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    What is an MRI with contrast (dye)?

    Posted by John Holden on Sun, Jan 11, 2009

    MRI Conrast DyeAn MRI is high-tech medical imaging test that can help your doctor diagnose many different types of disease.  You can read more about MRI scans here.

    When your doctor decides to send you for an MRI he or she will fill out a prescription or a Radiology referral form. The form will usually have your name, your symptoms, the doctor's signature, and the type of test being ordered.

    The MRI test your doctor orders usually matches the body part where you are having symptoms. For example, if you have knee pain, your doctor will order an MRI of the Knee. Your doctor or the Radiologist interpreting the scan may recommend that the test be done with contrast (aka dye). 

    MRI Contrast Indications

    Roughly, about 20% of MRIs are ordered with contrast. MRI contrast is used in specific circumstances and  enhances the MRI scan images. Here are some common reasons why contrast is given:

    • History of tumor, cancer, or surgery
    • Looking for infection, inflammation, or cancer
    • Evaluating blood vessels
    • Investigate a finding on the pre-contrast part of the scan

    MRI Contrast Side Effects

    Though MRI contrast (gadolinium) is safer than the CT contrast, there are still some risks associated with the injection. The most common side effects include:

    • Allergic reaction
    • Flushing/redness
    • Hives
    • Blood clots
    • Dizziness
    • Shortness of breath

    The Contrast Injection

    The injection is usually given after some "pre-contrast" MRI scans have been done. The techologist or Radiologist wil come into the MRI scan room and move the table out of the MRI machine. He or she will then place a tourniquet around your arm or hand. Using a small butterfly needle or an IV, they'll inject about 10-20 milliters of dye into your vein. The needle is removed and you are placed back into the MRI machine for the rest of the scan.

    Passing on the Contrast Injection

    As a patient, you have the right to be informed and decide how you receive medical treatment. If you are afraid of the injection or potential contrast side effects, you should discuss this with your doctor or the Radiologist at the facility and learn more about why the contrast is being given.

    Have you had an MRI Scan with contrast? What was your experience like? Leave your comments below.

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    I had a cat scan Jan 09. It was exactly as described. A needle with butterfly wings was inserted in my right arm vein. I was instructed to raise my arms over my head so that there was no chance of being caught in the mechanism as the the "donut" moved back and forth. The only surprise was being asked who should be informed if, I should have a reaction to the dye.The tech kindly got my cell phone to look up a telephone #. Shortly there after I had a warm sensation in my throat, next my groin, arm pits and feet. Take a deep breath, hold it, 2 or 3 times and I was finished. My cat scan was preventative, my internist is concerned with wheezing sounds in my lungs.

    posted @ Friday, January 09, 2009 10:19 AM by susan kerry

    i am currently having a moderate reaction to contrast injection. i had it 3pm thursday became severly ill at 10pm that night - dizzy, nauseous, hot/colds, headaches and a severe red rash all over my body. it is now Sunday still not much better been backwards and forwards to hospital - received fernegen and cortizone and still not much improvement. wasn't warned of any of this prior as had a ct scan 3 weeks prior to this one with no reaction

    posted @ Saturday, January 10, 2009 5:52 PM by Kaye Doolan

    I wouldn't have an MRI with Contrast again. I do not think they inform patients enough of the potential risk. This article didn't even mention NSF a TERRIBLE problem that has been linked the contrast agent. 
    I say unless you are at risk of dying without it, pass, at least on the contrast part.

    posted @ Friday, February 06, 2009 8:02 PM by R

    You're absolutely right, NSF (Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis) is an important rare side effect of MRI dye. 
    Readers -- we hope that blogging about Radiology raises awareness about tests like MRI scans. Remember that our blog posts are simply a starting point and not to be treated as comprehensive medical articles or medical advice. Always consult with your doctor if you have any questions or concerns. 
    Thanks for reading!

    posted @ Monday, February 09, 2009 1:34 PM by Ravi Sohal

    Can an MRI/MRA be done without contrast dye and get successful results? I am highly allergic to shellfish, iodine, and many of the blood pressure meds. Also, red food dyes, red stripe in toothpastes, and many, many, other allergies. My PDP wants to order an MRI with Gadolinium. My gut reaction is to refuse it. To reiterate, can an MRI/MRA read successfully without dyes? Thank you.

    posted @ Sunday, March 01, 2009 11:13 AM by Ali

    To the people who say that they would never have an MRI w/ contrast again, why? What happened to you? What reaction did you have? I never had an MRI before, but I had a very severe reaction to a CT w/ contrast. I know that people who have reactions to cT contrasts, are usually told afterwards to take MRI contrasts instead. Anyway, it is very important for me and I would love to know.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 10, 2009 10:16 PM by Dean

    I have had about6 MRI and all of then I haven't had any reaction to the contrast.

    posted @ Friday, March 13, 2009 10:29 PM by Cassia Young

    i just have mine last friday a CT scan. At around 7:30 pm my face starting at my eyelids got swollen. I've waited for a while i thought it will get down but at around 4:00 AM i asked my husband to bring me to the hospital. When i looked at the mirror i can see adifferent face, looks like an alien. They checked and says my body reacted to the dye that they injected me. I cant sleep that much because of the redness on my whole body. It's very itchy. Although they gave me two types of medicine, one for my swollen face and one for the redness it did not helpmuch. It's Tuesday now and my face is still swollen, i cant sleep still because of the itchiness.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 17, 2009 12:57 PM by kris tan

    I was supposed to have a MRI on my ankle two days ago. I got out of the machine because they told me that I had to have a shot and that was the first time they mentioned it to me with no warning. I chose to leave and not have the MRI. My Podiatrist then told me that that was the only way they can do the test. I refuse to have the dye put in my veins because I remember it being very uncomfortable and having reactions to it when I was in the hospital a few years ago. I am also very holistic and don't want this in my system. Isn't there any other way that they can tell what the lump is in my ankle?? Does anyone have any info on an this?alternative?? I have had a cat scan and an x-ray already. THANKS!! 

    posted @ Wednesday, March 25, 2009 9:45 PM by zeldini

    i have never had one done. i am afraid of the side effects. my cousin had one and suffered kidney failure. i am also a diabetic. my mri is scheduled for next week.

    posted @ Monday, March 30, 2009 1:33 PM by lynne

    I'm a cancer patient and have had lots of problems with my eyes, the rash, muscle aches and joint pain also a lack of energy after having the contrast dye for ct scans and mri,s.. I've got a MRI scheduled for my next appointment but will be asking lots of questions.. Also having yellow spots in my sight like you have when you stand up to fast.. My eyes swell, itch and get tiny sores on the lids .. Anyone else having these problems?

    posted @ Wednesday, April 01, 2009 11:39 AM by phil

    I had my 5th MRI today, and while they were injecting the dye, my arm started burning. they tryed masage and heat. i got through the rest of the test. that was 8:am and it is now almost 3:pm and my arm is still burning, i can't lift anything and if my arm is touched, my pain spikes. has anyone else ever had this happen?

    posted @ Wednesday, April 08, 2009 2:55 PM by emily

    I have an MRI of the hand with contrast scheduled for Friday and am wondering whether or not to have it. They are supposedly looking for a tumor, but it is definitely not a life or death situation. Should I have it done, but WITHOUT contrast? Can an MRI be succesfully performed without contrast? Please reply!!

    posted @ Tuesday, April 21, 2009 12:07 PM by Liv

    Is there a wait time from the time of the injection to allow the dye to do its function for contrast before the scan starts again?

    posted @ Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:23 PM by Maria

    Hi Maria, 
    For the most part there is no delay. Once you get the injection the technologist will reposition the table into the MRI scanner and then start taking more images. Some MRI scans with dye, like breast MRI and Pituitary MRI, may require additional delayed images - this means an extra set of images are taken to see how the contrast propagates through the tissues.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 06, 2009 1:33 PM by Ravi Sohal

    I had an MRI w/ contrast and the entire procedure took about an hour. A nurse inserted an IV needle prior to my going in for the MRI. I suggest wearing a loose shirt, as I had on a sweater that was difficult to navigate with the IV in when they had me change. Th pre-contrast portion took about 25 minutes (they told me this up front), they pulled me out of the machine and injected the dye, then immediately put me back in for about another 10 minutes (they told me this up front also). No side effects, the IV didn't hurt at all, and hardly bled. They did say to eat after the procedure and to drink a lot of liquid throughout the day, which I did.

    posted @ Thursday, May 07, 2009 5:43 PM by NDKG8191

    I just recieved a MRI today(5-7-09) went in thinking i just had to lay there. But when i went in the guy said i had to get a shot 2/3 the way through. I was freaking out but i did not say anything.We were were not informed of this in the writing we signed. Nothing about possible side effects. On top of this im under age. Im not leagaly alowed to tell them its ok. But the whole thing is we were never informed of it from are doctor of the radiologist department in the wavers. Nothing about my allergies or nothing.

    posted @ Thursday, May 07, 2009 8:24 PM by jimmy

    I had a MRI yesterday at 5pm and had it with contrast. they advised it was fine but i went to bed and woke up with my left arm being numb and i cant move my middle finger and fore finger. =( i dont like MRIs

    posted @ Thursday, May 14, 2009 10:11 AM by Mel

    I had an MRI with contrast on Friday May 15. When the nurse started injecting the dye, my lower inside bicep and the inside of my elbow started to hurt. The nurse asked if it was burning sensation. I told her it was throbing not burning. When they pused me back into the MRI the buring started. It felt like a swarm of hornets was stinging the entire inside elbow and lower bicep and the outide of my hand and pinky started to tingle. Somehow I managed to get through the rest of the MRI. I told the MRI tech and he said the nurse must have not gotten all the dye into my vien but that I had nothing to worry about long term. My arm contiued to hurt and burn for hours afterward. When I got home I took a tylenol and wrapped an icepack around my elbow. The pain finally began to subside. It is now a few days later and there is no pain but I still have a yellowish bruise.

    posted @ Monday, May 18, 2009 11:33 AM by Ron

    I recently had an MRI w/wo contrast on my neck April 23rd because I was having throat and neck pressure. After 3 weeks I started having burning sensations, shooting pains on my arms, legs, hand and feet. I'm not sure if it had anything to do with the dye. My body also aches. How's everyone doing these days?

    posted @ Monday, May 18, 2009 5:56 PM by Sang

    I have an MRI this Thursday (5/26/09) and I am now FREAKED OUT. I think that I have to do the dye because I have to do a pituitary MRI. My regular doctor told me that I just had to have an MRI done but when the nurse called to reschedule it, she told me that I had to do the dye and they only do it during a certain time. Can I refuse?

    posted @ Tuesday, May 26, 2009 4:19 PM by Nicole

    Yes, you can refuse - as it is your right as a patient. However, keep in mind that the dye is used to find small tumors that could remain hidden if the dye is not given.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 26, 2009 8:33 PM by Ravi Sohal

    I had a MRI on May 19. My Dr. informed me that she needed to do a contrast MRI on my back because she say a shadow and did not exactly what it is. I am kind of skeptical about this now...and wondering if I should do this. Think I will pray about this before Monday.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 27, 2009 10:55 PM by Sarah

    Had MRI with contrast about a year ago after i had a very bag reaction hole body was red and itching really bad lasted for weeks about a month after my toes were numb all the time now my both feet are numb and tingle and really hurt the Dr. said i have neurophy but don't know why really don't know if the dye cause this but i really would like to find out.

    posted @ Saturday, May 30, 2009 6:20 PM by charlotte smith

    an odd question, maybe. 
    Anyone ever had contrast dye sprayed in their eyes? 
    I had a baseline MRI of my hands today. I am rather claustrophobic in the MRI tube, was of my frickin' hands. Why would I have to have my whole body in for just my hands? 
    I had to have my whole body in the tube. 
    I had to lie on my stomach...they told me it would just be for 10 minutes. I have AS, so 10 minutes on my stomach on a hard surface...well, its a long time. They put an IV in to put the contrast dye through. When i was in the tube, i didn't have the little ball to call in case I lost my composure, because they didn't want me to move my hands...they said just to wiggle my feet if i needed out, and that they would see them. 
    The tech said, "Okay, i'm going to push the contrast now, you might feel a little cold in your arm.". 
    My face and back and head were sprayed with saline and contrast...tons of it. Enough to make the right side of my face soaking wet, and my back wet through my sweater. I wiggled my feet, but they didn't see me. i got contrast and saline in my eyes, mouth...sticky, burning...scared that they couldn't hear me...what is IN this contrast, anyway?? 
    Finally, after a minute or so, they saw that i was wiggling my feet. They came over and washed off my face, and apologized profusely and said, "Keep your eyes don't want that in your eyes." They told me to continue to lie completely still and not move my hands, as they washed my face, neck, and back. 
    It was already in my eyes. I said so, and they said, "Well, it will probably be fine." 
    I was like...then...why did you tell me not to open my eyes? 
    They said that one of the connections on the IV was just loose, and they had fixed it...and they moved me back into the tube. 
    They said, "okay, we're going to start all comes the contrast"... 
    The exact same thing happened...but more this time. Saline and contrast, soaking me.  
    I moved my feet...they saw immediately...pulled me out of the tube. 
    "Don't move..just lie there on your stomach...we'll get this worked out." 
    My back, hips, knees, neck...screaming. elbows , shoulders...omg, just kill me. Right here. Kill me. i was crying a little bit by now. If i had known i was going to have to lie still in any position, i would have taken a sedative and a pain killer. I can't lie still, even in a comfortable bed, for too long without feeling uncomfortable... but on a hard, flat surface, where my hipbones were making direct contact with the table...agony. truly. just agony. 
    They said, "okay, it seems that we have worked this out. we replaced all of the tubing. it was just a defective package. never happened before. should be fine now." 
    back into the tube i went...and the exact same thing happened. I did not wiggle my feet. I waited for it to be over.  
    2 1/2 minutes went by, and they said, "okay, we got what we needed." i said, "it was leaking that last time, too, but i can't lie here on my stomach anymore." they said, "oh, that's the three times that we sent the contrast through the IV, you must have gotten some, because we definitely got what we needed."  
    My eyes are burning and my throat is sore. I didn't file a complaint...I just wanted out of there immediately. When I got home and told my partner, (who happens to be a physician) he was adamant that we file a report. 
    What is IN this dye? And what are the long term affects of being sprayed in the face three times with it? 


    posted @ Tuesday, June 02, 2009 10:17 PM by H

    Well I was diagnosed with a pituatary tumor about 8 years ago and had it removed. It was diagnosed only through and MRI with contrast. Ever since then, I must go for an annual closed MRI with and without contrast. So that makes a total of about 10 MRI's with contrast that I have had done! Several of my family members have also had MRI with contrast taken. Thank God so far none of us have had any type of reaction to the contrast. If any of you guys are scared I would suggest talking with your health care provider, and see if it is neccecary, and if it is advised I would not worry about it.

    posted @ Tuesday, June 02, 2009 11:45 PM by Mary

    I have been getting mri's for ten years the injection usually always stings a little bit then goes away. well today the stinging was severe and did not go away for about 30 min..then turned into throbing. It is hard and swollen, they informed me it was the dye outside the vein causing it, hot pack it then cold pack..Its been 4 hours swelling went down a little but now its beat red with white patches....hopefully this will go away

    posted @ Monday, June 08, 2009 3:36 PM by courtney

    I just had an MRI on my brain this past Sunday and had to have the contrast injection. I already had an IV in and found no problems with the injection, didn't even really feel it as it was pumped through my veins. Overall, I think that the risks were well presented to me, all the precautions were taken and the injection was something very necessary for my doctors to use because before the contrast they were not able to find anything to help with a diagnosis. If you are uncomfortable with the idea of the contrast injection I would discuss it with your doctor instead because they will have the best idea of what is needed for your case, as every person is different. There are risks with every procedure so it always comes down to what the doctors think is best for you.

    posted @ Tuesday, June 09, 2009 10:17 AM by Katie

    my 19 year old friend had a car accident 16 months ago and the doctors have been telling her she needs a contrast MRI because they think she might have nerve damage in her lower back which is causing her so much pain that she sometimes vomits and passes out. She sees a specialist that hasnt given her a referal yet because he thinks she is to young and there is to much radiation so he just keeps prescribing her more and more medication which doesnt seem to be helping at all. Her life has been ruined because of the pain and I am trying to find out if her age is a substantial reason not to do the MRI even though she is in so much pain... any thoughts? and if age is a problem, is there anything else she can do to find the cause of all her pain?

    posted @ Friday, June 19, 2009 4:01 AM by lana

    I had an MRI with contrast of my brain and ears in June 09. Since then I have problems with my eyes (itching) that i have never had. Also so much pain in my muscles and joints that I could barely function. It seems to be getting better after about a week. Has anyone else noticed eye problems after an MRI with contrast??

    posted @ Friday, June 19, 2009 6:29 AM by jane

    My 3 year old daughter is scheduled for a sedated MRI with and without contrast tomorrow morning (looking at the time, I guess it's this morning). I am terrified. I myself have had a MRI without contrast and had no problem, but the tube was nerve racking, even with the headphones and music. I already knew of teh dangers with the dye because I am a LPN, but I can't stop thinking about it.I am still going to allow her to get it with the dye, but I am going to voice my concerns beforehand and will let everyone know how it goes.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 24, 2009 1:10 AM by Jessica

    This is for lana, well I have posted a comment before, but this is a response to yours. I am now 19 years old, and have been taking yearly MRIs because of a tumor I had when I was 9. My first MRI was at the age of 9. So whatever doctor is telling her she is too younge is not right. Yeah people should not be taking MRIs for nothing, however your friend is in alot of pain, and needs to be taken care of. I suggest she finds another doctor. I hope this helps you and good luck to you and your friend.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 24, 2009 8:31 PM by Mariam

    I had an MRI with contrast las week, this MRI was to check my arteries of my stomach and kidneys. I have MRI's in the past with contrast (Gadolinium) with no side effects. 
    This last MRI really make me sick, the next day after the MRI, upset stomach, I feel disoriented for 4 or 5 days,my right arm was swollen, red, hard on the area were the IV was introduce.  
    I called the office were I had my MRI to let them know about my symptoms, and they told that was an allergic reaction to the dye (Gadolinium). They did say to drink a lot of liquid throughout the day, which I did. But my arm still hurt a lot, so I called my family doctor for an appointment 3 days after my MRI just to let him my problem, but the insist in allergic reaction to the IV dye. 
    Its been a week redness its gone my arm still hurts a little. I notice my vein still hard were the needle was introduce for the IV, and my muscle still hard but not like a week ago. 
    Does anybody has this symptoms? 
    or experienced anything like this after an MRI dye (Gadolinium) 
    Its this a normal reaction?  

    posted @ Thursday, June 25, 2009 12:26 AM by Marco

    I woke up one morning & couldn't hear out of my left ear. I went to my family doctor & was told my eustachian tube was swollen. After several antibiotics, I am still having trouble. I went to a ENT & was told it is Acoustic Neuroma, the nerve between the ear & brain is swollen or a tumor. I am going in for my first MRI (I am 52) & they have to use contrast. I have high bloodpressure which I take medicine, but I was told years ago I am a borderline diabetic. What will the dye do?? I am very nervous about having it done, but I can not take the ringing in my ear. Thanks

    posted @ Friday, June 26, 2009 9:22 PM by Gail

    The dye will highlight the tumor (if present) and the nerve. This is especially helpful if the tumor is small. It will also give your ENT doctor a very good look at the anatomic landmarks and plan for surgery if necessary.

    posted @ Saturday, June 27, 2009 12:53 AM by Ravi Sohal

    If I am a diabetic & not on medication, will the dye cause any problems? Thanks

    posted @ Saturday, June 27, 2009 11:02 AM by Gail

    ME again. The MRI went fine for my daughter. She had no complications and was up and running around again shortly after. I am relieved. THanks.

    posted @ Saturday, June 27, 2009 11:43 AM by Jessica

    You should have your kidney function checked before getting the dye.

    posted @ Sunday, June 28, 2009 7:27 AM by Ravi Sohal

    I had an MRI w/wo contrast last Saturday on my abdomen and pelvis. Because the technician could not manage to get the iv needle into an obviously big visible vain in my arm, she went for my hand. When the contrast went in, the burn was absolutely terrible. Left my hand and arm up to my elbow somewhat sore for a week. I had some very mild joint "pain" on and off the week following. But other than those things mentioned, the noisiness of the machine (and the fact that I am claustrophobic) - the experience was not that bad. I think this is an excellent non invasive tool and, unless you have kidney problems or a known history of reaction to contrast agents - I really don't think there is anything to be afraid of. I would prefer this any day over invasive "exploratory" surgery. Wouldn't it be a mess to have surgery to see "what is wrong" only to find out that it was nothing or that the "something wrong" would never have warranted surgery in the first place? When in fear of the MRI, consider that alternative.

    posted @ Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:00 PM by Tiffany

    I had my first open MRI with contrast done on my head yesterday. It went well. It took about an hour & a half, but didn't seem that long. They put a pillow under my knees, covered me with a blanket & had some soothing music playing in the room. Very relaxing. I think I even fell asleep. After an hour, they gave me the injection & I didn't even feel it. I haven't had any side effects to the contrast. They even gave me a copy of the pictures they took. I would rate my experience excellent.

    posted @ Tuesday, June 30, 2009 8:28 AM by gail

    Good morning 
    Though just 36 years of age, I have had MS for the past 14 years; however I have fought to stay im phenominal shape. The number of MRIs with contrast, the two hour type, that I have had is well into double digits. 
    The most recent imaging was conducted on June 18 th. 8-9 days later, nausea set in, as well as one sharp migraine. Though I finally feel like "myself," I have had NO other changes in my diet, rest, exercise regiment during this time other than the contrasting MRI. 
    Though aware that the body is constantly going through physiological changes, is this "first" at all possible?

    posted @ Wednesday, July 01, 2009 9:19 AM by Francisco Pacheco

    I had an MRI last Thursday, and when they started the IV contrast injection it immediately burned up my arm from my elbow for a few minutes. That weekend I was abnormally sluggish and couldn't figure out what was going on, but just kept note that the vein they used for the catheter was still sore at the injection site. Then yesterday I noticed that there was a vague redness following the vein 7" from the injection site and is palpably swollen and sore. I 'm seeing a PA-C today to take a look at it, meanwhile my arm is increasingly sore. I told the nurse I talked to yesterday that I have been on levofloxicin for a sinus infection, so infection would be not so probably but a reaction to the dye instead. I'll find out today.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 01, 2009 9:24 AM by Katie

    I'm going in for a contrast MRI of the head this evening, and I'm really nervous. But the posts on this website have been very, very helpful, letting me know what I might expect. I know I have very thin, weak veins, so I've been drinking a lot of water and trying to hydrate them, so the dye injection won't be so difficult hopefully.  
    I'm in decent health, don't have any known allergies, and am only very mildly claustrophobic (closing my eyes usually fixes it), so I do hope that I'll be alright. 
    I'll report back here afterwards with how everything goes! 
    (Thank goodness there's a long weekend ahead, in case I do have a reaction, though!)

    posted @ Wednesday, July 01, 2009 11:08 AM by Michelle

    I had my MRI last night. Everything was going fine until the dye was injected. The tech had an incredibly difficult time getting a vein, stabbing all over until she finally managed to dig one up (ow!) on my right elbow. But then the dye went in, and it felt like my entire arm from elbow to shoulder was on fire. I don't know how I made it through the rest of the MRI, I thought I was going to start crying from the pain. The tech said the pain was mostly from the needle, but it didn't start until she pushed the dye in, and I've never had pain like that from needles... 
    The pain is mostly gone this morning, but my arm is still really sore, and the muscle between my elbow and shoulder is very hard and sensitive. It could have been worse, though!

    posted @ Thursday, July 02, 2009 10:29 AM by Michelle

    Just had my first MRI without/with contrast dye. The tech blew the first vein and had some problem with the second attempt but was finally successful. The first site was very painful and burned like fire. I prayed the whole time I was in there to finish as He was the only way I could get any peace and hold still. God is good! However, I noted that there was a lot of swelling when I was done. No pressure was applied when the vein blew and it appeared to me there was a bit of infiltration of the dye. It has been almost 6 hours now and I have experienced the headache and now have a quarter sized inflamed area over the site with a lot of blisters. It is still very sore but no excruciating right now but I am concerned over the redness and blisters. This is not my first MRI but the first with contrast dye and nobody really prepared me for the injection, or told me to drink a lot of fluids or even what to expect other than applying heat if it hurt me later. Well I did that with little relief. I am concerned about the dye and what damage it can do when it ends up injected under the skin. I know all of the dye didn't end up there but by the burning a significant amount did. I feel so sorry for the one who had it sprayed into the eyes. How horrible of an experience. I have a history of recurrent melanoma so the dye is necessary to reveal any tumors and to help with a good image of the mass in my triceps. I do understand the necessity but am concerned about tissue damage from the dye. Please respond if you can help me. I am a RN, retired now and not stupid but this is not my specialty...Thanks

    posted @ Thursday, July 02, 2009 9:54 PM by Sandra

    Well, its been 24 hours since my first blog and my arm is still very sore but less swollen. The site the tech blew first is the worst as far as redness and pain goes. Area is still very hard and sore. The site she was able to get has no redness but tender and the vein is hard. Could be from the dye and the damage it does to our veins or the fact she started the second one below the one she just blew. I know they are supposed to use a butterfly needle, I didn't look, but it felt like a 747. Anyway it is tolerable at present and I just pray I don't and none of you end up with the fibrosis disease. It was good to be able to share with you all. God Bless!

    posted @ Friday, July 03, 2009 9:18 PM by Sandra

    I am scheduled to have an MRI with and without contrast on Friday and I am very nervous about the injection (wether it will hurt or not) and after reading all these comments now I dont know if I should be more worried about the possible side effects. The only thing that somewhat helps me is the fact that every person is different and no two experiences are exactly alike. I am very sorry for those who had a less than pleasurable experience but I'm really, really, REALLY hoping to have a non-memorable experience. But thank you for all those who have taken their time to comment, you have been very informative and helpful. I'll let you know how it goes :-/

    posted @ Sunday, July 05, 2009 12:07 AM by Susie

    It's Katie from 7/1/09, 
    I saw my PA-C who told me I have phlebitis from the IV injection and since then the pain has progressed throughout my whole arm up into my armpit and down into my fingers cutting off circulation and have had shortness of breath too for a few days now, I'm getting checked again this afternoon because of the progression which is all stemming from the IV contrast, to be continues and will report with an update,.... again.

    posted @ Monday, July 06, 2009 10:46 AM by Katie

    This is Katie from 7/1/09, I've had phlebitis in my arm since the injection and now my whole arm pinches and hurts from my fingers to under my armpit. The vain they injected is showing bruising six inches up now. I'm going in to be seen again today since the nurse at the dr's office said I need to. I'll keep you updated.

    posted @ Monday, July 06, 2009 10:57 AM by Katie

    I had my first MRI and was not informed at even the basics. I felt utter panic when I heard a jackhammer sound and vibrations, and soon realized, or hoped, this was normal "MRI sounds." After 2, forty minute sessions I swore I would never do another one of these. I felt nauseated, was freezing and still trying to take it all in. It really was a very simple procedure, but because the tech didn't take the time to share with me a few simple basics (noises, how long I'd be in there, and that it can get very cold) I was a little shaken up. So, when I got a call that I had to come back and do it again, because they chose to not follow my Dr.'s orders and have it done with dye, I was upset. Fortunately, the second time was a breeze. I was fully informed of everything, talked to during each session in my earphones, provided a warm blanket and explained the dye process. I read a lot of these posting's before my "dye" appt. and was scared to death that I would have a similar reaction. I'm happy to say that my experience with dye was even better than the first with none. They did say that they used an iodine free dye, so maybe that made a difference. I hope that others will post good experiences also, to give people hope and courage during their process. :o)

    posted @ Monday, July 06, 2009 5:48 PM by Michelle

    I just had an MRI for a pituitary tumor w/wo contrast. I'm pretty sure the agent they used was Magnevist. I read this whole thread before going in and it totally freaked me out. I wish I hadn't read it. But, eitherway, I got the injection through a powered iv since they needed to watch it in real time. Aside from a slight cool feeling at the injection site, cause the liquid was actually cool, I had no reaction, no burning, I couldn't even tell it was going after 30 seconds. I was relieved. It's now been about 5 hours since the MRI and still nothing, so I'm glad

    posted @ Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:20 AM by Adam

    Adam, Glad you had a good experience; many of us didn't but it depends on the type of dye they use and the skill of the person administering the dye. From what I have seen, they are skillful with the machine but not with handling a needle or preparing patients. I still have 6" of bruising and red blotches and blisters but the pain is almost gone; just the usual tenderness of a bruise. I wish I had found this site before I went for mine because I would have been more prepared. Its better to brace for the worst and be relieved when it doesn't come than to fall into it clueless. Those of us who know the burning of the dye we had will make very sure it is "life or death" to have another one! Be blessed...

    posted @ Tuesday, July 07, 2009 2:06 PM by Sandra

    I just had an MRI today to rule out/in a possible pituitary tumor. They injected me with contrast dye. No one informed me off possible side effects short or long term. I found this site because I was wondering if my symptoms were normal. It is now 8 hours latter and I still feel a little dizzy and a little blahhhhhh. Is that normal...?

    posted @ Wednesday, July 08, 2009 8:07 PM by Al

    I am scheduled for a contrast/noncontrast MRI on Friday. They said they needed to do the contrast because I have had previous back surgery. After reading all of these stories, I have to say I am really NOT looking forward to this!!! I will let you know what happens.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 08, 2009 9:47 PM by Penny

    This is Katie from my original post and f/u from 7/1/09. I was seen about the phlebitis issue and it has reached into the vein as far as my armpit, I'm still taking Advil to thin my blood out, and my vein is still sore, the pain is going into my shoulder and neck now, and since yesterday the Lt side of my tongue has been numb and was urged to go to the ER which I did, they don't know what's causing all of this nonsense, anyone have similar stories?

    posted @ Thursday, July 09, 2009 10:52 AM by Katie

    I think they use s small needle to inject it with. It is connected to a machine that injects the dye. It looks like an Ivac.

    posted @ Thursday, July 09, 2009 7:15 PM by Kelly Ruddy

    Hi everyone! I just did my first and hopefully last MRI with and without contrast yesterday and I have to say it was as wonderful an experience as it could have been, given the circumstances. I was really nervous but after filling out dozens of papers I was given an I.V. which did not hurt at all, and im not exaggerating. Afterwards, I was directed towards the trailer where the machine was located. I layed down on the stretcher/hospital bed and placed my head on the head piece they have. Once in place, they taped my forehead and chin so I wouldn't move if I fell asleep and was given a mask with a small mirror to look through. I was also given, much to my relief, a button of sorts that I could press if I felt uncomfortable or wanted to stop. Oh I was also given headphones to somewhat mute the extremely loud and unsettling noises that go on during the MRI. It is very tight quarters once you go in and its very dark that's why I kept my eyes closed. However, after the first couple of minutes I relaxed and thought of more pleasurable things and the forty minutes I had to be in there went by very fast. Then I was pulled out and was given the contrast. I didnt feel anything! I was told to expect a warm sensation all over my body or some nausea, but nothing. I felt nothing. Then after 7 minutes it was over. It is now a day later and Im fine, I dont have any side effects or problems. Im mostly writing this so that those who have never had an MRI or one with contrast wont feel that all experiences are horrible. It all depends on the place and people. I was really scared but it was nothing to be worried about.

    posted @ Saturday, July 11, 2009 8:03 PM by Susie

    I'm scheduled for an MRI tomorrow 
    07/14/09.With contrast.Suspected Acoustic Neuroma,have allergic reactions to some antibiotics andBP medicine.Do Ihave tohave contrast?

    posted @ Monday, July 13, 2009 7:19 AM by Nan

    Hi Nan, 
    The contrast will help detect small acoustic neuromas. And if you have one, highlight it for your surgeon and others for therapy purposes.

    posted @ Monday, July 13, 2009 11:08 AM by Ravi Sohal

    Nan, You may not have any reaction to the dye. The MRI itself is not bad, just noisy. Close your eyes and rest. I too have multiple allergies to many medications. I had a bad reaction in the injection site but the bruising has almost disappeared but still tender to touch. Its been almost 2 weeks. The tech that did mine did not start an iv but did a direct injection into my vein. Her technique was horrible. Intelligent, sure because she can run the machines but has horrible technique with a needle. All that to say this; don't anticipate an allergic reaction, it depends on the type of dye whether or not you will have the burning and pain some of us had. Hopefully, the one doing yours is good with a needle, that I think, makes a LOT of difference in experiences, along with the types of dye. All of us had differing experiences because of staff doing it and the type of dye. Some dye will burn like fire, it just does. If they use one that doesn't burn, praise the Lord, if not know that the burning will subside after 20 minutes or so. I have had no other significant symptoms other than headache and nausea the first day; the site was the worst of them. Hang in there and let us know how you do!

    posted @ Monday, July 13, 2009 12:20 PM by Sandra

    Totally agree with Nan. You may not have any reaction to the dye. The MRI itself is not really that bad, just very noisy. I also had a bad reaction in the injection site but the deep bruising and has also been about 2 weeks. Nan are you we did not have the same tech her technique was horrible she tried twice. Did get a little dizzy. But all and all glad we decided to do it... They did find a tumor in my brain that is very treatable. Without the MRI with contrast, I don't know if they would have found... Tumor was 6MM is size... The rewards in my opinion, far outweigh the risk....

    posted @ Monday, July 13, 2009 8:21 PM by Al

    I thought the contrast was great!!! I wish I could get more. I would use it as a recreational drug. i felt like a kid again.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 14, 2009 12:13 AM by Rick

    Had MRI.No reaction to contrast at site. All in all a good experience. 
    Tech came in frequently to check on me.Results came back Negative.I have my life back.Now just need to have follow up with MD and get hearing aide.Never thought I would be so happy to be deaf in one ear.

    posted @ Monday, July 20, 2009 4:04 PM by Nan

    Has anyone had an experience like this? Today I attempted to have my first contrast MRI of my hip, and I didn't even make it into the room with the MRI machine. They were trying to position the needle in my hip, and they touched the periosteum (the outside of the bone) with the needle. That caused a deep, stabbing pain in the hip that totally freaked me out. I asked if they were going to need to do that again, and they said yes, they needed to touch the bone with the needle in order to figure out if the needle was in the right place. I didn't even get as far as having the dye injected; I was so traumatized I couldn't continue. I'm going to go elsewhere, somewhere where they can sedate me before doing the whole thing. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!

