. I no longer have health insurance so the financial burden falls to me to work towards getting better from their mistake. If I felt I had what it takes to sue them I definitly would. My life has been effected in terrible ways from that contrast and CT scan. My husband and I are childless and have suffered until to old to try again and I have mobility issues. Our lives have been effect in devistating ways! The Dr. still works uneffected by his mistake that has ruined my life, there isn't even a mark on his reputation. I will live with this forever and it was just another work day for him. NOT FAIR! I want to at least be able to walk normally again if possible but I cannot afford to get any help except the massage treatment my entire family pitches in for. :( Discouraged that the use of contrast and CT's continue and there is no accountability for the lives it has effected.

    posted @ Wednesday, August 22, 2012 6:27 PM by Michelle

    I am really sorry to hear about you very strong pain and hoping that one day soon you will get better! But also you should find a way to share your experience with the media ! This the best way to tell everyone for the bad work of this super negligent doctor knowing that you have a baby inside your body!!!! Of course I do not trust them but look for a better doctors or least go in the Europe and his for free, or I would say look for someone there to help you and find some hospitals that practicing for free! 
    I wish I can talk to you on the phone and tell you what I really went through from all these doctors.They all just do test after test and they have no idea how to find with the first try the sickness, and of course when the puss is coming out of our organs than they tell you that you will die, and that you have finally CANCER!Bassically my dear, life has changed and the doctors most of them are looking after their pocket.My husband said to me that before the doctors never used so much medications and they never cut your body so easy like they do today! The old doctors find the reason of your pain right way and within a few days you were healthy again!Of course today seems they like creating more pain even though we complain for just one particularly one place or one organ and they after work on you they create more and more and more problems in whole your boddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    GRAZYYYY! So just eat healthy and take care your self because in this world we all are alone! 
    sincerely Miranda 

    posted @ Monday, August 27, 2012 10:15 AM by Miranda

    To all of you! 
    First of all I apologize for my bad english writing! I am from Europe, and I have learned little english when I was 36 years old complete by myself alone..... 
    .....So just like you all after 46 years being very healthy I got sick and no one knows the reason even though the test result shows a bacteria in my whole body!!  
    Of course the doctors will give me CAT scan to see what is going wrong with me!!!!! 
    As you know Bill and Melinda Gates are fighting to bring to the hospitals and other facility, LAB,..etc the modern MACHINE for the Infections Disease with the name GENE X-pert MTB/Rif(the machine is able to find the viruses and special these BACTERIA, and of course MTB, for just 72hours -100hours with 100% pozitive results but our hospitals and lab are still working with the old fashion method that is too old, 100 years !!!) In the California they sell them 24,000.00 dollars to the researchers people, and not to the lab, hospital because it need to be approve form FDA, like always!! In the France they sell it for 17,000.00dollars and they of course they practicedit in the hospitals and in their LABs. 
    ...Finally ,I just had four CAT scan with and without IV dye, in the head, in the neck, in the chest and in the spine. 
    Of course I agre with all of you that the CONTRAST dye or CONTRAST INFILTRATING, or IVP dye, created to you and to me the same side effects: uncontrollable shivering,vomitting with metalic taste,hives in the whole body but not in the face,dullheadache that later on I experienced pressure in the head like kind a flu,after 6 hours I got a huge swollen neck lymph node and sore(I felt good about it because seems that my my body was fighting the bacteria that they find it after two years that I use tell to all of my doctors that I got it from a cosmetic doctor during the period of 17 months being with him(just to ground the 13 upper teeth to the pulp), the multidrug resistent bacteria, but almost all these doctors did not even swab my throat, and did not even collect the SPUTUM to test in the rregular LAB office!!!!) 
    Another side effect that really scared me it was the high fever of 101 F, I was scared little, but I was so happy to feel my body alive that is fighting something that really is eating my body since the day that he got inside the portal door gums(gingivitas) and several retreat root canal)!!! 
    Of course I got only one tablet BENADRYL, it helped !I regreat because I really wanted to see all my UNDERLYING ISSUE,and I agree that the CAT scan test as a results of IVP DYE, or the INTRAVENOUS CONTRAST MATERIAL(iodine based liquid)shows were is my delicate part of my body!I have lymphadenopathy, thyroids shot down,my all glands are disfuntional,my neck looks like a bird neck, my bones are sick, my knees are sick, my skin is sick , my all vital organs are sick as a result of this crazy MYCOBACTRIUM TB;also another side effect I got swollen face like use to be full and reed chick bone, like a bottox, I love it!, my eyes were puffy little more than I use to have two years ago, (before the MTB got inside of my mouth, through gingivitas(gums)and through several reatreat root cannal and several root canal and also several gum cut , all of these based on the others specialist it was no need at all , my teeth had need just for need for cleaning and polishing!But the cosmetic butcher choose to ground them and get 27,0000.000 for just killed my own real teeth!!I left him because the infection in my mouth and in my whole body went out of the control and they not even said a word about it , but they even fail to cure it! As you know the doctor will loose the licence for being a doctor if I report HIS VERY POOR WORK DONE ON MY MOUTH plus the INFECTIONS given to me and also not being treated ,to the health care department here in the TALLAHASSEE). 
    My side effects were for around 2  
    days, but the weird sunburned on the inside the body and special the legs was for almost 2 weeks....I still have in partial places, like in the joints!!!!!!! 
    My skin is dry, and like ALIGATOR skin!!!!!!!Anyway.....maybe because on this day I did two CAT scan at the same time and also depnd on HOW MUCH IV dye they put in my vein!!!!!THEY NEVER TELL YOU HOW MUCH and what it is really the material!!!! 
    Basically I liked these side effects because in my particularly case my all lymphatick system of my whole body is shot down from this CRAZY MTB! 
    ...Of course the CAT scan results did not came normal( swollen right thyroid, ....and other stuff that need MRI for further evaluation!) 
    Of course I was not happy but I am sure for them( the all doctors and the CAT scan person)the test results are normal because they compere me to people that do not walk or do not breathe on their own!As you see they have set their own health care "standarts". 
    They consider us sick, based on my experience only when we do not breath , eat and when we are not able to move out of our bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
    Basically when our body is full with puss, phlegm, sputum(from white color to dark orange, green and brown) than they( all doctors of the EARTH) will take care us with these crazy modern machine to bring us at least to the point to open our eyes and than continue a vegetable life in their hospitals or in our home, even though is time for us to go and have our peace because really after fighting for a long period to find the infections that is created as a rezult of trilions, bacteria , or viruses, and other stuff that have invade our body not only in the blood sream, but in every single cell, and tissue, and muscle and bone, and they seems with their big "knowledge" have no ability to answer to all our concerns realted to our body pain but they also do not even have the courage to say that we need to look for the answeer at least to somebody that is more competent than of them! BASICALLY THEY ALL SELFISH and forget that they think about their money! 
    So I am glad that I find this web site even though seems that i will be gone soon if they(the doctors) are going to continue to play politics that they are going to prevent my MTB with the standart therapy , even though I have super active MTB that need a VERY INTENSIVE THERAPY with a combinations of the 4 antiobiotics, and if they will agree to give me strong therapy , still I may not be able to fight MTB because he has pentrated deep inside of my bone marrow and all over my body!!!!!!! 
    So to all of you I agree with all your strong experience, and I went though and I really liked it because seems that tell me that where are my sick parts of my whole body that used to be very strong just before I went to the crazy cosmetic BUTCHER!All the doctorsin my town here in the Florida call him with this name and of course they all are shocked with his terrible work in my mouth ( my all upper teeth are sick and they look terrible!) 
    So I would advice all of you before you do any thing with your body check with several specialist, rdo reasearch on the internet, ask more and more honest people in your town, ask more question to the specialist, basically take controll of your own life and do not let these doctors and these specialist because they are just people like all of us that some of them are just simple working without any passione and a big desire to help our human body, and very few of these CAT scan specialist and very very few of these nice doctors are out there to really help us with all their brain power that they have accumulated from their school and from the work experience and from their deep resaerch realted to their medical field. 
    So as you see you all are in the pain and continue being this way until one smart person with come one day in your life and give THE PERFECT TEST TO FIND WHERE THESE SNICKY VIRUSES AND BACTERIA ARE hiding in your whole BODY! 
    DO NOT EVER FORGET inthis life always is the chain phylozophic logic connection CAUSE bring EFFECT and the effect become a new cause for another new effect....... and goes on and on the same way........ 
    SO BY ELIMINATING THE CAUSE OF OUR SYMPTOMS WILL NEVER have to deal with our sickens! 
    BUT SEEMS that than we will not have so many doctors around us and really our life will be so simple just using IDONE when ouir throut get swollen, when our skin get scratch when we fel, when our thyroide is not working well,and whenour bones are not feeling well we go to the beaches full with IDONE, I am sure that you mama used these remedy for all of us when we all were little sick! 
    Seems that our mothers knew more than all thse doctors that they dio not have the power and the knoweledge to prevent the progres of any type form of MALADI, and to stop it right there in the day one! 
    Seems that all doctors know very well the VERB DRAGING AND DRAGING the all procedure to DIAGNOZE any simple disease on this earth. Basically they like this way of waisting their time with test after test after test.......SO YOU ALL got to take care your self and be all together in every matter realted to our life and special our well being ,our HEALTH,include me now which I am afraid is too late for me!!!!... 
    I will pray for all of you and I will try hard to fight this stron BACTERIA and I can wait to come back again in this web site to tell that I got him out of my body! I promise to all of you!.. 

    posted @ Tuesday, August 28, 2012 1:34 PM by Miranda

    Right....... I shall try to make this as precise as possible. I am now 56 years of age. I have suffered from Fibromyalgia since the age of 18 and M.E. (the severest form of CFS), since 1990. M.E. is very similar to Gulf War Syndrome. I am also hypertensive.... I was born that way!! :) 
    With that background in mind I will give you my own experience. 
    I had a CTT scan with contrast dye about 15 years ago. The immediate side effects were dry burning sensations all around my body, and a minor reaction which made me "catch my breath". It was momentary but there was immediate concern from those administering the treatment. I felt as though my face and head had swollen..... but a look in the mirror after the event proved otherwise. 
    The burning died down the next day...... I did have a metallic taste but this went within a few days. 
    As I am due to have another CT with Contrast I am interested to know what the difference might be..... and it does appear that little has changed. 
    If it be that the dye will contain radioactive iodine (or indeed anything at all even remotely radioactive), then I will take the precaution of taking regular iodine supplements before I have it done... especially as I am noting that some have experienced swelling in the throat. This i cannot afford as I am already halfway there.  
    I have no idea as to why the diagnostic procedure was changed..... I was informed I would be having an ultrasound. I only knew today. If you don't here from me within the next six weeks, call MI5!! :) 
    Ok..... I think I need to add a little something here, gleaned from my own experience of having a regular IV drip. 
    When the needle slips out from the vein, unfortunately the substance will go into the muscle. This is known as "tissuing". When this occurs, the needle should be pulled out immediately. The first effect is pain..... much like cramp.... the second is swelling. And, some have indicated that the skin changes colour, often to orange. Hopefully things would not have gone that far. One cause of the needle slipping is vein collapse. In order to help prevent this, ensure you are well hydrated as this will help keep the veins more "rigid". But please do speak with your doctor first. 
    The other thing I've noted on here is that many of the more nasty sensations seem to be owing to the dye being administered too fast. So, what I am beginning to see is slack nursing and technical skills owing to too short a timeline allowed for the procedure.... this,rather than the actual procedure itself.  
    Wishing you all the very best :0

    posted @ Wednesday, September 05, 2012 12:58 PM by Simone

    I write this on behalf of my sister, Michele, a 65 yr old woman in fairly good health for a lifelong cigarette smoker. Michele developed an aortic anuerysm. It was 8.5 cm when she had emergency surgery for repair. Contrast was used for diagnosis at the physician's office on day 1 and she was immediately hospitalized. Day 2, in the hospital, she was given contrast in pre-op testing. Day 3 she was given contrast again during the surgery. After surgery, Michele was sent to ICU and did not regain consciousness for 4 days. As she lay in ICU unresponsive for those four days, she had 3 more ct scans done with contrast dye. She did eventually awaken but had a total of 6 ct scans with contrast in a 5 day period and has not nor will ever fully recover. She has been diagnosed with kidney failure as a result of an allergic reaction to the contrast dye. More specifically, she is in Stage 5 of End Stage Renal Disease having lost 90% of function in both kidneys. Complete organ failure is the next stage and it is an imminent threat despite daily in-home dialysis. Her quality of life is dimished to the extent of being non-existant. At this point, she has no energy beyond a few minutes of activity. Walking 25 paces from her bed tires her to the point of exhaustion. Weight loss has been 25% of her total weight. We will be losing her soon, of this we have no doubt. I understand mistakes happen, each individual has unique reactions. I am mystified however that so many ct scans were done in such a short time frame without her sensitivity ever being discussed or assessed. Yes, I've read the articles, she's part of about 2% of those who receive scans and have adverse reactions. Isn't that 2% indicative of the need for pre-screening before dye is used. If her anuerysm had burst, her suffering would have been momentary. With End Stage Renal Disease, her pain and suffering is ongoing and unbearable. We are not seeking lawsuits and punishment, just hoping to keep anyone else from this fate.

    posted @ Friday, September 07, 2012 9:39 PM by Cynthia

    three years ago, I Had an Aneurism in my brain R/H side lower, after the operation, when I was awake, my father tested my eye this time it was ok, a time later, I was to have a scan with contrast. during the administration of this, I had a 10 Plus pain to the area of the operation, after this my eye sight deteriorated in the left and right eyes, more the leftI am 30 now, my life is restricted, has anyone else suffered this?

    posted @ Wednesday, September 12, 2012 6:11 PM by Brett

    Yesterday I undergone a abdominal CT scan in Metropolitan Hospital in Miami. Now I feel very itchey and rashes on the whole body..I just went for a gastric pain in stomach, the doctor without doing a endoscopy (much relevant to the problem reported) without mercy sent me to CT-Scan. Now after reading all the above said I am worried about the side effects.. can some one counsel me ...would it really cause sever change in my tissues or DNA and develop something serious ? 
    thank you so much

    posted @ Monday, September 17, 2012 10:24 PM by RG

    Hi....... returning as promised.  
    The difference between the two scans was amazing. First, there was much less iodine in the dye than there was years ago. Even so, I began a course of food supplement iodine a few days beforehand owing to the thyroid's tendency to taking up the radioactive iodine. If it's already catered for then it will not take up much more. So that was one safety net in action. Although not by staff, I was encouraged to just keep drinking water throughout the following days to help flush out the toxins. 
    The main difference I found was that instead of feeling as though I was in a burning building, all I felt was a gentle warm flush. I did, however, notice my heart skip a little on two occasions, and there was a little discomfort around the kidney area.  
    All things being equal, the more painful experiences were in connection with trying to find a suitable vein. It was a case of fifth attempt plus third person, lucky!! I have very small veins plus they tend to collapse (although drinking all that water helped!!)... also, nerves running alongside any roughly suitable vein rendered many sites impossible. I had a lovely caring team... so no issues there. 
    I hope some insight can be drawn when comparing the two experiences, plus measures of precaution which you might decided to take when it is your turn.  
    Keep well and happy. Si.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 25, 2012 8:25 PM by Simone

    I read all the comments and got so scared as I had to do a CT scan with contrast of my head/ brain. as they injected me with the dye, i felt a it a bit and that was that. no rash, swelling etc. guess all i can say is that if you have to do the test don't be afraid because another person's story will not be yours. good luck.

    posted @ Thursday, October 04, 2012 3:33 PM by Shynah

    i have to get a CT w/contrast tomorrow of my head and after reading all your guys's comments i must admit im getting really nervous and scared

    posted @ Monday, October 29, 2012 9:22 PM by

    Some of the responses on here are amazing. People blaming thier anxiety and mental issuues on the contrast. There are also no such thing a a rad techniction, or ct techniction. They are Technologist, a professional.These exams are designed to help you find out what is really wrong with you. Many on here sound like they blame the after effects of the contrast on other problems that they already had, or created themselves. These are some of the easiest test you can have performed on you in a hospital, dont let the few people who had a bad experience discourage you from this life saving service, for every one that had a bad episode, there are hundreds of thousands that had 0 complications. People are awful and like to the blame of thier own short commings on someone or something else.

    posted @ Saturday, December 08, 2012 1:24 AM by PRo

    I had my first CT scan yesterday with and without contrast. I did not know that I would be receiving contrast via IV, so I became a little nervous when I found that out. First IV went in but "wasn't working." I had the second one placed on my hand (yeowch!) and that one worked. Felt a warm rush and was a little shaky from nerves but it was over with quickly. The barium prep solution I drank at home before the test was not bad at all. 
    About 6-8 hours after my neck & upper chest started itching and felt hot. This worsened overnight and spread to under my arms and a little bit on my upper back. Called the radiology practice and was told this was a "rare" reaction and only happens to 1% of people undergoing CT. I know from reading everyone's posts here that it's much greater. Put some cortisone cream on & took Benadryl. Hopefully I will not need steroids to clear it up. From what I undestand the contrast solution releases histamine from mast cells. Not fun but I'm still glad I had this test performed.

    posted @ Saturday, December 22, 2012 1:51 PM by Nancy N.

    I am going in today for a cat scan.I have had four over the last 12 yr years(with contrast)after my first one i came out with hives and was treated immediately on site;since then I always remember to tell my Dr.that i am allergic to the dye.I go through the allergy prep (Prednisone) which starts 13 hours before the procedure.By the grace of God i have had no more reactions.

    posted @ Monday, January 07, 2013 9:49 AM by Ana

    Went for a ct scan on thursday 10/01/2013 as it was found through an x-ray that i had a pulmonary embolism.  
    Unfortunately I had a very bad experience. The doctor had to be called as the ct team couldn't locate a suitable vein for the contrast to be administered through.  
    The doctor put a canular into what he said was a vein in my hand. 
    When the injection started i felt a very painful stinging and burning, the test was stopped before i could yell out for them to stop. 
    It turned out the canular was not in a vein at all and half of the radioactive iodine contrast had gone straight into the tissue in my hand. 
    over the course of an hour (even though i had a bag of ice strapped to a sling in which my arm was put into) my hand swelled so much that the pulse in my wrist could no longer be felt and blood flow to my hand was becoming compromised (managed to get some pictures of this with my phones camera). 
    If the swelling had gotten any worse i would have had to go for an operation to releive it and remove the dye. 
    Luckily the swelling didn't get to that stage, but by this time it had also spread to my forearm. 
    I was given a hot compress to wear for 24 hours and fortunately this brought the swelling down to a more "comforatable" level (the next day). 
    I know accidents will happen and this is not too common, but i was in absolute agony and even though i asked for pain relief i was never given any (the doctor wrote on my notes i was only experiencing tightness due to the swelling and i was in no pain) and it was over 8 hours before the swelling slowly started to go down, this really got me angry as it would have been quite simple for them to give me some pain relief and they saw how swollen and deformed my hand and arm were, some of the staff even commented on how painfull it looked, but still no pain relief. 
    My advice would be to demand your access line is flushed out with saline before the contrast is given to make sure it is actually in a vein and can handle the fast rate (and pressure) the dye is injected at.

    posted @ Friday, January 11, 2013 2:14 PM by paul

    I had a CT scan with contrast and angiography today on my brain. I was really scared before the procedure but the radiographer was fantastic. She explained everything beforehand and was ever so gentle. The prep took about 10 minutes and the scan about 5 minutes. I scarcely felt the dye when it was injected into my vein and there was a brief sensation of feeling slightly warm and the dye as it raced through my kidneys. The metallic taste was barely perceptible. I realised my fears were unwarranted and immediately thereafter I drove to a shopping mall and indulged in some retail therapy which was fun. I now have a nail-biting two days before my doctor tells me the results. Fingers crossed!

    posted @ Monday, January 14, 2013 4:28 PM by Jo

    I had a ct scan yesterday.they explained everything to me an also told me that i could not take metformin for 3 days because it does not do well with the contrast.drink a lot of water and go to my doctor to make sure the contrast was gone. I called the doctor and have an appointment for the next day. So far i have no problem. And the nurse who put that needle in my arm made sure it was a big vein. I was stuck 3 times before she found that vein. My veins are hard to find. Bless that nurse who cared.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 15, 2013 3:57 PM by jt