    posted @ Thursday, July 23, 2009 4:29 PM by bunchies

    Bunchies, I have never heard of needle placement in the hip for a MRI with contrast. Due to the fact that bone has no circulation, I don't see what the rationale is for that. I would think that if it is necessary, ask your doctor why. And I may ask him as well, why they can't do an ultra sound scan to view placement of the needle. I have seen people have bone marrow biopsy and grown men weep and almost pass out. I think any procedure that is that painful, should be totally explained to us and something given to minimize the pain or better yet prevent it.Get your questions asked and be well prepared for the next attempt. You have the right to know all the facts, ask until you are satisfied. Hope the next experience is tolerable for you.

    posted @ Thursday, July 23, 2009 9:25 PM by Sandy

    Sandy, thank you for your response. The reason I needed an MRI with contrast was to rule out a labral tear, which my non-contrast MRIs could not show. I think this is called an arthrogram? (Not sure of the terminology here.) And they were indeed using an X-ray machine to guide needle placement. Part of the problem may have been that the young doctor appeared to be in training for this procedure. A more experienced doctor was doing some of it and guiding the new guy. That fact wasn't explained to me either; I just gradually became aware of it as the procedure went on. The details of the procedure weren't explained either; I was only told there would be anesthetic, then dye injection. In hindsight, I wish they'd told me much more: exactly where the anesthetic was going in, that they'd leave in a little device holding the injection site open, then insert a very long needle into the device and use the X-ray to see what they were doing, and still have to sort of feel around with the needle, and then finally inject the dye. I didn't know any of that. They were so casual about all of it--we were all being friendly and joking with each other--that I didn't even think to ask these things. Before we started, I did ask if it would hurt, and the new guy said, "Oh no. We use liberal amounts of local anesthetic." So I was not at all prepared for the pain. And so when that deep stabbing pain did occur, it was a real shock and my whole attitude went straight downhill. After I started crying and told them to stop, they went and got the head radiology doctor, a much older guy who was really very nice and calming to me. I asked him if they could do the procedure using total sedation if I came back another day. He said that the regular radiologists were not able to do that, but that the interventional radiologists probably could, if my pain doctor let them know what kind of sedation had worked for me during past steroid injections he'd done. Needless to say, I'm not going back to a place where no one even knows how to do such a procedure without outside guidance! 
    Thanks again, Sandy. If there's anyone out there with a medical background, I would be very grateful to hear your thoughts.

    posted @ Friday, July 24, 2009 9:46 AM by bunchies

    I had my first MRI w/without contrast in July of 2008 for possible DCIS with no problems at all. However, yesterday I went in for the same follow up procedure and felt dizzy, disorientated, and exhausted when it was done. While driving home, I felt the "headache" coming on but brushed it off. Once I got home I immediately went to bed, I was that exhausted. Unfortunately, I woke up around 4:30A.M. nauseated. I threw up and had diarrhea for the next four hours; I knew this "episode" had to be related to the MRI contrast they injected me with. I do have terrible allergies, but I was never informed of any kind of reactions until the procedure was over and they handed me a sheet of paper?! I'm still grateful for the MRI because it does save you from unnecessary surgery, although I don't think I will be using the contrast again.

    posted @ Friday, July 24, 2009 3:39 PM by Chris

    Bunchies, Sorry you had such an ordeal. I looked up your procedure in my Laboratory and Diagnostics Book and it is called here Arthrography. Also states what you said about looking for damage, abnormalities or tears etc. and is done with a local anesthetic. Air and/or contrast medium is injected into the joint space and xrays taken. The only thing other than that which you already know is that afterwards you may be bandaged, need pain meds and need to apply ice packs for 12 hours (swelling) or as your doctor orders. You may also experience a crepitant noise (can sound crackly) for a few days afterwards and is normal but if it persists, call your doctor. Nothing here on sedation. It sounds to me as if you need to exercise your patient rights and refuse to be a guinea pig for some student. Sadly the only way we get experience is to do it on a real person. For everyone, there is a first time. Some people have better techinque and knowledge that others, just like any other student. Sorry I didn't mention I am a R.N. Radiology is not my expertise so my nursing books are always handy. You may have some sort of pain medication that you are able to take before the procedure that will help. Let us know how you make out. Sandy

    posted @ Friday, July 24, 2009 9:02 PM by Sandy

    What you described is an MR Arthrogram. Dye is injected directly into the joint to look for subtle findings like labral tears. After the dye is injected, you would have been taken to the MRI machine suite for the MRI portion of the exam. 
    It's truly unfortunate they didn't explain the procedure in detail to you. The direct injection is nearly always done with local anesthetic (instead of stronger methods like conscious sedation or general anesthesia). Outpatient Radiology facilities are not equipped to do more intensive (and riskier) pain control, therefore the Radiologist's comment. 
    We deal with over 1500 outpatient Radiology centers here at RemakeHealth and would be happy to provide your feedback to the facility (anonymously if you wish). Email me with the name of the facility and any other pertinent details regarding your experience. We'll contact the facility director/supervisor. 

    posted @ Friday, July 24, 2009 9:57 PM by Ravi Sohal

    I had an MRI with contrast for my liver this week. No mention was made to me of any side effects of the dye injected. The only strange side effect I have experiences, starting that evening, is a strange taste in my mouth. It's been three days and it's still there. Has this ever been reported as a side effect? How long will it last?

    posted @ Saturday, July 25, 2009 7:40 AM by bboj

    I had a MRI w/contrast around 11am on 7/24 and around 3pm got the worst migraine. I do get migraines occasionally, but this felt like my head would explode. 
    So I can't really say if the contrast brought on the migraine. I've had scans before w/no effects and the only other MRI I had was back in 91 but don't remember if it was w/contrast. I just don't know if I would get another one if it caused my migraine.

    posted @ Saturday, July 25, 2009 11:43 AM by Leann

    Sandy and Ravi, thanks so much for your good responses--and for taking the time to do research! I'm going to talk to my doctor about how to proceed, but I guess my main question at this point is, Is it normal for the radiologist to have to touch the needle to the bone, and do people often feel intense stabbing pain at that point or another point? I can't find anything on the Internet about these issues. Many thanks--I truly appreciate your help.

    posted @ Sunday, July 26, 2009 2:05 PM by bunchies

    Bunchies, As for your last question, if good technique is used and they are using an x-ray or ultrasound to find proper placement...I'm sorry but are they blind? It doesn't sound to me like it should touch the bone. There is nothing in my list of nursing implications for my patients having one of these that mentions touching the bone or excruciating pain other than being sore or uncomfortable afterward. Let us know how you make out..

    posted @ Sunday, July 26, 2009 3:47 PM by Sandy

    Every person must be different. I had an MRI with Contrast earlier today. I read all the horror stories the night before and was kinda freaked out. When it came time to put the contrast in, the tech put the dye in and put me back in the machine. No problems what so ever. I asked how long the contrast stays in your system and she told me about 24 hours. If your going in for MRI with contrast, don't freak yourself out with the stories above. Every person is different, and I'm guessing only people who have had a bad experience post it here. That's why I'm posting, to tell you not everybody has a bad experience.

    posted @ Monday, July 27, 2009 6:31 PM by Kevin

    My doctor wants me to have a MRI with and without contrast for my brain. I had seizures four in a row seven years ago and the doctors can't figure out why. I was placed on medication and doing fine until I had problems with my heart muscles. My heart doctor suggested I change medication. Well, my neurologist kept me on my medication and I was doing well. Then he became ill and had to retire early and my new doctor thought it would be a good idea to change medication. I shouldn't have. I sleep all day and am asleep and awake through the night. I asked the doctor to put me back on my old pills. He put me back on the same pill but one that releases medicine like the new one that I was on. I told his nurse to tell him that I want to be placed back on the orizinal pills. 
    The only reason that I am considering having this MRI done is because, since June of 2008 I have been smelling cigarette smoke in my house. No one has ever smoked in our home. It has gotten worse. I might smell it anywhere at any place. The doctor tells me that some people smell different things before a seizure comes. Well, so far the only thing that comes is the smell of smoke. Some times it makes it hard for me to breath. My internal medicine says that I am making myself not breathe. I'm looking for a replacement for him.  
    After seeing the doctor and told that I was fine and he didn't have to see me unless I had a problem, his nurse called about the MRI. She also added something called a Visual Evoke. This was out of the blue. They have not told me why the doctor wants me to have these services. Nothing was mentioned how they would be done, what he was looking for or why,side effects, the medication I take and the contrast, my breathing and allergies or the injection. There is so much more that that didn't do. My doctor wants me to have these services, because he says to. Because of I have made a list of questions for the doctor, not the nurse to answer before I have anything done. I pray that I make the right decisions after speaking to him. Thank you. Each and every one of you. May God bless. 

    posted @ Wednesday, July 29, 2009 8:49 AM by Gwendolyn

    Thank You Kevin for your last posting. I'm scheduled for an MRI with contrast on 7/30/09. I too am a little fearful, as I have allergies and asthma. But , I remember one thing. God has not given us the spirit of fear but, of Love, Power and a sound mind. You helped to comfort my mind aand spirit. Thank You again. doree

    posted @ Wednesday, July 29, 2009 5:45 PM by Doree

    Doree, I too have asthma and the dye didn't effect me at all as far as my asthma goes. The MRI takes a bit of time and its a good time to pray! Not everyone is the same and all of us are in different parts of the world with different people performing the exam so experiences vary. I pray you do well, He will never let you down!  
    Blessings, Sandy

    posted @ Wednesday, July 29, 2009 9:10 PM by Sandy

    Gwendolyn, You have a right as a patient to have all your questions answered;ask until you get them. Keep looking for a good doctor, they are out there. Its hard when we have a good one and they leave. My doctor of 14 years just left for California and I had to find another one. I found a D.O. this time; an osteopathic doctor. They are a bit different and you will find they spend more time with you and are usually a bit more personal. Its my understanding it is due to their training being a bit different. I have never had one before but I like this one and he did take time for me, listened to me too. I too smell cigarette smoke once in a while in places I shouldn't be, like at home...strange thing. I have never had a seizure though. I do get the ectopic phenomenon before a migraine though. Once saw colored moving flames;and I was driving at the time... Glad I don't have them often! Just keep praying for the Lord to lead you to the right one, He will. Let us know how you make out. Blessings, Sandy

    posted @ Wednesday, July 29, 2009 9:34 PM by Sandy

    I had an MRI with and without contrast on 7/31. After reading all of the stories here I was scared to death to get the contrast. I went through with it though, and everything was fine. The only thing I have is an ugly bruise and a little soreness at the injection site which is something I would have expected anyway. I thought it was important to post a positive experience for everyone to read about. Maybe it will help someone who is nervous about it, as I was. Everyone is different and may not react to the contrast the same way. I think another thing that helped me was that I asked questions. If you have questions, ask. It's your doctor's job to answer them and you are entitled to answers.

    posted @ Saturday, August 01, 2009 9:01 AM by Kerri

    i had an MRI with contrast yesterday. it was as described. i didn't feel anything until the needle was taken out and the cotton ball taped to my arm. it started hurting pretty badly, but stopped half way through the MRI. 
    i'm a little concerned about what i am reading about NSF. i have pre-existing kidney diseas and i wasn't told anything about this. i was just told to call if i had any reactions to it, but wasn't told what any of those 'reactions' might look like. NSF was never mentioned and i'm reading that it's more of a risk for people with pre-existing kidney disease. is there any preventative tests i can have done to make sure i'm not affected?

    posted @ Friday, August 07, 2009 8:43 AM by justmehere

    i meant to say, i had the mri with contrast bc a previous ct scan without contrast showed a mass on my brain.

    posted @ Friday, August 07, 2009 8:44 AM by justmehere

    Dean.I also had Ct scan w/dye.It has destroyed me.18 mos. now

    posted @ Sunday, August 09, 2009 4:31 PM by Al

    Hi Everyone, My name is crystal I am 22 and my mom has been having headaches.Well she went to sleep a few days ago with a bad migraine and she woke up with her right side numb, from her left side of her face until her elbow. She talk to her doctor and that did a MRI they found a mass on the left side of her brain. Tomarrow is monday and they are going to do a MRI with contrast.I am very scared for my mother because of the side effects of the comtrast. Right after the MrI I'm taking to go see her sisters in Austin,Tx but i dont know if i should.One of my Aunts has UTERUS cancer and starts Radition Tommarow also. IM scared for my mother. Im scared that it might be tumor.Firday we find out what were going to do about the mass in her brain. Has this happen to anyone.  
    Write me back please, Love Crystal Rose

    posted @ Sunday, August 09, 2009 11:52 PM by Crystal

    Just got my MRI done with, and without the contrast. Im a big guy so the tube was tight, but no big deal. The only problem I had was when they injected the dye - the nurse said my vein burst. I have lupus and have had blood tests 2 times each year - NEVER have I had pain like this from an injection. I waited about 5 minutes, arm was still throbbing. I then got nauseated, and had to sit down for another 5 minutes. Needless to say - she injected other arm everything went ok... 
    Arm still hurts from the vein bursting and is hard/sore around the injection site.

    posted @ Monday, August 10, 2009 3:28 PM by Bender

    I have had a couple of MRI' with contrast dye and one without. I really didn't have an issue with either one. It was just another walk in the park. I am actually getting another in just a few hours and am sure to need a contrast again and am not worried about it at all. I read all these blogs and just thought a satisfied client with no problems or side effects was due to comment.

    posted @ Wednesday, August 12, 2009 10:25 AM by Todd

    I am scared. I have one tomorrow morning and I dont know the heck to do. I had one when I was younger but I cant remember how i felt after. I have a history of glomus tumors and my leg hurts so bad every day that it makes me cry. 
    They took a regular Mri at an outside mri place and found another small mass. The Dr. said that it looked liked scar tissue but asked me if I wanted to do a dye mri. From reading what these things do I think it might be a good idea but im so scared. Should I back out or what? Please respond asap as I will be checking this out on my phone tomorrow to see if anyone replys. Thanks everyone. -Jon

    posted @ Thursday, August 13, 2009 1:19 AM by Jon

    Jon, Don't be afraid. It differs with all of us. One thing that hurts is when they blow the vein. You can help to prevent that by drinking a good amount of water or juice before hand to prevent dehydration. Nobody told me that. That is the major cause of blowing veins and drink afterward to help flush your body of the dye. Usually it is just the injection site that hurts during the injection and sore a few days afterward. You will feel the dye being injected. My experience was a blown vein that they didn't apply pressure to and they also injected the dye into my tissue before noticing it was a problem. My tech did a direct injection, no iv site established and if she had put in an iv catheter first,it wouldn't have happened. Most tech's are very good at what they do and our experiences vary according to their skill. It needs not to be a horrific experience. Drink plenty of fluids today and tomorrow before you go and just relax. Its a really good time to pray as you have time in the MRI to yourself. Let us know how you made out.  
    Praying for you. Sandy

    posted @ Thursday, August 13, 2009 12:55 PM by Sandy

    This is in reply to Jon. 
    Jon, many people responding here have had a bad experience. Most people who don't have a bad experience, don't post here. I say go through with the MRI with contrast. I'm the Kevin from a few posts above who had no problem. Someone above you had no problem either. Good luck.

    posted @ Thursday, August 13, 2009 3:45 PM by Kevin

    Thankyou so much for your website! I was robbed/assaulted in July 2008.I sustained quite bad head/back trauma,and was concussed after the bashing. I was taken to hospital, where they put me into the MRI machine. My memory was a bit foggy, though i can remember that they told me i needed the dye,which i didn`t trust.I wasn`t thinking clearly enough to question it at the time. A nurse came over to me,while i was still in the machine and said that i may feel like urinating from the contrast dye,but you won`t need to. My whole body got warm,and quite hot where the injuries had occured, i suppose from tissue damage?. I have 2 questions, 1- the syringe that was completely full of dye seemed to be way over 10-20mills,it was about 3/4 of an inch thick and ?4 inches long, is that normal. and 2-how probable are there to be side effects lasting for more than a year?. A person mentioned his cousins kidney failure, I only have 1 kidney. I have noticed a definate weakness throughout my entire body all of the time,my eyesight is sometimes blurry,my coordination is out moreso now than before, and i find my memory/thinking is very different,and getting worse. I wish this wasn`t the case. I understand some of this could be caused from the trauma,though could the dye have a residual effect on the body/organs?. I havn`t felt myself since the injection,and it keeps on coming back to mind for some reason. Sorry for typing so much,and i hope this isn`t too hard a question for you. I wish all the best for everyone else, who have commented on this site.  
    Kind Regards, john

    posted @ Friday, August 14, 2009 8:45 AM by J. frm Australia

    I had an MRI last Saturday. The technician could not get the dye in! I pointed to the vein on my right arm where nurses have always had the most success when I've had blood taken, but he couldn't get it. Then he tried in the middle of my left arm, which hurt like hell, and he couldn't get it there either. So he called a nurse who got it in on my right arm with no trouble. But my left arm is not doing well. I left there with it very swollen and bruised and I've been putting ice on it every day since. The color of the bruise has changed (it's now mostly yellow and purple) but it's still very big in size and hurts when I touch it. I don't know what to do. Could it be something more serious? I called the hospital where I had the MRI and they said that I should go see my doctor or go to the Emergency room if I was really worried. I found this site so I thought I'd ask and see if any of you have any advice before I go spend another Saturday at the hospital. 
    Thanks so much, 

    posted @ Saturday, August 15, 2009 2:04 AM by Emily

    Hello Em. I would suggest that you go see your primary doctor for further medical advice. I had a medical situation, unrelated to an MRI, which required an ER visit. The ER staff made a mistake diagnostically. When I called the ER, the supervisor told me to come back to rectify the diagnostic mistake. I did so and later, received an ER bill for almost $2,000.00. My insurance company said that the second visit was not an emergency visit therefore they were not going to pay. So, unless you feel it's an emergency, go to your primary care physician who can then direct you. Hope this helps. Ali

    posted @ Saturday, August 15, 2009 11:29 AM by Ali

    Emily, I had the same reaction on my arm where they attempted to inject the dye. You are right, it hurts like anything but mine too was bruised and very painful for almost 2 weeks. I didn't see my doctor for it and it did resolve on its own. I think they injected some dye in while trying to get the vein. They used a syringe and did not establish an iv first. I think the direct injection is not the best way to do this, the dye is very caustic to flesh. Hope you are feeling better soon. Sandy

    posted @ Saturday, August 15, 2009 1:41 PM by Sandy

    Thanks for your help Ali and Sandy! I think it's getting better -- it's not hurting nearly as much as it was on Friday. There's a little redness but mostly it's yellow and purple. I think I'll call my doctor tomorrow to follow up. Thanks again for your help!

    posted @ Sunday, August 16, 2009 3:15 PM by Emily

    Hi, i'm Lauren and i'm scheduled to get my contrast MRI on Thursday. After reading this, i'm starting to get kind of worried about how i'm going to react to it. I have frequent dizzy spells & i'm not sure the dye is going to exactly help in that department. I'm dying to cancel my appointment, but my mom says it's for the best. I have to get the scan done for my brain because i have one pupil that's significantly smaller than the other & the doctors need to see the blood vessels in my brain to determine if there's a problem that the CT scan didn't show. I'm so sick of seeing doctors about this now :( I have been traumatized by several already. 
    Anyway, since i can't back out of it, i guess i will let you guys know how it goes. Every experience added on here is extremely helpful & i can only hope that mine will be a positive one that will relieve some at least a little bit. If you've had a good experience, please post about it. It's helpful to those of us who start nearly convulsing at the thought of getting the dye injected.

    posted @ Sunday, August 16, 2009 8:48 PM by Lauren

    Had MRI Sat (as in two days ago). BAD experience. I've been to this particular location in the past with no troubles whatsoever! Same man both times, perfect! This time some other girl/tech. Not soo good. The contract was an absolute nightmare. Was poked once by girl before she called the the doctor. The doctor then poked two/three more time before the ontrast was in. Between the Dr ad tech they played with my left arm mostly about 15-20 mins! And if that's not enough the contrast leaked so my arm was like super swollen and sore. It was painful. Looks like neither one knew what they were doing when it came time to the need portion of the test. I was very tempted to pull myself out of the tube, but I also know that I needed to have this done. Thank goodness it's over (for now). :o)

    posted @ Monday, August 17, 2009 11:29 AM by Kit

    Had 3 MRI in the last six months none with contrast.Today I went it at 9am for a MRA and a MRV which is when they look at the valve movements...PAIN IN THE ASS!!! the nurse seemed like she had never done this before, so that scared me. Then she didn't even tell me when she was going to do the contrast, I had to ask. I'm a big baby when it comes to needle so I like fair warning so I wasn't happy. But the injection itself didn't hurt. Its mall pinch like any other shot and i have had enough to say its not a big deal. Its only been 3 hours since the shot and I'm a little tired but it could be anything.besides that I haven't had anything funny happen...yet.

    posted @ Saturday, August 29, 2009 3:36 PM by sam

    I had an MRI of the brain on Tuesday, September 8. When I arrived, I signed the papers, and in it the question was asked.."Have you received information in Contrast to be used" and it was a Yes or No. I checked NO. Not once did I get an explanation, and I was not told they would use the Contrast. However, after 15 minutes in the machine, the Tech pulled me out and while my head was still in the "Headlock" and with me unable to see what he was doing, he took my arm and said he had to inject me with a dye. It was over before I knew it. He put me right back in for a few minutes and then sent me on my way. I had no reaction, and if I did, I did not know it. I am mad that I was not given material on the contrast before the procedure even when I checked NO. I am worried that the dye can cause cancer. I don't like injecting things in me that are not suppose to be in me.

    posted @ Monday, September 14, 2009 7:40 PM by Kelly

    I had a MRI with contrast done yesterday at a county hospital in Houston and was NOT informed of any risks of the dye or any side effects to look for by the doctor or the MRI technician. I became violently ill after the MRI, informed my nurse in the hospital I was in(the procedure was done as an admit procedure)that I felt very sick. Nothing was done or discussed to help me. I just thought I was sick from the hospital food.

    posted @ Friday, September 18, 2009 4:39 PM by PattyW

    I've had MRIs both with and without contrast - I didn't have any negative side effects with any of them. However, as everyone is different, you may or may not have some reaction to the dye. My only problem with the MRI w/ contrast is that it was longer than a regular MRI because the dye is injected halfway through so there's a bit of delay. I was informed by my doctor, the receptionist who scheduled my appoinment, and the tech who performed my exam about the risks associated with the contrast dye. I don't know why others were not informed, but it wasn't my experience. 
    If you have any allergies, make sure you tell your doctor before the test is ordered. Also, depending on your situation, you may need the contrast dye for an accurate diagnosis. Any concerns should be discussed with your physician so alternatives can be discussed.

    posted @ Sunday, September 20, 2009 1:36 AM by aimee

    I am not sure what happened on Friday. I just know that I went for the testing and then it went very wrong very quickly.  
    Here is why I had to have a MRI of Brain Stem w and with out contrast. The other is an MRA. Tumors run in our family history. Although no one has had cancer from them and they have all been in the upper back area maybe less than 4 inches away from the spine.  
    It is funny how we know more than our doctors that there is something more serious going on in our body then they do.  
    My neurologist scheduled the scan because I have been having severe headaches for the past 17 days now. The 12th day the order was placed for me to be done urgently. The 13th day was the MRI and the MRA. My neurologist never told me that a chemical was to be injected into me. However, when I was at the office of where the MRI was to be done the radiologist went over all the information about what was to be done. Every detail was told. So I never thought that I would ever have a problem. Please remember that I had such bad headaches that it was hard to comprehend what he was stating to me. Truth be told I should have had someone with me for them to understand what was going on. The first part of the testing went fine. The IV was already inserted into me prior to going into the MRI. Then I was pulled out of the tube and the chemical was inserted into me. I am not Closter phobic. I would think less than five minutes into the procedure I was feeling something that I had never felt. I felt my veins and arteries and something going UP my body. I felt it in the back of my throat. I thought ok this is normal. Then my chest felt like it was caving in. My throat started closing and I was gasping for air. I was given an emergency button to press in case I needed it. My body also suffered paralysis and was hard for me to move any part of my body. I somehow managed to press the button. They pulled me out and asked me what was wrong. I told them I could not breathe. They asked me to sit up and I told them that I could not move or feel my body. The testing was stopped at once and they called the Kiser first responders (doctors on – call for emergency’s in the building) they are located upstairs in Adult medicine.  
    I am lucky that I have Kiser Medical Insurance and that Kiser Medical doctors are always in the building. Any time a test is ordered or needing to see a specialist you go across the hall, upstairs or downstairs to see someone. Always in the same building.  
    Getting back to what happened. I was quickly removed from the MRI area and placed into a triage area. I was still somewhat coherent, then somehow I saw about 20 – 25 people surrounding me. Doctors and nurses calling medical terms and ordering medication to be injected into me to counteract the chemical contrast. Then I blacked out and do not remember what happened. They said I stopped breathing and also stated it took about two hours for stabilization to take place. Kiser as you may know has a full medical facility in the building. I was still having paralysis from the neck down. I could feel people touching me but not able to move any part of my body. This took about six hours to start to over come.  
    After stabilization, they took me to the hospital for observation. Prior to leaving the medical center at Kiser the doctors and nurses ordered me to NOT drive my car or WORK until further notice. So I am guessing that I’m going to be placed under emergency disability. The EMT said something’s that the doctors should not have done and things of that nature. I was disgusted with him saying these things as he was not trained as a doctor and I should not have heard him discussing this with me.  
    The hospital gave me a prescription drug called Imitrex for headaches. I was to take one as soon as I needed to take it for the headaches. I took one as soon as I had it filled. 20 – 30 minutes after taking it I felt my chest caving in again. What was going on? My throat starting closing up again, I was then rushed back to Kiser Medical Center. Come to find out I am allergic to this drug as well. I have never been allergic to any drug before and don’t know why I am going through all this. Almost every day I cry in pain and want this pain to go away.  
    If I can, I would like to work. I love the interaction of people. I do not want to live off the government system. I think that there are some people that really need the help of our government much more than I do.  
    Have you experienced anything that I have gone through. More of a sudden onset of my experience. I spoke with doctors and the radiologists and they said that most if any symptoms do occur then they will happen during or with in an hour or two from the treatment. People whom experience effects hours after the treatment have a milder form of what my experience was. However, I am not sure if I even believe this based on what I have read on the internet on what others have gone through.  
    Thank you for hearing my story and hope that it helps some people that tell you that they may have to have a test like this. Information is the key to healthy choices about our health.  
    My treatment was on 9/25/09 and today is 9/28/09.  
    Thank you,  

    posted @ Monday, September 28, 2009 11:46 AM by Bobby Janson

    I had a MRI this morning of the brain for headaches and tinnitus. I also had the die injection, was easy and no side effects at all not even a warm feeling nothing just a pinch from the of luck!

    posted @ Tuesday, September 29, 2009 1:29 PM by sheila

    i had MRI with contrasts taken now of both sholders and hip joints yeah its nerve racking i wasent sick after a good bit of pain in the sholders but they hurt normaly so.... the worst part was hearing the Dr. inserting the needle and scraping it aginst the bone accdently uhhh man blood curdleing....

    posted @ Thursday, October 01, 2009 9:24 PM by timothe

    I had an MRI earlier today with and w/o contrast. Besides my tech not finding a vein for the needle the first 5 tries, everything was fine. The contrast hasn't had any effect on me except some mild flushing during a couple of my CTs.  I'd say, for me, the MRI was like being attached to a boring metal concert featuring drum circle interludes. With needles. Unfortunately, I get to find out Monday if my brain tumor is for sure gone. =)

    posted @ Saturday, October 03, 2009 1:04 AM by Ash

    I recently had an MRI w/ Gadolinium on Tuesday, September 2009. The test went well without and complications. I have to admit that I was petrified because this was my first MRI, but the machine was pretty big so with a prayer to calm my nerves, my Claustrophobia didn't act up. About half was through the test, the tech. took me out of the machine, askde me to ball up a fist, placed a tourniquet on and inserted the needle with the contrast dye. She took a few more scans, then the test concluded.  
    *Note: the area of injection was on the lower right portion of my forearm, just below the crease.* 
    A few hours after I left the hospital and returned home, I notcied two red spots under the skin, presumably the veins, in the middle of the crease of my arm. I thought it was odd because the tech. said the dye was a clear color and I hadn't been informed of this as a result. The redness disappeared yesterday (10/2/09). Between yesterday and today, there was a red spot on the location where the injection was placed.The redness has since disappeared also. HOWEVER, since Tuesday night, there has been a moderate soreness in the area and it feels bumpy, almost like when u're having a muscle spasm. It hurts to run over the area with my hand, lotion, shower or things of that nature. 
    I called the Nurse Hotline for my insurance company & the lady informed me to take some type of anti-inflamatory (Motrin/Ibuprofin, Naproxen/Aleve, Tylenol or aspirin) and place heat on the area by way of a warm cloth or pad for every 15-20 minutes while awake.  
    I''m not sure how this experience will turn out, but prayerfully everything will be fine. God bless and good luck to all.

    posted @ Saturday, October 03, 2009 10:07 PM by Kay

    Hello all. I had an MRI with contact dye on 9-29-09. While I was in the machine I noticed that I had blorchy burning sensations on my face. I figured it was just in my head because when the procedure was over I did not notice any more burning. I did however have a horrible headache. I went home and complained about the headache and some aches and pains so I figured I was getting the flu. On 9-30-09 I stayed home from work and slept the entire day. On 10-1-09 I managed to go to work for a few hours but had to leave because I felt terrible and my face was burning, almost like a sunburn but it was hot from the inside out. On Friday 10-2-09 I stayed home again just feeling terrible. My face was hurting, my joints hurt and I felt like I had medicine head. Friday afternoon when I looked into the mirror I found that my face is completely broken out in sore pimples and the corners of my mouth are burned. It is now 10-4-09 and I am still broken out, have sores on my tongue and am battling pain and medicine head feeling. Does anyone have any idea how long this could last? I am thinking it must be from the dye I was given on Tuesday for my MRI. 
    Any thoughts are greatly appreciated... 

    posted @ Sunday, October 04, 2009 9:40 PM by Amy

    To Amy, It sounds like you have had an allergic reaction and you need to see your doctor. I had headache and redness,swelling and rash but it was just the injection site area. See your doctor and let us know how you are doing. You should be over this by now. Blessings, Sandy

    posted @ Monday, October 05, 2009 12:19 AM by Sandra Trank

    I had an MRI with contrast on 10/2/09. The dye was injected into a hand vein at about 8:45am. Later in the day, when doing computer work, I noticed my forearm was tender. It was worse the next day, with swelling and redness at the IV site and my forearm. The next day (yesterday),I played a competitive tennis match, and my arm was very painful afterwards. Now, today, it's almost unbearable to the touch, red and swollen. I managed to get an appt. with an urgent care doc tonight. He thinks it's phlebitis, but is not ruling out a blood clot (I have a genetic defect that predisposes me to blood clots). Too late to get an ultrasound. 
    Moral of the story: don't get the dye if you don't have to. I am a super healthy 52 year old female and I am blown away by the MRI technician's failure to warn me of possible complications. He really should've told me not to play tennis - to take it easy for several days. He did not, even after I told him how active I am. The urgent care doc implied that phlebitis following gadolinium injection is not uncommon. I was not adequately counseled in this regard prior to the test.

    posted @ Monday, October 05, 2009 9:37 PM by Jackie

    I had an MRI with contrast this morning and although the entire procedure took a full hour, I have had no noticeable side effects since then - five hours ago. No problems!

    posted @ Tuesday, October 06, 2009 12:07 PM by Bill Gutches

    I have had numerous MRIs, due to various health issues. All of them have gone smoothly without issue. I had a different insurance this time, and had to go somewhere different. I just had an MRI today, and I can sympathize with those who had some issues.My tech also did not get all of the dye into the vein. My hand felt like it was on fire (and still does, to a certain extent, hours later). She told me that all it takes is a small drop to get under the skin, and it can burn. She said that it would be gone in around 10 mins. No such luck. MRIs can go well, if you get a good tech. I did not get one of those this time.

    posted @ Tuesday, October 06, 2009 1:45 PM by Jennifer

    I had an MRI w/ contrast today for a tear in my hip joint. I had previously had a regular MRI but it didn't show the detail of the tear. I am a little confused by the comments about blaming the technicians for the side effects. A Radiologist did the treatment. I have a little burning at the site but other than that all is well.

    posted @ Tuesday, October 13, 2009 9:32 PM by Stephanie

    I had a breast MRI this morning and they were using a power injector for the contrast. Well, when the technician talk me that they wree injecting the contrast I felt a spray of cool liquid over my head, I decided not to squeeze the ball to stop the study since htey'd told me that stopping would mean having to repeat. Once the study was over I told them about the sprinkling and of course it was a malfunction. They'll submit the images taken but I might have to go back for a repeat. I hope not. Anyone else experienced malfunctions with poewr injectors?

    posted @ Wednesday, October 14, 2009 10:06 AM by Shelley

    I had my first MRI performed Friday, with contrast. The test was at noon and i went back to work afterwards. No problem with the test-the people were wonderful and no reaction to the contrast. However,it is now Sunday night and i've had lower back pain all weekend (hoping it's not my kidneys) and cant seem to stay off the toilet for more than an hour. Didnt read any of these symptoms above in a post. Anyone else??

    posted @ Monday, October 19, 2009 1:23 AM by sparky

    If you had pre-existing kidney disease before the MRI, the gadolinium (assuming that's what they used for contrast) can be problematic. You might want to do some google searches with, "gadolinium","kidney" and see if you find info that might be helpful. Good luck.

    posted @ Monday, October 19, 2009 11:37 PM by Jackie

    My doctor requested me to have a brain MRI w contrast only if needed. Well I ended up getting injected with dye at the end and got really sick from it. I wonder why I ended up having to have the dye. Would that mean they saw something? I don't see my doctor for a week. It kind of makes me nervous.

    posted @ Thursday, October 22, 2009 6:49 PM by Robin

    Had an MRI on 10/21/09. Several hours later it feels like someone punched me in the nose. Has anyone experience the same problem.

    posted @ Friday, October 23, 2009 6:43 AM by EP

    The reason that you had a dye injected was to look at the brain. Yes people do tend to get sick, ill or have a reaction to it, like myself. The nurses and doctors said that it was possible because of an allergy for shellfish.  
    You should see your <Doctor>, as soon as possible.

    posted @ Friday, October 23, 2009 11:37 AM by Bobby Janson

    I had a contrast MRI of breasts 6 weeks ago as my mammogram showed up cysts and nodules. I felt all the typical symptoms of heat and slight burning during the slow injection of the contrast but did not worry about it. Since then l have had so much on my plate l thought that l was just getting run down and overdoing it but have felt exhausted and have difficulty sleeping and getting up. It really got bad 2 weeks ago when l started to have right sided headaches. The headaches are on the outside of my head. It feels like the arteries are larger than on the left side and it gets worse at night. Ended up taking some oxycodone that l had left over from a previous surgery in July the pain was so bad. It is like an electric shock going up and down the right side of my head. Now going for a head CT to see what is going on. The pain is not going away. Anyone else had these symptoms?

    posted @ Thursday, October 29, 2009 6:49 PM by Trish

    I'm having an MRI w/contrast of the brain on Nov. 10. I've had one without which was nothing. After reading all these comments I am a bit concerned. I have to drive 60 miles for the test. They didn't tell me to bring someone with me. Was planning on doing this by myself. Do I have to have a driver?

    posted @ Friday, October 30, 2009 1:49 PM by sally

    If you are going to take a sedative for claustrophobia then yes, you should have someone to drive you home.

    posted @ Sunday, November 01, 2009 10:19 PM by Ravi Sohal

    I had a brain tumor in 2005 and I have had over 35+ MRI's done over the years with no side effects.  
    I recently had a spot that showed up on a MRI now they want me to have a MRS ? what the heck is this?

    posted @ Monday, November 09, 2009 2:01 PM by Suzy Giddens

    I was diagnosed with MS 2 years ago. I had my first MRI without contrast and am about to go in next week for my 2nd. They are suggesting a contrast be done. After reading some of these comments, I am very hesitant about this procedure. Anyone else with MS had to do an MRI w/ contrast? If so, what was your experience like?

    posted @ Tuesday, November 10, 2009 11:44 AM by Kelly

    I have an MRI tomorrow morning. My doctor explained in detail the risks of using the dye but felt it was needed to give him the best information possible for diagnosis. He ordered a blood test to see if I have any kidney problems to make sure it was safe to use the dye. I know there is no 100% guarantee but I feel better knowing my kidneys have checked out ok. From what I've read complications from kidney problems and the dye can be serious and permanent.

    posted @ Tuesday, November 10, 2009 9:55 PM by Stefanie

    I have really bad headaches pretty much everyday for the last 2-3 years. i take meds but then a couple of hours later it always comes back, my doctor wants me to get a MRI both with and with out the contrast. I am completely terrified of needles and things going in to me, it took my doctor years to get my blood taken so i am really freaking out about the IV already but then i read of all the side effects, what should i do?? Should i request with out or should i just do with? ps: i dont eat seafood so im not sure if im alergic. please get back with me, thanks!

    posted @ Friday, November 13, 2009 6:57 PM by Magan

    Greetings, folks. 
    So, I have a contrast MRI of the brain in a few weeks and to be frank, I'm not that nervous about the contrast agent itself. 
    Reading around, it seems that most adverse reactions are extremely rare and are mostly related to pre-existing kidney issues. 
    That aside, I've also discovered that the EMA has classified existing commercial contrast agents into three groups, higher, intermediate and lower risks of releasing free Gd ions (a bad thing). 
    My question or rather, quandry, is.. Will the radiologist use the contrast agent of my choice if it is available or will he laugh in my face? 
    Granted, I'm the patient, but those guys tend to be, you know.. Obstinate, to put it lightly. 
    Anyone has any experience with this situation?

    posted @ Tuesday, November 17, 2009 10:05 AM by Fred

    My father age 73, was suffering from fever since last one an half year, 4 months back our dr diagnosed that he has a TB, now just 20 days back he started shaking while talking, our dr suggest to have MRI, result of which is not satisfactory, now neorologist told us to have MRI with contrast to have a further investigation of previous MRI result, we are very much worried about the risk of side effect of MRI with contrast, please advice us as to what to do in this situation? please also note that he has a PSA 23 and also an astema patient? I will be glad if someone with this type of issue will guide me on this.

    posted @ Wednesday, November 18, 2009 4:26 AM by Brian

    I had a pelvic MRI with and without contrast. They did the first one without contrast. Then they injected the day and I started having pelvic cramping and nausea. 
    The next day I noticed that my skin was super dry with scaling on my lower legs. 
    Now I'm having lower back pain and cramps a week later. Not my period as I never get cramps. Anyone else have this?

    posted @ Thursday, November 19, 2009 12:23 PM by tmm

    I am scheduled to have an MRI w/contrast tomorrow on my hip. Does anyone know where they will inject the contrast in me. I have heard they inject it straight into your joint, and I am totally freaked out!

    posted @ Thursday, November 19, 2009 6:00 PM by Jessica Gray

    Hi Jessica, 
    It depends. Some hip MRIs are done with an IV injection only. Others with a direct injection into the hip and are called "MR Arthrogram". The direct injection is done under x-ray first with some local anesthesia. You'll be asked to move your hip around, maybe take short walk and then get your MRI done.

    posted @ Thursday, November 19, 2009 6:30 PM by Ravi Sohal

    Had a arthogram (mri w/contrast) done directly into my shoulder joint. Was painful, to say the least, but not for very long. Now the next day my arm is so very stiff and sore, more so then the original injury. Does anyone have any opinions or experience with this?

    posted @ Friday, November 20, 2009 12:52 PM by Carolyn

    its intrusting to go through this site

    posted @ Saturday, November 21, 2009 11:44 AM by vibin thomas

    Yeah, Thanks for the intelligent comment Mr. Thomas.

    posted @ Saturday, November 21, 2009 9:13 PM by Carolyn

    had one today, no problems, piece of cake. no reactions. if you have burning, not warmness - burning that means the dye went into the tissue, not the vein.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 08, 2009 9:45 PM by mels

    I had a reaction to CT Scan Contrast Dye...severe and was told always tell them I am allergic to contrast dye. I had an MRI scheduled Monday and they wanted me to sign papers saying I understand the risk of the contrast dye ...I told them no way they could not do the dye with me. The front staff looked at me like I was stupid. I refused the test with the Contrast. The tech tells me that there is a huge difference between CT and MRI contrast dye and that I will be just fine.  
    Thoughts anyone? 
    I mean its my body, I said no so no means NO. Now they want me to come back and take some Prednisone before the test. 

    posted @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 2:32 PM by Gail

    Gail, You are right, it is your body and part of Patients Rights is to refuse. There is probably a difference between the contrasts but they use several different ones, who is to say you won't have a reaction? Nobody knows for sure but I do know one thing, is that when you react adversely to a substance the second time can be worse because your body has already produced antibodies from the first exposure. I agree with you and if it were me, Prednisone or no, I would refuse. We have that right and doctors must find another way to safely get the info they need.

    posted @ Wednesday, December 09, 2009 5:26 PM by Sandy

    Gail, it is absolutely within your rights to refuse, however, you should be aware that MRI contrast agents and CT contrast agents are very different things. 
    Obviously, that doesn't mean you won't have an allergic reaction; perhaps not from the agent itself, but possibly from what they stick along with it. 
    As an immunosuppressant, Prednisone should help with a reaction, should you have one; but be aware that it has other, obvious, effects. You will be somewhat immunocompromised for a short period of time. 
    Contrast MRI are used to find things other scans normally can't, if your doctor recommended it, it's likely he's trying to find something specific. 
    Obviously, it's your call; and let no-one tell you differently. 
    My MRI is scheduled for tomorrow, I'll let you know if I die :)

    posted @ Friday, December 11, 2009 11:38 AM by Fred

    I am scheduled to have my MRI done on Monday. I am getting nervous mainly because I tend to have reactions to dyes and anthesitics. My nuerologist wants me to have the MRI with contrast since I have recently lost the ability to hear well and have had severe migrianes and dizziness. He is nervous about the veins and nerves in my brain. I am nervous because I have mono right now and I am already in pain and constantly stiff and achy. I have two small boys he need my attention and it is hard enough now,so if I have a reaction I don't know what I would do. My husband can't take off from work as he is a Marine. I think I will ask for the IV. I am always cold too, do they keep it warm in the room or will the dye make me hot? Really nervous and worried. 

    posted @ Sunday, December 13, 2009 5:14 AM by Heather

    I had an MRI with contrast and without today. The experience was fine, though I was not told about possible side effects from the dye. The needle went in fine, so far I have no side effects whatsoever more than 7 hours later.

    posted @ Sunday, December 13, 2009 9:19 PM by Lauren N.

    Heather, Different kinds of dyes are used which causes many different reactions. The IV is a good idea as it is more likely they will get the dye into your vein and no leakage into your tissue. That is what usually causes the pain, during the injection and afterward. You will feel a warmth or flushing feeling for a minute or so but shouldn't after that. When I had mine, they used a syringe to inject it into my vein and blew the vein so a lot got into my tissue and burned like fire for a long time and then bruising and swelling. I had 2 injection sites which made it worse. The technique was bad, the tech was not good at what she did. Sad,it shouldn't be that way. The dye hurts too much to have them miss the vein. It took about 2 weeks for that to go away and was very tender to touch and it hurt to move my arm. Hopefully you will have an IV and won't have a problem. The other side effect can be headache, which I did have but it wasn't bad. I had to have the contrast due to a history of melanoma cancer. You should do fine, many people do but there are those of us who have problems. You should be well hydrated before the test and drink lots of fluid after to help flush out your system. Don't be afraid, just informed. It takes a few minutes to do the test, its a perfect time to pray. Blessings, Sandy

    posted @ Monday, December 14, 2009 1:15 PM by Sandy

    Hi I had a MRI with dye done on 12-11-09. It was the worst experience went really bad. as soon as they started to inject the dye in my arm it started to burn. I told them it was burning and they said it suppose to. I told then i had one before and it never felt this way . I started crying and screaming. They came and checked my arm was swore they took the iv out and put a icepack on it and started a new one. My arm was still burning so bad. By the time i got back to my room my arm was twice the size and had a blister. When i got home i had a lot more.within 3 hours they got so big they started connecting and i was in so much pain i went back to the hospital and they admitted me. First they said i need surgery. a couple hours later another doctor said i don't. I got out the next day still in pain and with a headache that lasted 2 days. its been 4 days I'm still in pain and the blisters is still here. i know the dye got under my skin. I hope i don't get any worst

    posted @ Monday, December 14, 2009 7:50 PM by Tara U[shaw

    If you guys don't like the dye, which is extremely important to get the best pictures to find your problem and can save your LIFE then deny it!. Nobody is forcing you. Most MRI centers have a consent form of the dye if you wish to have it or not. If you don't want the dye, don't complain if you die of cancer or some other disease in the following months or years. Thats YOUR choice. Deny the DYE!. Your disease is worth more than the DYE!. DYE!!.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 15, 2009 1:46 AM by robert smith

    Ok. So I had my MRi done without contrast and then with it on Wednesday. Lets just say I was nervous and that didn't help. But in all it wasn't really too terrible. The techs I had were very good at what they did, the only complications I had was that I was in one of the closed MRI's and that freaked me out a little even though I'm not claustophic it still made me nervous. It was REALLY loud even with the earplugs. The room was extremely cold i had my thick fleece pjs on and 3 blankets and was still cold to the touch. I had an IV put in for the contrast which wasn't too bad since I drank tons of water the day before and that morning. I had a complications that were minor such as extreme dizziness when I was done with the MRI, I couldn't walk from it. Mainly because I had been on the table for and hour and half. Plus I got really bad abd pain later. They said that would be a side affect so I kinda expected it. But they gave me a copy of the MRI and looks really cool! I think the hardest part was not knowing what it would be like and being in an environment that you can't controll and can't move in is the worst part. I hope everyone else has better luck!

    posted @ Thursday, December 17, 2009 10:44 AM by Heather

    I had a MRI today with contrast, second time, had one 2 years ago for same thing. I have weird ear symptoms every winter, this year have ringing, crickets. Doctor wants to hopefully rule out tumor. First, one nurse put in a butterfly. She said I had a nice vein on my left arm. She was good, felt nothing except the initial prick a littel. Then, I did the first round of non-contrast images. Then, the nurse who was operating the MRI, came in and injected the contrast, and I did 7 more minutes. Felt nothing from the dye when it went in, feel nothing now, was 6 hours ago. I'm drinking a lot of water and hot green tea.

    posted @ Monday, December 21, 2009 9:13 PM by Tony

    I am scheduled for am MRI with and without contrast of my abdomen & pelvis on Saturday. The tech called ttoday, I told her that I have ahd bad reactions to CT contrast in the past, and a history of elevated liver enzymes. I am going because of severe pain in my lower right side. My PCP sent me to a gastro doc asked for a colonoscopy...he said it was probably IBS ... but could be appedix or a perferf bowel. I have no fever, just pain. I can not get anyone to anser the question if they are looking for appendix/perf or cancer what is the difference between with and without contrast? Can they not see those things without? Really not oomfortable with just the tech and a paramedic in the room.. no doctors are in these scan places, but she told me it would NOT burn, there is 18cc'c injected and another 20cc' of saline to fluch it out... again, how much difference between with and without is there really?

    posted @ Thursday, December 24, 2009 5:31 PM by BJ

    I have mine in 2 hours for brain and back. Both with and without. I had to relent and do it. I am on Prednizon 50mg every 6 hours for 24 hours and they have been warned that I was highly allergic to the CT dye. I can only trust these fine young men and ladies that tell me that the dye is different. The research on the internet show its different. The dye is necessarya to show clearly items they normally do not pick up on the scan. Its important so I will do this, but I am scared.

    posted @ Saturday, December 26, 2009 9:26 AM by Gail

    I had my MRI successfully on Saturday. I had zero reaction to the dye. They told me just to be sure I always take Prednizone for the 24 hours prior and I should have no problems. I had no burning sensations, nothing. Didnt feel a thing and thank goodness I did not have an allergic reaction.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:16 AM by Gail

    My father-in-law went in for a cholecystectomy (gallbladder surgery), an out-patient, rather simple procedure. He was given a contrast dye for his MRI and his kidneys stopped functioning. That was 7 weeks ago and he died tonight. He had no prior kidney problems and his creatinine level was normal before the dye was given. DO NOT allow anyone to use this dye, unless you are facing a life threatening issue.

    posted @ Thursday, December 31, 2009 10:16 PM by Ray Davis

    I was in a car accident in June of 2009 and continued to have neck pain for months even after physical therapy and cortisone shots. My doctor sent me for an MRI without contrast in November, which while terrifying being in such a small space, was tolerable. The radiologist detected a syrinx, or cyst in my spinal column, and suggested that I have another MRI done with contrast to better see what is going on. I am scheduled for this test this Wednesday and I am very scared. I know that this is the best way to find out what is going on, but I am not a fan of needles or lying in that small "tube" for an hour or more.  
    Thanks for the opporunity to vent :)

    posted @ Sunday, January 10, 2010 1:44 PM by Jessica

    had a mri of the brain on sat. Broke out in a rash that nite all over my body.Over the counter meds don't work. Ice helps. Should I contact my Pimary care doc. It really itches Helppppppppp

    posted @ Tuesday, January 12, 2010 3:34 PM by cindy anderson

    Yes you should contact your PCP and the MRI tech ASAP!!! Consider taking 50mg of anti-histamine. BUT CONTACT YOUR PCP and nurse on call...

    posted @ Thursday, January 14, 2010 1:31 PM by Bobby Janson

    Cindy, Yes Yes Yes! Call your dr and if you can't get seen right away, go to the er. Don't mess with this! It could be really serious.

    posted @ Thursday, January 14, 2010 2:52 PM by Sandy

    Hi everybody, i once had a ct scan with dye but i didn't have any reaction. just few days ago i had my first MRI with contrast to check my liver. during the test which should take about 30min my arms and legs got numb. as i have history of hyperventilation, it's really freaking me out when they told me it's still 10mins to go. i let it still run for maybe 2mins and i asked to stop because i can't handle the numb any more because it's gradually going toward my heart and boyfriend had to hold me when they pulled me out of the mri device.after the test, i started to experience shoting pain on my lower back and later become terrible pain around my ovary part feeling like i am having a terrible menstruation and still going on and on. with pain killer is not helping and i can't sleep.does anyone have this kind of reaction and how long it took to have the pain go away? 
    thx for everybody to share the experience.take care.

    posted @ Friday, January 15, 2010 8:04 AM by AYC

    Hey ladies, I just had an idea. I have an MRI today and I'm a petite woman. I will place maxi pads under those protruding hip bones. Wish me luck! And furthermore, thank goodness the contrast was not ordered for my lumbar MRI...because it sounds to be really risky business and painful!

    posted @ Monday, January 18, 2010 10:51 AM by Suzie

    I've had both MRIs with and without contrast. The ones without contrast were normal and there was nothing my doctors could determine from them. I am slightly claustrophobic, so the small space made me very uncomfortable. MRIs of the brain make me more uncomfortable than I've ever been. 
    The MRIs with contrast, however, went FINE, I had no side-effects, and they were not bad experience sat all (thank goodness). they also helped my doctor diagnose me. Now, as a result of the tests, I had exploratory surgery and am all cured!

    posted @ Monday, January 18, 2010 3:42 PM by Claire

    Hey guy's I'm a nuclear medicine technologist and a MR technologist who just finished his training and is about to write my exam soon. I've done hundreds of MR exams with contrast and i've read up extensively on the topic. 
    just a few things to clear up. 
    MR dye is not CT dye, they're very different.Ct dye is iodine based while MR dye is gadolinium based, you can have an allergic reaction to the CT dye but be perfectly fine getting the MR dyes and vice versa. 
    When the dye is administered to you, like any other substance that you're exposed to, there's a small chance you could have an allergic reaction to it. what does that feel like? well it could be mild like itching at the injection site with a rash or hives, airways closing off and what not. If you feel anything like that let the technologists know. As with anything else there's a small chance you might have a reaction to the dye, even if you've had it before. 
    If you have a reaction report it right away, most of the time the radiologist will administer IV benadrly and monitor you for a good hour or two. An incident report should be written up and submitted to the drug manufacturer.  
    Now if the injection goes smoothly and you don't have a reaction all you will feel is a bit of coolness running up your arm as the dye goes in. This is because the dye is at room temperature which is about 12-13 degrees cooler than your body temperature. If all you feel is coolness and nothing else, that's great. 
    If you feel a burning, sensation as the injection is going in, and your arm feels swollen and hard. Well that's what you would call a screw up. The person who started the IV on you didn't do a very good job, or you had delicate veins that blew. What happens is that all of part of the injection ends up in between the layers of fat and muscle in your arm instead of going into the veins. This causes the pain and heat receptors to fire like crazy which causes the burning/stinging and numbness.  
    It happens sometimes especially because the pump used for the injection uses pretty high pressures while injection to get nice a tight bolus of the injection to help with the imaging. 
    The only real concern that people should have with a contrast enhanced MRI should be when they're renally compromised. someone earlier mentioned NSF, yes it's an issue, yes there have been reported cases but if i remember correctly there were maybe a 200 cases reported over the last two decades and the only commonality they found was that the patients severely renally compromised. Now if that sounds like a high number consider the millions if not hundreds of millions of MRIs that have been performed in that same time. Any good doctor and good MR center would first check your renal function before administering contrast, even if it was a basic "do you have kidney problems," although most go into more detail that that and require a blood test done in the last 2 weeks to 1 month. 
    All i can say is, don't be afraid of an MRI with or without contrast, just try to stay calm and relaxed. It's a very easy routine exam. Personally, I always encourage my patients to ask as many questions as possible. I always give them a basic step by step breakdown of what's going to happen and what to expect and i always prefer that they ask as many questions as they need to before the test starts. 
    Just remember at the end of the day, we're both there to help you get better by figuring out what if anything is wrong with you in the first place. 
    Contrast is an very useful tool which sometimes makes or breaks the effectiveness of an MR exam. I would definitely encourage anyone that's unsure to call your doctor or call the MR center ahead of schedule to talk to someone. 
    Alright this is long enough, 
    Goodnight everyone 
    take care.

    posted @ Monday, January 18, 2010 6:27 PM by Tech!

    hi- is nausea a common side effect of the contrast dye with an mri? i am very sick to my stomach from it. the mri was done on my head to diagnose migraines. thanks.

    posted @ Wednesday, January 27, 2010 6:39 PM by deborah lowe

    I'm going for a MRI with dye in Feb.I'm very glad the Tech.wrote in it made it a little better to deal with. but my question is years ago I had a Milegram and had a very bad reaction to the dye is this the same dye? Also is there any meds or herbal meds that I should stop taking before this procedure? I've had several MRI's without dye in the past and there not a problem it's just the dye I'm sacared of. Thank you for your time! Irene

    posted @ Wednesday, January 27, 2010 9:53 PM by Irene

    Had an MRI with contrast yesterday. Was awakened with severe dizziness and nausea ths morning. Seeme to be passing now but I still feel "weird". Will never have it done again. I had no warnings from the tech as to possible side effects.

    posted @ Saturday, January 30, 2010 10:29 AM by George

    i just had my 1st mri tonight - open mri w contrast for lower back (i have chronic back pain - spazzing, locks up, feels like i'm being squeezed by a boa - have to have upper back and knees done next)the mri center was really nice,the atmosphere was comforting and homey. they even let me choose what music i wanted to listen to during the procedure. other than a slight headache i feel fine so far. i hope other people have the same experience - the small added touches (cookies in the waiting room that looks like your living room, choice of music, etc.) put me more at ease about future appointments.

    posted @ Tuesday, February 09, 2010 9:12 PM by Lynda Schaum

    Had about 7MRIs within 2yrs w/contrast dye. No one ever mentioned possible side effects! Never even thought about it until reading this. Techs were nice, but no music & always miss my vein! Have a brain tumor so I'll always have to have the contrast dye.

    posted @ Friday, February 12, 2010 12:31 AM by rachelrodriguez

    I had MRI few weeks ago.. side effects are: itchiness of the eye.. really itchy.. haha.. coughing.. sneezing .. right after the injection.. after few minutes.. they put me back to the machine.. it was alright although it makes my face swollen after.. =)

    posted @ Saturday, February 13, 2010 9:26 AM by marie

    It seems like the majority have side effects.Possible Side effects were never mentioned to me by anyone. And why do the techs seem to always miss our vein?? Had a spectroscopy along w/my regular MRI-had to be in that tube for about 1 1/2 hrs. It was horrible. Had a blanket&pillow-but no music.

    posted @ Sunday, February 14, 2010 11:58 AM by rachel rodriguez

    I have strange itchiness on my hands after few weeks of my first MRI with contrast. i had problem with my kidney and horrible pain @ the bladder. nobody told me to drink lots of water after the test with contrast. last week i had my 2nd mri because i couldn't finish the 1st mri due to the numb of my 4 members after 20 mins in the machine. the 2nd time went better and shorter so i didn't have much problem with kidney but i still had numb and itchiness.the numb could be caused by the special way of holding of the breathing required by the test and that i had suffered from hyperventilation before. make sure to tell the technician about it before you go into the machine.the room can be quite cold that make sure to tell the technician to have blanket on you.

    posted @ Sunday, February 14, 2010 5:22 PM by aiying

    Hi Rachel, 
    Yes it does seem most of the comments on this post are about side effects. But there are studies which measure that CT scan and MRI dye side effects - check out this other post: 

    posted @ Monday, February 15, 2010 8:50 AM by Ravi Sohal

    Many years ago, I had a violent reaction to x ray dye injected to do kidney x rays and almost died on the table. My throat closed, pulsed raced, blood pressure went way up, all in a few seconds. Now I need an MRI for my liver and am afraid of the contrast dye. I'm being told that the contrast they used for MRI's is totally different, but I still can't bring myself to agree to take the test. Any thoughts, anyone?

    posted @ Monday, February 15, 2010 3:59 PM by Marilyn

    Marilyn, I would be worried about that too. You may consider the MRI without contrast to see if they can get the info they need. They can see a lot without contrast but if they can't see clearly and its life or death that they do, I would consider it only if they have all the meds within reach to counteract any allergic reaction you may have. Your dr may be able to give you something before the exam. Ask him and share your fears, if he or she doesn't appreciate your feelings,I would consider finding another dr. Ask people how their drs treat them, that's the best way to find a good one! Pray all goes well with you. Let us know!

    posted @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010 10:33 AM by Sandy

    I had a Mri with dye yesterday. I had no problems, everything went well. Just as described above the procedure happened just like that. 

    posted @ Tuesday, February 16, 2010 5:02 PM by Bridget

    I had a brain tumor removed in 2006. Since then I have a MRI each year with contrast. I do not want to let another tumor go undected. They checked my kidney function before the test this time.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 17, 2010 2:40 PM by Dennis

    Had my MRI with dye everything went well just a little dizzy and a slight headache but past with fresh air. I was prescribed Prednizon and 50milgrams Benadryl to be taken 1 hour before my appointment I feel this helped if I had not taken this I'm sure my reaction would have been much worse.

    posted @ Thursday, February 18, 2010 12:17 AM by Irene

    I'm supposed to get an MRI for my ankle to determine the extent of the ligament damage and check for small fractures sometime soon because of an injury from about 3 weeks ago.  
    Much to my dismay- or horror, actually- I found out that they may inject a contrast agent... First off, will I need the dye? Secondly, will they inject it directly into my ankle or through IV? I am afraid of needles, and want to go in as prepared as possible. Any information about the subject that anybody would be willing to share would be greatly appreciated.  
    Thank you.

    posted @ Friday, February 19, 2010 2:02 AM by Amanda

    I posted a few days ago that I was to have an MRI yesterday (Saturday) and was afraid, because many years ago, I almost died on the table after being injected with x ray dye. I was assured the MRI contrast was totally different and I didn't need to worry. Well, I just wanted to report that I did just fine with the MRI contrast. Thanks to some of you who responded to me.

    posted @ Monday, February 22, 2010 12:04 AM by Marilyn

    Like any other test, MRI has its pros and cons. It seems people are only highlighting the cons here rather than the pros. Any and all medicines and even vitamins have side effects; dyes too have the same. It is for the patient to decide if they want the scan done and nobody, REPEAT NOBODY can pressurise them to do it. The ball is in your court, if you want to play.

    posted @ Monday, February 22, 2010 7:57 AM by Alex

    I just had an open MRI where they injected 12 ml of contrast color, and so far so good. I'm having no reactions other than feeling a little bit thirsty but nothing to serious. I would say overall I'm perfectly fine and my tech explained that its very unlikely for anything to happen, almost rare for allergic reactions. And so far hes right. I would say if anyones nervous and god knows I was just try to calm now and take it cause it shows more in the scan and the it helps doctors evaluate better what there trying to find. But if you have any questions ask your doctor!

    posted @ Monday, February 22, 2010 8:56 AM by krista

    hi Alex, 
    i don't agree with you.when you are first time having mri and nobody is telling you before the appointment that they will inject you the dye and what could happen and what you could do, you can't decide. in my case, they only said to me that they will inject the dye at the moment i went in to the room and they didn't tell my right. people who go there for the first time are mostly confused by the situation or fear because for simple thing you don't need mri. it's difficult for them to judge what is ok or not. a good prior information from the doctor or specialist is needed but most of the time it's not well done.for sure nobody can push you to have mri and it's your decision to have it or not. here we are discussing and sharing experience to help each other to understand what mri means to us and what can happen after it and how we can deal with it if you have side effects. if it goes well with someone, it's nice but it doesn't tell the people who have problem to deal with the side effect.sometime it can give panic to some people who are sensitive to anything that comes after the test. so understand it better will definitely help patients to overcome their fear and know it's normal to have certain problem if it happens. share with people positive or negative results are both good. and if you stay longer, you will also find people share their positive side of having mri. it's not always negative. i found it very useful that people share their experiences, specially the side effects because soemof them are not mentioned and it happens to me soemof them. now i read people's reaction and i understand better to go on with the test.

    posted @ Monday, February 22, 2010 3:06 PM by AYC

    I recieved an MRI w/wo contrast yesterday. During injection, there was a strong buring sensation and the tech told me the vein had a blowout. After several minutes of burning, the sensations lessend and the tech tried again. The second time, there were no problems. The contrast agent caused no pain from the second injection. 
    Later in the day, my elbow was starting to break out in a rash. There was a burning sensation in the joint and I felt weak. I took some ibuprofen and benadryl, went to bed and woke up today feeling normal. 
    Not everyone has severe reactions to the contrast agent, even when the tech is not perfect. I imagine those who do not have a reaction never post here, mostly those that do.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 24, 2010 8:53 AM by Roger

    Hey i am going for an m.r.i next wed and they said i have to have the dye:(...i refused it before on a cat scan,.... i am having it done of my heart for 85min, im really nervous hate mri's too small and dont want to have an allergic reaction..hope i dont freak out...

    posted @ Wednesday, February 24, 2010 5:15 PM by Brianne

    Due to reoccurring brain tumor, I have had 24 MRI's with contrast. 
    most all with the auto injector that injects 20cc in about 4 seconds with saline flush to follow. I have had one blow out of the vein that feels like battery acid under the skin, I am starting to have some joint pain. Patches have shown up on my hands. the 4th and 5th re-growths were found @ 2mm in size that probably could have not been detected otherwise.I can now put myself into a trance when I am slid into the MRI "coffin" and Woody Woodpecker is unleashed! 
    Is there better alternatives?? 

    posted @ Sunday, February 28, 2010 7:40 PM by Ben There

    hi, i've had a CT brain-with contrast + a shoulder MRI -with contrast. Had no problems with the contrast dye (at all). ...i'm going for a knee MRI this week [pre +post contrast] & hopefully will be as before [no problems with the contrast dye].

    posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 4:39 AM by sheryl halstead

    i had an mri with dye yesterday an my arm is brused but im fine up to now. it was over welming the feeling inside but the better they know to get it sorted .an helps resolve problems.i just thought it was like students try to play the drums for the 1st time or some kind of instument.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 03, 2010 6:35 AM by jane

    Hello Everyone, I had a MRI done this morning because of the pain in my back. I also had the dye and everything went great.I was told to just drink a lot of water to flash everything out. As of right now and has been 6 hours and everytihng is okay:) Now if my back would get better I will be a happy person>::)

    posted @ Saturday, March 06, 2010 4:31 PM by Jeannette

    I had an MRI late last night from 9pm-12a. This was the first available they had. I had recently had one at the same facility during thee day. I was expecting it to be about the same, so the difficulties I had last night took me by surprise. The first MRI I had took about 45-60 minutes and was taken of tissue in my shoulder without contrast. The second was two different bone areas with contrast. During the first one the MRI tech would tell me "okay this one will be four minutes", now just two more.... For the one last night, there was no communication whatsoever until they came to adjust me. It was very unsettling because I was in pain. I didn't want to push the "panic button" because it seemed like that would only be for something really important or might mess up the MRI procedure. I laid there for over two and a half hours straight, most of the time with pain and 30 minutes of cramping. I finally told them about it (by pushing the "panic button") but they said they would have to start all over. I was not told there could be side effects from the dye. All of this was downplayed when I asked questions. Even though doctors seem to get very annoyed when you ask a lot of questions, (I have actually had one tell me that "he is the doctor and I should listen to his advice without "questioning it" so much"-I fired him) Had I had been prepared, it would have been a much less miserable experience. Today I have a hot red swollen face and am very thirsty, with body aches and fatigue. No one told me to drink a lot of fluids but I will now from reading other comments. My muscles ache and I am sore everywhere. I assume the aching muscles could be from the very uncomfortable positions they put me in that they said were "necessary" and not the contrast fluid. They also changed shifts while I was having the MRI and I assume this took some time too. If there is a next time, I will be much more prepared. I guess I will give it considerable thought whether or not to have one at night again. I wonder if the night shift people may were less qualified or less supervised as has been the case when I have worked late night shifts in my career. Live and learn.

    posted @ Sunday, March 07, 2010 3:33 PM by Renee

    well i had to have both a CT and MRI on yesterday. I had to drink the contrast, yeppers, all 900 ml of it, every 20 minutes. i felt fine when they got me in there, and then told me they had to put in an IV for the saline stuff, and MORE contrast?? within a few seconds after they put the saline in and the Contrast, was sick and had the hot flashes in the not so private areas.. along with dizziness, and such.. i agree that they do not really inform you to well of what will happen and such.. when i had the MRI they put even more Contrast in me.. once it was all done, i had to pee like 3 times, and as soon as i got home i have had back aches since then, i have been thirsty all day, not really hungry.. which is not good because i am recovering foot surgery as well as knee, the reason for both was to see if the mass they removed from my knee was cancerous, they did one pathology test and it came back positive for Myoxiod Liposarcoma..  
    but i agree, they are not to informative when it came to this stuff... so, is what am experiencing normal???

    posted @ Monday, March 08, 2010 12:59 AM by kari

    I've had two MRI's done last year - brain and lower back - and they were really no big deal despite the confined space and machine gun noises.  
    Today I had an appointment for both neck & thoracic MRI's but was never informed that this time it would be with contrast. I didn't even know such thing existed, and asking them questions did not help any since the techs weren't very knowledgeable at all.  
    So I flatly refused to proceed without having further details about the procedure and called my doctor instead because I suffer from vasovagal syndrome and just never know what might happen when things get injected into my body. I usually either shake violently, faint or get incredibly nauseous and sick to my stomach. Got no answer from my doc yet, but will weight the pros and cons and take it from there on how to proceed next. 
    This site has been a very valuable source of info on the subject, thanks to all who posted their experiences both good and bad - it's nice to have perspectives from both ends of the spectrum.  
    I just wish I had known about this forum before my appointment earlier today.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 09, 2010 2:14 AM by Marc

    I used to be a radiologic technologist and now I'm a patient. I also just learned from the secretary at the MRI office that my brain MRI will be performed with gadolinium tomorrow. 
    Here's my problem: I have gone into anaphylactic shock after an ACTH injection for inflammation. I also suffer from two rare allergies: methylparaben (a preservative used in many meds) as well as cortisone allergy. I break out in horrible hives even when using topical cortisone. On top of all of this, I am allergic to iodine. 
    If anyone else has any of these rare allergies and have had a successful experience with gadolinium, I would appreciate your comments here. Thanks.

    posted @ Monday, March 15, 2010 7:48 AM by maryis

    I had an MRA Jan.16, 2009. I have been ill ever since. I was on fire with a buring feeling all over for about 4 monthes. I know have pain in my joints and muscles. My skin texture has changed and I am fatigued every day. I had an MRA without contrast in Dec. and it went well. When I got the MRA with contrast and I have been ill ever since. I do not have kidney problems or diabetes. What is wrong with me? My doctors want me to get a deep skin biopsey. I think this is a very dangerous chemical and all the risks should be disclosed to every patient so they could make an informed decision.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 17, 2010 9:31 AM by Gail S. Montani

    I have regular CT and MRI scans and usually have a dye injected with both I dont get any effects with the MRI contrast but get lots with the CT one I discussed this when I had my scans redone yesterday I was told not to eat anything at least 2 hours before and to drink plenty before I came when they did the dye injection I felt a little hot and that was it which was great as I usually get all the side effects hot flush, foul taste, sudden need to uriate pain in hands feet and head and many more but none from yesterday. The contrast is important if tumours are there and unless I had a very severe reaction I will always have them done.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 17, 2010 9:31 AM by Liz

    I had an MRI with contrast done yesterday on my brain to ensure that my melanoma that was removed from my face and neck hadn't spread. It's been more than 24 hours now and I haven't had any problems. I was notified before hand about getting an injection of dye. However, I wasn't told of any potential side effects. Although I'm currently not suffering from any, I do agree with a lot of people here that they should be disclosed prior to so the patient can decide.