    Well yesterday which was the 20th of January 2013 I went in for stomach pains. I was given IV before I got to hospital. Then laster which was about 4 hours of waiting in the ER room they came in and told me they were going to do a CT Scan. They hurried me,telling me to sign. Which I did and didn't ready the bad stuff and they never said anything would happen. Didnt ask if I have allergic reactions but I was making sure to tell them.  
    I then was given a glass(their mugs) with the Contrast in it. Didnt have a favor or Oder or even color to it. They told me to drink half and then in 30 min drink the rest. So I did exactly as they told me(cause they are Doctors and nurses) Right before the tech came to get me I was in a hurry to go to the restroom. I thought just to pee but ended up with diarrhea. Then went with the tech. Got to the room where the Scan thing was. He asked me to get onto the table so I did and then went to be nice and tell me to place my arms up on the scanner and before they placed the contrast in my IV they sent me threw 2 times to show me that it would be ok. When it was time I warned the tech I have heart problems and also I am very easy to panic over anything that goes into my veins. He told me he "understood" So he then stood beside me and held my hand when he started the IV Contrast dye. He told me this was a new kind and that because of all the complications with the older kind that I would be fine. I started to get scared cause I could feel the dye and then the table moving. I couldn't slow my heart beat down and paniced real bad. Yelled to tell them to stop and help me please. The tech came back in the room and grabed my hand and tried to calm me down in which I was doing well on my own to work on that. But it made my heart race and hard too. Then got a nurse or Doctor to check my blood pressure. I was a little over 100 and he was concerned enough to tell him that they need to stop the procedure. I laid there while they held my hands. Telling me to breath slow and stead. They even saw how I was breathing like I should. But FINALLY it slowed down. Then went back to my room right after. (the feeling it gave me while it happened is like they said. Warm sensation all over the body and a feeling of peeing myself but wasn't then the heart racing with hard beats) After I got back to the room I was okay and asked for water. The tech was going to get it for me but didn't show back up for like 2 almost 3 hours in which I was discharged shortly after. Now after being home I took my normal meds I take every night already. Which is Remiron(sp) & Xanx . I take those at night before bedtime to help with sleep and also Anxieties. I went to sleep and when I woke I woke way earlier than normal. After being awake for a while I started to feel like I had a rash or burn even. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror and lifted my shirt and saw what looks like a sunburn on my breast and belly that kind of goes around my sides towards my back. My butt cheeks are now showing the same signs. I took a Benadryl liquid caps(all I have and no money to buy any other kinds) So far and I hope it IS all that happens. I know I shouldnt have read all the other things that everyone wrote . Puts it in my mind. :/ This is my first day of the rash. I hope it goes away by tomorrow. It's not that bad. I can handle it. But just worry now what else could possibly happen still? Is this a burn? or a rash? I'll wait for an answer. Hopeing before the night is over. Ohh also when I called the Hospital where it was done at the nurse told me it was just a yeast infection. :/ I told her it is all over my belly except right around my navel. and between my breast is clear. But the belly and breat and also butt cheeks have it. I have a little under the arms not bad and the arms barely as well. I hope because I told them to stop the contrast that it wont be bad.

    posted @ Monday, January 21, 2013 7:27 PM by Patty

    I see a lot of negative stories on here, but my experience wasn't bad. I had my first CT scan with contrast yesterday. They made me drink a liter of contrast mixed with Crystal Light in 15 minutes before taking me. That was probably the worst part. The taste and consistency were fine, but the quantity was a lot. The procedure itself was short (around 10 minutes), and when they injected the contrast I just felt a very short period of warmth and a really bad taste in my mouth (like I was eating a fart or something... it was pretty gross). The effects only last for about half a minute. Afterwards, I felt fine the rest of the day. If you get the same procedure, follow directions and drink plenty of water to flush the contrast out of your system, and you'll be fine.

    posted @ Thursday, January 24, 2013 8:48 AM by KS

    I had a CT scan yesterday January 24,2013. I drank one quart of filtered spring water before the scan. I had read the importance of drinking water to clear out the toxic dyes. They started the CT scan dye in the IV and I felt all the hot sensations from the back of my throat to my groin. I actually peed three times during the process of the scan. I had had this happen during a previous scan the peeing. I wore a depends to prepare for this experience. I peed all the quart of water during the scan and then peed more after the scan. I drank another pint of water after the scan. I believe that the process of drinking the water one quart before the scan and at least another pint after the scan is necessary to flush out the toxic dyes as soon as possible. 
    Plan to take depends to wear during and after the scan and a change of lose trousers or sweat pants to change to after the scan. 
    The dye is toxic as stated so I figured my best action is to wash it out of my body with pure water as soon as possible. I hydrated with water before and after the scan. As I felt the need to pee, I just let my bladder empty as needed. My kidneys absolutely flushed the toxic dye as fast as my kidneys felt the toxic chemical. It is a miracle the way the kidneys can handle toxic chemicals, but water is needed. I had read that the dye is damaging to the kidneys so that is why I drank a quart of water before starting the scan and the dye IV so that my kidneys would get washed immediately as far so good.  
    I was tired yesterday and then slept early. I am back to drinking my daily water with lime and /or lemon juice added for cleansing my blood. I tend to have high blood pressure so I use the water with added lime and lemon juice as a daily natural diuretic. Daily I only use the juice of one lime and lemon to a half gallon of purified mountain spring water. Purified water is so basic to cleansing our blood. 
    I agree that we also need to demand competent health care personnel as stated by so many people. 
    God bless everybody with their health needs. 

    posted @ Friday, January 25, 2013 12:01 PM by Sally Dietz

    Hi again. I am now the 5th day into this allergic reaction. I have been to the ER even. I had the worst reaction,I feel I did anyways. 
    After the rash got so bad and I started getting the high Anxieties that come with it. I decided to head to the ER and the Doctor there told me that mine was a bad one. The rash looked so red and all in places where sun doesn't get to because I wear a full piece bathing suit. Anyways I was told to take the Steroid Presidon (spelling) and the Benadryl and plenty of water for 5 days. I went home and realized we are so broke that I can't get the prescription. So I just tuffed it out with the Benadryl. He said every 6 hours to take a Benadryl and the steroid. So I went with the 5 days of Benadryl instead and every 6 hours. I have been dealing with other symptoms as well. Like heart beatting out of my chest,itchyness(but I didnt itch) dry lips,panic attaches that I have kept in control pretty darn well.But now I am at the point of Diarrhea and have a lump now on the back of my neck that is tender. I still get wozzy in my head.I also pee a lot more than normal. But could be because I try and make sure to drink lots and lots of water. Yesterday I felt so nervous like kinda like anxious. Was happy when it came time to take my normal meds cause they helped to calm my nerves down . Well now I am just hoping it is all over with now. I went from last night at 12 until 12 this afternoon without anything. All that showed any signs was the lump on my neck and a little out of breath from the walk. The rash was staying away. But didn't want to chance it and went ahead and took the Benadryl. tomorrow I will try and see if I still have it by not taking the Benadryl at all. If I start showing signs again I will go back to ER and tell them to just give me a shot of the stuff and be done with it.

    posted @ Friday, January 25, 2013 2:31 PM by Patty

    After reading some of these comments, I was freaked out about getting the contrast during my CT scan. My anxiety was so bad that I felt nauseous the night before and the day of the scan and I kept debating whether or not to refuse the contrast. 
    In the end, I went through with the CT scan with contrast. I got the injection through an IV but didn't have to drink any. Honestly, I didn't feel anything when they injected the contrast. Nothing at all. I had no adverse reactions and other than some anxiety for a couple days everything was fine.

    posted @ Sunday, January 27, 2013 8:08 PM by David

    Wanted to share my experience...  
    I have had a ct scan before to check for apedacitis.  
    I think what happened there was that I it was done in the er, and they are so into the whole "in and out" deal. So when they took me to the back the did the ct without contrast, then they went and did it with contrast. When they injected the contrast they did it very fast and it took my breath away. I started to panic because I couldn't breath and I couldn't tell if it was genuine or if I was just anxious. I had no idea I was going toe s up with a ct so I wasn't able to look it up. So the anxiety was just from the immediate side effects alone.  
    This time the guy was gental. He slowly injected it and I didn't even notice until I felt the heat down below. All was fine until I went home and ate. Now my stomach is revolting. . I have diereah , felt sick to my stomach.but I took two promethazine to make the nasuea go away. I had unconteable shaking, but now I think I'm okay... I think

    posted @ Wednesday, January 30, 2013 11:19 AM by Megan

    I had a CT scan at John Hopkins Hospital,the nurse put the contrast into my arm instead of putting in my vein my arm immediately blew up...she then called a doctor from some part of the hospital they then sentme to a room to moniter me and put ice on my arm..i then told them i was in alot of the nurse then sent me home and told me they were gonig to call me the next day...that night i began to sweat and itch...the next day i noticed a rash...and began to itch and developed a high fever.i then contacted my primary doctor he told me to go to the nearest hosptial...i saw a doctor who gave me 4 different med.the next day it got worse the rash the swelling and the fever..i then went back to to the hospital...i say another doctor..this doctor was totaly different he told me to contact a family member,his approach was totally different...he took my bllod and said the was the worst case of celluitis he had ever today almost a year later still in pain,swelling and therapy and still going to the doctor...if anybody has a good lawyer or any idea of a great doctor let me know if you have any info reguarding this!!!!!!!oh i did recieve a letter fom the hospital and the nurse apologizing for this and a diagram stating and circling what are was infected...

    posted @ Friday, February 01, 2013 4:12 PM by karen

    I got a CT brain scan and ACT abdominal pelvic scan on February 7th 2013. 30 seconds after scan I noticed my forehead and my eyes were tingling. the radiologist came in to adjust the table for the pelvis and abdomen scan after the scan was complete I stood up and asked the radiologist feeling in my forehead and eyes was normal she said I stood up when me and my girlfriend got into the parking lot my forehead and my eyes were on fire I ask my girlfriend if my face was red she said it looked like I had a sunburn on my forehead in the back of my neck I went to the walk in clinic where they told me it was impossible to get burnt by CT scan. hi then came home and call poison control .they told me to call CDC. they transferred me to a doctor Christiansen who told me to go immediately to the hospital. since I don't have insurance I went to my primary care . who then sent me for blood work. later in the night my forehead and eyes were burning terribly and I went to the hospital. the doctor and nurse there set first we need to find out how much radiation I was exposed to. it was Saturday so I had to to wait all weekend for Monday. when Monday came I had a new doctor who didn't believe it was possible. 1 of my other doctors contacted the facility who did the scan they would not tell him how much radiation I was given. I turn called on Monday. they in turn refuse me as well. new doctor not looking at any information or test results treated it like a regular burn 5 days wasted in the hospital. full of people believing CT scans are safe. 1 nurse in the blood lab to work for Moffitt hospital told me when she work there the CT scanners were burning people all the time. Tuesday I took hopeless feeling and decided to empower myself with knowledge I went to the CD C's website lookup acute radiation syndrome. I also went to the Mayo Clinic website. suck my symptoms were real I had 7 of the 10 possible side effects. on Wednesday at my girlfriend go home and print out the webpage. headed to doctor he would not even read it. he said don't believe everything you read online. the arrogance was atrocious but without insurance I had to keep dealing with him. I've been found a wonderful article in The New York Times showing people with exactly the same problem I had over 300 cases at Cedar Sinai Hospital confirmed hundreds of cases at Moffett and Tampa Florida just like the nurse in the blood department told me. I call the doctor back to CDC put me in touch with. I read to him my blood work mainly my lymphocytes count. he said something was very wrong to have my doctor call him. my doctor said there was no need and the hospital administration was pushing him to get me out of there. at approximately 11 o'clock at night. my lap doctor signed off on me. and they asked me to leave. I have spend everyday since trying to find a doctor I can see. even without insurance I have a credit card but doctors will not see me without a referral. none of the specialist will see me without insurance. if CDC is correct if I'm lucky I'll have a couple more weeks of being healthy then the manifest and will begin depending on how much radiation I got which I haven't found out yet. if I'm lucky I may have a 50 to 50 chance of living with aggressive medical help. therapies I should have been on all ready if the doctor would have just read the information I had would have helped. I did call the Department of nuclear help with everyone should do after suspected a bad x-ray or CT scan she said it happens way more often then were aware of how often times after exposure and burning appears patience go to see a dermatologist not back to the clinic where they had the CT scan doctor I spoke with in South Carolina set 6 weeks to 3 months patients usually pass from a severe infection or dehydration. radiation is never looked at. there is a blood test available that can tell if you've ever been exposed to radiation however I am having a hard time getting the correct name of it. this is a lot of information and I hope it helps. however if anyone has heard of a doctor that is familiar with this please email me. or have found a lawyer in Florida or out of the state that has helped. any information soon as possible would very much be appreciated.

    posted @ Thursday, February 21, 2013 8:04 PM by just jim

    I had a ct with the dye had a reaction also but still have bad head aches and pressure in my eyes its been a week now still on bendryl and butalbital and it hasnt gone away. Help anyone!!

    posted @ Monday, March 25, 2013 8:58 AM by

    It has been over one month for me. Every morning I drink a tall glass of filtered water from a pitcher I fill with 1/2 gallon of filtered water mixed with the juice of one fresh lemon. I believe this stimulates my kidneys to flush out the toxins. I drink two or three glasses a day of the lemon water. 
    I start with lemon water before breakfast. It seems to be a slow process to detox from the dyes. 
    I will never take the dyes again.

    posted @ Monday, March 25, 2013 6:46 PM by Sally Dietz

    Well as I posted a while back. I too had a bad reaction. went to ER even. they prescribed me steroids and to take Benadryl (sp).I herd too many bad things about taking steroids so I didn't do that. But took the Benadryl like they told me and finally it went away. took 10 days but rather wait it out. I did have a severe case as well. Bad rash all over and Anxities with racing heart beats(which is one of the worst part for me. I have heart problems. Had headaches and couldnt sleep very well and when I did sleep I had nightmares. But with patience it will get better.The one thing that made me very upset after all that? Was I found later after they did a scopy on both colon and stomach. They found an Ulcer that the stupid CT scan didn't even see. So well now I am on a road to better health. I am learning again how to eat and it is a slow process because I have to start off with soft food like soups and stuff and am now just able to take in a small amount of solids. But the doctor told me that I must NEVER let them give me the Contrast Dyes. So now I tell every doctor or EMS persons that I can't have the Contrast Dye. My stomach doctor is the one to tell me to do this and told me next time I may not be so lucky. So be sure to let them all know you had a bad reaction and have them place it in their records. The Headaches will go away as well unless you already had them. The rash will as well . But be careful and keep with your doctor's recommendations. Mine would have probably went away faster if I would have taken the steroid. But I am a chicken to so much stuff. My anxieties wont go away . Their were not only because of the dye but mostly because of my mental problems. I hope all goes well for everyone else. Please trust in the meds. They do work for the right people. ^.^ Hugs

    posted @ Tuesday, March 26, 2013 3:59 PM by Patty

    I had Ct with and w/o dye last Wednesday. Procedure seemed to go fine, had the sensations I was told I might have, warm feeling and sensation of peeing...IV went well also. Now, today I ended up in er with rash that started on my chest, stomache and back and by noon was much worse and had spread to my neck, arms and legs. Itches horribly. I was given an iv of benadryl and prednisone and a pepcid orally. They told me to continue for the next 5 days on all three. The itching has not been controlled and I hope the rash goes away soon...more like hives. I am wishing I hadn't read so much here...a little freaked out now. Er Dr. did not believe it was due to the contrast...doesn't believe so much time (6 days) can pass before allergy reaction. Thinks it might be from peanut butter or milk...both of which I consume daily...whatever.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 27, 2013 3:50 AM by Melinda

    hi everyone been reading comments on this page regarding ct scan with dye or i can say is i went for one yesterday everything went fine bit of swelling in arm today apart from that im fine was scared about having it done after all the scarey stories on line but please dont worry if you are going for one 
    iwould like to thank all the staff at rochdale infirmary ct scan dept for all thier good work

    posted @ Thursday, March 28, 2013 4:05 PM by sharon mcdonald

    I am having a contrast ct done tomorrow and after reading all of these I am terrified to have it done. What should i expect , what are the steps to a ct with contrast.?

    posted @ Tuesday, April 02, 2013 10:32 PM by Cindy

    Dont have one of these I nearly died under one of these ijections as I am allegic to iodine they give you these willy nilly if they can, Just refuse this if I had known this I would have told them where to go. Dont Have One you can refuse these.

    posted @ Thursday, April 04, 2013 4:14 AM by joan matthews

    I have had 2 CT scans w/wo contrast during the last year (colon cancer). The first one I didn't feel anything. The second one (3 days ago) I felt a little warming for a few seconds. The worst was drinking the clear liquid before the test. 
    The tech was very considerate and even put a very heavy blanket on me when I said I was cold. 
    Hope you all will have good results on your tests.

    posted @ Saturday, April 06, 2013 9:25 AM by Rosa

    I had an IVwith contrast dye to determine whether I had appendicitis. (CT scan). I have not been the same in a year and a half. I have a rash/skin condition on my entire body. I developed Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Apparently, it can store in your adipose fat. No doctors really want to say that is positively what happened. I do know that the quality of my life has suffered immensely. If you are not sure about it careful.

    posted @ Monday, April 08, 2013 9:34 PM by Lisa

    Take at least two quarts of water with you and drink one quart before and one quart after the ct scan. 
    This is the basic instructions before the ct scan. I wore a large depends during the scan and peed the whole time and changed to another depends and new flannel slacks after the scan to wear home. 
    my kidneys were trying to detox using the drinking water. It still took me over one month to get my regular energy back after the ct scan. you have a choice to refuse the ct scan dye which is toxic. You can have a ct scan without the dyes I was told by a doctor. Also there is a pet scan for cancer detection which uses radio active sugar water. If necessary for cancer scans this can be used. I did not have a reaction to the radioactive sugar water.  
    Water is our natural detox cleanser.drink lots of water before and after the scans. wishing you all good health.

    posted @ Monday, April 08, 2013 10:39 PM by Sally Dietz

    Cindy, if it helps, I had a CT scan of the head a few months ago. Like you I was very scared having read all sorts of accounts but in the end, it was very straightforward and I scarely felt anything. The technician made me lie down on the table and then put the IV line in my arm. She then tested it with some saline and then connected it to the 'injector' which dispenses the contrast. The scan then started. After a minute or so, she told me she would be injecting the contrast. I had a brief sensation of feeling slightly warm and an odd sensation when the dye travels through the kidneys. The scan continued and was over in about 5 minutes. I had no ill effects whatsoever and was told to drink a lot of water so that the dye would be flushed out more quickly. So stop worrying. Most people have no ill effects whatsoever and the benefits of the scan far outweigh any discomfort which is often minimal. Good luck.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 09, 2013 1:01 AM by Jo

    My husband had a CT scan with IV contrast yesterday and had no problem with it. I had one for my kidneys 30 years ago and got very sick instantly vomiting. They said that was changed now to more modern chemicals and I should be fine. So a couple months ago I had it for CT scan for diverticultitis - my throat closed up and I had severe asthma attack minutes after. I stumbled back to th department and the receptionist said "that isn't from the IV contrast" so I went home and suffered from difficult breathing. I will not get one again - and it is very important to diagnose diverticulitis - as you can die from ruptured intestines.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 10, 2013 1:07 PM by Linda

    More important is "Your" allergic reaction. If you are sensitive to the Dye, have it done at the hospital. There, they have all the tools to handle any adverse reaction. I am also allergic to the dye. With a rash and difficulty breathing, I decided to have the CT Scan with no contrast. My Dr was fully supportive also. If need be, then the PETScan would be required. My Scan called for FASTing prior to test. Best to discuss with your DR ANY concerns that you might have. 
    Hope this helps.....Go with your gut feeling!

    posted @ Friday, April 12, 2013 7:32 PM by Marilyn

    My mom received a CT scan with Dye which shut down her kidneys, and she died. The Tech. at the hospital probably did not know she had previously had an allergic reaction to Dye. So, please make sure all people involved with your care (including your children) know you do not want Dye if you are scheduled for a CT scan. If you can't speak up for yourself, your children will.