    posted @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 12:26 AM by Chris

    Hi Gail, 
    what illness you have to have MRI? look at the symptoms you have, maybe you were very stressed during the MRI or even before it.maybe you were hyperventilated during the scan? i had two mri scan this year both with dye for my liver and i had to breathe in a special way that i almost got into hyperventilation. i've been hyperventilated before few times, so am very sensitive with it when i get stressed or panick.when you get nervous and stressed, your body tense and joints and muscle can hurt lots and then you get more stress by just thinking what is going on with all this matter and the injection, etc. i know the feeling and you get very tired due to the stress because you don't sleep well. maybe you can discuss with your doctor about it. try to relax and get a good sleep for few days to see if problem would be improved. i am not doctor, i only tell from experience. to be sure, it's better to talk to your Dr. before that, you cn always try to relax. it doesn't harm, right? 
    good luck and take care, AYC

    posted @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 3:28 AM by AYC

    This is a follow up to my email on Monday. I am the former Xray tech who has a number of allergies.  
    I wanted to come back and report on how the study went. The techs were great. Very patient, showed me the gadolinium bottle to show me that there were no preservatives in it. Explained that the study would be the best it could be if I consented to the contrast being injected. 
    I decided to go ahead with it. Before the exam I told the tech to just go ahead and inject when it was time and not ask me again. 
    She injected the gadolinium and I felt NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. No burning, itching, nausea, hives, fear. It was absolutely as if she had just injected saline into my vein.  
    I will add that prior to the exam I took 10mg of Valium that was prescribed. And just prior to the study I took five more mg. I know it had a lot to do with my being calm. It's now been two days since I had the study and I have absolutely no lingering effects or side effects. Had I not taken the Valium I would still be reporting the same results to you. I hope this helps someone else who visits this website for help.

    posted @ Thursday, March 18, 2010 12:31 PM by maryis

    MRA is a MRI of the heart vessels. I had an MRI with contrast in 1994 and had no problems. I had an MRA with contrast and a year later I am still ill. I could not believe how much contrast they pumped into me.  
    I was not warned about any side effect,infact I was told that there are no side effects at all. Now I am finding out that the side effects can criple you or even slowly sufficate you to death. 
    Why would they not disclose this information to me? How many others are they keeping in the dark abouth the potential health risks? 
    I found out later that the FDA has not even approved the dye I had for MRA.

    posted @ Friday, March 19, 2010 10:29 AM by Gail

    Hi Gail, what kind of symptoms are you experiencing? I had an MRI contrast a few months and I have never been the same. I have moving pain all over my body that can't be explained by doctors. The only reason why I had the MRI Contrast was that they said only people with renal problems will have problems. People with healthy kidneys, the contrast is extremely safe. It is not only people who have kidney problems, but also liver patients.  
    For anyone who is planning to have an MRI Contrast please read about this person's ordeal after having an MRI Contrast. His user name is dead_man_walking. Here's the link : 
    Unless you are having a life or death situation, I would not risk getting contrast. They don't tell you that you do retain some of the gadolinium. Nobody excretes 100% of the gadolinium administered. So the amount of gadolinium you have might cause some danger in the future. The more I research on gadolinium, the more it gets ugly.  
    You don't have to have renal failure to contract this skin disease. I wished I've researched more on gadolinium before having this contrast. It angers me that they don't disclose all this information. Like if you have too much iron in your blood, the bond between the chelator and gadolinium will break apart. There are a lot of factors involved not just kidney failure. Thanks for listening.

    posted @ Friday, March 19, 2010 10:38 PM by S. Wong

    I have had an MRI with contrast dye today. Within a minute I was nauseous, dizzy, short of breath, hot all over, thought I'd wet myself (hadn't, it just felt like I had) and passed out. Was told I was having an allergic reaction, given IV meds (phenergan that I'm aware of...but was 'out of it' anyway). Have slept almost all day since - 8.15am MRI now 9.10pm and so concerned that I've jumped on line. Had none of these side effects or how seriously ill I would be explained to me prior. MRI set for unexplained lower back pain and recurrant UTI's - wish I'd never had the test...esp after reading now, but not being told prior to the test, about the link with NFS. Hope I feel better tomorrow...feel extremely weak.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 24, 2010 3:11 AM by Deborah NZ

    i hope things go well with your heart. i had twice MRI this years for my liver and nobody told me that i'll have dye before i went to the hospital at least as informative purpose. no one told me there might be side effects from the dye and i have to drink lots of water after. i wasn't able to complete the first MRI due to the numbness of legs and arms that pre-symptoms for hyperventilation. same day after the test, i started to experience lower back pain and then also pain around the ovaries (could be bladder). it lasts for few weeks then i start to have itchiness on my hand. it wasn't great experience but to have better idea about what is happening in my body, having dye is necessary. i went into the MRI device by second time but i was more prepared and i told the specialist that i had problem with the dye and she was very surprised that it happens. this time she put in saline first before injecting the dye and i waited for 15mins before going to the device to be able to complete the test. the second time i didn't have any problem with the dye maybe because i did drink lots of water after the test. i heard lots of people who got dye have problem with their kidneys and it sounds like the problem i had with the lower back pain where the kidneys are located. i had itchiness tho but much less. from both experience, i believe dye does provoke those side effects and it should be told to the patients before starting the test. (i live in Holland now and the doctors here have an attitude that it's better that the patients know as less as possible and i find it ridiculous). but i also believe drinking lots of water after the test will help to reduce the possible side effects. some people are lucky to not experience those problems but people like me are not. so it's better to be well informed before hand and be prepared for the consequences of it and know how to deal with it after all such like drinking water. i must agree that dye is necessary if you want your disease be well detected and diagnosed. keep in mind, it can salve your life even you have to suffer all those side effects. take care.  

    posted @ Thursday, March 25, 2010 9:08 AM by AYC

    i had an mri, no dye, and it was easy. but, now they did find something in the brain and want to use the dye. my neurologist is understanding to my concerns about using the dye with my liver disease, hypertension and autoimmune disease. and reading quite a bit on the fda's website, they do not know enough about this dye.

    posted @ Saturday, March 27, 2010 2:58 PM by mari


    posted @ Monday, April 05, 2010 8:21 PM by RI

    I had a MRI with contrast today. The only thing I have noticed is that my stomach is upset and I am really sleepy. I would recomend it because Early this week they found a 2cm mass on my liver. I am only 32 years old and have a 7 yearold daughter. Anything to get a good diaganosis at this point is worth the risk to me. I am a fighter and the soon we find out the better to me. I will know tomorrow what they found. Yes I would do it again.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 06, 2010 9:09 PM by Heather

    hi RI, 
    i suggest you to drink lots of water even it's already 5 days after the test. i had the same problem of being thirsty and nobody told me to drink water that later on i had a serious pain in my kidney and bladder. 

    posted @ Thursday, April 08, 2010 4:25 AM by AYC

    hi Heather, 
    i agree with you that early finding, early rescue. they also found a mass of 1cm in my liver. i suffered lots from the test but with MRI with dye, they could diagnose that's only a cluster of blood vessels that i shouldn't be worried of. i hope yours is the same. cluster of blood vessel is very common in people as i understand from my doctor. good luck. 

    posted @ Thursday, April 08, 2010 4:30 AM by AYC

    I had a mri march 13 w/conttrast I was not notified about the contrast unitl I was goin into the room for the mri, the tech saud the doctor order it, and it perfectly safe. . while the tech was giving me the injection my right arm started to shake, so he switch to the left and finish the injection. later that day, my thumbs began to twitch, and now my left upper thigh, anyone with similar happenings?

    posted @ Friday, April 09, 2010 1:11 AM by

    I have had an open MRI in 2003, with three CT's with contrast that same year. All of them had no complications or problems. I had another CT with contrast in 2005--also with no problems. I had another CT with contrast (is there any other kind apparently) in 2007, then 2008, 2009, and earlier in this year 2010. HEaven help me... they have all been with contrast. The CT contrast burns like a hot flash that moves down your body, then up your body--makes your stomach burn and you catch your breath... then it moves up your body and eventually burns the inside of your jawline and up through your ears and fizzles out. This last time in Feb it was a little stronger than reaction than the times before... but all-in-all it goes away like a "flash" and within 20-30 minutes you feel yourself again. Now the MRI dye is different. It goes in gradual, and I taste saline with IV and taste the nasty MRI contrast too--but that doesn't account for much to the tech giving it. She said she had to give the whole injection. Well she blew the first vein and blamed me for twitching or something (I have had these enough not to move a mili-inch). She then went to the other arm and put the rest in there. I think she used too much for my weight, because it seemed a LOT this time compared to the other 4 MRI's I have had int he last 2 years (and with contrast). Well I have bruising on both arms now--even though she used a butterfly... and it was over 5 hours ago that she did the MRI contrast part. I am lethargic and dizzy... but hope it will go away. I do know that I told the husband I am NOT getting another MRI done and if I do--it will be without contrast. There has to be a limit to what people can take in a year. Also there should be a limit for weight amounts and for if a patient says that they are supersensitive to drugs and Tylenol/Motrin are taken in kid doses... do we patients talk to hear ourselves? I think so.

    posted @ Saturday, April 17, 2010 3:48 PM by sweetbabybutterflies

    I just got back from having an MRI with GAD contrast an hour ago. I'm only commented because when I was researching the procedure I found all the negative comments very scarey. Once I actually went in and talked to the techs they told me 0.07% to 2% of people have a negative reaction to MRI with contrast. The injection didn't hurt and I didn't feel any burning or warmth or anything. I felt completely normal and feel fine now. Please don't worry about having an MRI with contrast. The only people who need to be catious are people with a history of kidney disease. In that case they have different dyes they can use and they can also adjust the amount given. I found my information on Mayo Clinics Website. I had myself all worked up about nothing and feel silly now.

    posted @ Monday, April 19, 2010 8:16 PM by Jen13

    I had an MRI done today with what they said was contrast. I haven't read all of the postings, because there are way to many, but mine sounds different than anything I have read. The MRI was on my hip and before then MRI they took me into a room with an xray machine and inserted a tube into my hip and it felt as if it were going down my leg. Even after the "numbing medicine" was injected, it was still quite painful. It felt as if I could feel the tube rubbing against my bone. After that procedure was done, they moved me down to the MRI department. That was over 7 hours leg is still hurting and it feels as if the tube is still in my leg. Does anyone know what the name of the procedure is called?

    posted @ Tuesday, April 20, 2010 9:23 PM by Elizabeth

    Elizabeth - it sounds like you had an MR Arthrogram. The MRI dye is injected directly into the joint to look for very small tears of the cartilage and labrum in your hip joint.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 21, 2010 9:57 PM by Ravi Sohal

    I had MRI of the brain 4/21/10 after experincing a one time seizure at dentist 4/2/10 after novacain. MRI was not difficult but the next morning while showering I discovered I had blotches of black dye on the back of both hands, with more coming from the pores on the right hand ( arm where I received IV for dye) It scrubbed off pretty easily. I asked neurologist about this today and he said he never ahd this happen with a patient. Anyone else have this expereince??

    posted @ Friday, April 23, 2010 6:01 PM by kristine

    I was scheduled for kidney MRI with/without contrast . I am scard to go because it is my 4 MRI in 3 years and 2 in 4 months.I asked my Dr. if the chcecking of creatin and Bun is required , he said no becouse my kidney function is good( without any resoult).Then i called the MRI people and asked the same question , they told me i should clear this with my Dr. I really scared to do this procedure too much contrast for sure is not beneficial.

    posted @ Saturday, April 24, 2010 11:01 AM by saskia

    I had an MRI yesterday- the doctor had ordered it WITHOUT CONTRAST! The technician got very pissy when I refused the contrast dye- she said it is impossible for anybody to be allergic to the dye. Glad I refused to have metal injected into my veins.  
    I think they were just trying to charge the insurance company more money- no wonder everything costs so much.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 27, 2010 8:06 AM by Melissa

    Just wondering what to expect, I have a non cancerous mass growing in my right hand, I already had a MRI without the Dye and do not want the dye injected, they already have a ultra sound and the MRI and the tech said he wants to compair he difference? I do not have any kidney problems but I also don't want dye in my vein's for no reason? anyone know of someone that had a reaction when they were in good health? 
    I am 31 years of age and in good health! Monica

    posted @ Tuesday, April 27, 2010 9:33 PM by Sharon

    Sharon, No one can predict who will or will not have a reaction to MRI contrast but if it is a life threatening issue, it is good to have it done; however, any time we have a test like that it is very important to be very well hydrated. Drink lots before and afterward to help your body rid itself of the contrast. If you have concerns, ask your doctor what the added benefits would be for using the dye. If no significant difference, I would not have the dye. God Bless!

    posted @ Wednesday, April 28, 2010 1:19 PM by Sandy in NY

    I had my MRI this morning and when they injected the contrast into my vein and I felt a cold liquid on my gown and I might have to go back and have it all done again because the contrast didn't go in my vein but leaked out and ran down my arm onto the gown.

    posted @ Friday, April 30, 2010 2:05 PM by William, Sahuarita, Arizona

    Just wanting to know, Is it absolutely necessary to have the MRI w/contrast for the doctor to get a good, accurate reading. Would the MRI be enough to detect the problem? Or does the dye show them an outline & highlight the area better? I really do not want them to use the dye, I am a little nervous about it. I have a question not sure if it is related to this topic or not but was wondering if anyone could answer either way. I had a barium swallow test done where they have you drink this chalky drink & swallow slowly as they X-ray you as your swallowing. Afterwards I had a really bad reaction, even though I drank plenty of water to try to pass this stuff. My back was killing me, it was hurting so bad. On both sides of my back, I think it was my kidney's. It hurt all night long & the next day. I heard they put contrast dye in the barium they make you drink for the test. Just wanting to know if anyone knows if this is contrast dye they use for the barium swallow test? I am supposed to have an MRI w/contrast, & praying I don't have a bad reaction to this dye like I had with that barium stuff. Also wanting to know, even though they have it all set up & scheduled for the contrast when I go in, can I just request them to do the MRI w/out the dye if I change my mind at the last minute. Thanks Ann

    posted @ Monday, May 10, 2010 10:41 PM by ann

    The MRI dye is different than the barium. 
    Generally the dye helps in detecting and characterizing infections, tumors, and other lesions that may not be seen by a standard MRI. It really depends on what your personal medical issue is...

    posted @ Tuesday, May 11, 2010 1:25 PM by Ravi Sohal

    Had an MRI just the other day with the contrast dye. This will be probably my 10th MRI w/dye. I was never told of any side effects that may happen & I've never had any side effects. I have to have the dye since I am being monitored on the growth of my brain tumor.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 11, 2010 3:44 PM by rachel rodriguez

    Thank you for the encouragement. I'm sure all will go well, I will be doing a lot of praying & believing that JESUS is with me, & will protect me from any complications. Sometimes I worry when I don't need to, I guess everyone does sometimes. Thanks again, GOD BLESS!  

    posted @ Tuesday, May 11, 2010 6:23 PM by ann


    posted @ Friday, May 14, 2010 2:45 PM by AMEKA GANT

    Just to calm the fears of some here about the bad reactions it seems many have had. 
    I just returned from my MRI of the head with/without contrast. Got there at 9:15AM, had my eyes x-rayed for metal fragments due to the type of work I do. 
    After that a quick blood test to check my renal function,....fine also. 
    No problems at all with the contrast or the closed MRI machine,......walk in the park!

    posted @ Monday, May 17, 2010 11:28 AM by Marc

    Hi Ameka, 
    what kind of job do you do? lots of computer or working behind the desk the whole day without proper movement? do you have problem with sleeping? you have very similar symptoms that i and lots of others experienced. i used to have lots of headache,pain on the shoulder, neck, arms, back and leg and also arm, fingers and legs got numb sometimes, all due to too long sitting behind computer as i am an engineer. the headache is due to the neck pain as little movement you have and stress from work. it costs me lots of effort to understand that i have nothing wrong with my head.i am having cesar therapy but actually changing the pillow helps a lot. don't use any more soft and you think it's comfy one. it's not keeping your neck and head in the right position and the support you need while sleeping. I fold some towels to about 5-8 cm hight (depending on your size) and sleep on it for few days adjusting to the most comfortable hight and see if improves your problem. the first few days you will feel a bit strange and uncomfortable but you must be patient. it does work! if you are interested, here's a japanese video teaching what is the right pillow to use: 
    pity it's in Japanese but just watch how to make the pillow.  
    if you have what i describe, i suggest you to change your way of living or working by having lots of movement and having a proper pillow before you visit your GP again. they don't look at your problem as a whole and sending you to do MRI might not be necessary as they didn't find any problem.try to see if your problem has improved by changing your living. 
    good luck, AYC

    posted @ Monday, May 17, 2010 4:53 PM by AYC

    I have to have an MRI with contrast tomorrow morning and I haven't been able to sleep worrying about it all. It's 4:30 a.m. I wish I had not read these horror stories.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 19, 2010 6:31 AM by patsy

    hi Patsy, 
    don't worry that much as the test is for your own good and you know you need it. reading info from this website is to keep you informed what could happen if by chance you get any of the mentioned reactions and also to get the support from other patients.just to be prepared. not everybody reacts the same to MRI with dye. just talk to the specialist about your concern before you go into the device. it helps a lot. also make sure to test your kidney function before you do the will be all fine. fear will only make you panic and it's not good. good luck. AYC

    posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 3:14 AM by AYC

    Honestly the MRI contrast is very safe and is similar to having a iron shot. People often mix up CT and MRI contrast. CT contrast has iodine in it which a lot of people are allergic to and has a significantly higher chance of reaction.  
    Most of the problems people are talking about on here are probably due a bad IV more than anything. If a nerve is hit or the vein blows or is missed and the contrast gets into the arm it can cause pain, burning or tingling. Look up phlebitis. 
    If the problem doesn't start until way after the exam and lasts for days after it is most likely not related to the MRI or contrast. The contrast is filtered out quickly by the kidneys and within 24 hrs it has left your body and with in 4 hours 70-90% has been filtered out. If you are going to have a reaction it will be within the 1st hour of the exam because that is when the concentration is its highest.  
    If you are having problems with your eyes after an mri it is possible that you had a piece of metal flake in there. Especially if you have worked in a factory or around machines. The MRI magnet can move those metal flakes and cause eye irritation. So if you are concerned you have metal in you eye tell you doctor and he will do x-ray to check.  
    As for NSF that is a problem mostly caused by a few facilities who where giving very high doses repeatedly of several days on patients in or near kidney failure. Since then the laws have changed on how much contrast you can give over a short time and that patients with kidney risk are now check for kidney function to ensure they can filter the contrast like they need to.  
    There are many problems that can not be seen without the contrast so if you doctor ordered it, he had a good reason. I strongly recommend you do it.  
    If you are very worried about a reaction, tell you doctor and he can pre-medicate you with steroids and antihistamines to ensure you will not have a reaction.  
    Again MRI dye does not have iodine in it and is completely different than CT or x-ray dye.

    posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 11:12 AM by Eric

    You can always refuse they dye and the MRI will still give a lot of good pictures and good information without the dye, but it can also miss things without the dye.

    posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 11:15 AM by Eric

    I too was concerned after reading everything here but remember that people have this procedure done all over the world by the thousands DAILY without any complications whatsoever - you'll mostly hear from people with bad stories to tell which is a tiny fraction, if you think about it. I had mine done a few days ago and it was a piece of cake. You will be fine, best of luck to you and let us know how it went by posting here. Marc

    posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:35 PM by Marc

    I just want to thank everyone who offered me advice on the contrast dye. I was surprised at the number of people willing to help. As it turned out, the labwork I had before the test showed I could not have the dye administered and I will see my dr. soon to find out why. I also have a number of conditions that they called high risk, such as congestive heart failure, diabetes and atrial fibrillation. In other words, I guess I am too unhealthy to take the test! I had the MRI without contrast and was glad it had been cut to half an hour. Mostly, it was noisy and uncomfortable - no pain involved. Thanks again for the responses.

    posted @ Thursday, May 20, 2010 6:55 PM by pat

    Just an update of my MRI W/contrast. Well every thing went just fine. I prayed & believed the LORD was with me & all went well. I am so glad I have the LORD JESUS to lean on, I believe HE understands our weaknesses & fears. I prayed the whole time I was in there...THANK YOU JESUS for keeping your hands upon me. 

    posted @ Friday, May 21, 2010 9:22 PM by ann

    Just wanted to let everyone know about my grandmothers experience when she went for her MRI with contrast dye. In October of 09 she had an MRI done with contrast dye and had no side problems. The Dr.'s found a mass on her right kidney. On May 18, 2010 she was scheduled for another MRI with contrast dye I figured that she would be fine since the first one was ok, boy was I mistaken. The MRI was scheduled for 2:40pm, they had a hard time getting the IV in her arm because her viens are so small. After about 30 minutes they finally got it in her arm. The rest of the MRI went fine until later on that evening. I noticed her become very week and disoriented, she had only eaten 1/4 of her dinner and asked to go to bed because she didn't feel so good. I put her to bed. The next morning I woke her up and she still didn't feel well, her body was burning up so I took her temp., it was 98.6 which was normal. I told her I was going to give her a shower to cool her down, that was a struggle and a half, then I fed her breakfast which she could not finish she said that she felt dizzy and wanted to go back to bed. I did get her to drink some water she said that she was very thirsty and the MRI tech. did tell me to make sure that she drank lots of fluids afterwards. Around 3:00pm she started vomitting was stuggling with her breathing, constant sneezing and coughing at the same time. After awhile she started to tell me that she was still burning up, was very thirsty, her lips were dry and tongue was swollen, she felt faint and had sharp pains in her abdomen. I gave her a tylenol for the pain and to hopfully bring down that burning feeling all over her body which she had no temp. for and kept giving her liquids to drink but she continued to vomit. The next day her nurse came to check on her and she told me that I should take her to the hospital she could be dehydrated and could be having an allergic reation to the contrast dye. When the EMT's came to get her she was still vomitting, couldn't speak (would go to speak but no voice or sound would come out of her mouth). The EMT's gave her an IV with fluids because she might have been dehydrated from vomitting some nausea medication. At the hospital they took more blood work and we waited. During this time the IV got a blockage and it was dripping into the IV tube so I told the nurse and she removed it and said that she didn't need it she seemed to look better. Meanwhile the bag was still completely full, not even a 1/8 of the fluid bag was gone. I told the nurse this and she said that she looked better, I told her that she was still burning up so she took her temp. it was 98.7 and she said well she does seem very hot, she was going to try a rectal temp. it was only 100. The nurse told me that she had no temp. I told her that was the problem why is she burning up with no temperatur granted the medication the EMT's gave helped stop her vomitting. She called the doctor in and he said her blood work came back normal but her sugar was a little high at 160, and that the mass from the MRI on her kidney showed that it was the same size as it was in October 0f 2009. He told the nurse to give her something to drink to see if she could keep it down which she did and then he discharged her.  
    I'm so angery because I feel that she went there for nothing because till this day ( May 23, 2010) she is no longer vomitting and she can speak again but still has the burning feeling all over her body and can not walk or sit up on her own and is still feeling dizzy.  
    I know that she has allergies to seafood, chocolate, and some antibiotics.  
    Does anyone know if these could be side effects from the MRI contrast dye? I'm still waiting for an answer from her doctor.

    posted @ Sunday, May 23, 2010 12:37 PM by kelly

    sorry to hear such a disappointing experience for your grandma. i had 2 MRI this years with dye. nobody told me about the dye and nobody told me to drink lots of water after the test. i had a very bad experience at the 1st MRI. no burning sensation but just after the test, i left the hospital and i started to feel pain on my both kidney and few mins later i started to have a punching pain at my lower abdomen and feel thirsty all the time. the pain lasted for few days and i had peeing problem at the same time. weeks after i started to have itching palms. later i read on this website that the dye might have side effect with the kidney if you have any kidney problem. i believe it was the case based on my own experience although some people say "not". @ the second MRI, i told the tech about it and she still denied about the side effects. but i noticed she gave me first some salty water in the vain before she injected the dye. after the test, i drank a lot of water so i didn't have any pain later that day but i did still have the itchiness later on. so i believe your grandma had the dye injected outside the vain that provakes the burning sensation and on the other side, also some dye went into her body that provoke pain in her lower abdomen. without drinking lots of water and have kidney problem that might be the cause of her pain at the abdomen. so next time, suggests your grandma to have a kidney function checked before having any test with dye (MRI, CT, etc). drink alwayds lots of water and pees a lot after the test to eliminate the dye from the body. i myself will do the same to prevent any unexpected problem which is not mentioned by the tech or doctors. good luck

    posted @ Tuesday, May 25, 2010 8:13 AM by AYC

    question about necessity of dye in the following situation:2 stress fractures plus MRI without contrast said "wellcircumscribed lesion surrounding entire shaft of 4th metatarsal...nonspecific finding and neoplastic involvement cannot be ruled out...". The dr. said this observation on the MRi is most likely due to the fractures. Anyone familiar w/this? thanks From Karen the Chicken

    posted @ Tuesday, June 01, 2010 11:31 PM by karenh

    I had a contrast MRI yesterday. No side affects whatsoever. When the injection started, it felt cold as it went through my veins. Other than that, I hardly knew it was a part of the MRI.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 02, 2010 5:58 AM by Dee

    Hi Karen, 
    The Radiologist may be describing new bone forming around the fracture. Is the 4th metatarsal fractured? Sometimes you can just follow this up with a plain x-ray first.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 02, 2010 5:44 PM by Ravi Sohal

    Hi,thanks for your reply;nothing showed up on the regular xray so I went forMRI . I actually was fortunate enough to talk to a radiologist(although not the one who did the report). He said that finding may be incidental but that most of the time stress fractures and such are more "feathery"not well-circumscribed. Also I've read 4th metatarsal stress fx are not as common as the others(i'm not an athlete,dancer,etc.). I noticed though I started putting more pressure on that part of the foot b/c the true stressfx(navicular)w/edema also on the second metatarsal is painful so I guess I was kinda limping that way. Anyhow that "wellcircumscribed lesion" part is the worrisome part. Haveyou seen this before in yours or your colleagues' practice? I've read different things it could be and i'm trying to be analytical about it.  
    Finally question about contrast:does it bring on change in heart rate (either up or down) and/or rhythm? I have an "idiopathic VT"arrhythmia(runs in family..cardiologist also wants an MRI,a cardiac that's one's justa not happenin'..)Ok long enough thanks so much for your help and this board and to the people on it who are very helpful. KtC("karen the chicken"LOL)

    posted @ Thursday, June 03, 2010 9:20 AM by karenh

    sorry i didn't answer your question;the 4th metatarsal is not fractured but it hurts some when I walk.

    posted @ Thursday, June 03, 2010 9:24 AM by karenh

    OK,I got the disc from radiology center;I read the tips on how to view the images(still don'tknow exactly what I'mlooking at but I figured out each picture they turn in many many different ways to reflect as if body part was cut in half,top to bottom or left to right so they can "get in there" and kinda see stuff??). Anyhow the cine images have what this particular company calls "chits"(windows of each shot per image)but I have a few that are red and when I advance to that a flag popsup. My question to you or to anyone does that specifically mean something sinister like cancer or can it mean a known finding like the bone marrow edema that comes w/my stress fracture on the navicular bone(nothing to do w/the 4th metatarsal issue)?? Sorry this question's so convoluted but I kinda only halfway OR LESS(LOL)know what I'm trying to say.

    posted @ Friday, June 04, 2010 2:45 PM by karenh

    Hi Karen, 
    It's hard to say what you have without looking at your exams. The Radiologist should have access to your x-ray and MRI in helping to make the diagnosis. But sometimes even that is not enough to say definitively that your bone changes are benign.  
    As for the disc - it sounds like that the pop up is a marker for a key image. That is, an image on which the bone change is best seen which the Radiologist marked.

    posted @ Monday, June 07, 2010 5:36 PM by Ravi Sohal

    thanks again for your reply;my main question I guess is that terminology common("wellcircumscribed lesion...")? I looked at them myself but of course i'm not knowing what I'm looking at(LOL).  
    so when a red chit w/a flag in the image comes up that means it's an image of interest in addition to an image he can clearly see from it's orientation?thanks again.  
    any other posters have this experience? thanks again,kh

    posted @ Monday, June 07, 2010 6:12 PM by karenhoffman

    I am a 65 yr old woman in general good health with no major health history issues. I had a contrast breast mri on Tuesday. No sude effects. On Th of the same week, I had mri contrast breast biopsy. Fri am I had a rash on my left wrist. Injection site both times was right arm inner elbow. Friday 11:30 pm went to emergency room due to hives severe itching and burning sensation on torso. I wasn't going to wait for any worse effects.  
    ER doctor ordered 50 mg predisone pepcid 20 mg and claritin 10 mg. I had already taken two 25 mg benedryl about 4 hours before. I was then observed for two hours as itching and burning had subsided, I was released. I was fine all day saturday, still on meds.  
    Saturday night was another difficult nite. had to sleep with ice packs combincation of soreness and itchiness. Some hives some rash mostly torso and upper thighs. It looks like I am the one in 10,000 who gets this reaction. (I found this statistic on line somewhere else). It was probably having 2 dye contrast mris so close together. I have some discomfort today where my clothing (bra, waist band) fit. Took my meds and feel okay now. I hope I do not have kidney damage. I am urinating frequently and have dry mouth. Probably from the meds I am taking for the rash/hives. Plus I have a sore breast from the biopsy.  
    I am writing this because I did not see much mention from anyone about the hives redness and ichiness. I beleive that they did everthing right. I had my creatinine level checked beforehand (.9). I do not have kidney problems or diabetes. If this was how I had to have (possible) breast cancer that could not be detected by nmammogram or ultrasound, I am still glad I had this done. I will know the results of the biopsy early this week.

    posted @ Sunday, June 13, 2010 2:33 PM by Barbara

    i got a MRI with contrast coming up next week and after reading these posts iam terrified to take this test.but i have to because i have a benign tumor in my head that has to be further evaluated.dont know what to do know

    posted @ Monday, June 14, 2010 7:23 PM by

    It is now Tuesday late afternoon. I am the 65 yr old woman who just posted. I believe now that I did not have a reaction to contraxt dye. Instead, after itching unbearably for three consecutive nights I took a xanax instead of the prednisone and slept like a baby last night. I am thankful to the nurse I spoke to in the Women's imaging Dept. She was a God Send!

    posted @ Tuesday, June 15, 2010 3:04 PM by bboudrot

    I have had lots of MRIs, always with contrast. I've never had any kind of reaction to either the MRI or the contrast. As far as I'm concerned it's a very safe procedure. 

    posted @ Thursday, June 17, 2010 12:24 AM by MRIpatient

    i had my first 2 MRI's today 6-17-2010 at 10:15 am after the first non contrast scan he pulled me out and told me that i needed a contrast dye injection, i seen my doctor order but didnt know what that meant as it only said "contrast" & without contrast" 
    it was my T.L & C spine they are looking at, the MRI guy told me usually they will do the dyes if you had any back or neck surgery and he double checked with the doctor because he particularly does not like to do the dye injection if otherwise..  
    i told him i have had 2 surgeries one was from a broken arm which was a closed operation (xray to set the bone) and my tubes were tied 6 yrs ago i don't know if thats why my insurance and my doctor recommended the injection- 
    i was actually looking up information about why this is done and found this site.. 
    it was a simple injection after he confirmed with my doctor, but the pain was intense he pricked me in the inside of the elbow like any other blood drawing ordeal, but some of the dye leaked out of my vein under the skin which caused it to burn like one person described and how i even described to others today as a very bad hornet sting x 2.  
    it didnt last long and stopped before the machine started the 2nd scan.. after the tech mentioned that the scan might have heated it up to cause the burning pain but like i said it stopped before the MRI began 
    only reason i was not happy about it was because #1 even tho im heavily tattooed and a tattoo artist i hate needles LOL #2 i fell asleep during the first scan and i was ready for my 2nd "nap" until i was gripping my arm over my chest pinching my skin with my nails to distract the burning pain after the contrast. 
    after about 5 min or so it went away and since no pain after, swelling, or side effects.. its 1pm now.  
    if this dye is to help show more into the mRI scan than without contrast, im all for it, everything is not without risk or side effect.. i have had terrible back pain and after a series of x rays last month showing straightening of the neck and signs of spinal arthritis,.. i would like to know and be able to have a really good scan to show whats going on with my neck to tail bone that is causing so much pain and muscle spasms (i also have fibromyalgia) so were in process of ruling out many things to my many pains.  
    i would recommend not avoiding the contrast if its ordered, especially if it is helpful to getting to the bottom of whatever is ailing you, if its to benefit you and your doctors im for it. tho i can do without the pain associated with it! i will need another injection on my next and last MRI on the 21rst.. at least i know what to expect..  
    but its good to also know WHY its being done, i wish my doctor was the one to explain WHY i needed it, and my insurance wanted it done too.. without waiting till last minute to be explained to as WHY i needed it by the MRI tech moments before im injected. lack of doctor to patient communication is becoming an unfortunate thing..

    posted @ Thursday, June 17, 2010 11:56 AM by bella

    Bella, So glad your MRI went fairly well. My experience was the hornet stingx2 as well. I also have fibromyalgia and in the beginning of being diagnosed was sent to a rheumatologist and he warned me of having surgery on my neck as it would cause me more pain than I had already. He said fibromyalgia patients do not do real well with orthopedic surgeries so I am still living with my neck and back pain and taking my Ultram that keeps it tolerable. I had decided to heed his advice because I would really suffer if he turned out to be correct. I would suggest getting an opinion from a rhermatologist before considering surgery. Of all the drs I saw, he is the only one who gave me the warning. Just thought I would share with you all...Blessings, Sandy in NY

    posted @ Thursday, June 17, 2010 3:16 PM by Sandy in NY

    Today is Friday - I had an MRI with contrast (brain) on Wednesday. It went fine - no problems with the procedure or the dye, then or afterwards. 
    I had done some research to make certain I was going to a facility with skilled techs - Sometimes (not always I know) you have a choice as to where you go - {I was scheduled by my Doctor to go one place and after I ask around I asked if I could change - he was fine with it} OR even whom you have as your nurse or tech. 
    Call and say that while you are certain they are all really good, tell them you have a fear of needles or bad veins or are apprehensive or whatever and ask if you could have the person who is extra good with IV's  
    Something I learned with chemo - you have to put up with a lot but you can and do have some choices. 
    This is true with almost any medical procedure you have that is not emergency - ask questions and make choices! 
    Anyway, best wishes to any who need this - for me it really was a piece of cake, {except waiting for the results!} I am sorry for those for whom it was difficult 

    posted @ Friday, June 18, 2010 9:30 AM by Shelby

    Had a brain MRI today.....and then was told that they needed to do it with I let them 
    I have had no side effects. 
    I guess this effect each person differently

    posted @ Wednesday, June 23, 2010 11:41 AM by D

    I have an MRI scheduled for Monday, with contrast, due to a recent history of sinus infections, and then a horrible complication of trigeminal neuralgia. It's unclear if the infection is related to the TN, so they want to have an MRI. I am so allergic to medicines in general (and refused the meds they wanted me to take for the TN), I am going to opt NOT to use the dye. In fact, the more I read about Trigeminal Neuralgia in general, the less I think that an MRI will even be helpful, except to rule out tumors which could be causing the problem.  
    Incredibly acupunture has helped the TN, (I read online that it helps miraculously in some TN patients, so I tried it for the first time in my life, in desperation), so now I just want to let my body heal on its own, and possibly even cancel the test. 
    I don't want to seem like an non-compliant patient, but am very nervous about opening up a can of worms (if there is one there), if I am now feeling better. And clearly, the contrast dye is not without risk, and may even trigger the TN to return. And believe me, they do not call it 'the suicide disease' for nothing. It was absolutely unbearable and I'm so thankful that it's 95% gone now, only with a twinge of pain and sensation in the areas that were affected. 
    Should I put the test off, since I'm getting better. Trying to go with my gut here, but very conflicted. 