    posted @ Friday, April 12, 2013 9:12 PM by Pamela Hamilton

    One more comment: We were not at the hospital at the time my mom was taken for her CT scan. Also, my mom's hearing aids weren't in when she was taken, so she probably didn't even know where she was going. The real problem: My mom had never alerted the nursing staff that she didn't want dye, and the fact she had already had a bad reaction to it in the past was not communicated to the technician. Bottom line: if you don't want contrast, let everyone know that as soon as you are signed in, make sure it's written on the chart, that every nurse knows, etc. Thanks, and all the best.

    posted @ Saturday, April 13, 2013 9:20 AM by Pamela

    I had a CT scan where i had to drink the blue dye before hand. After the test I got so sick i had to run the restroom to throw up. I will never drink that stuff again.

    posted @ Friday, April 19, 2013 11:29 AM by Sammi Sherwood

    I have been a CT Tech for 3 years (working in a hospital) and was doing some research when I stumbled upon this comment section. I honestly don't know where to begin! Let me explain to you what happens (in my experience)99% of the time. The iv is tested with saline thoroughly before injection. The dye will typically give you a warm sensation, give you a metallic taste in your mouth, and give you the sensation that you are urinating (will not make you urinate unless you already have bladder control issues - then it may). In a very small number of people, you will get the reaction of nausea/vomiting (we try not to tell people of this because of the power of suggestion).  
    An allergic reaction will manifest itself within the first few minutes following injection and can include tightness in the throat that is not improving, difficulty breathing, itching, rash, or thickness in the tongue. These are moderate to severe reactions that need to be treated and documented. Some doctors may want to give you dye in the future and premedicate you with Benedryl and Prednisone and these decisions are usually made in collaboration with a radiologist depending on risks vs benefits (example, if they suspect you may have a pulmonary embolism the risk of a breakthrough reaction after premedication may outweigh the benefit of diagnosing and treating a blood clot that could kill you).  
    As far as the MANY posts about rashes that manifested days post exam, I cannot say. Typical reaction is immediately following the injection. If it were me, I would use caution if I felt it were connected with the iodine because it would be better to premedicate to be safe. The iodine does give the radiologists much more information as it enhances the blood vessels and organs. 
    As far as the posts on extravasations (when the iv dye ends up in your arm instead of the vein)it unfortunately does happen sometimes. Some people have fragile veins that "blow" when injecting and though it does not happen often, it does happen when injecting contrast at times (this is why we test the iv prior to injection with saline to try and ensure that the catheter is in the vein and that the vein will hold for power injection). Older people and chemo patients are at greater risk for having veins that "blow". 
    In my three years, I have had this happen three times (believe me, we try to avoid this at all costs!). We have to apply warm compresses, have our radiologist assess the damage and refer to surgeon if necessary, and fill out an incident report. These are not incidents we take lightly as it is our biggest risk (other than an anaphylactic reaction). 
    There is not set requirement for radiation doses (as it is different for different people - the larger you are, the more radiation it takes to penetrate your body tissue). Ask your clinic/hospital if they use SmartDose which calculates the lowest recommended dose based on your scout images. Our hospital now requires us to report the dose for each CT exam into the patient's medical record as well.  
    Finally, my greatest recommendation is to not have a CT done unless it is medically necessary. I see people that have had a headache or stomachache for one day come in and get scanned. Many times these tests are ordered for that 1 in 500 chance of it being something significant that the doctor doesn't want to miss. Don't be afraid to ask questions, seek other modalities (x-ray, ultrasound, etc)or ask if it is medically necessary at this time. Know that as CT Techs, we want to do everything possible to put you at ease, as well as get the best information to our radiologists so that your doctor will know how best to treat you!

    posted @ Tuesday, April 23, 2013 10:38 AM by Rebecca

    the frist comment catherine didyou sue that bastard you told hin to stop he shoud be hung to death most are assholes and what abut rest of you sue the bastards

    posted @ Tuesday, April 23, 2013 5:27 PM by

    I had a epidural and had a bad reaction that almost killed me,the states he used Iodine and gadolinium,my Dr. ordered a Nuclar Bone Scan,they use Isatope injestion (which is a iodine) I am really worried I do not want to go through another bad reaction or die. what do you think,is this safe for me?Thank you.Ronnie

    posted @ Wednesday, May 15, 2013 2:15 AM by Ronnie

    Ronnie, if you think you may be allergic you need to ask you dr to give you a steroid prep, this is medication you take before your scan to prevent a reaction. We do this on all patients who have sever allergic reactions to anything even if its something other then iodine. Better to air on the side of caution . Good luck!

    posted @ Wednesday, May 15, 2013 1:29 PM by Cass

    Best to ask your Dr. I had a PETSCAN, Necleur .....I also am allergic to the idodine. I did not have that type of Injection. Mine did not have iodine. I am scheduled for a CT Scan in Aug. Supposedly with contrast. I am opting for the Without contrast....Predisone or no predizone and antihystimines. Until you WALK in those shoes, the fear is TREMENDOUS once you have had a reaction!!!! Good Luck!

    posted @ Wednesday, May 15, 2013 3:41 PM by Marilyn

    Please do not let these posts scare you ! I read them and was petrified. I just had my scan with contrast and dye. The worst part is drinking the contrast material. It truly is a non event. I was amazed. Yes, I did feel a little heat when the dye went in, not much at all, and I did sort of have the sensation of wetting my pants, but it was all very subtle.  
    Don't be scared, it's really nothing at all ! 

    posted @ Wednesday, May 29, 2013 2:51 PM by Dianne

    Had a CT scan with contrast yesterday. I was terrified of claustrophobia from past experience, but the radiographer was brilliant and explained everything and I was surprised how painless and easy it all was. Don't be afraid.

    posted @ Thursday, May 30, 2013 5:16 PM by Louise

    It sounds as if "Louise" & "Dianne" have a financial interest in CT scans. "Don't be afraid" is not good advice. Everyone is different & CT contrast dye is a known mast cell degranulator. It can cause a lot of disruption to your body systems, up to and including death. That is why you have to sign a separate waiver before you have the CT scan. The medical personnel involved MAY be able to adequately prepare you and/or save you, but you can't count on it. You have to look out for yourself.

    posted @ Friday, May 31, 2013 7:47 AM by Belle2264

    A CT Scan w/contrast is not a problem, until you find out that you are allergic to seafood. Once you have a reaction, you look at it a little differently. There is a fear. Yes, there are meds to take to counteract any type of reaction, but the fear is always there! Check with your DR prior to contrast. Play it safe!

    posted @ Sunday, June 02, 2013 10:20 AM by Marilyn

    Thank you, Belle! I could not have said it better......You have to look out for YOURSELF!

    posted @ Monday, June 03, 2013 3:44 PM by Marilyn

    i had cat scan with conrast 12 years ago almost died within hour doctor came to me after it was done at the hospital and i told him my head was burning he with me for hour and 20 mintes then i finally coold off normal he said dont ever have contrast agin or you will die you whnt make it if you ever have it again for you people taht dont know if youll be alergic to the contrast have the catscan done without the contrast and see what kind of report the doctor gets it might be all they need right it so easy to recomand forfor your doctor to do like walk before you run is good sence now in my case they found a noodel 1.8 cenameters and they whant now is pet and cat scan combind without the contrsat from the catscan ok but im afraid cause i read on internete contrast that i and other people are allergic to is in the contrast but its put in there from the macine that producess the contrast that the machine itself gives off the allerg into the contrast and then injected in us people that have that contrast with the cat scan so frist have your cat scan without contrst and see if doctor is satisfied they have enough info they need if so then you dont have to have contrast cross one bridge at a time now in my case bein they reccamand petand cat scan because noodle 1.8 cenameters yes i agree and its done whithout contrast when they do the cat scan but the pet has injection of raddiation and glueclose and agin the internet says if allergic to this petscan it will be the machine that produccess it the allergy comes from the machine that produssess the stuff they inject in your arm now what do i do ? i ask doctors and raddologst they never heard of it and doctors say they dont know so nobody knows i wish my internet would help explain to me it all so i can tell doctors and discuse what to do ? iam askin internet now will you email me please my email is siravow@ thnk you

    posted @ Wednesday, June 12, 2013 1:37 PM by

    To I just want to let you know that the Nuclear IV that you get for the PetScan is NOT the same dye. I also was concerned! 
    I had no reaction at all. It is best to check with your DR. The internet has too much information that does not apply to your situation most of the time. Everyone is different. The best one that knows your history is your Family Doctor. HOpe this helps.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 12, 2013 7:26 PM by Marilyn

    Frequent CTs with contrast. No problems during tests. 2 wks. later, still severe leg pain, generalized pain, flu symptoms, nausea, headaches, hot flashes, etc. Urge incontenence for 1 week. Painful kidneys. 

    posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 4:45 AM by Alicia Ellis

    I am terrified of the CT can w/ contrast. I am allergery prone and have allergies to a multitude of antibiotics including the erythromides, codine, penicillin, and who knows what else. I have told the doctors office but I am afraid they will tel me there is no problem and will procede. I think I will have little to say regarding the process. 
    Remembering one think the doctor did tell me, and that is if we wait until obamacare takes full effect....there can be many restrictions and he will not have a say in ordering this sort of test. I am not receiving any services like medicare/medicaid and wonder what devestation the new obamacare will bring to the masses when this monster obamacare becomes manditory.  
    I now think we the people are doomed if we do and doomed if we don't re:obamacare. 
    None of my doctors really care...they are just protecting their backside. 
    My procedures are scheduled for July 3, 2013 and I will be calling to ask more questions on Monday morning. First call will be to the endocrinology nurse. I am also hypothroid and take Synthyroid. Hopefully, I will not get a recording as usual...but actually get to speak to someone. 
    Any comments are appreciated.

    posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 4:06 PM by Dee

    Dee, It is YOUR body. Tell the DR that you DO NOT want contrast. He will be able to read the scan. Maybe not in such detail, but he can read it. Tell him to explain WHY you need the contrast! 
    Good luck on July 3rd and keep us posted!

    posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:04 PM by Marilyn

    Make sure that you call the DR and let him know of your symptoms afterward. Go over the whole list with HIM and not the nurse..... 
    Good Luck!

    posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:07 PM by Marilyn

    I believe the contrast dye ruined my life. I ended up with a skin condition and Hashimotos Disease. It caused auto immune issues. I have been suffering for two years.