    posted @ Friday, June 25, 2010 11:26 AM by Concerned

    I recently had an MRI Dye Contrast in my hip, I had experienced extreame pain during the proceedure and its going on a month and my hip is so inflammed and the pain on a 1-10 scale is about 8-9 on a constant basis. I am on pain killers and anti immflamortory drugs and limp all the time. I was not well inform about this proceedure and the risks. I think that the FDA should stop this proceedure and do further research. I may have permant damage, think twice!

    posted @ Thursday, July 01, 2010 11:49 PM by Lora

    I had a breast MRI with contrast done in May, two days later my body began itching and eventually started to discolor, change skin all over and my hair started to break. A rash developed at the bottom of my belly that rash was so irritating I had to used hydrocortisone cream immediately it literally burnt my skin. I have weakness and burning in my right arm in flexing my arm or to lift or to carry any weight. I don't have large hips but I find it painful sleeping on my sides and walking or getting up from standing or sitting. I was advised to drink a lot of water but for how long. This problem persist.

    posted @ Sunday, July 04, 2010 8:09 AM by Rose

    I had a contrasting MRI of the back to tell if I had sweeling of fluid in my back or tomors. 
    They injected the Dye and it felt cold going in the arm. My arm got cold and I could feel the dye going through my heart. It didn't hurt it was just strangly cold. Turns out there is fluid on my back. 
    That night I lost control of my bowels on the kitchen floor in my robe, I had just showered. This had never happened to me before. I had no control at all. 
    Slowly over the days I felt more pain in my gut area on the left side. I had a hard time digesting my food. Lots of gas and pain when I eat. It has become torture to eat now. one, two or three hours after eating the pain starts with the burping gas out of both ends. 
    Pain is increaseing in my pancrease. It feels swollen and tender with pain. 
    lipase level is 267 it should be 0-59. I did not have this pain in the pancrease or the high levels of lipase in my blood before the contrasting MRI. It seems to get worse each day. 
    I was then sent in for a contrasting CT Abdomanal scan with contrast, Injection was warm and that was about it so fare. Everything looks normal on the CT scan but my digestive system cannot process food normaly without lots of pain and gas. It is getting wrose and I wonder if I know have Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy of the stomach, Pancrease, Liver and gallblader 
    I have had gastro intestine problems due to back injuries, but this is different. Has anyone else had symptoms like this.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:23 AM by Allan

    Hi - I have an MRI w/ contrast tomorrow and am terrified of having a reaction. The reason for my MRI is b/c I lost a tiny bit of vision (seemingly permanently) in a car accident two years ago. The MRI is to determine what's going on with my eye though it is not life or death. Is the contrast really necessary?

    posted @ Thursday, July 08, 2010 11:07 PM by Danielle

    Danielle asked "Is the contrast really necessary?". 
    I think this is something you should discuss with your doctor, Danielle - and your doctor only. Asking for that kind of advice in an open public forum doesn't always give you the best answers. But I wish you all the luck in the world with the MRI and hope that everything goes well.

    posted @ Saturday, July 10, 2010 9:02 PM by Meta

    I am due to have a MRI with contrast because I experience vertigo and hear my heart beating in my ear. 
    I am very nervous about having an IV, refused this with my last preganancy (nurses hated me) 
    I'm also worried about lying on my back and experiencing the room spinning from the vertigo. 
    Has anyone been sedated for this procedure? If so please share your experience. 
    Are there any alternatives to MRI with contrast besides MRI without contrast?

    posted @ Wednesday, July 21, 2010 12:20 AM by Trudi

    I have been having abdominal pain on my left side for a couple of years now. As a result of xrays from a car accident recently, a pecan-sized shape was found in the kidney region. It shifted slightly in xrays from standing to laying. My Dr. is trying to say it is dye leftover from a previous procedure, but I have never had any scans like that, with or without dye. Will dye stay in your organs like that, and if I see another Dr. and they want to do a dye test, would it show any different. What kind of test do I need to identify it?

    posted @ Wednesday, July 21, 2010 9:15 PM by Mary Springfield

    Trudi asked "Has anyone been sedated for this procedure?" 
    Trudi, because I suffer from a really bad case of claustrophobia my doctor advised me to take a 10mg Valium twenty minutes before the procedure and that worked incredibly well. I was inside the closed MRI machine for more than an hour (they did thoracic first and then cervical) but felt completely at ease and relaxed, I could have easily stayed in there another hour if necessary, lol... So ask your doctor about it (and about alternatives to MRI's with contrast as well).

    posted @ Wednesday, July 21, 2010 10:34 PM by Meta

    I had my MRI yesterday in the morning and did like the whole procedure. It was really an exciting experience!!! The sounds were cool and reminded those of rave or techno music! I have a strong desirde to repeat all once again!!!!! :):):):):)

    posted @ Thursday, July 22, 2010 2:44 AM by Ira

    How long did the effects from the valium last? 
    I have 4 boys including an 18 month old. I'm intersted in using valium but I'm worried I'm going to be out of it for the whole day. 
    I just found out my Dr's ordered a cat scan with iodine contrast instead of the MRI. I chickened out of making an appointment at this time.

    posted @ Friday, July 23, 2010 11:51 PM by Trudi

    Trudi, the effects from the Valium were *very* subtle - so subtle in fact that it's hard to say how long it lasted but I'd guess in my case about 3 or 4 hours. I even drove my motorbike back home right afterwards in Manhattan rush hour traffic, which I honestly didn't think I'd be able to do on account of everything I had read about it beforehand . But I felt perfectly normal the entire time - just very, very relaxed. And nice :-) It probably affects different people different ways so as they say "your mileage may vary". Good luck with it. -=Meta=-

    posted @ Sunday, July 25, 2010 3:50 AM by Meta

    I just had a CT scan with contrast dye and it was absolutely fine. I felt a warm tingle throughout my body just after it was injected but that was it. I too had been freaked out by horror stories prior to this procedure, but it was perfectly OK. While I deeply sympathize with those who have had bad reactions to the dye, I'm here to tell you that I had no problem with it at all.

    posted @ Monday, July 26, 2010 1:30 PM by HD

    I had an MRI with contrast yesterday. On the way home I began to feel shakey and it worsened throughout the evening. Not sure if t his was a reaction to the dye but there seemed to be no other reason for it. After sleeping for a few hours I felt better and there seems to be no side effects today.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 28, 2010 1:12 PM by heathercheryl

    just a word or two. 
    i had ccancer 4.5 years ago and was given multiple c/t w/wo contrast. 
    i developed ckd and now my kidey is opeating a 8% and will need dialysis. 
    be very careful with that contrast dye.

    posted @ Friday, July 30, 2010 4:02 PM by george

    I had a MRI done with contrast. when i got done my arm swelled up and is very sore what did they do wrong if anything? That was on a Friday and today is saturday and can not hardly move my arm. i have put ice and heat on it

    posted @ Saturday, July 31, 2010 6:08 PM by leslie

    Recently my husband had his forth MRI with contrast for a brain tumor. The first 3 MRIs he had no reaction to the contrast dye. This time he had a severe allergic reation. The had to give him benadryl and solumedryl to reverse the burning in his mouth and reduce the swelling of his tongue. This followed the necessity to administer 2 mg of Ativan to calm him down enough to get him into the MRI. We found out through research that he was on higher doses of Decadron while he had the first 3 scans. Now they want to premedicate him prior to the next MRI with benadryl and prednisone to try to prevent the allergic reaction but he is very concerned about how they can predict how much to premedicate him prior to the test. I have research and what I have found that this is a very rare reaction and I did not see any other entries on this but if anyone has any information it would be appreciated.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 03, 2010 10:08 PM by Mary Smith

    I had my first MRI with contrast done today (head). Everything went well. I wish I was explained how exactly this machine works. Took about 30 min to complete. 
    The hardest part was keeping absolutely still. My eyes were getting teary and saliva keep building up, but I was afraid to make a move as I was told that it's very important to be completely still. 
    No problems at all with contrast injection.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 10, 2010 11:40 PM by Dmitriy

    I had lumar spine MRI with and without contrast yesterday. Got hot, flushed and dizzy when they injected and the rest of the afternoon had balance issues. Today without warning I got violently ill. Could it be contrast related?

    posted @ Thursday, August 19, 2010 1:09 PM by Amy

    Today I had an MRI enterography to rule out crohn's disease. Here is my experience, hope it helps someone out there. 
    Had to arrive 1 hour early before the scan to drink the contrast (not super tasty). The nurse had 3 liters in her hand. My eyes got big and asked if that was all for me to drink. She said "yes, do the best that you can." LOL! I'm a small girl so there was no way I was able to drink it all. The nurse was reasonable and let me get away with 1 liter. :) 
    Then I was told I was to receive 2 injections as well. First the gadolinium had to be administered by a nurse. She said it is suppose to be given slowly within two minutes so as not to create abdominal cramping. I was told "It's job is to slow down the bowl from moving to create crisper pictures." It created a very warm sensation in my chest and made me extremely nauseated. I was praying I wouldn't loose it in the MRI tube. It got better after a couple of minutes. Then I had the second injection. "This will cause a slight metallic taste in your mouth." Great, just what I needed right? There was lots of times when you also had to hold your breath. My trick in getting through the claustrophobia is not to look. Keep your eyes shut tight as soon as they start pushing you back in the tube. Focus on the music in the headphones and the cool breeze blowing on your face. Think of being in a large open room and whatever you do don't open your eyes. 
    I experienced no allergic reactions, just unpleasant side effects. As I just recently had a kidney function test... I knew that the gadolinium contrast would be ok for me to have. Other than feeling quite toxic from all the contrast, I made it through. I hope that the results bring good news. 
    All in all not a fun experience, but if it provides useful diagnostic information for my future health, then I'm ok with it. Knowledge is power!

    posted @ Thursday, August 19, 2010 5:21 PM by Cupcake

    I had my MRI with contrast last week, they told me I might taste metal or feel flushed but I had no problem with that.Only problem I had was when the tech injected the agent she missed the vein and injected into to flesh I ended up with a big knot and she had to run it again in the other arm. I'm not fond of closed spaces and she did something really cool, she folded and placed a towel over my eyes so I could not look around and see I was closed in, really worked.

    posted @ Monday, August 23, 2010 8:54 PM by Jean

    I had an MRI scan yesterday to confirm a left ovarian cyst and hydrosalpinx (ultrasound images were unclear). The little leaflet I was sent with the appointment letter had prepared me to lie still for up to 45 minutes in a banging machine. However, whilst lying down, I was quite shocked to be approached by a technician with a needle and informed that they need to give me a muscle relaxant and perhaps, later on, if the images were not clear enough, another injection.  
    The technician warned that I "may experience some blurred vision for a short time". There was no warning about not driving or other side effects. About 40 mins later, I was slid out of the machine and again approached with a needle. I asked him what it was and he said it was a dye to get a better image (it was 10ml when I asked). He took a quick look at my left arm and asked "where's your vein?"! I started to quietly panic then. He couldn't find one and quickly grabbed my wrist, saying that's a better option. I said "no, I bruise very badly there". I asked him to try my right arm (being right-handed) and if he could use a baby needle. He said that was for taking blood only. Finally he saw a large vein on the side of my wrist (straight down from the thumb)and that's where he injected. He said "Try to relax and don't look". Great bedside manner that! It wasn't as painful as the muscle relaxant but the psychological distress was worse as I was not prepared for the needles AND especially being asked where my veins were! Anyway, I was back in the machine for less than 5 mins and it was all over. 
    I wasn't told of the possible side effects or to drink lots of water before and after. My throat was burning with thirst for 12 hours and I was extremely tired a few hours later (possibly a delayed effect of the muscle relaxant) but luckily no other side effects so far.  
    Oh yes, before the MRI started, the technician referred to taking images of my right ovary and fallopian tubes when I was actually in for the left! I had to ask him to please check my records before starting the MRI. I guess I'll find out in a few weeks' time if this was done correctly. 
    I wished I had done some research and read this blog before having my MRI. Good luck everyone. 

    posted @ Wednesday, September 01, 2010 8:40 AM by Kee

    I have had 3 MRI's with contrast dye -- no problems. 
    But I had a TOXIC METALS test done in March 2010 and it showed many elevated toxic metals in my system -- lead, alumminun, etc. and GADOLINIUM. The Gadlinium reading was off the chart, though. And that is what the MRI contrast dye is. 
    Tomorrow/ Sept. 15, I am getting an MRI w/ contrast for the brain to see what is causing dizziness, at times. But the thought of MORE Gadolinium in my body is a bit upsetting. Darn. I have some thinking to do! 
    All the best to everyone.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 14, 2010 11:14 AM by Michele

    I just had to go for a brain MRI today to see if anything was up causing "visual snow" problems I'm having. I also have epilepsy, but that wasn't the concern here. The test went okay, but when they shifted me out of the machine and stuck me with a needle I was in shock. Nobody ever told me prior about it, and I had no idea of this. A little bit of a shock, and I really wish they could have at least mentioned "half way through, we will be injected..." A little irresponsible of the medical team at the hospital. I also had no idea of the risks <naturally> and hopefully it's smooth sailing. The only unusual event that occured was right afterwards I had pin-point, severe pain on the back left of my head. They didn't mention why or if that was good or bad, but luckily in about 10 minutes it went away and I feel fine. *crosses fingers* Good luck to everyone and I hope you have a more pleasant experience.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 15, 2010 5:45 PM by Joey

    Today, I had an MRI with contrast on my brain. Hopefully, the Dr. will be able to determine the cause of my ongoing vertigo. My experience with having an MRI was very positive. I didn't have any problems at all. So far, I have had no side effects with the contrast.

    posted @ Thursday, September 16, 2010 8:32 PM by Ramona

    im nervous im having mri with contrast of my spine and brain cause they saw something in my spinal cord when they did mri (reg) so they wanted me to have mri with contrast.. but i just found out i need to have blood work done?.. anyone else needed blood work done before mri? i really dont want to have the blood work done.. i dont like it when dr dont tell u everything

    posted @ Tuesday, September 21, 2010 11:13 PM by Karen

    I had an MRI today with contrast and there were no side effects at all. I went home and felt fine and grocery shopped, cooked and cleaned. I'm glad I had on headphones with my favorite radio station on to block out all the noise. I even fell asleep for a little bit. Please everyone, don't b afraid! It will be fine!

    posted @ Wednesday, September 29, 2010 8:07 PM by Jayne Glavac

    I have had both the MRI and MRA and go tomorrow for both again. I had a mild stroke. I am thankful to have this done as they can learn more about my stroke and I know that I do not have an anuerism, which my mom's friend died from. I can also rule out a brain tumor. Thus, for me, I see far more benefits to having one than not having one. Also, I just closed my eyes the whole time and pretended to be on the beach in works...I was so relaxed...

    posted @ Thursday, September 30, 2010 5:05 PM by Jennifer

    May 11, 2010, I went to a physical therapist to learn exercises for my severe scoliosis. The therapist was acting odd. I inquired and she showed me a wrap around her chest, saying she had injured her back the night before. She seemed odd and kept sipping water. She said, "Wow, your hips are really strong!" She was "evaluating" me and kept saying (re my legs) "Push, push harder!" Resistance, she said. The result was that she injured my right hip and thigh by pushing too hard as revealed by 2 MRI'S. The 2nd MRI, just as the technician was getting ready to do the pocedure, she said, "You know we are injecting a dye into you,right?" I didn't know, but I have learned the hard way to be wary. Long story short, I declined the dye, THEN I was given a paper telling me of possible risks. I told the tech I would research gandolinium and she told me only to go to medical sites and not pay attention to what people who have had MRI'S w/ gandolinium have to say. Oh, it turns out, an MRI was done of my back and my kidneys have images which could represent cysts. I have been injured by surgeons and dentists and am now very wary. After reading the other postings, I am SO GLAD I did not accept the gandolinium. Watched a video on it. If one does contract a disease, NSD, it is IRREVERSIBLE! 
    Sincerely, Carla Nash

    posted @ Sunday, October 10, 2010 4:53 AM by Carla Nash

    i had my Mri with contrast a couple hours a go in live in columbus Ohio had it done at Grant they were great told me what to expect how long i was gonna be in each round a sheet afterwards of my kidney functions nothing bad happened to me no bad reactions just a little dizzy normal for me i have MS and this is a every year to 2 year thing also put headphones on me and gave me a choice in music!! i'm 33 so over all had a great exp.

    posted @ Monday, October 18, 2010 6:43 PM by Shawna

    I had the contrast MRI done at 3:00 this afternoon. I have no idea why everyone is making a big deal about it. The nurse told me what they were gonna do and later the doctor came in and told me what he was gonna do. Before i even made the appointment- I was told what would happen and if I wasn't, I would make sure to ask what exactly they are doing! Its part our responsibility to ask. The numbing (before the contrast is injected) hurt until I became numb. Not a big deal. MRI took about 30 minutes and hurt. But nothing as bad as I have been hurting with this constant shoulder pain. Anyone needing this for rumors or cancers- just do it. Stop over thinking and IF you have a reaction, go to the hospital and deal with it. If not then you are fine and better off- just like me. Good luck! It's not a big deal

    posted @ Tuesday, October 19, 2010 2:18 AM by Jeriese

    I had an MRI of my pelvic area yesterday to try to find out the reason for a sudden prolapse & supposed fibroid which my new OBGYN couldn't locate (previous surgeon made a mess of my body during a routine procedure). I had to have the contract sye & it was very painless - technician was amazingly skilled at injecting the dye (I hate shots) & my only problem was a reaction to the surgical tape...

    posted @ Saturday, October 23, 2010 5:19 PM by Mrs. R

    Want to learn more about gadolinium contrast? Visit/join the site below, it is dedicated to patient empowerment. It is not associated with any medical/pharmaceutical/legal entities. It contains a growing collection of clinical/medical/scientifc publicatons discussing gadolinium contrast & it's link to Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis or what we refer to it as gadolinium associated (systemic) fibrosis.  
    Read the official full text studies/medical cases/FDA information/manufacturer information that has been extracted from the public realm from around the globe. It is for all (patients & healthcare providers) to become more informed abou the known dangers of gadolinium contrast. 
    Join us as we continue to provide the medical communities desperate actions in attempting to resolve this toxic disease. 

    posted @ Monday, October 25, 2010 3:40 PM by Danny

    Hey patient with MS screening every two years. Did you know that the gadolinium is acmmulating within the leisons in your brain?? Google Dr. Swaminathan - patent to prevent NSF from gadolinium contras. Read his patient examples provided within the patent. He is a nephroglogist and has attended many patients with gadolinium/NSF. Gadolinium is attracted to abnormal tissue,,,that is why they use it,,,,,they don't tell is that the abnormal tissue captures the gadolinium contrast,,,,,it will eventually release the highly toxic free gadolinium metal (Gd3). Guess what that is going to do within the leisons in your brain?? This is not my opinion,,,,it is the opinion of a physician that performed autopsies of patients exposed to gadolinium contrast. 
    But,,,,,like some of the other posters on this site,,,,don't worry,,,,,,you'll be fine. My gadolinium contrast study went perfect,,,no pain,,,no taste,,,no rash,,,no dizzyness,,,,then about 4-6 weeks later I developed a dark purplish rash just above my right ankle,,,,,,that dark purplish rash is now dark dead tissue and covers both my legs up past my knees,,,into my groin,,,,my kidneys,,,,my live,,I, a patient that had no renal impairment diagnosis have two diagnosis of NSF. histology of NSF & gadolinium has been detected in my skin,,,,what's in your bones??? gadolinium,...I guarantee it,,,but don't worry tough guys/damn fools,,,,,,you'll look stupid enough in due time and get your own wheelchair,,,,just keep sucking that poison in,,,after-all gadolinium's others use is a poison for plutonium reactions in nuclear weapons labs,,,,,that where the damn shit came from,,,as well as the MRI machines/technology,,,,,,still feel safe???? Then enjoy the misery of your future suffering,,,,,you've earned it.

    posted @ Monday, October 25, 2010 6:16 PM by danny

    I have been having vertigo spells for three years and after going to a new doctor a MRI without contrast was ordered. I had read about the test thoroughly and knew that they sometimes do an injection for contrast if more detail was needed. I am glad I did my research because when I was in the tube after awhile they pulled me out and said the radiologist thinks it is a good idea to take a few with the contrast and wanted my consent for the shot. They answered my questions about the shot and possible side effects and since I had done my own research I agreed. It did not hurt a bit and after 15 more minutes in the tube I was done. My MRI was abnormal and the contrast was needed for more detail. I am glad I did or I might have had to go back for another one. I would say educate yourself before any test to know what the possibilities can be. Don't be afraid...these tests are very common.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 27, 2010 1:48 PM by Renee

    I've had several of these MRIs and was completely healthy. I was sick after the first two which were a day apart. These gadolinium based contrasting agents are bad news and they are not leaving our bodies. Omniscan is the worst. Please I encourage everyone to research gadolinium, a heavy-toxic-metal and do not get the contrast for MRI. It is not worth it. I'd rather die than live like this. I'm in so much pain and I tire so easily I can't work anymore.

    posted @ Thursday, October 28, 2010 8:35 PM by Sharon

    I find these comments to be very interesting. I had an MRI w/o contrast of my brain (headaches) a few months ago and one w/ contrast this morning on my pelvic area and kidneys (to check cause of high BP.) Personally I like them - it's about the only quiet time I get all day. My 8 year old son had one on his arm and he did just fine also.

    posted @ Tuesday, November 02, 2010 12:52 PM by Stephanie

    Hi my 5 year old son had an MRI done yesterday w/ and w/out contrast of the brain, he has a history of febrile seizures and we want to make sure their wasn't anything else going on. He did extremely well and didn't complain of any pain, but today he has 2 accidents in his pants and he said he didn't know he was peeing until it started! He has been potty trained for a couple years and doesn't ordinarily have accidents. I wasn't informed of this dye or any side affects. Has anyone heard of or had a loss of bladder control following and MRI? Thank you!

    posted @ Saturday, November 13, 2010 8:22 PM by Angela

    I had an Mri with contrast and without on the 13th November on my brain, I had no pain when it was injected, no pain whilst being scanned and no pain after. I did have double vision for about an hour after but that is all!!! No problems at all and it was not a bad experience, I was expecting all sorts of reactions after reading comments on here and was quite worried!!! I thought I'd post about my pleasant experience as it was a positive one :-)

    posted @ Wednesday, November 17, 2010 2:14 PM by Emma

    The night after I had the contrast gadolinium for a brain mri, my feet and lower legs felt numb and tingly. It is 2 days later and now my feet hurt, my ankles hurt, my wrists hurt, and to the side of my shins hurt down my leg. Does this sound like any sort of affect from the dye or do you think it is something else?

    posted @ Monday, November 22, 2010 2:05 AM by Lacey

    hi just had my mri of the spine today, all was going well, then all stopped, i was taken out of the tunnel and the nurse said she had to give me an injection, i was startled as i was not informed of this beforehand, anyway, she gave me the injection and when the scan was finished i asked her what the injection was for, she just said it was part of the completion process of the scan and not to worry about it! i was so angry that i wasnt told the exact reason, and i spent the whole day afterwards very nervous with every thoughts going through my mind, does anyone have any similar experiences?

    posted @ Thursday, November 25, 2010 4:22 PM by brenda treanor

    Hi all, 
    I had my first MRI ever with and without contrast on 11/24/10 of the brain. I have been getting severe nosebleeds after migraines. First of all, I'm claustrophobic so my Dr. ordered an open MRI. It was still scary because of the head cage, but after settling in for about 10 minutes and closing my eyes I was alright. Long story short, I wasn't afraid of the injection because I personally have a high pain tolerance (as well as 3 full color large tattoos on both of my arms haha). They did not explain any risks associated with the dye, so I thought nothing of it. As I'm getting the scan with contrast, I feel warm from my arm to the toes then all over my body. My skin on my face started to burn, itch and sting and I had a very bothersome metallic taste in my mouth compared to "licking a 9-volt battery". After the scan, I was disoriented, thirsty and very tired. I felt so woozy my words slurred a bit and I'd lose my train of thought mid sentence. Now fast forward to today, 9 days later: I have sores on my face, chest and neck. My skin is on fire and my eyelids burn, blister and the corners of my eyes tear up and drip throughout the day. Eye makeup is not an option right now...I have had muscle and joint pain so bad it's literally been hard getting around (I'm 29 years old and in great shape), such as up and down stairs, out of bed in the morning, wrists, elbows, shoulders and knees just...horrible. I've been abnormally tired too, but the skin issue and the joint pain are scaring me big time. When I read that other people had the skin/eye thing going on too it worried me a bit. Anyway, I'm very happy for those who had a pleasant experience, and I should not complain because my MRI came back 100% clear and fine, but now the new issue at hand is the long term effects of that contrast...looks like I'll be doing my research on this stuff from now on. I wish good health and good luck to you all!

    posted @ Saturday, December 04, 2010 5:43 AM by Melissa

    MRI injection didn't hurt but had terrible burning pain in right side of calf, I yelled, lasted about 15 seconds and gone. I was scared. Techs said nothing and test was completed. Does this mean I have allergy? I am having MRI MRA MRV next week. should I say Im allergic or just tell them about it and see what they say. Other test in different place last year wouldn't do the dye after I told them my leg burned. Thannks for help. Really hoping I can have the dye, very ill and do have multiple allergys now. Don't need another one.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 07, 2010 10:55 PM by cathln

    Please don't allow anyone to inject a contrast dye into you without researching it first. I declined it and I am so glad I did. There is a class-action lawsuit gathering as people with kidney problems can have a very severe, debilitating reaction. Research a dye called Gandolinium. It's your body, your health. Once the metallic dye is in your system, it gathers in the body and never leaves.

    posted @ Friday, December 10, 2010 3:43 AM by

    Had rotator cuff repair on August 17. Still having alot of pain, with weekness. I have good motion, just weekness with pain. They want to do MRI with dye. Why, Please email me. Thanks

    posted @ Friday, December 10, 2010 7:48 PM by Nan

    I had a brain MRI with contrast on Nov 23rd. I had no major reactions to the dye as far as I could tell [beside the metalic taste described by others] until the next day. A tattoo I had gotten on my leg on Oct 15th started to swell and itch, and has been raised ever since to the point that I can feel the shape of my tattoo through my pants. It was completely healed prior to the MRI experience as it was almost 6 weeks old. I talked to people about it and they said that the metal in the tattoo ink would be disturbed by the magnetic properties of the MRI machine but I was only in the machine from my shoulders up, my tattoo is on my leg. Does anyone know if the contrast dye could affect the tattoo ink without ever even going through the MRI machine? I need answers. It's been itching and swolen for almost 3 weeks now!

    posted @ Saturday, December 11, 2010 10:55 AM by Karen

    I had a contrasted MRI done this afternoon. About 1 minute after the injection was completed I got nausious, watery mouth, shortness of breath, headach, dizzy, a trembeling in my chest when I breathe, hot sweats, lower back ache, and can not sleep. I was given 20mg of benedryl and it helped, it wore off and my headache is right bcak and MUCH worse, I still cant sleep, my lower back is in real pain and I feel like I was in a car wreck. While I know that this was an alergic reaction, I'd do it again. I had the MRI to help diagnose and treat cluster headaches. Hopefully the end will justify the means. I was treated at the VA in Dayton and they responded immediatly and professionally. Given the circumstances, I was in very good hands...

    posted @ Tuesday, December 14, 2010 10:23 PM by Pat

    Hi, thank you to all who have posted here. I was on this site last night (worried) because my spouse was scheduled for a MRI w/contrast. 
    Praise God, it has now been 12 hours since the MRI. Everything seems to be fine. 
    My heart goes out to those of you who have had such horrible experiences. Thank you for sharing so we could make an informed choice. 
    God bless.

    posted @ Saturday, December 18, 2010 12:55 AM by Mark

    I'm getting an MRI very soon. I am really nervous and have to get a dye injection. Im not good with injections I usually faint. Like i faint after a flu shoot. Also, this is my first MRI

    posted @ Monday, December 20, 2010 7:39 PM by Palmer

    Cat Scan Dye and MRI Dye are 2 very different Dyes. It is significantly more likely that you will have a reaction to CT dye as it contains iodine. Just because you have had a reaction to CT dye DOES NOT mean you will react to MRI dye. It is very rare that anyone reacts to MRI dye as it is a very water based dye but yes, it can happen. If you ever have any concerns about a test being done, be sure to ask your physician or the tech performing your test. No question is a stupid question. NSF is associated with MRI dye but there are certain factors that put you more at risk for that. If you are older then 60, have decreased renal function, only have one kidney or diabetic you should have a creatinine level drawn before your test to make sure that you are ok to have the dye. This is a quick lab test that tells the physician and tech if you are even eligible to have the dye. Most reactions to a contrast reaction will occur within the first 20 minutes after the injection. Contrast will not affect a tattoo but the MRI itself could cause that reaction. Some tattoos especially very dark ones can heat up during an MRI. The metal components in the ink are what could cause this. Treat it like a burn and it should heal rite up. Next time you have a MRI ask the technologist to put an icepack over your tattoo during the test. This should help.

    posted @ Wednesday, December 22, 2010 3:13 PM by Jessica

    This was my second MRI this afternoon. The first was two years ago on my right shoulder WITHOUT the dye. This time it was my left with the dye. The only difference is the dye produces a clearer picture. You can of course refuse the dye and just have the MRI. One thing I would suggest if you have the time (not in too much pain) is to have your kidneys checked out first to be sure that they are working properly. The dye can case kidney damage among a few of problems. The Doctor will put 10 to 30 mg in your vein depending on your age and weight. I was able to stand only 10 and asked him to remove the needle. It does hurt. But he did you to go through a adhesive capsule.

    posted @ Thursday, December 23, 2010 11:51 PM by Lisa

    I had an MRI with contrast today. 2/3 of the test was done without, then I was brought out and given the shot in my vein. I then went back in. I was fine, but when I got home I started feeling funny in my head like dizzy or lightheaded. It got worse and worse till I was trying to lay down(back pain) and I started to cry between the way my head felt and the back pain. I was never told to eat and drink plenty afterward. After about 5 hrs. things started to subside, but unless it was life or death, I don't want that crap put back in me again. No thank you!

    posted @ Monday, December 27, 2010 8:34 PM by Jeanie

    I will be having my fourth MRI in three weeks, but the first with contrast, later this afternoon. It will be of my brain because the first MRI, without contrast, showed possible multiple small strokes. This one is to clarify what the first MRI showed. I have had blood work showing my kidneys are functioning well. I am scared to death about all the things the doctors are looking for and am nervous about the dye. Some years ago, I had kidney x-rays, with dye, and had a bad reaction to it. However, I am definitely going through with this MRI because I need to know what is happening to me. I just hope and pray all will be well. It has been interesting (and a little scary) to read the comments here, but I welcome any comments to me.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 28, 2010 11:42 AM by Judy

    I have had 2 MRIs - one with contrasting dye and one without. The only difference was the needle prick. I had no adverse reactions with the dye.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 28, 2010 3:12 PM by Lori

    I have had the MRI I posted about yesterday. It was so easy. I felt the needle stick when it was done, I did not feel the dye when it went in and the MRI went fine with no problems. I did not have a headache or ANY other problems. The only "after effect" is that I have a bruise on my arm that is about an inch long and maybe half inch wide. It is not painful. I am sorry for those who have had problems but I had NONE. I am not afraid to have another one and would tell anyone who needs not be afraid of it. I just hope it identifies my problem and I can be on the road to recovery.

    posted @ Wednesday, December 29, 2010 8:38 AM by Judy

    I just had an MRI w/contrast today. Piece of cake! The contrast going in just made my arm and little cold. I did feel a little nauseous once all the contrast was in me - but it didn't last long.

    posted @ Monday, January 03, 2011 3:28 PM by donna

    I had a breast MRI for cancer in May of 2009. I got very dizzy from the contrast. Today I had another MRI to make sure everything is ok. I had contrast again and I feel fine. Maybe it was my imagination the first time.

    posted @ Thursday, January 06, 2011 6:30 PM by Cindy

    I had a MRI on WED. I was watching my grandaugther the next day and when I went to the restoom I was urinating blood. I took a urine sample to my doctor and they said there was alot of blood. everytime I have a mri I get a kidney stone. I have been though a battery of tests the same thing is happening again. I just knew I shouldn't of had the dye

    posted @ Friday, January 07, 2011 10:37 AM by kaye

    I am due to have MRI scan on lumbar spine do I need to have contrast dye and can I refuse it, if so will the scan work. I am very worried.

    posted @ Sunday, January 09, 2011 5:06 AM by C.turbill

    I just had an MRI with contrast of my head...looking for possible occlusion of some veins. I had a very enjoyable 23 minutes, including the injection. Had a tech that was really, really good and had no pain. Actually took a nap in the tube. I'm sorry to hear some of the horror stories, but so far, I'm not one of them.

    posted @ Friday, January 21, 2011 7:56 PM by Frank

    It is good that some are not having bad reactions but does not negate the fact a toxin has been injected into your body and will remain causing issues you don't know about now. MRI with or without contrast should only be used if absolutely necessary. The unseen and unnoticed effects we do or do not notice are still there. We may not know the damage to our liver or kidneys for years. Not a test to be taken lightly.

    posted @ Saturday, January 22, 2011 2:59 PM by Sandy in NY

    I had a cardiac MRI with contrast done yesterday for the first time. I've had ct scans w/contrast in the past and never any reactions to the dye. Last night I woke up with severe chills, shivering uncontrollably, to the point it I was in severe pain. This went on for hours. I developed a fever, felt very nauceous, and when urinated (every hour on the hour) had a burning sensation. My body ached from head to toe I couldnt move a muscle. Today I'm having trouble breathing.. cannot take in deep breathes. Was a horrible experience.

    posted @ Sunday, January 23, 2011 11:54 AM by Jeannie

    I am 76 years old and schedueled for an M.R.I. with contrast on my back Should I have a driver to drive me home or will I be okay?

    posted @ Monday, January 24, 2011 5:42 PM by Ella

    I'm 15 years old and I have to have an MRI scan for my back (it will be my first MRI scan) and I'm terrified of injections, I haven't been told any details yet but if, when I get there on the day, the doctor suggests I have the contrast dye, am I allowed to say I don't want it or would it be necessary? Or can I get my mum to email or phone and ask for me not to have the contrast dye? Does anyone have any advice, I'm pretty nervous about it. I've had back problems for the past year, I think it's just stiffness in the joints, I don't really understand it all too well, but I've been having chiropractic treatment for that, but over the past 3 months or so, the back pain has been getting worse, and I get very uncomfortable numbness/tingling in my legs, especially when sat down, so my chiropractor referred me to the back specialist at the hospital and they thought it could be something to do with the structure of my back that's causing problems, possibly a bulging or dislodged disc, again I'm not really sure, I don't understand it all. But from what I've said does anyone know if I'd have to have the contrast dye?

    posted @ Monday, January 24, 2011 7:58 PM by Olivia

    Olivia, You have a right to refuse the dye. All patients have a right to refuse any part of a treatment or test. Due to your age you will probably need your Mum to speak up for you, take a note at least and a phone number they can call her to verify. Back pain is no fun. I pray the drs find out quickly what the problem is. Blessings, Sandy

    posted @ Wednesday, January 26, 2011 1:13 AM by Sand in NY

    Ella, You should be okay to drive after your MRI but to be safe its always nice to have a friend or family member to go with you just in case you have a reaction. We never know for sure as we are all different. Make sure to be well hydrated before your test and drink plenty of fluids to flush the dye out of your system. Praying all goes well with you. Sandy

    posted @ Wednesday, January 26, 2011 1:17 AM by Sandy in NY

    I would want a driver if you are having contrast just in case you do have a bad reaction, because it can make you dizzy and that's not good if you are driving.

    posted @ Wednesday, January 26, 2011 1:06 PM by Jeanie S.

    I had an MRI today (1/27/11) with contrast to rule out a tumor in my right ear. 61 years old and having a slightly abnormal mid frequency range hearing loss. The contrast dye resulted in NO noticeable effects; statistically, there are VERY few "reactions", much fewer than those with CAT scan dyes. I have to say, while patient self-advocacy is a good thing, I think far too many people read too much into the "warnings" that medical insurers require today. My doctor recommended the contrast dye MRI. I've known him for 25 years. I'm not a doctor. And the bottom line is that I ran a much greater statistical risk of injury by driving my car to and from the hospital for the procedure than the risk of any bad effect from use of the dye.

    posted @ Thursday, January 27, 2011 2:33 PM by David

    I have had quite a few brain MRI's. 
    The contrast was tried 3 times. I am a hard stick. My arms are bruised. The right arm hurts the most.Is there a limit to how many of these one is suppose to get? 
    My veins won't get better while on chemo, will they ever get better at all? I do have a port.

    posted @ Thursday, January 27, 2011 8:41 PM by Sharon G.

    Thanks Sandy, that's reassured me alot! Knowing that I can refuse the dye has made me less nervous

    posted @ Friday, January 28, 2011 3:15 PM by Olivia

    I had my first breast MRI last Tuesday. It went fine until I got the contrast. The tech said it would feel cool. I immediately felt hot all over. Way worse than a hot flash. I tried to tell myself this was normal but it got worse and I felt like I couldn't breathe and was very dizzy. So I squeezed the bulb and nothing happened so I squeezed it again. The tech stopped the machine and took me out. I told him I was burning up. Once he set me up I started to feel better. I asked if I was having a reaction to the dye and he said possibly. He told me it is so rare for anyone to react to the dye. Then he told me he couldn't continue the test because the test it has to follow the dye in and out. So I am rescheduled for tomorrow morning (Monday). 
    I went home that day and was very jittery all day and had a bad headache. Just felt very run down. The next day the diahrea started. It burned so bad and it still does today. My throat feels itchy and weird. I can't sleep at night and feel very groggy during the day. 
    I called my doctor and they said yes you had a reaction to the dye. But there is no other test for me so they want me to redo it with the dye! She said it is my decision whether or not to go through it. She told me to take Benydryl. 
    These symptoms have persisted all week. Last night at a party I had to leave after eating because my throat felt like it was swelling up. My throat is now covered in blisters. I took Benydrl. 
    I am terrified to go through this again. I really don't want to do it. They ordered the test as a precaution because I have such dense breast tissue and have a family history of breast cancer. I am wondering what alternatives I have. I am really stressing about whether to go tomorrow or not.

    posted @ Sunday, January 30, 2011 9:22 AM by Jane

    I had an MRI of the abdomen to check my liver with contrast. Reactions to the dye were not explained to me, I was only told not to eat or drink 6 hours before the exam. 
    I did feel the burning sensations during the test, and I recall the "check list" asked if I had a tattoo. (I have one on my wrist.) 
    My test was at 10:00 am and at 9:30 pm I was hugging the toilet. I was just told I should drink water to help flush out the dye.  
    Silly question... can you expect reactions because you have a tattoo? Did the dye cause my upset stomach?  
    Any feedback would be appreciated. 

    posted @ Sunday, January 30, 2011 9:41 PM by Yvie

    I skipped my appointment this morning. I talked to the tech and he said to go see my allergist. The dye was Magnavist/Gadolinium. I asked him if the radiologist could look at the films already taken to see if anything shows up to warrant doing it again. He said the radiologist won't even look at them without the dye. He said that is the most important part and that the MRI without the dye is useless. Does anyone know if that is true? Also, I have been doing research on alternatives and found that Doppler Ultrasound is an alternative for those who can't tolerate MRI contrast dye. Does anyone know anything about this? Any information would be greatly appreciated!!

    posted @ Monday, January 31, 2011 8:42 AM by Jane


    posted @ Tuesday, February 01, 2011 3:56 PM by Lauren

    This is a response to Olivia. You say you've been seeing a chiropractor for the past several months and the pain is getting worse, and you think you just have stiffness of your joints? If I were you I would stop going to that chiropractor and start doing more back strengthening exercise (like yoga, swimming, etc). and then see how you feel. I don't know the cause of your back problems, but you are only 15 yrs old, and I do know that chiropractors have made many people with serious back problems (like mine) a lot worse. 
    I am 52 and have severe TMJ, arthritis in my neck, scoliosis, severe osteoporosis, and RA. My jaw pain and dysfunction has taken a sharp turn for the worst recently I am going in for my second MRI (without contrast) of my jaw and have found these posts to be very helpful. Although I am rather relieved after reading many of these posts that my Dr did not order a contrast MRI, I actually wonder if he should have...

    posted @ Wednesday, February 02, 2011 12:21 PM by Marty

    than for informations

    posted @ Saturday, February 05, 2011 1:33 PM by Mri With Contrast

    I had my Brain & Neck Vessals MRI done a week ago in sydney. on the time they infromed me that i have to take the injection. They didn't take any pic without Dye, so how they will know difference between Contrast & pre contrast. Does pitutry MRI is included in Brain MRI?

    posted @ Sunday, February 06, 2011 12:29 AM by jay

    Not all of the dye went in my vein. I had a huge bruise on my forearm which itched and now I can see a rash as the bruise fades.

    posted @ Sunday, February 06, 2011 6:22 AM by

    My boyfriend has been told he has stage 4 prostate cancer. He has a 2nd mri today. He has swelling in both legs. He had the dye injected also. Could the swelling be a side affect?

    posted @ Monday, February 07, 2011 7:03 PM by Darlene

    I thought I'd leave a comment about a positive experience with the imaging dye for the MRI. I was very anxious about the dye, especially after reading the bad experiences and because I knew my veins seem narrow and tend to collapse when blood samples are taken. But the butterfly was very small. I barely felt the insertion and I felt nothing after that. There was no resulting reaction of any kind from the dye. Not even the slightest bruise. I also had a technician that explained everything that was happening and was very reassuring during the whole test. (I had an open MRI because of claustrophobia.) Yes, there's always a chance of allergy or something going wrong. But if you are at a reputable place with an experienced technician, I think your chance of having a good experience is pretty high.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 09, 2011 12:49 AM by pwg

    Had an MRI yesterday (had them before)but for the first time they said I needed a contrast. I was a little worried as I don't particuarly like needles, they didn't mention any side effects and didn't seem overly concerned when they injected they just asked if everything was ok when the dye went in. When I got home I googled and saw this site and have to admit was worried but I have been absolutely fine with no problems at all. All I can say is if you have been sent for an MRI they need to find out what is wrong and the extremely small chance of a side effect is worth it right? 

    posted @ Thursday, February 17, 2011 6:14 PM by Paul

    Paul,Its good you didn't habve a bad time but you neeed to be well hydrated before and after to help flush out the dye. The side effects are one thing but the fact the dye remains in your system is another. It isn'ty a test to be taken lightly. Drink plenty of fluids. It isn't a test a person should have often or even at all unless there is no other way to get a correct diagnosis. The chemical is a toxin and drinking plenty of fluid helps flush your system but the dye can be detected long after the test.The radiation and dye is good to avoid unless absolutely necessary.

    posted @ Friday, February 18, 2011 4:44 PM by Sandy in NY

    I had an MRI one week ago. They didn't tell me of ANY possible side effects. The next day, I had 2 red streaks running up my arm and my hand and arm were a little swollen. A week later the redness is gone, but my hand and arm are still quite painful. After looking online to see if anyone else had a reaction like this, it is VERY scary to find references to NSF, especially since I was not informed of this! If I knew of the risk I would have refused the dye. Now I'm super scared I could have this....

    posted @ Wednesday, February 23, 2011 8:11 AM by Mary

    Sandy, I didn't realise it was in your system for so long maybe I underestimated the problems. I was definitely not told about the possible side effects but they did seem concerned if I had any burning sensation when injected. They never told me about the fluids and I will be mentioning this when I see the consultant when I get the results. I will feedback any things relevant here. 

    posted @ Wednesday, February 23, 2011 2:16 PM by Paul

    I had my Mri done today with contrast and was terrified about having it done because of what all I read here. Its terrible what some of you went thru...but I had no effects thank god. Just before getting the MRI with contrast ask your doctor and the tech plenty of questions and state your concerns. I worried all night before my MRI and it was okay for me and safe. Again, I just encourage anyone out there getting an MRI with contrast to just state your concerns prior.

    posted @ Thursday, February 24, 2011 5:39 PM by MRI NOT TO WORRY

    I have never posted anything on a blog in my life, but this is so odd I thought I'd put it out there. 
    I had an MRI with contrast about 6 weeks ago. Now, every time I tan in the tanning bed (I don't need a lecture for this - thanks in advance) the metal taste you get in your mouth returns. I don't experience it at any other time.  
    Has anyone else had this happen? How long does this stay in your body?

    posted @ Friday, February 25, 2011 9:09 AM by jz

    JZ the taste in your mouth is most likely due to the radiation exposure from the tanning bed adding to what the MRI caused. MRI alone exposes us to radiation and the dye itself is toxic. The toxin remains in your system and the additional exposure to radiation just adds to what is already there. The dye can be found in your system for a long time as well the radiation. The tests are lifesaving but do not come without risk no matter how absent or horrible the side effects. You know the risks of tanning beds I gather already. As a melanoma patient for 15 years common sense began to rule and reign for me and there are tanning towels that do just as well without the risk of tanning beds. It all comes down to vanity. I prefer good health now. Hopefully you won't develop a life threatening cancer like I did.

    posted @ Friday, February 25, 2011 12:29 PM by Sandy in NY


    posted @ Tuesday, March 01, 2011 3:16 PM by bEVERLY

    Sandy, Jz 
    MRI doesn't use radiation - images are made by using magnetic fields. 
    MRI dye contains gadolinium. Below is a link to the FDA website Q&A. It's a bit old but will give you basic info: 

    posted @ Wednesday, March 02, 2011 2:55 AM by Ravi Sohal

    I had an MRI with and without contrast and after the MRI my left shoulder had soreness. When i move my head up and down my arm hurts. The IV was issued in my right arm but my left arm is where the pain is. I am thinking about calling my ENT doctor so see if this is normal.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 02, 2011 9:12 AM by Jay

    JZ I know its different but its still radiation. 
    It depends on what you want to define as "radiation". 
    MRI is "magnetic resonance imaging".  
    MR imaging uses a powerful magnetic field, radio waves and a computer to produce detailed pictures of organs, soft tissues, bone and virtually all other internal body structures. The images can then be examined on a computer monitor or printed. MRI does not use ionizing radiation (x-rays). Radio waves are directed at protons, the nuclei of hydrogen atoms, in a strong magnetic field. 
    Radio waves can be considered "radiation", but they are not ionizing radiation, which is the type that can cause damage at low levels.  
    Radio waves of sufficient power can cause damage to tissues, since a microwave oven is using radio waves. 
    Wave radiation is classified by frequency and power, but all wave radiation is basically the same thing. Light, TV transmissions, radios, cell phones, microwaves, radars and x-rays are all the same type of signal. The difference is the power and frequency.  
    Anything injected into ones body that is not naturally occurring can be trouble. Much depends on the skill if the tech. Not all are skillful as needs to be. Thus so many of us not being told we should drink plenty of fluids before and afterwards. No test should be taken lightly no matter what it is. 

    posted @ Wednesday, March 02, 2011 12:12 PM by Sandy in NY

    Tomorrow, my 17 yo daughter is scheduled to have an mri of her lft hip. She will have the contrast. From what I have read at this message board, it seems like it could be painful. What is the best way to prepare her for what will happen?

    posted @ Monday, March 07, 2011 11:01 AM by Rebecca

    I had an MRI done with contrast and now im very dizzy and have a terrible headache. I wish one of the radiologist would of told me the side effects

    posted @ Thursday, March 10, 2011 4:36 PM by Shana

    I had an MRI and refused that dye. Sounds too evil. I guess it's not worth the side affect in rare occasions death! This "death" warning should be enough I think to anybody unless you have too do it.

    posted @ Friday, March 11, 2011 5:20 PM by renorem

    I am a severe needle phobe & was terrified of these comments prior to my MRI w/contrast 2 days ago. PLEASE DONT BE AFRAID- I am terrified of needles and it was easier than getting my blood drawn. The machine wasnt scary- no reactions- not even a bruise on my arm. I felt absolutely nothing the entire time, before or after. I think a very small percentage of people may have reactions but I thinks some people must be exaggerating their symptoms. There is nothing to be afraid of!!!! Relax!

    posted @ Friday, March 18, 2011 11:09 AM by relaxnow

    I had an MRI 7 days ago & had a severe anaphylactic allergic reaction to Gadolinium immediately upon injection. I expressed concerns to the tech since I have multiple chemical sensitivity, & she used words like "promise" & "no one is allergic". 
    Now, I still have the following: 
    1. Pounding headache. 
    2. Extremely loud ringing in my ears – so loud I can hardly sleep or hear other people speaking. 
    3. Funky metallic taste in my mouth (post nasal yucky GD drip) – it may go away for a while but comes back after a sneezing fit & the ear ringing then gets louder. I’m not having spring allergies yet either.  
    4. Really bad back pain that I didn’t have before; husband says it’s my kidneys. 
    5. The vision in my right eye is crazy blurry & my eye even looks weird (bulgy). 
    6. Where I had my epidural during childbirth & my pierced earlobes, it hurts like they were very infected. I mean hurts. 
    7. My urine smells like chemicals or something weird; that started today. 
    Should I be worried? Will I ever feel normal again? 

    posted @ Wednesday, March 30, 2011 3:43 PM by Nis9

    I would just like to state that on my contrast scan there was nothing to fear, all the scary stories I read on this site scared the be Jesus out of me. So if you are going to have don’t worry

    posted @ Tuesday, April 05, 2011 12:07 PM by Ian East

    I had an MRI yesterday morning with contrast as i was suspected to have MS . i read the comments here before going and i was quite scared of the contrast agent. I went ahead and did it because i felt knowing the results will be worth it even if there will be side effects.  
    So far i have been feeling fine, the only thing that happen was when i petted my dogs i got small hives on my arms. People react differently but knowing there were doctors available in case something went wrong really put my mind at ease .

    posted @ Wednesday, April 06, 2011 4:02 PM by Anca

    When you are going to have tests that involve contrast solutions, or any test that you've never had before, be sure to ASK your doctor beforehand for information about what the test will be like, including any injections. (Also check the internet/blogs for info.) Don't rely on the radiology people. Some are excellent about preparing you, others aren't. And if you feel you weren't informed/treated as you should have been, file a complaint. NEVER shrug off something that hurt or scared you because you weren't properly prepared. 
    I will be having an MRI with contrast for the first time in a couple of weeks. (I have had regular MRI's.) I've had CT scans with contrast that have never given me a problem, but I came to this blog to find out more about the contrast MRI's. I'm glad I did. You've all been very helpful in preparing me for my test. 

    posted @ Thursday, April 07, 2011 1:16 PM by Judith

    I just had my first M.R.I. with dye contrast this morning. While it was hardly a pleasant experience-- don't love the needles and tight quarters--it was definitely tolerable, thanks to a kind, professional staff that asked lots of questions and answered all of mine. The injection site is a little sore and I'm a bit tired, but no major issues to report. My advice to any newbie: Keep your eyes closed while inside the machine at all times, get some lively music pumped into the headphones they give you -- and breathe. Oh, and, resign yourself to the fact that the initial injection will hurt for about 30 seconds.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 12, 2011 3:32 PM by Sadie

    I'm having and mri with the gad. contrast in my knee in two weeks i'm pretty nervous is it painful after or during i dont know what to expect?

    posted @ Wednesday, April 13, 2011 5:04 PM by Jaime

    I had the contrast die on the 18th for an MRI and had an allergic reaction called anaphylactic shock and stopped breathing for several min I was told I almost died. Luckily the MRI was across the street from the hospital and The MRI place had an urgent care office in the same building. All I remember is Having the shot and than getting nauseous and the my body burning all over than I couldn't breath and the next thing I remember is waking up in the Ambulance They sent me home today the next day I still feel very sick and am having a hard time typing.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 19, 2011 7:03 PM by Kenneth Murray

    Jaime, Most of the time injections in the knee or other joints is very uncomfortable. If the one doing the injection is very skillful, it isn't too bad. the dye when it is injected almost always burns for a time afterwards, especially if the gad leaks into tissue. You will most likely have some redness and soreness afterwards. I would encourage you to be well hydrated when you have the test and be sure to drink water afterwards to help flush it out of your system. Any reaction you may have that concerns you call your doctor. Ask questions when you go for the test so you are mentally prepared for whtat to expect. Let them know you want to know what they are going to do and you want to know whats going on throughout your test. You might want to have a friend or family member go with you just in case your knee is too uncomfortable to drive. The company is calming as well.

    posted @ Tuesday, April 19, 2011 8:47 PM by Sandy in NY

    I had a breast MRI with the contrast dye. Everything was fine during the procedure. Once it was finished, I felt light-headed and dizzy the rest of the day. It almost felt someone had given me a pain killer. My brain was fuzzy. For two days after that I have been a little queasy and dizzy, with a headache that I cannot get rid of.

    posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2011 6:04 PM by Tracy

    I have read all comments about MRI scans with contrast. I just want to say that I was so scared after reading all these blogs because I only have one kidney and suffer from extreme anxiety. I worry about things people would not even think of. The reason why I posted this blog is to let everyone know I went through with the MRI with contrast and everything went well. Things that really helped me get through the test was PRAYING and I mean PRAY like you have never prayed before, drinking tons of water before and after the test and asking all the questions you want to the doctors and techs involved in your MRI. Good caring medical providers will treat you well and answer all your questions to relax your mind. I really felt nothing before, during or after the scan. Please do not torture yourself with all the what ifs. Relax and take deep breaths and most importantly PRAY to GOD, the Virgin Mary and all the Saints and I promise you will be fine. I also want to add I am very sorry for all the people who had such a terrible reaction to the contrast. May GOD BLESS all of you now and forever!!

    posted @ Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:45 PM by Jaime

    thank you both for your input but apparently the doctor who had scripted the test.. sent me for the wrong one luckily the tech. realized and canceled my test before i could get it done..

    posted @ Saturday, April 23, 2011 3:27 PM by Jaime

    I had an MRI with contrast dye a year ago and went into anaphylactic shock and almost died.They got no pictures after the dye was injected.The scans I had right before they injected the dye revealed a small problem with my pancreas that wasn't serious.The dye was unnecessay.I have been in failing health since.I believe I suffered mercury poisoning.I could feel my silver fillings becoming electrically galvanized when the dye was injected.I am having my silver fillings safely removed and trying to detox.I was running 10 miles before the MRI now I can barely get through a 5 minute warm up.Doctors may not be very helpful after you're injured,as has been my case.Personally,I would skip the dye.You'll get very detailed resuls without it.The dye goes right to the sickest,most damaged parts of your body and if you have a reaction to it,you could be worse off than you were.I had no idea I was at risk for any type of long term injury.If you have been injured take the time to make a report with the FDA.The internet is filled with people describing terrible reactions to this.It isn't good for the body to put this harmful radioactive heavy metal element in it,and very likely it isn't even necessary to do so.It's just more profit for the drug companies to use the dye for every MRI.If there is a reason for it's use that outweighs it's dangers,I am not aware of it.The basic MRI is very very detailed.Weigh what your doctor says against those who have had reactions and decide who is more informed of the dangers.If you have silver fillings or heavy metal poisoning,avoid it at all costs.These are only my opinions based on my experience.Avoiding voluntary exposure to harmful radioactive compounds while getting x-rays makes sense to me.If I'd only have known.An MRI is about the most detailed x-ray there is even without the dye.The dye was only in me for a few moments because I had an immediate reaction.Just say no to lining the pockets of pharmaceutcal companies at the expense of your well being.If it's life and death,like a embolism get a CT scan if you can.Again,this is all hypothetical based on my personal experience.I'm sharing my experience to inform people about the risks that their healthcare provider might not warn them about so that they may discuss it with them.I believe people should make informed decisions.I would have liked to have known contrast dye has a class action lawsuit against it.I'm not trying to scare anybody,contrast dye is scary.Ask what the long term treatment is for injury to contrast dye.If they can't give you an answer,it's because there is none.  
    I am not a doctor.Everything I said was for amusement purposes only.This is a disclaimer.Make your own decisions.It's your life.I am not trying to influence anyone against getting proper medical treatment.Everyone should have free will to do whatever they want to with their body and seek out whatever treatment they believe will work best for them.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 27, 2011 9:40 PM by dee el

    Thank you everyone for your input, my Arthogram went well very little pain and just some pain and discomfort the next day. great information. I appreciate the help.

    posted @ Sunday, May 01, 2011 10:34 PM by Jaime

    i just had an mri with contrast 3pm this afternoon, it was not injected into my vein but straight into my shoulder joint. other than being fairly uncomfortable i have not noticed any side effects.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 04, 2011 8:34 PM by neil

    I just had MRI with contrast two days ago, May 2nd. It was perfectly fine. I have a respectable list of allergies, and reacted to fluorescene dye during a diagnotic session on my eye. I have not reacted to the gadolinium. With a history of back surgery, I am glad I agreed to it. Now if I could just figure out how to read the contrast films! :)

    posted @ Thursday, May 05, 2011 12:33 AM by Daria

    AKI , gadolinium & NSF 
    Gadolinium can ruin your life as you know it. Period. They will tell you the risks are small & that NSF is rare & only affects persons with kidney insufficiency. 
    What they will not tell you is that gadolinium itself has been associated with acute kidney insufficiency. Even plain MRI is suspect for AKI, add to this -gadolinium.......The reason for your scan may involve an inflammatory reaction, injury, infection for which you may be taking Antibiotics & /or Nsaids- ibuprofen & other medications. Such medications are extremely nephrotoxic & can cause acute kidney injury.  
    ANYBODY can suffer AKI - acute kidney injury/insufficiency around the time of your contrast MRI puts you at increased risk of developing Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis because your kidneys will not be able to remove the toxin from your body before the chelate, (which binds the gadolinium )breaks down. 
    Advance testing will not help you if you suffer from sudden onset AKI . AKI is usually transient & you may not be aware /or too troubled by it . It is difficult to test & creatinine levels may seem normal or not be obviously changed. until 48-72 hours later.  
    AKI is identified clinically from reduced urine output, but most people will not be alarmed by that because it is usually transient. Your kidneys may be healthy & functioning normally right up to your scan & wham acute kidney injury occurs. Urine retention, sweating ,swelling extremities ..... You may not really notice until you start having progressive symptoms...continued swelling ,redness, burning, rashes, joint pains, skin changes.....etc. If you had normal kidneys before , the chances are they will revert, but that will be too late, the toxin is in your body. Months later you read about NSF & present to your doctor because you know damned well that your "mystery" symptoms are associated to the contrast dye. He first tests your creatinine level. It comes out "normal" & they try to reassure you. You may get sent to a dermatologist who will tell you NSF / Gadolinium Fibrosis is confined to kidney patients & your kidneys are normal. They may apply several diagnoses to your skin condition, urticaria, lichen this lichen that....... It's bull ......people with normal kidney function are getting injured/damaged by these contrast agents & going undiagnosed.  
    I know this from personal experience & so do the people living in pain & fear who I have encountered on support groups who are trying to get this issue reconised so that others can be fully informed & protected. 
    So before you think contrast is just a "little prick "consider that the person telling you that probably is . Be safe, refuse contrast, question it's use. It is you body. Your life.

    posted @ Saturday, May 07, 2011 7:17 AM by TIG

    Hey! I juust had an MRI done this morning. AS of now, everything wentsuperb! Recently I had an allegric reaction to CT contrast dye so I was very worried that would happen with the MRI. But when she put the neddle in nothing bad happened. I didn;t feel anything but tasted/smelled rubbing alcohol. THats it! Lost sleep over it but it was no big deal. If you are getting one no worries!

    posted @ Wednesday, May 11, 2011 9:27 AM by Oprah

    I just hope I don't get any side affects and I hope I don't get sick.

    posted @ Wednesday, May 11, 2011 9:30 AM by Sarah

    So, I had all of the symptons of a brain tumor when i was 18 years old. I made an appointment to get an MRI and no one told me anything about the contrast. I am terrified of needles, so when they pulled me out of the MRI machine and put a needle in me, I obviously freaked out. It took a long time for them to get all of the contrast into my blood stream. It eventually was fine, but it was scary. I survived the scan and they did not find anything wrong :)

    posted @ Friday, May 13, 2011 12:36 AM by Shelby Cohn

    im supposed to have two mri's next week one for my abdominal region and the other for the pelvic region and i am terrified to get them im getting them because ive had stomach problems for months but they say the contrast is necessary for a better look i want to refuse but idk... ugh

    posted @ Friday, May 13, 2011 11:21 AM by lou

    I had two MRIs and one with contrast. They did not tell me about the injection until I was at the appointment. No side effects. Everything went fine.

    posted @ Monday, May 16, 2011 2:13 AM by Kasey

    I've had 2 MRIs in 2 years, one for my neck without contrast, one for my knee with contrast. No difference between them, absolutely no side effects, very useful procedure (X-rays are useless for many problems).  
    Severe reactions to the contrast solution are very rare, only likely if you have kidney problems. 
    I had to fast for 4 hours before the contrast injection. Afterwards, eat and (especially) drink plenty. 
    During, just try to relax.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 17, 2011 5:06 AM by ajs

    I have no kidney problems and almost died immediately when the dye was injected.I was in great shape,and now have tremors and musle pain,brain fog,chemical sensitivity,neuropathy,and on and on.Ruined my life in under one minute.They injected it into my vein.Maybe it's more safe if it isn't injected into a vein.It's destroyed my neurological system.I used to spend everyday living life and now I spend everyday trying to recover from what this stuff did to me.MRI's are extremely effective without the dye.They were able to find a very minute genetic abnormality in my pancreas without the dye.That was what they were looking for.The dye was not even needed.They got no x-rays with the dye because I had a severe reaction.Gadolinium is a heavy metal similar to mercury.A human body should avoid any contact with toxic substances at all costs.I feel I have a completely altered body now compared to the one I had my whole life that was coordinated and athletic.If it is possible,I will recover.I can't work as much now so it's harder to make money to afford the healthcare I now need.It's a bad downward spiral,a problem that didn't exist.There is no compensation or treatment if something goes wrong.They will tell you it will be better in a few days and after that,when you're not better they will say it's all in your head.It's a terrible system.With all the billions pharmaceutical companies make,there should be a fund for people whose lives their drugs destroy.People should tell their own stories and stay away from saying how rare it is to have side effects or that you only have to worry if you have kidney problems.Gadolinium is a toxic substance.That is a fact.Do research and decide if you want to expose yourself to it,but don't take anyone elses word for it that it is safe just because they say it is.

    posted @ Thursday, May 19, 2011 10:44 PM by D.D.

    Had my very first MRI this morning with and without contrast. The nurses were caring, very informative, talked to me throughout the procedure. They put an IV in first, and then added the contrast through the IV, so they didn't have to remove me from the scanner. A very good experience!

    posted @ Saturday, May 21, 2011 10:33 AM by Elizabeth Sullivan


    posted @ Monday, May 23, 2011 10:43 AM by JOANNE

    Dr. Restaino is attending the 5th Annual Yale Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis Symposium in New Haven, CT. Of great interest is the poster presentation by, amongst others, Dr. Shawn Cowper, describing a biopsy-proven case of NSF in a patient with normal renal function. In addition, a NSF patient in attendance describes her renal function as being normal when she was scanned with two magnetic resonance imaging scans within one day and she now has NSF. In addition, she’s shared that she knows of two other individuals also diagnosed with NSF with normal renal function. Furthermore, another NSF patient addressed the Symposium stating she has NSF and had Chronic Kidney Disease Stage 3 (not the CKD 4 or 5 believed to be necessary to develop NSF) when she was scanned. Is there a subset of NSF patients with normal renal function? Is there an evolving ‘population-at-risk”?

    posted @ Thursday, May 26, 2011 1:05 PM by GM

    I had two MRI's today with & without contrast had several times in the past. This time for some strange reason as soon as the tech injected the contrast directly into my veins I vomited. I felt a rush of bad feeling then I quickly told the tech I have to sit up I'm going to vomit. Needless to say I felt dizzy for a few minutes after vomiting but was able to continue with the MRI of my brain. Has this happened to anyone?

    posted @ Thursday, May 26, 2011 8:26 PM by Kishma

    I had an MRI with contrast earlier today and I had no problem with the contrast. I felt a little restriction in my blood vessels (I wouldn't have realized what that was, or probably even noticed it if I didn't have to use triptan injections for migraines so often). I think not finding a tumor or other life-risking problem is worse than risking a reaction to contrast. Life-risking side effects are NOT the norm. 
    For those of you reading these posts, keep in mind that you are reading about problems, because if there aren't any, people usually don't post here. 
    I just wanted to learn what contrast is exactly (chemically) and that is why I am here today. Thought I'd try to balance the scales here a little.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 01, 2011 4:04 PM by Lesa

    A common side effect of the dye's used in CT and CAT Scans are a feeling of heat in the face, throat, groin, armpits, hands and feet. A common side effect of MRI Dye (Contrast) is euphoria.

    posted @ Thursday, June 02, 2011 4:48 PM by Richard Gonigam

    I have had 3 MRI scans - 2 with contrast. No problems with the contrast and its not a sore injection. Unfortunately it seems some people do have reactions to it, however suffering daily constant pain its worth taking the risk to try and get some issues resolved. I have spinal cord lesion, multiple disks out, cervical bilateral ribs and a titanium spine implant. Back to the contrast - the 1st time I had it I felt it go through my veins in my arm... just a tight feeling. Second time I felt nothing. If you are balancing up whether or not to have it... if you are "that ill" - you will try anything!! If you have a reaction, it may be unpleasant but you are moving to finding a solution to your illness - think positively - move on!!

    posted @ Friday, June 10, 2011 3:16 AM by Susan

    I'm glad contrast dyes don't harm everyone. I take a dim view of them, because when I was about to be injected, the hospital had me sign off some giant waiver while I was literally lying on my back. That felt odd. 
    But the bad part is, the day after the injection my intestines literally fell apart. I was bleeding internally, solid food was completely out of the question, I ran a continual fever. It took me three months on a liquid diet before I could manage solid food. Now I get flares several times a year that go like this: fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea. They last for several weeks. In addition, I picked up a (disfiguring) extra autoimmune disease within a year of this intestinal breakdown, due to leaky gut no doubt, and I never had any chronic health problems before. And I am not one of those people that has "weird reactions" to things. I never even had an allergy. 
    So would I do a contrast dye again? Not in this life, and I truly hope no one else goes through what I did.

    posted @ Sunday, June 12, 2011 10:50 PM by Blake K.