    posted @ Sunday, June 30, 2013 6:34 PM by Lisa

    I had a CT with contrast for neck & had this "extravasation" (when the iv dye ends up in your arm instead of the vein)the tech placed a hot compress immediately but the pain was horrifuc & my arm doubled in size-today still signs of swelling but my forearm is very "hard" & tender..will go into urgent care if it doesn't clear up still worried

    posted @ Tuesday, July 02, 2013 11:23 PM by Cynthia

    I had a ct with iodine contrast dye of my heart & the next day my throat, mouth & tongue was covered with soars. 10 days later my tongue soar & food doesn't taste the same. & I had a cardio cath with dye & that evening my feet & lower legs were covered with hives, which have spread everywhere. Even my throat itches.

    posted @ Sunday, July 07, 2013 7:33 PM by Dana

    This dye is very hazardous to your health- do not let them inject you with it. It causes many health issues and you can ask for a scan WITHOUT contrast. If they make you do it- walk out. It is not worth your life !

    posted @ Wednesday, July 10, 2013 5:23 PM by janebane

    I had a CAT scan (not my first) a few days ago and this is what happened. Everything seemed to progress normaly until the scan was over and the Tech told me to sit up. When I did a wave of nausea hit my stomach like a physical blow. I was instantly violently sick to my stomach and I felt as if I couldn`t breath. The tech ran out calling for a doctor. The nex thing I know a stretcher was there and I was taken to triage, apparently my blood pressure had dropped significantly and my heart was racing. I was instantly given an EKG and a chest xray and something by IV.They did all sorts of tests and monitored me for about 4 hours. I felt ok and everything was back to normal, so they sent me home. This was 5 days ago and I have had no problems at all.

    posted @ Sunday, July 14, 2013 1:33 PM by stephanie aitken

    I had a ct with contrast today 7/16/13. No problem. What people don't know is TELL TECH IF YOU HAVE ALLRGIES TO SHELL FISH. aLL i did was sleep the day away

    posted @ Wednesday, July 17, 2013 5:21 AM by Dolores

    Lisa and Cynthia, 
    I also had the dye end up in the arm instead of the vein. No Fun! And yes, it does hurt. It takes awhile until all the dye is absorbed into the tissue. Your body gets rid of it. Mine took at least 3 weeks + before it showed any improvement. Just got out of the hospital this week and had CT Scans with NO CONTRast. Good luck to you both. You are the person who has to have the dye! You can refuse the dye and ask what is in its place.

    posted @ Saturday, July 20, 2013 6:25 PM by Marilyn

    You are ok now, but sound to me as if you had a bad reaction to something. I would think twice on having that dye again. Talk to your Doctors...... 

    posted @ Tuesday, July 30, 2013 6:46 PM by Marilyn

    i had an abdominal/pelvic cat scan with and without contrast this week, and except for feeling a few seconds of warmth in my crotch, that was weird, but not unpleasant, i didn't feel a thing. quick, easy procedure.

    posted @ Friday, September 20, 2013 3:13 PM by angel

    I have a contrast scan schedule in a week and I'm starting to be afraid it will be dangerous. I have a j pouch - no colon - and they are checking for an enlarged messentery node that showed up in a non constrast scan . I have to take 2 liquids Im guessing barium . Is it safe with my condition? thanks Aida

    posted @ Monday, November 04, 2013 10:59 AM by Aida Kirk

    I had a CT scan with contrast on August 22nd. By the evening after the test, I could barely walk because of the pain in my thighs, hips, and abdominal muscles. And then it spread to my shoulders and upper arms. My doctor put me on 20mg daily of Prednisone, which stopped the pain... for one week. The ONLY medication which has a significant effect is ibuprofen; Pred now does nothing. Tramadol has SOME effect, but not much. I haven't had a good night's sleep since August, and the pain intensifies when I am inactive. Nowhere can I find any info on how long this may last.

    posted @ Sunday, November 10, 2013 3:00 PM by Rhys Berryman

    I was petrified about having a C T scan with contrast after I read all the negative results. I'm happy to say I have had no ill effects so far. Scan was 11/11/13.

    posted @ Monday, November 11, 2013 5:04 PM by Sandra Countryman

    I had ct scan of brain done two days ago. Nurse informed me my body would feel like it was getting really warm, my mouth would taste weird and I may feel like I was wetting myself. Nurse was spot on. After I did feel nauseous for the rest of the day and have a sleight headache. Drinking water helped a lot.

    posted @ Thursday, December 19, 2013 10:37 PM by Shelly

    I had an MRI of abdomen with contrast a week ago. A rare earth was used for the iodine. About 2 days later I had inflammation and swelling in R antecubital area at the IV site. A side vein was swelled and rock hard. No one addressed my concerns or gave any explanation. So happy to see this site and realize that it was some sort of contrast reaction. It's resolving quickly. Yesterday I had Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and they attempted to poke another IV into the same site. I firmly stopped them. They then inserted into the top of my R hand and leaked about 10 mls of blood into the tissue. Swelled and blue hand. Sheesh....tomorrow I get a CT scan of the liver. 4 phase. God help me. 

    posted @ Tuesday, January 07, 2014 5:07 PM by Yvonne Jenkins

    Since I first posted on this forum about my reaction to a CT scan with Contrast, I have learned what it is. The day after the injection (on 08/22/13), I began to hurt almost everywhere. It triggered "polymyalgia rheumatica", and I am still on Prednisone (18mg daily) four moths later. Prednisone WORKS, but I made the mistake of cutting back too fast after one month, and the pain all returned, to the point where my right arm was almost useless. I am finally getting better, as I reduce the Prednisone by 1mg daily every week. In other words, if all goes well, I may be over this nightmare in another 17 weeks. At least there is a name for ONE of the possible reactions to a contrast injection.

    posted @ Wednesday, January 08, 2014 7:43 PM by Rhys Berryman

    Court date this Monday March 31 at 9am at Camden County Court House room 53 about cat scan iv dye causing renal failure and then chronic renal failure from the injury. Someone reading this blog may be interested in attending. up against the big guys and may loose but I will fight this fight. Please protect your kidneys.

    posted @ Thursday, March 27, 2014 5:22 PM by Theresa Gladney

    Trial selection on Wed at 9am March 
    4/2/1914 Camden County Court House Camden NJ room 53

    posted @ Tuesday, April 01, 2014 3:34 AM by Theresa Gladney

    Good grief! I already know I'm allergic to the dye and have now been taking prednisone to help with any reaction. I will also take Benadryl one hour befor the procedure. I had hoped that reading this blog would reassure me. Believe me, it did not.

    posted @ Friday, April 04, 2014 6:57 AM by Cynthia Fuller

    Update on trial mentioned above. I went as far as I could managed to have the jury seated for two days then with the fact that the Radiologist that oversees the tech was not included in the suit was found to be a reason to dismiss. A token settlement was met thanks to the Judge's intervention. Be on alert if you are on this blog because you or a loved one received kidney injury after a IV dye contrast delivery and the facts are hidden from you don't give up. The lawyer that took my case work hard on the case but also work hard to end the case. I had signed a contract I really did not understand and he reminded me just before trial that I owed for he's fees win or not. The settlement just about covers that so the Judge saved me from that debt plus the Hospital and Doctor defended cannot go after me for their court costs. I is hard to find a lawyer and you only have two years from the incident. Almost three years to get to court. We have to protect ourselves and our loved ones so be alert especially if you are a war baby or baby boomer. We have aging kidneys that slow down as we age and factors like diabetes, hypertension especially on ace inhibitors already have contraindications for the useof the IV contrast then add dehydration, hypotension, sepsis, shock to the mix and your are in great danger. If you present in the emergency room very ill try to have a say in your care. Any illness that leads to lose of body fluids including blood can lead to all of the above symptoms.  
    find out your blood creatine and your blood presser. You can have Cat Scans without contrast until you are stable and your kidneys are protected with enough fluid in your body. What good would emergency surgery due if the dye has just but you in renal failure. If kidney injury occurs and you suffer death or dialysis and its blamed on you not the dye and you need sue or fight the fight make sure you includethe radiologist, tech and the ordering physician. The ordering physician can have practiced out side of standard case but is the radiologist dose not stop them and you don't include the radiologist the case can be thrown out. It will be very hard to find a lawyer and if you do read their contract very carefully. The Judge, the lawyers tried to get rid of me at every turn but I had to fight this fight. I hold helpful insight and saved at least one Kidney by writing this report. Good Luck and may God bless you. 

    posted @ Sunday, April 06, 2014 4:25 AM by Theresa Gladney

    I am now down to 11mg of Prednisone daily, as a result of my contrast reaction. Only 10 more months, and I MAY be able to quit using Pred. I cannot understand, after reading this blog, why this injection is still approved by the FDA. It is clearly dangerous.

    posted @ Saturday, April 19, 2014 1:13 PM by Rhys Berryman

    I too am allergic to the contrast for a CTScan. I had scans with contrast, but worried all the time. My symptoms were shortness of breath, and a rash that disappeared in 2 hrs. Now, I have my scans without contrast. Unless it would be absolutely critical to have the dye, I refuse it. The DR agrees now. Worrying is not helping with the test. You are supposed to be relaxed and calm.  
    Talk to your DR. Hoping all turns out well.

    posted @ Saturday, April 19, 2014 1:51 PM by Marilyn

    I have had two ct scans within a week due to pacreatitis and my gall bladder.. I had contrast with both. It has been a week since the last ct scan and my mouth is still very raw, food and drink do not taste right and I am also having severe vaginal burning since I have had them. Out of all of the reactions that I have seen posted, I haven't seen any like mine...Has anyone else had this problem? 

    posted @ Monday, April 21, 2014 7:38 PM by Sherry

    I had MRI on 02/29/14 and here I am still itching 
    Never will they touch me with Dye agai two 
    Trips to ER :( hope the welps and Itch stops  

    posted @ Monday, May 05, 2014 11:30 AM by Tammy

    Had MRI on 02/29/14 I am still itching and still braking out how long will this last went to ER 2 time short of breath swelling of face welps and this was worse thing ever will never do this again :(

    posted @ Monday, May 05, 2014 12:28 PM by Tammy

    Slight headache within a couple of minutes of dye administered. For about the next 3 or 4 hours, slight headache mostly on left side, changed, blurred vision left eye, tightness of muscles left side face - feeling of muscles dragging down or pulling down on left side face.