    I just had MRI with contrast yesterday. It was terrible. When I got in, the nurse stuck a needle into vein and injected some fluids into my vein. I almost passed out after the injection. The blood pressure is 70/40. The nurse then gave me some other fluids that can brought my blood pressure up. After about fifteen minutes, I felt much better. I then waited for a long time to get in MRI room. The real contrast was actually given in the middle of MRI testing. Does any one know what kind fluid they give us in the beginning (the one that make me passed out)?

    posted @ Tuesday, June 14, 2011 3:35 PM by Linda Z

    I just had a breast MRI w/Contrast today (my third -- I get one every year following my mammogram due to family history). I have never had an adverse reaction to the dye - no side affects whatsoever. You can feel the dye when they start the injection (feel cool). I think the contrast is worth it if it enhances the image as you want the most accurate results.

    posted @ Thursday, June 16, 2011 11:13 AM by Kristi

    Im 13 and so scared by all these comments.. ive been having headaches for over a month now..almost 2 everyday all day and i went to the doctors today and she schedules a MRI with the dye . . . she told me that they would insert an i.v into me but never told me about a dye 
    Im just wondering so much about MRI's and really why does she want one done.. is she looking for something?? 
    These headaches are chronic as I have described... idk i really hate needles and im many people are saying that it hurt and some people are saying they would do it again 
    I also read if your a girl and have had your period you have to have a pregnancy test done before hand.. have any of you??? 
    I hope someone replies and just eases my worrys but also tells me the truth.. Thank You and i hope everyone whos had a tough time gets better.!! God Bless

    posted @ Thursday, June 16, 2011 10:05 PM by honey nut cherrios

    You have the right to have the test done without contrast dye if you choose to.If there were better follow up care for people who have reactions to the dye maybe it wouldn't be as bad of a problem or risk,but in my personal experience and from others I've talked to with similar reactions,you are on your own if something goes wrong and they will never say anything is wrong with you because of the dye,even if it is obvious there is.Maybe see from your healthcare provider if there are things you can take before the test to lower your risk of a reaction.There are 120,000 accidental deaths caused by doctors each year,as a patient you should seek help if you need it,but also do what's right for you to protect yourself and don't blindly think doctors care about you or are always right.Good luck.They should give you some test dye right before the main I.V.,if you feel a sensation,even if it is not painful,that you didn't feel before the dye was injected,then tell them if it doesn't feel right before they inject the massive dose.If you have a brain tumor,you certainly want to find it,but headaches can be caused from diet or sensitivities to personal products or cleaning products,scented cleaners,vinyl shower curtains,etc. 
    Everything I say is only my personal opinion and not meant to advise another person on their own personal health care.

    posted @ Monday, June 20, 2011 4:17 PM by Denny

    Honey Nut, I so sorry to hear your having such headaches. The MRI with dye does enable the doctor to get a better look but it is a dye and it can cause a lot of reactions. It is not a test a person should have unless it is absolutely necessary and it sounds like your doctor thinks so. It is up to your parent to sign for consent as you are a minor. The dye needs to be flushed out of your system so you need to drink plenty of fluids before and after the test. They will give you a call bell and don't be afraid to use it if you need to. Everyone reacts differently to the dye so there is no hard and fast rule here. Just be sure you speak up immediately if you feel ill or a lot of pain. Communication is important here. Being well hydrated also makes the iv go in better. If you have a favorite Christian station you like to listen to, ask for the head phones to be set on that station. I just draw close to the Lord spending that time in prayer. He always makes the hard things easier.My daughter had headaches and had her MRI without the dye. If you fear it, ask if they will do it without dye. Talk to your Mom about your fears too. I will pray for you. God Bless

    posted @ Monday, June 20, 2011 8:52 PM by Sandy in NewYork

    Having an MRI with contrast using Gadolinium, on Monday. Scared by all the comments. I am a very holistic person. I am having it for diagnosis of loss of peripheral vision, and they want to rule out a pituitary lesion, so doc wants a scan w & w/o of eyes, pituitary, and brain. Hope someone can ease my concerns but from what I read here, good chance of tech missing vein and getting this poison into my tissue.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 22, 2011 2:59 PM by DeleneSC

    I have had mris since i was 6 months old and i am now 12. i have a tumor on my left optic nerve, i am also blind in one eye. i get a mri every six months with contrast and my radioligest says that i am the best at getting needle i am a role modle for the older people.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 22, 2011 3:20 PM by elayna higginbotham

    I had a MRI last Monday and went into anaphylactic shock and a panic attack because I could not breath not to mention other side effects of various drugs they gave me to keep me breathing and to counter the dye reaction. My MRI appointment concluded at 9:50 a.m. and I went home at 4p.m. after a day in ER. Please check to see if you are allergic to your MRI dye. I now have to wear an ID Allergy bracelet.

    posted @ Monday, June 27, 2011 4:48 PM by LA Severson

    a mi papá le practicaron una resonancia y le aplicaron el liquido de contraste, pero el se puso muy mal, estuvo en terapia intensiva, sin poder respirar por si solo esto es normal, los medicos han dicho que le afecto el cerebro esto es por el liquido de contraste... alguien que me pueda explicar porfa...

    posted @ Wednesday, June 29, 2011 1:47 PM by angeles tinajero

    2100 European Union Medicines agency states the following - theoretical considerations have been put forward, e.g. that a patient who is administered a GdCA at a time with normal renal function, at a later point in time, is at risk of developing NSF, provided that a decrease in renal function takes place for whatever reason.

    posted @ Sunday, July 03, 2011 8:06 AM by TW

    2 hours after MRI with Gandolinium, hands and feet itchy, groin and pubic area too, throat tight felt like a golf ball in it, until it felt like a tennis ball. Called MRI facility, said I may be having an allergic reaction to the dye, told to go to ER. Diagnosis, probable allergic reaction to Gandolinium, gave me an IV- "allergy cocktail", 3 things, a steriod, Pepcid and Benedryl-sent me home with an EPI pen, and told to take 50 mg of Benedryl for the next few days. Symptoms the next two days which led to another ER visit the 3rd day, were: lightheaded, dizzy, felt faint, diarrhea, hand and feet numb, face numb, tongue felt like cotton, whole body stiff and a metallic taste in mouth-can't taste anything. Left ER with 4 doses of Prednisone to take the next 4 days, and told to see primary care doctor, allergist and a neurologist. Am worried after reading about all the possible side effects after being exposed to this chemical-very scared. Also, the staff where I got my MRI, explained the dye as "mostly water, almost harmless, you pee it out of your system..." So I didn't think anything of asking NOT to have it done with the dye. My dr who ordered the MRI didn't tell me anything about this dye either. Should I get a lawyer? Help!

    posted @ Sunday, July 03, 2011 5:33 PM by S D

    SD There is little chance of a lawsuit doing any good due to the "consent" form you signed before the test. We have to do our own research and to be our own best advocate because that old saying "ignorance is bliss" does not apply here. I did mine also after the fact and regret that. The dye stays with us a lot longer than the next pee. All healthcare professionals should give us all the facts but sadly they don't, which in my thoughts is malpractice. I am a Registered Nurse and retired. I always told all my patients all I knew about a test. Also have to know that all nurses are not up to speed on things and can't tell you what they don't know. We are still our own best advocates. Just because one person doesn't have a reaction doesn't mean bad things did and aren't happening in their bodies from the test. One child bragged of his multiple test and the bravery he showed during them. Sadly, he will suffer the side effects as well. Bravery means nothing when your throat is closing off and every part of your body burns and itches as well as the other effects. No symptoms don't mean no damage to the body. It is a test that is given like candy these days and I have to wonder the reason for it.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 05, 2011 11:20 AM by Sandy in NY

    Read this blog last ngiht and had my MRI w/wo contrast today at 2pm. I took an anti anxiety pill before and put blinders on. the Tech explained everything. It was loud, but I expected that. I didn't feel the contrast at all. He said he would push it through slowly and he must have because I felt nothing. Good luck to the rest of you

    posted @ Wednesday, July 06, 2011 11:53 PM by Marlo

    I was diagnosed with MS 15 years ago and have had more MRIs (often with contrast) than I care to think about. I just came from another with contrast. 
    I have had problems in the past with techs administering the dye. This time the facility had a separate station devoted to nurses experienced with needles who inserted the IV tube – it's quick, I don't like it, it's the worst part of the MRI but it's a pretty standard procedure (for someone who asked, the “injection” is simply saline to flush the tube so that it's clear of blood for later). 25 minutes after being put in the noisy machine, a tech (who is usually more comfortable with machines than needles) injects the dye into the IV tube before starting the last 10 minutes of the MRI. 
    No one ever mentioned that I should drink before and after the contrast, however I received 5 calls this week asking if I had kidney or liver problems, had hypertension or diabetes... but I don't and haven't had any problems with past tests. Though after reading this, I went to a McDonald's two blocks away and got their $1 special large soft drink (with 5 refills) to drink while I am typing this. 
    FYI, my name alludes to people who point and say, “ain't that curious”, when I wheel down the street :) 

    posted @ Wednesday, July 20, 2011 4:46 PM by Curious Wayne

    Just to say that I read the comments above after being told that I needed an MRI with contrast. I regret reading them, I got so worked up and anxious. I had my MRI today, it was completely painless, I didn't feel the contrast being injected, and the hospital staff were excellent. Just remember, every case is different, and in the vast majority of cases, it is a painless, albeit noisy procedure. Be careful about what you write, think of the anxiety you might be causing others. Take Care.

    posted @ Thursday, July 21, 2011 9:22 AM by Collette

    Collette, you are correct in what you say. However, I am one on the MANY people here on this blog who are extremely sensitive, claustrophobic and become very panicky when having to get an MRI - whether open or not, whether receiving dye or not. Yes, reading these blogs has made me more anxious as I have another pending MRI on August 6th, with and without contrast. Being I am Asthmatic, this just adds to my "out of breath" panic. There are those individuals who look at us like we are crazy and think we are looking for attention or just being over dramatic; but I assure you; we aren't. The fear is very real. I know I get these MRI's because It is out of necessity. I care about my health and I force myself to get them. I do have to be sedated, but you know, once I get on the "table," I don't feel "all that sedated," believe it or not. That fear just creeps in. However, all in all, I will take a bit of sedation over nothing. If I could be totally knocked out, I would, but I know that isn't an option at this point in the medical world.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 26, 2011 3:00 PM by marg

    Hi everyone. I was told by the on call doctor that I would have to come back in for an MRI with dye. I have a lot of pain and pressure in the back of my head, and have been having heart palpitations, shortness of breath, and dizzy spells. I've had more needles then a pin cushion, but never had any dye put into my vein. Does anybody know if they would be injecting that dye into my head, or chest? Thanks. Christine.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 27, 2011 9:13 AM by Christine

    All of these comments! I busted my left kidney way back in 1963 while playing high school football. An IVP was necessary to determine the severity of the injury. The dye was more than likely more then to produce problems. I survived at least 3 in the hospital and another to determine if I was qualified for Army flight school. After 22.5 yrs. as an Army pilot and a bicycle trip from central Fl. to Wash.DC and back, now at age 64 after falling off that bike in an accident, I am confident that these modern physicians know what they're doing. Dye is like painting a picture to see what's there and wrong. 

    posted @ Saturday, July 30, 2011 1:41 AM by michael

    I wish they would have put it in a vain! I went to get a MRI on my possably torn rotator cuff. Workmans comp, they said it needed contrast dye. I thount nothing of it, find out later it is not really needed, only to see if there is any scaring. Anyways 45 mins and 16 stabs with the needle later, they still could not get the dye in my shoulder every time he worked it around all over side to side up and down trying to squrt ink in, ran a second needle through the first, everytime over and over stabing me in the bone repeatedly. this had to be one of the most painful things ever to have to set through, they did it through the front untill they gave up then tryed the back side for awhile. turned me into hamburger my arm is even worse now! i donot recomened this! i bet he said sorry 20 + times my legs would not stop shaking but i just tryed to not twich. 

    posted @ Sunday, July 31, 2011 1:50 AM by mike farmer

    I had an MRI with contrast on Friday nigh. The dye was the least of my problems, as it caused only momentary flushing of my face. THe MRI itself was an ordeal. I am a bit claustrophobic, so I tollk about 50 mg of Xanax in advance; it did NOT help! I started panicking as soon as they sent me into the tube. I calmed down after about 3 false starts. The MRI was of my lumbar spine, and the study took about 45 minutes. I thought I would go insane! The fit in the tube was tight the way I was positioned, and becasue of my recent shoulder surgery, it was extremely painful, so much so that I had to demand that they bring me out after 15 minutes. Then, they had to start all over again! It was a miserable experience. IN the future, I am going to demand an open MRI or that I be put to sleep!!! 

    posted @ Sunday, August 07, 2011 4:20 PM by Therese

    I had an MRI at 6PM this evening. As was stated in this article they pulled me out and injected me. I didn't feel the needle go in. I have had no problems or side effects. It was a tight fit, as I am a pretty good size man. Other than that, it was really un eventful. I say it is what you make of it.

    posted @ Saturday, August 13, 2011 10:17 PM by Mark Cox


    posted @ Friday, August 19, 2011 12:25 PM by

    Many have asked, but I have NOT seen an answer. Can you have an MRI without the contrast and the doctor still get a reasonably good picture? 
    I've had MS for many years and no one has ever been able to give me the contrast due to my veins. But 
    they sure acted like they read it okay. Why am I paying so much for MRI's if it's impossible to read? 
    Also, if it's my right to refuse contrast then so be it. I'm the one who has to live with the outcome. I've also had Leukemia 
    due to a drug once. So I'm pretty 
    opinionated anymore. I'm not always ready to sign up for experimental things as I once was. 
    I thought I was being brave and helping future patients. I was, but again, I'm the one who must live with the consequences when things go haywire! Right or wrong, now I allow myself to be a little self-centered and sometimes overly cautious. Pam

    posted @ Sunday, August 21, 2011 10:58 PM by pam

    The Open unit is more "patient friendly", but most radiologist feel that the Closed MRI operates much faster and produces a higher-resolution image with finer detail than the Open type. Closed magnets can be used for all MRI procedures, and Open magnets are used for more routine applications. Open MRI technology has improved over the years and may be adequate in many cases. Specialized studies such as MR angiography (MRA) and MR cholangiopancreatography (MRCP) can only be performed in Closed MRI machines.  
    I've had at least 10 MRI's since 2002 and have had no ill effects from them. 
    It was discovvered that I had 2 brain tumors in 2002 and a third in 2011.I have a seizure disorder because of the surgeries but as long as I take my seizure meds I don't have seizures. 
    Everybody's body is different and there's no telling how your body will react. 
    Good luck and god bless.

    posted @ Thursday, September 01, 2011 12:42 AM by Geo

    For everyone asking if you need contrast, I've had three MRIs and I have never had to have the dye, my pictures came out perfectly clear, I guess it's all depending on where you're getting the scan done.

    posted @ Sunday, September 04, 2011 10:41 PM by Grace

    I have had 2 MRI's in the past of my hip, then of my lower spine. Felt fine after both of those. Today, I had an MRI w/ contrast of my brain. I vomited within 40 seconds after the injection and then for the remainder of the day, I have felt "off". I feel a slight light headed feeling and like I'm mildly confused. I'm hoping this does not last and I wake up tomorrow feeling normal.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 07, 2011 7:11 PM by Audra

    I had a contrast MRI last Monday, and ever since Thursday, I haven't been able to eat anything b/c it sends me running to the bathreeom, even water. And today I'm throwing up.

    posted @ Monday, September 12, 2011 1:47 PM by Really Sick

    I've just come back from having an MRI scan done this morning. I have never had one before so wasn't too sure what to expect. I signed all the Paperwork regarding the dye but had no idea if would need it. The technicians were very god explaining everything to me. I don't suffer with clostraphobia but wasn't sure how i was going to feel. I didn't like it but decided to close me eyes as i wouldn't think about it. Along with the music playing in the headphones it did work. The technician then explained I was coming out, I thought it was al over, then he explained about the dye. It wasn't painful, no more so than when they take blood. Another 10minutes and it really was over. I have no side effects, not even the metal taste in my mouth.  
    I have only just read the comments on here and probably would have been put off after what i had read, but just to say my experience was not a bad one at all.

    posted @ Monday, September 12, 2011 8:56 PM by Trudi

    I have had several CT and MRI and it really is not that big of a deal. They are quick and generally painless. You can refuse the dye but it will not give as clear of an image. However I had did have an extreme reaction on my last MRI that landed me in the hospital with blisters that were like 3rd degree burns. Due to that reaction I asked not to have the dye on my CT as my doctor told me the MRI dye is safer than the CT dye and since I had reaction to it to avoid all contrast mediums. The technician and the nurse became very ignorant when I refused even though I explained my situation but I stood my ground and they finished the test.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 14, 2011 12:38 PM by Anita

    To the moron who said Gadolinium never leaves the body is talking nonsense. Gadolinium is only a problem with people who have acute renal failure or suffering from severe kidney disease in which they are unable to expel the contrast from the body within a few hours.  
    MRI contrast is safer than CT contrast and only a small portion of people develop an adverse reaction to it.  
    Most MRI procedures are done without contrast but ones such as an MRA, will require contrast. 

    posted @ Saturday, September 17, 2011 3:40 AM by BOB

    Ok so most people have no unwelcome effects from this metal, a few have mild reactions that clear and a smaller group have their life ruined. 
    I would say only use it if there is a chance of not seeing a serious/deadly disease, otherwise I think the MRI's without contrast should suffice. But thats only my opinion. 
    I had a head MRI today and decided not to have the 'dye'.

    posted @ Monday, September 19, 2011 1:44 PM by Jim

    I had an MRI yesterday and was not advised of the "dye" until they told me they wanted to use it. I was not prepared and didn't know anything about it so I said "no". After coming home to research and reading these comments I am glad I said no.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 20, 2011 6:53 AM by Wendy

    Hey , I am 14 years old and I had an MRI with contrast on my wrist today . I dont have hives or anything but i'm really dizzy and i feel like i'm having to work harder to breath . Is this normal ? 
    Please reply ! THank you !

    posted @ Tuesday, September 20, 2011 5:34 PM by Kelsey

    I had two MRIs w/contrast today, essentially duplicates of the two I had a couple of weeks ago without contrast (looking for tumors). I got an unpleasant headache and some itching from the contrast dye, but otherwise no real ill effects so far.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 9:14 PM by Robert

    I had my firs mri done yesterday and the lady i had wouldnt tell me what she was putting in me she wouldnt let me see it and i didnt like it.

    posted @ Thursday, September 22, 2011 10:00 AM by Olivia

    I had an MRI w/contrast and had no reaction at all to the injection. Didn't feel anything. It was a comfortable experience for me.

    posted @ Saturday, September 24, 2011 7:56 AM by arline

    I had a CT Scan today. Friday I am having a MRI w/ Contrast. I have read through most of the comments here and my question is this???? W/ the contrast vs without contrast has or have anyone been told without the contrast they would NOT have seen whatever they were looking for. I had back surgery less than a year ago  
    (NOV 5th) and I now have more pain. I am not convinced that that the die will show them ??WHAT?? they may be looking for. I don't know what to do.

    posted @ Sunday, September 25, 2011 7:25 PM by Charlene

    I found the following article when doing research on MRI contrast dye. 
    MRI and MRA contrast dye containing the heavy metal gadolinium has been the cause of a disease called Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) or Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermotherapy (NFD), a serious condition that starts in the skin of the arms and legs and spreads to other parts of the body. People who undergo an MRI–especially those with kidney disease–in which this contrast dye is used are particularly at risk for developing this disease. 
    Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF) 
    Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF), sometimes referred to as Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermotherapy (NFD), is a disease that starts in the skin of the arms and legs and spreads to other parts of the body and internal organs. It causes the skin to change color, often to pink or orange and then brown, and causes the skin to stiffen and develop a “woody” or hard texture. The skin can also lose its hair and pigment. It is a painful condition, and the limbs affected become difficult to move. It can spread the other parts of the body, including internal organs, and eventually can lead to death. A kidney transplant might be necessary to treat NSF/NFD. This condition could start in as little as a few days or even several months after the patient was injected with a contrast agent during an MRI or MRA. 
    Symptoms of NSF/NFD include 
    –Burning of the skin 
    –Hardening or tightening of the skin 
    –Red or dark patches on the skin 
    –Yellow spots on the whites of the eyes 
    –Stiffness in joints and trouble moving or straightening the arms, hands, legs, or feet 
    –Pain deep in the hip bones or ribs 
    –Muscle weakness 
    MRI/MRA Contrast Dyes containing Gadolinium 
    Gadolinium is a heavy metal found deep in the earth. It is highly toxic in its free (uncovered) form. MRI and MRA contrast agents containing gadolinium are supposed to be secreted out of the body quickly, but some people, especially those with impaired kidney function, may not be able to secrete it as quickly as necessary.  
    On May 23, 2007, the FDA required a Black Box Warning on all MRI contrast dyes containing gadolinium, warning caution in using them in people with impaired kidney function. 
    The brand names of MRI contrast dyes containing gadolinium include Omniscan, OptiMARK, Magnevist, MultiHance, and ProHance. 

    posted @ Tuesday, September 27, 2011 9:29 PM by Mex

    On October 2 I had a MRI with the contrast dye. Sunday October 3 I felt anxious. Low and behold, my Blood Pressure zoomed up to 190/101. The contrast is the only foreign substance in my body.

    posted @ Thursday, October 06, 2011 6:22 PM by Carol

    I had an MRI 3/11 and experienced no problem with the dye. However, the one I had last Friday was another story. As soon as the machine started running again, my lips, hands and feet started tingling, had a horrible taste in my mouth and felt tightness in my chest. When I got off the table, my head and hands started shaking uncontrollably and I couldn't speak without studdering. I sat outside the MRI room for a little while, my husband was called to come take me to the ER for further testing. By the time he got there, I was almost back to normal. Didn't go to the ER. Feel fine now but was nauseated and the strange taste was with me for four days. Will NEVER have a contrast MRI/MRA ever again!

    posted @ Tuesday, October 11, 2011 3:39 PM by Helena

    I am due to have a MRI with Injection, however they have said that i cannot have unless i am on my period. does anybody no the reason why?

    posted @ Friday, October 14, 2011 9:56 AM by Sian

    I'm having an MRI on my hip tomorrow with dye injection and I'm a little scared. I've never had any problems or reactions to any medications or anything else, but I'm not sure why I need the dye injection. I had a surgery last December on my hip ball to get rid of a cyst and to help my bone heal and get cartilage back. And I'm having a PAO surgery this December for my hip socket to help my my dysplasia,but they aren't looking for tumors so I'm not sure why I'm in need of the dye.. any suggestions?

    posted @ Monday, October 17, 2011 7:22 PM by Jessica

    Jessica, I would not worry about it. I don;t like it, but have never had a reaction other than feeling yucky for a few days following the procedure. The dye is a simple injection into the blood stream and is really not a big deal. But, it's up to you to refuse. If you don't want dye just say so. They will have to go back to your Dr for new orders which will probably delay the MRI and waste a trip for you, but you are in control. Good luck...

    posted @ Monday, October 17, 2011 7:36 PM by Dave In Texas

    To those that are scared, take heart, bad reactions don't happen to everyone. 
    After reading the comments on here, I freaked out and discussed my fears with the tech. She assured me that after 3000 MRI's, she hasn't seen one with a bad reaction. However, she advised me that there was a radiologist on staff and they had meds if I had a reaction. 
    I drank a lot of water the day before and the morning of, but not a few hours before because I was in the machine for a good part of 2.5 hours.  
    I don't understand some folks on here that were not told about the dye, before the procedure. I would think that any half decent facility would make you aware of it, at least the day before. 
    Yes, the MRI is uncomfortable. I was stiff and sore since I was canned like a sardine, but I got through it. They even asked me "why didn't you just fall asleep." Well, it is loud. 
    After being injected with the dye, the tech asked if I felt "cold." Nope, didn't feel a thing.  
    I took a big jug of water with me and left in the car, and drank as much of as I could and went racing home to pee. Then, after I knew I wasn't going to drive anymore, I took a med just in case I developed an allergic reaction. 
    I developed a slightly strange pressure headache for a few minutes, took one 200mg ibuprofen, and was fine. 
    No side effects today (knock on wood). 

    posted @ Saturday, October 22, 2011 8:48 PM by Mary

    i just had an mri of the brain with cintrast today & i agree with many if the cimments oersinakky & orifessionally & only due2my life depending on it did i agree2 it. Have mass compressing brainstem & vessels & due2brainstem injury & cranio-cervical junction being to narrowed & ste, cord,vessels along swith a sci at my coratid artery too i wanted 2 make sure they got every detail theu can life depends on it but im feeling so odd...dizzier than usual, nauseas, out of it & groggy, hives & drinkin a tin of fluids 2flush my kidnies of the contrast & my body but my spianl fluid not able along with blood, & everything i need for my body2 function trapped & not getting in & out of cranium 2...i'll beat it but im ehaisted

    posted @ Thursday, October 27, 2011 9:20 PM by elle

    Went to the VA Hospital in Northport...had a grand mal seizure on the 4th of July and also today Halloween both did not affect my MRI with contrast...the problem was the loss of blood drawn and my blood pressure dropping too far...I am not scared of needles it does not even hurt...both times I could feel the blood going from my brain to my heart to surround my core...maybe i should have skipped the high bloodpressure medicine or the seizure medicine??? no idea??? either way it was bad because I knew what drs were asking but could not even speak the what is your name??? not funny at all...

    posted @ Monday, October 31, 2011 11:39 PM by Lee Hlavaty

    Hello everyone... I have a question that I can NOT find anything on online. I really wish to be in contact with Ravi Sohal, or someone with his knowledge of the product... A little while back an MRI was ordered for my breasts. I went into a 4pm apt and changed into a robe for them. I got into the room with the big machine and the lady took out a needle and I asked her if she was drawing blood. I have never had an MRI before and my guy had one the week before but said nothing about needles!! I am not really down with getting needles put in me...EVER so I was surprised and frightened. She reassured me that it was just a saline solution that was needed to do the MRI. I told her that I was unaware of anything being shot into my veins when I signed up for this!  
    So the show went on. Face down with my arms above my head for a very, very uncomfortable 30ish minutes of my life. When it was over I left and ran to meet a friend from high school visiting me that I had not seen in almost 20 years. Met him for a couple glasses of wine. I know how much wine I can drink and I did not even drink half of that amount. I got pulled over. That night they booked me back at the jail and took my blood so they could determine my blood alcohol level. The migraine I had that night into the next day was nothing I have ever felt before. When I got the results I was so confused. There is no way... I would have had to drink 9-10 glasses of wine... I came NO where close to that.  
    I started doing some research about what exactly was in that IV they had in my arm at the MRI... The same location and vein was used to draw blood 6 hours later at the jail. Can anyone tell me if contrast can alter a blood alcohol level or reading... or any information that may help me. I am a mother of two very young children. The sentence they are going to give me is something I would have never put myself in the situation to get!! I am not a person that would get into a car and drive if I had more to drink than I should have. 
    The nurse told me nothing after the MRI. I had no idea.  

    posted @ Sunday, November 13, 2011 3:27 PM by Alexis

    I am a healthcare professional who works daily with MRI. I have noticed many posts from people that had a bad experience or are nervous about the MRI contrast material. The contrast is a Gadolinium based Chelate. What that means is that Gadolinium (which is a heavy metal on the periodic table)is chemically formed into a chelate, which is a chemical form that will hold the gadolinium safely so that it does not become an ion in the system which could be dangerous. As a chelate the body can filter out the contrast and excrete it. FOR PATIENTS IN RENAL FAILURE, there is the risk that the body is unable to filter out the gadolinium. Thisbuild-up of gadolinium can theoretically lead to Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis (NSF). This is indeed a very serious disease and potentially lethal. It has ONLY ever been documented in patients who are in renal failure and on dialysis. If you are in the risk group, a blood test to determine your effective glomural filtration rate (eGFR, based on Serum Creatinine levels) should be performed prior to the injection. 
    The risk of allergic reaction to gadolinium is only about 0.03%. A number of the side-effects that people mistake for an allergic reaction are the normal effects from any injection of room temperature substances being injected into the body (cool or warm flush, headache, mild nausea) 
    I read of some individuals having pain in there arm where the needle was in. If there is a severe burning sensation as soon as they start injecting, it means that the needle is NOT in the vein and the material is being injected into the subdural area. Gadolinium will cause severe burning pain and that can last for a long time (several hours to a couple of days)The only long term risk to an interstitial injection is phlebitis or infection. Severe cases that are very rare, can cause necrosis due to seperation of the tissue. 
    MRI contrast is NOT the same as CT or X-Ray contrast and has a much lower risk of allergic reactions and kidney problems. The CT/X-Ray contrasts are generally iodine based and are completely different in chemical make-up. 
    Bottom line is that the vast majority of patients have NO PROBLEMS with the injection and it is VERY safe. However, you should ask questions as a patient and be properly informed of any risks. Your health care is always your decision. MRI contrast is the safest IV injected contrast agent in Diagnostic Imaging studies and is the only way to visualize certain pathology. Don'tbe scared of MRI, just be informed!

    posted @ Wednesday, November 16, 2011 8:51 AM by Steve

    I hear a lot of people complaining about the doctors pulling them out of the MRI machine and telling them they need to get the shot and they are upset they had no prior warning.  
    I had my first MRI when I was 12 (I was in 8th grade) on my ear canals. My ears were crackling all the time and they decided to see if they could find anything with an MRI. They told me it would take about half an hour. 45 minutes later, they came on the speaker and said they were sorry it was taking so long, but they had to take a few more images. About 15 minutes after that, they pulled me out and said they had to inject contrast. They did and I was fine and then they sent me back in for another hour. My movie had finished and I was starting to get scared. I was in the machine for a total of 2 hours. When it was done, the radiologist said that I needed to see a neurologist asap. Long story short, it turns out that I have a tumor in my brain that they happened to find because the ear canal scan included some images of my brain. When they finished my ears, they took more of my brain, which is why it was taking so long. They had to do contrast to see if it was cancerous. But they couldn't tell us any of the specifics at the time because they didn't have the head radiologist in yet to read the scans definitely. I wasn't upset about my ordeal, I was happy they found it and investigated it to make sure it was okay. So don't get all bent out of shape if they want to do contrast unexpectedly. Who knows what they've found and the contrast can make a huge difference in making a diagnosis. If you're unsure of it, tell them that and they can walk you through everything. 
    On the subject of side effects of contrast, it's like any other drug. It has some, but they rarely occur seriously. I've had 4 MRIs in the past 5 years and today was the first time I've had a bad reaction to the contrast. I was fine as he put it in and didn't even know the needle was in my arm, but my body overheated very quickly and my arm started burning after the needle was out and I was back in the machine. When I was finished, I got up and was very dizzy and nauseous, which has lasted all day. My arm is killing me where he injected it, and is very swollen with red bumps. And yet, I will definitely keep getting it injected in the future because it is so important to get the right diagnosis.  
    And if anyone is wondering, they have no idea what the thing in my brain is. My neurologist took the scans of it to a conference with the world's top neurologists in Switzerland, and none of them could figure it out either. What they do know is that it's most likely not cancer. But my doctor does remind me all the time that it could just be a really slow growing cancer and that's why it doesn't light up with the contrast on the scans. Reassuring, right? But today I got it done and it hasn't changed at all in 5 years, so they are just saying it's an unidentified lesion and I am cleared from all future MRIs.

    posted @ Monday, November 21, 2011 10:36 PM by Sarah

    I got my second contrast MRI today. I'm 17 and physically active with no history of allergies. I was ring checked for a dark spot they found on the top right side of the brain which was identified. Doctors said not to worry and today the doctor made an educated guess that everything stable and there should e no worries. I was not warned about the contrast dye and only found out what it is today. But luckily there was no reaction.

    posted @ Friday, November 25, 2011 8:11 PM by Alexei K.