    posted @ Monday, June 23, 2014 5:48 AM by Lilly

    Lilly, I'm sure what you're experiencing is unpleasant, but I hope you get over it soon. It has now been 10 months since my contrast injection, and I need "only" 9mg daily of Prednisone to control the pain. It looks like I will be able to reduce to 8mg daily on July 1st, as scheduled. In case you missed my earlier posts, my contrast injection triggered polymyalgia rheumatica (24 hours later), which I would not wish on my worst enemy.

    posted @ Monday, June 23, 2014 9:46 PM by Rhys Berryman

    I had a massive PE in January. I had mentioned all my allergies including shellfish. My radiologist asked me what my reaction to shellfish was. I told her I broke out on contact. She then asked me what happened when I ate it. I said I didn't because I WAS ALLERGIC. She said I'd be fine. I went into renal failure and ended up on dialysis for seven weeks. My shellfish allergy was deleted from my charts and disappeared off my menus after they realized I wasn't improving. The admitting doctor said they couldn't find anything wrong with me other than the clots. I have a paper from my picc line that lists shellfish, handwritten, as my second out of five allergies. The hospital insists they don't have a record of my allergy until I went back in for a panic attack after I had been discharged. They told my family and friends that the renal failure was probably due to my shellfish allergy. Until I went on dialysis, then nobody would talk and just shrug their shoulders. I was just told that I don't have a case.

    posted @ Thursday, June 26, 2014 7:20 AM by Amy

    I was having pain in my side (l) and doc sent me for a cat scan with contrast. It began well, but after a few minutes I told the tech I wasn't feeling well. We were almost done, she removed me from the machine and I could barely sit up. They took my blood pressure which had plummeted. No doctor looked at me. I said I needed to use the restroom so they wheeled me in and by now I was shaking so badly I could hardly walk. I had extreme diarrhea (probably from the Barium) and was freezing. I could not get up to walk to the door and I asked her to get a key to get me out. They didn't have a key. What? When I finally got out, I asked the nurse to get me my phone so I could call work. Then I called my boyfriend to pick me up. The facility did not take my blood pressure again, did not suggest to call someone for me, and did not get a doctor to look at me. When my boyfriend arrived the tech suggested I may have to go to the hospital and he should drive me. He declined and said to call an ambulance now. I was going into vascular shock. I ended up spending the night in the hospital with IVs to stabilize. I have since asked the facility to provide me with a transcript of that day's activities but there is nothing that reflects these issues. Not sure where to turn at this point, they should have an SOP to follow in situations like this.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 01, 2014 1:27 PM by Debbie

    It ALWAYS is right to be very cautious when considering medical procedures!! I have read each and every post on this blog; thank you to everyone who took the time to comment! 
    However, someone had made a comment on October 28, 2010, that (while it was her personal opinion) may be factually incorrect. She opined that we have "by far the best healthcare in the history of the world." While she wasn't specific, I'm thinking she was probably referring to the United States health care system.  
    I subscribe to many blogs written by U.S. Medical Doctors. One of them recently stated that while the U.S. does spend much more on health care than any other country in the world, that our health care system actually ranks much further down the list, at (from my memory) #10. While #10 in the world certainly is not "bad," it is not "the best."  
    Considering the U.S. spends so much money on healthcare, you would think we'd be much higher on the list!  
    I also have often read that we should not forget that health care is "big business" -- one of the largest businesses in the U.S. And "Big Pharma" -- the drug companies -- play a huge role in that. Let's not forget these factors when making our own personal health care decisions.  
    As several people have stated in this blog, it is up to us to decide whether or not to follow the protocols that doctors or other health care professionals might recommend. They are just "recommendations" after all -- they are NOT "orders." It is up to us to use our own common sense and intuition, plus do our own research (including listening to the experiences of others) before we decide on which of the recommendations to follow! 
    Once again, I thank everyone who has posted to this blog. You have definitely helped me make my decision regarding whether to have the CT scan "with contrast." 
    Good luck and best wishes to all!!

    posted @ Monday, July 14, 2014 3:12 PM by Indira

    My healthy 25 yo son had an MRI with contrast due to migraines. His arm hurt immediately, and ached for weeks until he went to the doctors last week and long story short was seen in the ER and has a blood clot in his bicep. He is now on Warfarin, and Jouvenox (spelling) and is very sick. Would like to know how this all went wrong?!

    posted @ Tuesday, August 12, 2014 5:08 PM by T

    Surprised to see so many negative reactions! 
    Then again, most people wouldn't post unless they had a negative reaction.  
    I just had a contrast cat scan done of my abdomen. The only thing I noticed was mild heat in my groin region. That was it. Not even a metallic taste.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 02, 2014 5:53 PM by Kuno

    So many negative comments. I'm more worried than ever now. Glad to see Kuno's message. Not everyone's story turned out so bad. Keeping good thoughts. Small mass found in my right lung. Hope it's not a big deal.

    posted @ Monday, September 08, 2014 2:52 PM by Jan

    Not everyone has a reaction. I had many contrast scans before I had any type of reaction. Are you allergic to seafood? Review with your Doctor and he will be the best judge. I also had shadow on right lung. Keep positive! 

    posted @ Tuesday, September 09, 2014 1:38 PM by jan

    To the guy who make the snarky comment about lawsuits not all of us are sue happy but have the right to expect competent medical professionals taking care of us when we are sick and vunerable.  
    I went to an ER out of state while I was traveling because my leg swelled exsessively and by the time I went I could barely tolerate weight on that leg then the pain moved into my chest and I started having trouble breathing. They didn't let me see an actual doctor just a pa which is fine for an office visit not for medical emergencies, even at a teaching hospital eventually the attending shows up to check on the students. They had 8 nurses and a paramedic sticking me in bot harems trying to start an iv to medicate m. After. 8 tries I ended up with most of my veins blown and the iv they did manage to start was in place when they ordered a cat scan of my chest. The iv was painful when they simply flushed it I am very pain tolerant but it hurt enough to say something they didn't start another they left that one in and sent me for a cat scan. It was hard enough because I had rotator cuff surgery a coule months ago and my arm over my head is still really painful bout that was nothing compared to when they put the contrast in. The vein blew the second the contrast started pushing in and the iv was useless but since there is so little Human care involved in medical treatment these days the machine didn't stop until every drop was injected not into a vein but into my arm. The pain was excruciating and I screamed for him to sto. My arm was the dice of a football players could even bend it at the elbow. It's still swollen the heat compresses help but the pain from stretch my skin so much and god knows what free flowing contrast will do to my body even if I can get my arm back to normal size.  
    They wanted to admit me after what amounted to hours of inflicting pain trying to simply draw blood and start an iv. I am a trained medical professional and have little patience for in content ones. ER nurses are supposed to be better at starting Ivs quickly and well and most have paramedics on staff who are even bitter every nurse on the floor poked me at least once and usually I am very patient because my veins are small and difficult. But leaving an iv in that was causing aim was not only bad medicine it was irresponsible and what happened to my arm could have been avoided . They didn't take a thorough medical history they were just going with information they had from 15 years ago when I lived in that state they didn't even bother to update the info.  
    They as I said wanted to keep me overnight so seone could put in a picc line to administer the contrast. THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE FOR. Because their nurses are too unskilled to start an iv they was me to allow another incompetent person to stick a catheter through a blood vessel in my arm all the way inside close toy heart to administer drugs through the vena cava. I've had iv lines during long hospitalizations when I was very sick but they aren't meant to replace incompetence. I never got an iv I never got a Doppler on my leg to see if I had a clot and frankly u couldn't pay me to let those people touch me again. I still can't bend my arm I'm going home Thursday where I can get competent care.  
    I signed myself put of that hospital AMA. Maybe not my wisest choice but do no harm is something they clearly didn't understand because thats all they did was harm.  
    I went to two hospitals that night told triage irate about the leg swelling severe pain when bearing weight the chest pain and the difficulty breathing. I had my vitals taken and they sent me to the waiting room. I waited and hour and a half in pain struggling to breathe and got fed up and walked out. My boyfriend was worried so I let him convince me to go to the second I chose it because it was smaller less wait time unalloyed. An hour and a half later they triaged me put me in a wheelchair and left me waiting another hour and a half. There were no people in the waiting area but us. When they finally got back only a third of the beds were occupied. Even when it wasn't a heart problem any other time I've ever gone to an ER with breathing issues or chest pain they fast track you.  
    I am 45 with a severe family history of clotting pronls and heart disease and enough risk factors that no responsible professional should wait for me to keel over in a waiting room.  
    Now I read the post by the woman who had a similar experience as mine with the contrast and has had surgeries to remove necrotic tissue caused by the dye and I'm terrified. It's my right arm which I already have issues with from two very complicated rotator cuff repairs last one my bicep had to be reattached what is this going to do me? I'm scared to death but I had forgotten just how mediocre at best medical care is her.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 17, 2014 9:01 AM by Lisa

    I recently got a ct scan with contrast and felt strong pain when I was being injected. When I let the women know she said that it was normal and now I get like a deep feeling at my joints but after reading a few articles like this one I am going to go get checked.

    posted @ Monday, October 06, 2014 1:25 AM by allison

    My husband has not had a CT with contrast yet. I was trying to see what other labs they may need besides a Creat. and possibly BMP or CMP? I just had to log in and ask Lisa with bad veins that commented this past sept some questions that probably wont get answered. I have to wonder what your medication allergies/sensitivities are? Also wondering if they might think you have cried wolf too many times about Chest Pain and Shortness of breath? Also wondering if during these visits they give you Ntg and asprin without Morphine etc and if so what is your reaction?

    posted @ Tuesday, October 14, 2014 5:26 PM by Pam

    Last week I was having chest pains since Monday so I went to the hospital last Wed. The doctors said that the pains was coming from stress & not from my heart. Unfortunately, when they did the cat scan & was putting the dye in my arm, somehow the dye got into my tissue instead of my veins, my arm swelled up and I was in a lot of pain. Basically the nurse put my IV in wrong. They said it will be like this for 2 days, that I have 2 keep my arm elevated & the swelling should go down. The swelling did go down Sat. but I'm still having the pain in my arm. I went to the another hospital because of the pain & they was just saying that I have to deal with the pain, but if it's still hurt next week that I should go back to the hospital. The dye have 2 pass through my body. Today makes a week & I am still in pain. I don't want to take anything that puts me to sleep. I have bills to pay and a four sons to take care of. I couldn't go to work or school because of their mistake, I was out three days and I'm still in pain. Ernestine 

    posted @ Thursday, December 11, 2014 11:54 AM by Ernestine Avera

    I was just at the VA for 5 days. and at the end they did an utro sound, on my heart. and at the end they put some medication in the port I had. to light up my heart. I came home and at 10:00 I went to bed. now I am awake. and I have this crazy sell. coming out of my stomach. is this normal ?

    posted @ Wednesday, December 17, 2014 12:08 AM by Dwight Frost

    I recently had an MRI with dye inserted with a butterfly needle. After the injection I felt nauseating but the feeling soon vanished. However, an allergic reaction of itching and red patches occurred for several days.

    posted @ Thursday, January 01, 2015 3:40 PM by Janice

    I am heartbroken... a person very close to me died after having a really bad reaction to the contrast in a bone scan she had done last week. She didnt have any problems until about 8 hours after the test. She got really nauseated, her face got flushed, felt really hot and got very red, had chills and the worst headache she ever had; she called the doctor the next morning and they said she was having an allergic reaction to the radioactive material and told her to take Benadryl and to go to the ER if needed. Her voice was hoarse and her throat felt scratchy and swollen and it was really hard for her to swallow and she was itching all over, even the top of her head. She had contrast previously without such horrible symptoms afterwards. Her nausea and headache was so bad she could barely sleep the 1st night and wouldnt go away even after taking narco and morphine. She did feel like the Benadryl was helping a little and the 2nd day after her throat still hurt and she was only sleeping off and on... the next day she was rushed to the ER and died shortly after they began working on her. Officially there has not been an answer yet; the autopsy was done and I dont know how long it will take to get official results. At the funeral some people speculated she died due to an allergic reaction to the contrast, others speculated that she didnt have an allergic reaction but that perhaps they gave her too much contrast for her body weight and wondered if they weighed her beforehand. (they were saying if you got too much that it could have caused her organs to shut down)But I dont know what happened; all I know is that she died about 80 hours after having the bone scan. Looking back it hurts because the morning she was to have the scan she was on the fence about cancelling; but she felt it would not take that long, and that she would just go and get it over with. But the procedure wasnt as quick as she was expecting (I dont know why) because she was there for 7 hours. I know she told me she was there so long she actually fell asleep on the thing she was lying on, but I dont know if they had started, or were waiting to start, or what the deal was. I dont have medical knowledge, but she was a nurse. A very good nurse. She took care of everyone around her and knew her stuff. So that makes all this even more perplexing to me. I know that after talking to the doctor the next morning that she was confident she was having a 'classic reaction' 8 hours after having the test; and I am certain she truly felt that Benadryl and time would eventually help her get past this reaction. I think that by the third day she may have been so sick and nauseated she may no longer have been thinking clearly, but I dont know for certain.. I wasnt there but I know by looking at her outgoing calls/texts that she didnt make many, which is unusual.. so I am speculating she felt so bad that even messing with her phone might have been too taxing. I am just in utter shock that she is gone; I wish I knew more, I wish I knew every little thing about what happened those 80 hours; the only thing I know for certain is she had the bone scan and got sick about 8 hours afterwards and died about 80 hours later. She was a good and smart and caring person who always put everyone else before herself and I am heartbroken; and I will love her and miss her forever.

    posted @ Saturday, January 17, 2015 11:57 PM by M Knight

    I'm scheduled to have a CT scan with contrast tomorrow afternoon to see if I still have Cancer. I have kidney stones quite often and am worried that kidney stones will show up on the scans when it's really the lymphoma or vice versa. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks in advance and I'm sorry for those of you who suffered through bad side effects from the dye. E

    posted @ Monday, February 02, 2015 1:18 AM by Sue

    I had a CT Scan w/contrast at the ER on Jan 22 to check for the cause of left flank pain. I was told by the doctor that they were checking for inflammation of the bowel, but then found out afterwards that they scanned my entire abdomen and pelvic region. They gave me the IV contrast and the drink. All the test found was an ovarian cyst. After the test, I was not advised to drink extra fluids afterwards, which I later found to be necessary. I went home and went right to bed, because I felt sick. I got up in the morning, had a coffee, and did some laundry, looking to get back to normal. I didn't end up drinking water until the early afternoon. Then, later that afternoon, I started feeling sick. I had bad lower back pain. I broke out in rashes and had bruising on my arms and legs. I waited a day to see if the symptoms would clear up. I read online about the contrast and kicked up my water intake. When the symptoms didn't subside, I went back to the facility where I had the test done. All they did was give me Benadryl and sent me on my way without examining me. Now, over a month later, I am experiencing circulation issues, with spider veins on my wrists and feet, numbness and tingling in those extremities, swelling, poor capillary refill, visible veins on my neck and breasts etc. I followed up with my PCP, who is now sending me to a neurologist. I am a 30-year-old female, and I completely confounded by what has happened. I just wonder why the doctor or radiologist didn't inform me about increasing my fluid intake.

    posted @ Saturday, March 07, 2015 8:43 AM by JN

    I went to the ER here in Bogalusa, Louisiana at Our Lady of Angel Hospital. First, don't ever go there if you want to live or come home better than you went. I went because I was having shortness of breath and chest pain. After an atypical result in one test, a CTA was ordered. The nurse, Brittany, had already blown my vein in my left arm and placed the 18 gauge needle in the crease of my right arm. It wasn't the best IV nor placement, but it can be difficult to tell professionals about their own areas of supposed expertise. I get to Radiology and they shoot the dye in fast...and blow and infiltrate my vein! After realizing that ALL of the dye is in my arm, the staff had the audacity to blame me, my veins, and Rush me out of the ER without even telling me how to care for this. All I got was an ace bandage and a great deal of arrogance from them. I woke up this morning in ridiculous pain. In addition to my bicep that was swollen last night, I now have a grossly swollen forearm to match. I'm scared as all get out because I do not want surgery; I'm getting married next month. This is one of the absolute worst things that has ever happened to me. I am so scared. I'm calling my Cardiologist this morning to discuss this with well as my attorney directly after. The more incapable and insufficient ER personnel are allowed to get away with such travesties, the more people will be injured or die. Sad, but so very true.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 17, 2015 8:18 AM by April Bruns

    This may seem crazy, but it's true. I am a female who underwent a CT scan of the abdomen and pelvis w/contrast. Now, my skin "down there" has turned dark. Has this happened to anyone, or may I have been overexposed?

    posted @ Thursday, April 09, 2015 8:19 AM by Concerned Student

    I had an mri yesterday afternoon for a pituitary gland tumor which is in the brain.I had no idea that I would be giving an iv with contrast ahead of time as my Dr. Faxed the prescription to the radillogy center. Had I known before hand I would have looked sideeffecfs of it and also if it cause an auto immune reaction on people who have auto immune disease like I do. I probabky would have have the contrast but I would have been prepared for a flare up of my lupus which happens almost every time I have injections like these. I got a couplen of injections in faint wrinkles in my face a couple years ago and got really sick from them. The same thing has happened with this contrast dye. I ha. d to ask if there were any side effects and was told there really were none. FALSE FALSE FALSE ! Ive been sick as a dog since about 3:30pm yesterday and I'm still pretty ill at 7:22 the next day. I started off getting a really bad headache that hot worse. I then started to feel like I had the flu and got a fever with nausea. I feel terrible just like i do When I get this sort of iv med. I wasn't sure until i looked it up. Now I'm convinced thisis why I still feel so awful. :(

    posted @ Thursday, June 18, 2015 9:28 PM by melissa vener

    Concerned Student, 
    You are NOT ALONE! The same exact thing has happened to me after I underwent the same procedure. I have been going insane over it, as I, like you, am unsure if I have been overexposed. If you ever read this, post back. Maybe we can get in touch via email.

    posted @ Friday, June 26, 2015 2:12 PM by Same Boat

    Two years ago, I had an MRI of the heart and they used the dye for "better results" the day after, I had disconfort and no strength in the jawbones. I told the doctor and she never even answered, now my teths are literally fallen apart, they took one out, two more are being checked for possible root canal, and another has been falling piece by piece this week.  
    If any body had similar experience, please contact me.. 
    Ignacio Molina. 

    posted @ Sunday, July 12, 2015 11:44 AM by Ignacio Molina

    Ignacio... That's an extreme reaction. The injection damaged my jaw joint on one side and loosened a couple of teeth (but they didn't fall out... yet). Now whenever I chew, it sounds (to me) like I'm chewing peanut brittle, because the right side of my jaw now crackles. The bigger problem for me was polymyalgia rheumatica, which began the day after the contrast injection, and required a year and a half on Prednisone, creating its own set of side effects. I'm sorry about your jaw and teeth problem... that contrast injection should be banned.

    posted @ Sunday, July 12, 2015 8:48 PM by Rhys Berryman

    3 weeks ago I had a CT scan with and without contrast of my stomach. I had to drink the contrast, a glass every hour starting 3 hours before my test. Had banana flavor not too bad. The last glass I took 5 minutes before my test at the radiology center. I am very claustrophobic and had no trouble with the CT scan as it is only 90 seconds, I just closed my eyes. Next they injected iodine into my arm which gave me a warm feeling for maybe 5 seconds and then another CT scan for 90 seconds and that was it. I was all upset for days before and it turned out to be easy. No reaction to contrast or iodine. Radiologist was great, walked me through what was taking place and I had no problems I could never do a MRI but a CT scan was easy. I am glad its over and tests showed no problems.

    posted @ Thursday, July 16, 2015 11:22 AM by Ed Harrar

    I went for a ct scan yesterday , was given a barium meal ,then taken into scan room , where they fitted a canular during the this process they gave me an injection . This injection was fleshed into my system , as it was entering the body my throat abdomen and other parts felt very warm then suddenly I could not breath and panicked ,I began vomiting badly . The nurses came to my rescue and sat me up as I was choking . They then took me to anther room as my heart was racing and I began to shake uncontrollably . After a half hour or so I was sent on my way ,feeling awfull and fr the rest of the evening I was very breathless

    posted @ Thursday, August 20, 2015 4:05 PM by Christine

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