    My husband went in for an MRI w/contrast at 11 PM at night. Everything seemed routine and he thought there were no problems. No one ever told him to drink lots of fluids or if there were any risks with the contrast dye. No one ever warned him there could be side effects and that he might want to have someone else drive. 
    He came home and went straight to bed. He woke up about 4 hours after the procedure and felt a lot of pain in his arm from the injection. As time went by his arm had a tremendous amount of swelling and more and more pain and a burning sensation. A very large bruise formed over the injection spot, one of the largest I have seen. He doesn’t bruise easily at all. 
    After about 3 days the swelling was so bad I thought his arm would explode. He was in massive amounts of pain around the injection spot (near the inside of the elbow) and in his shoulder. He said it felt like someone poured boiling water in his veins. He also was having numbness and tingling in his forearm and hand/fingers.  
    The doctor put him on prednisone to reduce the swelling and pain and diagnosed him with an intramuscular hematoma. The swelling went down and the forearm got better after about 2 weeks. The pain at the site of the injection lessened from what it was, but it is still there. The intense pain and burning in his shoulder has continued and spread into the neck and chest area.  
    At the time of diagnosing for the intramuscular hematoma an ultrasound was ordered because of the swelling. It was found that he had an old blood clot in his shoulder from an unknown problem. It doesn’t seem to be related to any of this, nor should it be causing pain. However it is obvious that no one wants to blame the contrast injection for any of this and they keep writing it off as unexplained or complications from pre-existing problems.  
    It’s been 8 weeks now and my husband has been unable to do ANYTHING substantial with his left arm and hand because of the pain it causes to use it.  
    I do not write this to cause anyone fear who is having an MRI with contrast done. I am writing in hopes of connecting with others who have had similar problems. His arm and shoulder were perfectly fine before this.  
    I do not wish these problems on anyone as they have put us through Hell. But if there is anyone out there with similar experiences or who knows something about these problems I hope you will speak up. 

    posted @ Friday, December 09, 2011 9:29 PM by Almost Have Lost Hope

    @ Almost Have Lost Hope, 
    I am experiencing the similar issues. I had a brain and spine MRI last Monday and because of breast cancer, I can't have injections, blood draws or blood pressure readings in my left arm. So they injected the dye in my right hand and immediately, I asked the tech if I was suppose to feel any tightness. She asked me if the tightness was in my chest and I said no, in my hand and arm. She stated I should be fine. I positioned myself the same way in the machine, but this time I noticed a big difference in the way my right arm started to feel.  
    It was very uncomfortable and in some pain. Later that night, I went to dinner with friends and reached to open the door and there was a god awful pain that shot through my hand and up my arm. I looked at my hand and it was so swollen. I couldn't bend my fingers, hold a pen or pull the door open. I then noticed my wrist and forearm were swollen. 
    The next day, I called my primary care physician and she told it sounds like the dye infiltrated my tissue. She advised me to call the MRI facility and let them know what happened. When I spoke to them, they said it sounded like Phlebitis. He said it was uncommon for this to happen, but I should put an ace bandage on it and take an anti inflammatory. Today, it is worse than ever! 
    I will be in NYC, on business travel, for the next 3 days, but plan to visit my primary care physician when I return. This is so painful. It feels like my wrist is broken, but I can still move it. I will keep you updated on what my doctor says. Please tell your husband to keep his head up and don't give up hope!

    posted @ Saturday, December 10, 2011 5:54 PM by Bridgette

    I am glad you posted. Although I take no comfort in knowing others are having the same problems my husband does, we appreciate knowing this because the doctors are acting like there should be nothing wrong, like we are crazy or something. This doesn't happen because of MRI contrast injections, or so they are saying. 
    After spending all of last night researching things I came to the same conclusion, that the injection has caused irritation or damage to the tissue and or muscle. After 8 weeks I am fearing if there will be a recovery but we keep pursuing it just the same. 
    I wish you the best of luck with your recovery. I really hope it doesn't progress the way it did for my husband. At this point the doctors are writing it off as lack of usage and bad posture causing the pain instead of admitting that someone messed up and put the dye in a place it should not go, possibly causing damage.  
    I plan to update if we get any other news and I look forward to hearing reports of good progress from you.

    posted @ Saturday, December 10, 2011 9:20 PM by Valerie (aka: Almost Lost Hope)

    I read this blog before having an MRI with contrast, which was done two hours ago. Other than the long time (one hour) in the machine, the noise, uncomfortable position,and being too hot, the experience was really not that bad. I didn't feel a thing when the contrast was injected into my hand, other than a small needle prick. I felt normalthrough the whole process, and feel normal now. The technician assured me that the contrast is not used unless determined necessary by the radiologist, who is able to see the images without dye first. The tech also said she has had five MRI with contrast in the last ten years, with no ill effects.

    posted @ Tuesday, December 27, 2011 6:08 PM by Mark

    I went in for an mri with contrast about a month ago for a possible brain tumor. I was in the tube for about 15 minutes before they pulled me out and put a iv in to inject the dye. they told me there would be no side affects. i thought they were suppose to wait like 20 minutes after injecting the dye to be put back into the tube to contiune the mri to allow time for the dye to spread throughout your body?  
    Only 15 seconds after injecting the dye they put me back in to finish the mri which took about 3-5 minutes. im begining to wonder if the dye didnt have time to reach my brain and thats why they didnt find anything.  
    How long are they suppose to wait after injecting the dye to finish the mri?  

    posted @ Thursday, December 29, 2011 2:38 PM by rich

    I had an brain MRI both with and without contrast...It took them 4 people and three different spots for them to find a vein, and the did and injected the dye. They immedietly put me back in the machine, within a minute, I could feel my throat closing and I was having a hard time breathing, but I didn't push the button because I just wanted to finish so I didn't have to go through it again. Long story short, I went into anaphalytic shock. They had to give me an epi shot so I could breathe and I had to be taken to the hospital because of my extreme reaction. Its a day later, my bronchial tube is still so swollen I can't get solid food down, its hard for me to talk, I am completely run down...I was told that if I EVER have another contrast done, it has to be in the hospital and even that's not recommended because of my severe reaction.  
    What makes me mad is that they said if they had known about my other allergies and congenital health problems, they wouldn't have given me contrast....problem being wiht that? I wrote it all down for them before the procedure...I'm just hoping after all of this they are wrong about a possible tumor...praying for good news! Good luck to all, hopefully you don't go through what I Went through, it was by far the most traumatizing thing I have ever experienced.

    posted @ Friday, December 30, 2011 6:44 PM by Tammy

    AI had an MRI Thursday with no warning about any side effects. Friday I woke up with a sore arm, the dye was injected into my hand. The ER told me wet heat and aleve. My whole arm from elbow to fingers is swollen and hurts. I'm told the dye has to 'absorb'. From what I see here it looks like a reaction to the dye if it's injected accidentally when someone can't find a vein. will let y'all know when the pain goes away. Did ANYONE receive warnings of this?

    posted @ Sunday, January 01, 2012 3:56 PM by Shannon

    All you people who are freaking out because you "think" you might have a reaction to the dye: First, you WILL have a reaction to the dye...basically a warm/hot flushing that takes a minute or two to subside. Second, why are you posting all your questions here on line? Don't you have a doctor you can trust? You would trust a complete stranger who possibly knows NOTHING about MRI's or contrast dye (gadolinium). The fact of the matter is that serious reactions to dye are very, very rare, and seldom are more than very minor and very temporary discomfort. Every medical institution of any size in the world have used MRI's for 20-30 years now. The dyes they use are as safe as they can be. 
    No medical procedure is without risk. But the risk of NOT having the procedure is usually much greater than having it. 
    If you can't deal with modern medicine, go see a witch doctor, and have him kill a chicken and have it bleed all over you.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 5:10 AM by John F

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience. Alergies are unpredictable unless you have had pre-exposure to an alergen. Even when one has an allergy, it is highly unlikely to go into anaphalactic shock. If you have allergy to gluten, or peanuts, it does not mean you will have an allergic reaction to ganolidium. the problem people have with ganolidium is 99% due to kidney issues and NOT following instructions to drink lots of water for 24 hours after getting the contrast agent. 
    I am wondering why you would have trouble swallowing (which is done through the esophagus) when your bronchia begin at the end of your trachea...has nothing at all to do with the esophagus. 
    By the way, tumors don't show up well without a dye agent on MRI's. Assume you would rather have an undiagnosed tumor than a mildly unpleasant experience. 
    It sounds like you had a panic attack, not anaphalactic shock. 
    If you had a tumor, you would know about it from your doctor in days if not hours. Praying won't remove a cancer. If it did, you wouldn't need an MRI, would you? Tumors are not necessarily cancer. Usually are NOT cancer.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 6:38 AM by John F

    Maybe no procedure is without risk but there is such a thing as giving imnformed consent. If you are not told about the risks and indeed NEPHROGENIC SYSTEMIC FIBROSIS (NSF) before your injection you are being treated as well as the chicken the gentleman refers to.  
    It really does no matter a widdle if you have great kidneys before your scan if the nephrotoxic gadolinium induces acute renal failure, ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY is a black box warning for which nephrotoxic gadolinium is contra-indicted, ironic isn't it when gadolinium can cause the acute renal failure that can lead to Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 12:29 PM by tw

    Informed consent? You mean, like, "You might die if we do this--please sign here?"  
    Every single medical procedure has risks, some known and some unknown. Life saving blood transfusions can kill you. X-rays can kill you. Aspirin can kill you. You might get hit by a bus on the way from the parking lot to the MRI center. 
    It simply is not practical to enumerate every possible risk before doing every procedure. If the risk is large, yes, then you should know in advance what that risk is, and perhaps what the risk is if you don't do it. 
    Doctors are sued because they DIDN'T order an MRI with contrast when they should have.  
    If you can go online on forums like this AFTER you have an MRI with contrast, then why can't you do so before hand? I have had about a dozen MRI's in my life, and for every single one of them, I had to fill out a questionaire, which included a question as to whether or not I had ever had an MRI with contrast dye, and if so, did I have a reaction. I had an MRI this afternoon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I filled out the questionaire and checked the box that yes, I had an MRI with dye in the past and no, I did not have any problems. 
    Had I checked the box that no, I have never had an MRI with contrast, I would have been counseled (as I was with the first one) about possible risks---for people with kidney problems. I would also be counselled not to drink alcohol, not to take ibuprofen, and to drink copious amounts of water after the procedure. 
    Maybe they should include this information about the risks of having an MRI with contrast? 
    "The frequency of all acute adverse events after an injection of 0.1 or 0.2 mmol/kg of gadolinium chelate ranges from 0.07% to 2.4%. The vast majority of these reactions are mild, including coldness at the injection site, nausea with or without vomiting, headache, warmth or pain at the injection site, paresthesias, dizziness, and itching. Reactions resembling an “allergic” response are very unusual and vary in frequency from 0.004% to 0.7%. A rash, hives, or urticaria are the most frequent of this group, and very rarely there may be bronchospasm. Severe, life-threatening anaphylactoid or nonallergic anaphylactic reactions are exceedingly rare (0.001% to 0.01%). In an accumulated series of 687,000 doses there were only 5 severe reactions. In another survey based on 20 million administered doses there were 55 cases of severe reactions. Fatal reactions to gadolinium chelate agents occur but are extremely rare." 
    687,000 DOSES OF GADOLINIUM and 5(!!!!) ADVERSE EVENTS! 
    The only people who want you to believe in this supposed great risk of having contrast dye in an MRI are lawyers, not doctors. 
    Life is full of real risks. This just happens not to be one. 

    posted @ Tuesday, January 03, 2012 9:56 PM by John F

    In reply to the post by John F, no one is trying to get people to be afraid of MRIs! We are sharing experiences and looking for answers. People can’t look for answers to questions they don’t have! Why would we have researched this before hand? You think it's irresponsible that we didn't? Bullshit! Did I research before I had a mammogram, ultra sound, X-ray? No, why would I? They are standard procedures and I expect them to be safe. I did not know they would be using contrast dye for this, nor did I think it would be dangerous. That is THEIR job to keep us informed and safe.  
    It's been almost a month since I posted about my husband's experience with the contrast dye. Those of you who think the patient is responsible for what ever happens is full of crap. It is their responsibility at the hospital to tell you about the risks. They did not do this for my husband. They did not tell him to drink extra fluids, they did not tell him he could have a reaction, they didn’t warn him about liver problems. They said NOTHING! He did not sign a waver; he filled out a form which ALL our local doctors have you fill out about medical history. I've filled out similar forms for my daughter to have a check up! Why would he think anything of it? I don’t know if they asked about past MRI history because I wasn’t there. I DID call the hospital and ask questions about the procedure, they told me it was safe and there were no risks and that he could drive himself home. So I did do some research after all, and I was lied to. 
    My husband's condition was not life threatening. He was in constant pain from hand surgery, so taking a risk like this is very questionable if it was worth it. If we had know the risks, we might not have done it. Even the surgeon said he didn’t want the MRI (but he never told us, this was after the fact). Someone else in his practice ordered it. 
    People on this blog who complain of a bad experience aren't looking to scare anyone or to whine about their experience. They sharing their unusual experience, hoping for answers about things they don't understand. I don't expect that many people have these experiences but for those that do this a resource. It helped us understand what really happened so we would keep pushing the doctors for the proper treatment because they wouldn’t diagnose it!! 
    We have finally found a doctor that would seriously look at what happened during the MRI. As I suspected all along (thanks to experiences shared on this blog) they went through the vein and a small amount of the dye, called Magnevest leaked out. The amount was so small the techs felt it didn’t matter, but it did! This has caused a severe case of Myositis, he is in constant pain every day and has been for over 2 1/2 months! Basically it caused muscle and possibly even nerve damage (according to the doctor). This has put him out of work and he spends each day sitting, unable to do things. Just riding in a car is so painful he avoids it when he can. He is on 3 medications right now hoping he will get better. 
    That’s life, right? He could have been hit by a car…. But he wasn’t! Someone made a mistake and that’s how it is. Sharing this experience is how we learn and understand what can happen when someone doesn’t do their job right. If they hadn’t made that mistake I am sure things would have been fine. A typical procedure.  

    posted @ Wednesday, January 04, 2012 7:29 AM by Valerie

    Your post completely ignores my point, which I underscored by quoting a source which states factual information about the risks associated with gadolinium. Gadolinium dyes (including Magnevist, which is a brand name for gadolinium dye) are extremely safe for people who do not have advanced kidney disease, or who are on dialysis. There have been dozens upon dozens of clinical trials proving this AND DOCUMENTING the proof. 
    If you have advanced kidney disease, or or on dialysis, you would know that you can't have any drugs whatever put into your body without the express approval by their physician. 
    Every drug can be misused, and the TECHNICIAN who injected the contrast medium you spoke of, according to your story, made an error. What does that have to do with the safety and efficacy of Magnevist (you didn't even manage to get the spelling right)??? If they gave him a vial of the product and told him to drink it, and he followed the instruction from the tech, would that suggest that Magnevist is dangerous? 
    If the tech was guilty of malpractice (or even if he wasn't), I'm sure there would be thousands of lawyers lining up to take his case. 
    What you have provided is nothing more than an unverified report. You weren't there, you didn't speak to the tech, you don't know anything your husband didn't tell you. 
    And we don't know at all whether any of the "facts" of your story are really facts, do we? 
    Just out of curiousity, did a lawyer recommend the doctor who is "looking seriously" at the supposed incident? And is that doctor suggesting he stop working to strengthen his case against the technician and his employers? 
    Your post is perfect example why blogs such as this are useless for anything other than (perhaps) entertainment.  
    They are filled with anecdotal "evidence" from ill-informed people who apparently seek the ears of strangers because everyone else they know personally well enough to talk to is tired of their stories.  

    posted @ Wednesday, January 04, 2012 8:26 PM by John F

    To John F. 
    Why do you continue to harp and criticize everyone on here? This website is just being used for people who are sharing like stories and looking for other people who are scared like them. For what you said about my post, was confirmed after several hours at the hospital after I stopped breathing twice that it was anaphalytic shock from the dye, I am still having a hard time breathing and I still have is not fair for you to tell me what I already know. Please do everyone a favor and leave people alone. Oh, and I do pray...even for people like you.

    posted @ Thursday, January 05, 2012 1:26 AM by Tammy

    have made 3 or 4 posts to this blog, so I wouldn't say I am continually "harping" on anything. this is a public blog and I have the same right as you or anyone else to express my opinion. And you, or anyone else is free to express theirs, right? 
    Now about your assertion that you went into anaphylactic shock: Before you can be affected by this severe allergic reaction, you must be sensitized to the agent that provoked it. That means, you would have needed to be sensitized to it by a previous exposure to the agent. So you would have needed a previous MRI with gadolinium dye used as a contrast medium and not something else. The vast majority of anaphalaxis events are from food and insect bites. Those from drugs are usually because those drugs are made with foods such as eggs or milk products. Yes, gadolinium can cause such reactions, but they are exceedingly unusual and cessation of breathing as a result, unless you were administered epinephrin directly into the heart because it would also stop beating, would probably kill you. You certainly would not be affected by breathing cessation months after the event. 
    There are statistics on the extreme rarity of such events, and the number is roughly 5 in 687,000 administrations of gadolinium compounds. 
    Could you be one of those? Yes, if you were one of those 5 people...a highly, highly improbable event. Much more likely that you imagined it, or fainted out of fear, or hysteria. 
    Or possibly, and much more likely, you are simply fabricating the story you tell here for reasons known only to you. 
    Now, do you think if you read a warning prior to your receiving your supposed gadolinium dye, you were warned (truthfully) that there was less than 1 chance in a million that you would go into shock from it, that you would have said, "thanks, but no thanks?" 
    If you did, then you would be a very, very foolish woman. 
    The problem with blogs such as this is that many ill-informed people make important health decisions based on the utter garbage that is posted on them by people such as yourself. 
    Yes, my dear--utter garbage. And yes, that is my opinion, but unlike yours, it is based on facts. 
    If as a result of reading my post, one person is saved from making a very poor decision based on posts such as your, then it was certainly worth my while to correct a few misstatements. 
    And, please don't waste your time suggesting that it is only other posters who have an agenda. That would be yet another unsupported opinion.

    posted @ Thursday, January 05, 2012 6:24 AM by John F

    John F, 
    I wasn’t ignoring YOUR point, I was merely stating that we were not advocating against anything. Nearly sharing a story of what happened because, guess what? This blog ASKED us to!!! I quote “Have you had an MRI Scan with contrast? What was your experience like? Leave your comments below.” That’s it!! That’s all!! When I read it I realized others had had problems too and I read them all to see if my husband had symptoms like anyone else because the doctors kept saying there was nothing wrong!! What else can I do!! I can’t do anything other than advocate his recovery by pushing the doctors and trying to do research.  
    Once again, I wasn’t saying it isn’t safe or don’t do it! All I said was that they didn’t do their job right and they didn’t tell him the truth, that’s it!! I just want the hospitals to be honest and tell you about side effects; it’s our right to know what “could” happen. If anyone is ignoring things, it's you. And excuse me for not spelling Magnevist right. I called the MRI department to find out what they used to see, if once again I could find out anything about it as they sure as Hell weren’t going to tell me. I tried looking it up but I obviously looked in the wrong place as that was the spelling that came up. May I burn in Hell for that one, I truly deserve it. 
    I didn’t know I was writing a documented medical report for a lawyer. Once again I WAS JUST SHARING, WHICH IS WHAT THIS BLOG WAS FOR! Seeing if anyone else had the same problem and what they did to fix it, or could it be fixed. I talked to family and friends; no one has had this done so there was NOTHING to talk about. Other than “I am sorry to hear it and I hope he will get better soon”. 
    And to answer your rude curiosity, the current doctor has nothing to do with any lawyer. We ended up seeing him because all the other places we had been sent couldn’t solve the problem and he was the next “level” to try. He works for the hospital that did this!! So there’s nothing sneaky about it. I just want my husband to stop being in pain!! Once again, we aren’t saying to stop using MRI with contrast. We just want to know what happened to my husband and why he isn’t getting better and how to make him better. This was the first place I found answers. But I suppose since I don’t have a video of him getting the MRI done that makes us liars. I’ve got better things to do with my time than waste it making up stories about a botched MRI.  
    Oh, and I just read a reply to you from someone named Tammy. Which validates my feelings that you just want to feel superior to everyone and you are nothing more than an internet troll and a bully. Or maybe you work for Magnevist. Thanks for trying to make our lives even more miserable than they currently are. We deserve it after all; we are horrible people that sought to find answers. Horrible people that deserve to live a life of excruciating pain that was a side effect of an MRI. 

    posted @ Thursday, January 05, 2012 6:49 AM by Valerie

    No, you are not a horrible person...or at least I have not seen any evidence of that. I have seen evidence of ignorance and the likelihood that many of the posts are made by people who report stories of events that never happened, or if they did, they did not happen the way they were reported. 
    The results of your stories may be that someone who really would benefit from an MRI with contrast dye will be afraid to undergo a painless and highly diagnostic test. That is something you and others who have posted fabrications here ought to think about. 
    Your post, for example, does not take issue with the validity of any of the opinions I expressed.  
    Why not?  
    Even if I did work for Magnevist (I do not) what difference would that make. What on earth is the relevance? 
    I called no one a liar, but that is what one is if one fabricates stories from thin air.  
    When I was very young, my younger brother had a habit of holding his breath until he was blue in the face. Perhaps you would suggest he was in anaphylactic shock and stopped breathing as a result. I would suggest the more logical explanation was that it got him the attention he desired. 
    He outgrew the habit quickly because people stopped paying him any attention.

    posted @ Thursday, January 05, 2012 8:50 AM by John F

    I have just come back from the London Upright MRI Centre in London. I would recommend it to anyone who, like me, is claustrophobic. My claustrophobia is so bad, that I cannot tolerate even the so called " open MRI" scanners. I had a very positive experience and the Staff were wonderful. I too had to have the contrast dye injected and did not have any problems. 
    However, I must say that reading all the bad experiences most people here had, terrified me and I wish I had never read them before having the scan. 
    I am sorry for people who had complications following the injection of the dye, but they must surely be a very small minority. I would conclude that the MRI dye is safe for 99.9% of people. The centre also insisted on me having a kidney function test before they booked me in, as you shouldn't have the Gadolinium injection unless your kidneys are working ok.I wanted to share my positive experience, so that others are not put off by what can be a lifesaving procedure.

    posted @ Thursday, January 12, 2012 2:18 PM by Anna

    In 1981 I had renal cell carcinoma. I had the IVP dye I ate shell fish so we thought I would not have an allergic reaction, Wrong I was swollen and in hives and it took a few days for it to go away. In 2008 I had a scan done on my thyroid. I explained what happened in 1981. They treated me with steroids for 3 days prior to the scan and assured me it was not the same as IVP dye. Eight hours after the procedure I had a full blown reaction. My face blew up my skin burnt, my fingernails even peeled from the center out and I had to have 5 breathing treatments 2 days in a row. It ruined my immune system for 8 months. Just came back from Boston where I had MRI and a cat scan all done with no dye. A radiologist told me in 2008 that I was allergic to all contrast dyes. FYI I still eat shell fish. Point being I must be one of the .1% and I'm sure there are others. Be your on advocate no one should take something they are not comfortable taking.

    posted @ Saturday, January 14, 2012 6:07 PM by Kathy

    Will be having an MRI done tomorrow. Hope this one goes as good as the first one I had done. Not sure if I will have a reaction this time... sure hope not. Thank you all for the different information. Please don't take the time to comment on my post because I won't be reading sarcasm. :)  

    posted @ Wednesday, January 18, 2012 3:49 PM by Gale

    i am having my frist MRI with contrast next month, they said they need to do it to better see the mass they found below my brain, apparently the standard MRI wasnt good enough.. has anyone had this done?? or now what difference it will make?? im only 26 and im a single mom i dont want to put myself threw anything that would upset my son..

    posted @ Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:08 PM by Samantha

    I'm 15 and had my 1st MRI yesterday. It was with and without contrast and a scan of my brain. All in all wasn't too bad. When they put the dye in, my arm immediately felt like it was fire, and I was tempted to call back the nurse (using the button they gave me) Thankfully, after about 10 minutes it went away, and now it is only slightly sore, but only that of a normal shot. So I'd rather not do it again, but it really wasn't that bad!

    posted @ Monday, January 23, 2012 10:50 AM by Gabby

    My wife has had bad reactions to several things in the past. An example would be injected medicine causing her heart to race to a dangerous rate. The worst thing that ever happened, though, was when she got an injection of dye for an MRI of her hip. It was about a year ago. 
    She had asked me to be there because of the fact that she is allergic to so many things. They told her that a reaction to this dye is extremely rare. Before they could finish the MRI, I saw them push her down the hall in a wheelchair. She did not look the same as I had seen her just a moment earlier, and it was not good! She was like a zombie. She could not speak or move any of her extremities. Her eyes were open, but she could not respond to any of their questions. A whole bunch of doctors and nurses ran into the room, but nobody seemed to know what to do. Fortunately, she started to come out of it after about 20 minutes. We went home later that evening, and she was fairly normal, and continued to improve, until she was completely normal again. 
    Once home, she recounted what she experienced. She said that all of a sudden, she could hear people talking, but all the voices seemed to be far away, and she could not understand what anyone was saying. Soon, she was vividly aware of everything going on around her, but could not respond in any way. She describes the horror of them talking about intubating her, but could not say anything. They asked about certain paperwork they had misplaced. By then, she was with it enough to know exactly what they were talking about, and to remember who had set it where, but she still could not do anything to tell them. 
    The bone doctor that ordered the test would have liked to have had the pictures. So far, my wife has him convinced that another injection of the dye would not be a good idea!

    posted @ Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:28 PM by Benjamin Webber

    I have MRI with contrast tomorrow. I'm breast-feeding my baby. I didn't know anything about this (what mean MRI with contrast) until today when I receive call from hospital and Tech. ask me if I have health problems. I told her that there is no problem I already had two MRI's but than she explain this is different it will be with medication. When I asked is that safe for baby she asked someone and answer was yes but I can not breastfeed baby for 48 hours. My doctor specialist didn't inform me about this. Please let me know if you have any information or concerns regarding my problem.

    posted @ Tuesday, January 24, 2012 10:34 PM by Marija

    I have had mris in the past. Mainly I just get tired after. Today I had the contrast. Had to have it due to damage from carbon monoxide poisoning. It all went fine till I went to change. I noticed my chest had huge red patches. On the way home I became more drained. I went to bed after I ate cause I was so tired. I was also having vision problems. Woke up out of a sound sleep with pain throughtout my body. Plus I seem unable to type the right letters. Now I am in pain from head to toe and I feel like I am burning up. Thinking having a reaction to the dye. Took a Tramodol but I feels like I am so weak and cant move. Never had this before.

    posted @ Thursday, January 26, 2012 1:27 AM by Chrissy

    I had an MRI of my brain/orbits with and without contrast yesterday. After overcoming my claustrophic fear of my head being in a cradle with a basket like mask over my face, the first part of the testing without contrast went fine. After about 45 minutes, the tech injected the contrast dye and about 15 minutes later, I felt like my head was laying on a crown of thorns and felt a burning sensation on the back of my head. This lasted through the final half hour of the test and was very uncomfortable. I mentioned this to the tech and she said no one else every mentioned having sensation like this. I'm now thinking it may have been tied to the contrast dye.

    posted @ Thursday, January 26, 2012 11:25 AM by Carol

    Hi, my mom just found out she has breast cancer. They want her to have an MRI of the breast but they want to use dye. The problem is 3 years ago she had kidney cancer and they had to remove her kidney. This left her with one kidney that is bad, she has renal failure but not on dialysis yet. We were told she is not to have the contrast because of the bad kidney. The appt scheduler tried to tell me the contrast is "just herbs and water" uh, that doesn't sound right and we contacted her kidney doctor and he said no way! Does anyone know of any other options for this? We were told they don't do them without the dye unless it is to check on breast implants that may be leaking. They said otherwise, it would be pointless to do it. 
    Is anyone familiar with this? Any info would be much appreciated! 

    posted @ Monday, January 30, 2012 11:53 PM by Tracy M

    I had my very first MRI with contrast this morning for my knee. I was very well informed of the procedure and risks involved. Aside from feeling a little dizzy while in the "tunnel", I did not have any problems. I think my dizziness was related to anxiety about the procedure and that I couldn't move. The radiologist was very helpful and catered to my needs promptly. An MRI is not something that people look forward to having, but when necessary, it is so important to make sure you have a good doctor or nurse to ensure a tolerable experience.

    posted @ Friday, February 03, 2012 4:14 PM by Dee Dee

    I have been travelling with seizers for the past 16/17 years now and i can't say what started them i had the first one after my first child and still having them up to now.Did several MRI but the result is always normal i just did a next one without the contrast first but when they gave me the contrast i felt norcious so i hit the out side of the machine so the guy took me out and ask me if i was ok i shook my head to tell him that i wanted to vomit and i started to vomit and with that i went right in having some seizers 4 times i am tell u i had so much pains after a few days but i wasn't an easy sight ......

    posted @ Sunday, February 05, 2012 4:40 PM by asha

    I've had three MRI's - contrast for all of them and the only discomfort was from the insertion of cannula.  
    I'm not particularly claustrophobic, but for the 45 minutes in the enclosed space a little freaky the first time. 
    For the next two I've asked my doctor to give a very mild sedative and I've had no problem at all. 
    For all the people here who are scared, all I can say is ask lots of questions, talk to your doctor (mine suggested not having the headphones but using ear plugs as it's less claustrophobic that way), talk to the staff - good luck. It's usually not as bad as you expect.

    posted @ Tuesday, February 07, 2012 5:16 PM by Manfred

    So glad to have come across this site and thank you all for taking time to share your experiences.  
    I am having tender and sore muscle tissue at the injection site 3 months after the MRI contrast was injected and am wondering if I should consult with my doctor. I also experienced the strong burning as others describe the day of the MRI that lasted a several hours. The muscle pain in the injected arm worsens when exercised and feels very week and doesn't seem to be getting better. Does anyone have this going on or can anyone knowledgable about the side effects provide advice? Chiara

    posted @ Saturday, February 11, 2012 7:33 PM by

    Hi there 
    I had an MRI with contrast yesterday at Woodend hospital yesterday and havehad no problems apart from boredom.  
    I can only say that they kept me fully informed through the headphones what was happening(good reason to wear them) 
    Super people and hurrah or the nhs

    posted @ Thursday, February 16, 2012 5:29 AM by Brian Robinson

    I have just arrived home from having my MRI scan, this is the second in 3 years and has been problem free. Now i'm not saying it's the most exciting thing to do, but be realistic it was never going to be, now it is a little claustrophobic in there but trust me you'll live! In my experience most of the people that are "claiming" some thing awful happened are massively exaggerating to either put a fraudulent claim in or just crave attention. 
    Now don't get me wrong, some people do end up in the unfortunate but RARE situation where some thing has went wrong. But lets face it your more likely to die on the journey to the hospital then have an adverse reaction! So in short shut up and put up, it wont't take long and provided YOU adhere to the operators instruction and answer all the questions truthfully (especially the one about the intimate piercing) it'll be a breeze and at the end of the day it's ALL for YOUR benefit! 

    posted @ Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:24 PM by D Houston

    If you are having ongoing problems after an MRI whether you have kidney disease or not this is not normal. We have many studies and others injured with normal renal function. Please consider joining the yahoo group GASF-NSF. Here's the link

    posted @ Friday, February 17, 2012 9:12 AM by Sharon

    D Houston do you have a link or are you just making things up? I have tons of links and logically injecting a toxic metal into our bodies is just plain wrong. You're not out of the woods, it took ten years for me to connect the dots and a terrible flare.

    posted @ Friday, February 17, 2012 2:18 PM by Sharon

    D Houston, you omit to mention what your experience actually is when you say people are massively exaggerating and "claiming" some thing awful happened to put in a fraudulent claim in or just crave attention.  
    If you are a professional in the healthcare business then your attutude of "shut up & put up" is frankly disturbing, so I hope for the sake of the patient population that you are nothing more than an offensive cynic  
    People have a right to be informed about all the risks of gadolinium which by the way are not just NSF and include anaphylactic reactions which can kill people.  
    Do you know that there can be a long latency with NSF and that at least one world healthcare agency has speculated that persons with normal kidneys might develop NSF any time in the future if their kidneys fail for any reason or if bone turnover releases stored gadolinium?? No smoke without fire D Houston.  
    I could go on because after nearly 3 years of toxicity I have accrued a lot of verifiable information from reputable sources and others experiencing toxic symptoms who were healthy until they had gadolinium. I really hope your luck holds out D Houston but know that accumulation of gadolinium increases your risk as do other factors. Next time you lay down and play russian roullette with gadolinium, you might be about to trigger the loaded barrel. Is it worth it when at best, there is no theraputic benefit to patients and most of these scans can be done perfectly well without contrast agent?  
    Don't try to make light or dissuade people from making up their own minds up with informed choice before having these scans.

    posted @ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:55 AM by tw

    I have had several MRIs with contrast and only once did I have a mild reaction. I felt a warmth starting in my chest and it spread outward and down my limbs. It was over in about one minute. Not such a big deal in my case.

    posted @ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 12:24 PM by Riz

    I had an MRI today w/contrast. No problems at all 

    posted @ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 5:50 PM by Evelyn Reed

    You or someone you know have obviously had a bad experience involving a contrast dye, or had an under lying problem which has be exacerbated by the dye, or developed a problem through contracting infection, ill health after having a contrast dye. 
    The point I'm trying to make TW, is that the number of people who have benefited from having these scans far outweighs the number of people who have suffered the unfortunate “ ill effects” caused by them. If anyone can find me results that state otherwise I would be surprised to see them! 
    The point I'm also making is that people will often look to blame a misfortune of circumstance down to the injection they had, the pill that they took, the cream that they used, burger they ate and cannot accept that often the choice was theirs to make or life’s dealt you a bad hand. After all I don’t think anyone went for a scan just for a laugh! Tw. 
    And whether or not I am a health care professional is neither here nor there, but if your’ using the nhs then it’s an organisation that all of us contribute towards and are all entitled to an opinion on it and an opinion on all who use it. After all many of us would literally be DEAD without our healthcare’s hard working staff and their tests, or without the very nhs itself! 
    In short if you want to slag off the healthcare professionals who are doing the very best they can with the most up-to-date equipment and technology they have, be my guest but expect no sympathy or support. Tw 
    If you’re an unfortunate individual of circumstance in ill health, I wish you gods speed to a full recovery. I honestly do. 

    posted @ Tuesday, February 21, 2012 6:26 PM by D Houston

    Had MRI scan with contrast no problems and after effects a pleasant experience could have feel asleep in the machine and felt at peace.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 22, 2012 6:04 PM by Ian

    Noticed you deleted my info. 
    I have + skin biopsy and blood levels of gadolinium from MRI. Skin sx began July2011,last MRI Sep and Dec 2010. The docs were just waiting to get that biopsy, inc dermalmucin, still have sx, too.' 
    search any site about gadolinium, it does accumulate, my docs are my co morbidities. Say NO to gadolinium metal, the chelate is radioactive, CT scans inject you with TC 99 technetium, made in the molycow generator, nuclear waste, health effects of technetium. Search radionuclides,radiotracers, radiation experiments, Read, The Plutonium Files, released in 1990's under clinton admin, search Hazel O'Leary, JD< was Sec of DOE, forced release of the radiation experiments, still ongoing to day, you do not have fibromyalgia, depression, cfs or any other phony epidemic the Rx corps have created and MD's go along with it to Rx meds you don't need, but gadolinium adverse effects are real, the sx can be immediate, weeks or months later. I have proof.

    posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 12:36 AM by janet

    I had an MRI done this week. I told them that I have some food allergies and was concerned about the dye. The technicians there informed that the contrast they were using was water based (i.e..e not made with any food bases such as shell fish, tomato extracts etc.). However, I did have some side effects of the contrast such as balance problems. Also, for the last few days I have had very dry skin on my legs which I hadn't noticed before.

    posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:10 AM by Pat

    CT contrast base is technetium or TC 99 with other radionuclides or tracers in them, see list, most often radioactive iodine which is nephro/kidney toxic and ototoxic. 
    MRI contrast is GADOLINIum Metal, see side effects/toxicity. sometimes they are mixed, gadolinium metal is coated with the radioactive DTPA, better have kidney function and eFGR checked in a few weeks, see blackbox warning on Gadolinium, in which they doNOT tell you it's metal.  
    CT contrast is nuclear waste, made from nuclear reactions, molybdenum mined, uranium extracted,you get Technetium, aka TC 99 Sestamibi, Myovue, Isovue, this is all radation, CT's use external radiation, MRI's inject you with it. Stays in the body for months. I have skin changes ongoing since last summer, last MRI was Dec 2010. I have + skin biopsy and blood levels. It's gets in eyes, it accumulates, radiation accumulates even small doses. They have NOT stopped irradiating people since Pre Manhattan Project in which 18 US citizens where injected with Plutonium and the rest, us deviants, poor, drags on society, mentally ill., single women, those near death or chronic illness were all lied to, told they were getting a new Rx. Dr. Eugene Saenger and Oppenheimer and Dr. Heller were the worst scumbags. Read, The Plutonium Files, Declassified in 1990's by Hazel O'Leary, JD, now Pres of Fisk University, DOE got rid of her after forced release of radation experiments due to mismanagment of her allowance. She did the RIGHT thing. They just call your sx, fibromyalgia,CFS and depression, order more scans and try to push the anti depressive, antifibromyalgia junk meds on you. Check you kidney function and eGFR/creatinine, ask for the less costly scan or just an examination from the MD. Radiation accumulates, affects the immune system, GI tract, and is responsible for more manmade cancers than natural radiation which is about 3-5 mSi /annually. That is about 1 CXR or worseCT 10mSi. Shame on them.

    posted @ Thursday, February 23, 2012 9:54 PM by janet

    CT with contrast and an MRI with contrast or 2 different tests and the contrast dye is two different chemicals. I have had both done and I had crazy reactions with the CT contrast and had none with the MRI contrast. I just did the MRI contrast a week ago. They gave me the contrast like the last 5-10 mins of my 30+ min test. I have no idea why they even ran the test. I have to wait for the doctor to call and tell me why. My CT scan only showed one small tiny vein variance, and they insisted there was no need for an MRI. Then, they send me for one 3 weeks later without an explanation after doing several tests on my spinal fluid. Needless to say I am a bit anxious now. LOL

    posted @ Monday, February 27, 2012 7:25 PM by Vanessa

    I think, but am not certain, I may have had an allergic reaction to the dye. I had an MRI in Nov and later developed a horrible rash on my back. The rash took almost three months to clear, while I was eliminating multiple foods to determine what caused it. Never occurred to me that it was the dye. Just had another MRI and I am itching again. No rash yet, but very itchy. I need to have these every three months. My question is, how long can an allergic reaction last. I have been taking lots of benadryl. Should I have A BIOPSY? 

    posted @ Saturday, March 10, 2012 1:16 PM by CFW

    i have been having knee pain for almost 2 weeks now and have been scheduled to see an orthopedic specialist on thursday. iam nervous, cause i a hvae never had any problems with my knees before and (after seeing my regular doctor and getting anti-inflammatory meds)it has gotten a lil better, but no all the way better. i still cant bend it all the way or sleep well with it cause of pain and discomfort. i have read some of the posts on here and iam TERRIFIED to have an mri done now. i am VERY SCARED of needles(even though i have had a c-section and another female surgery)and i DONT want one with contrast. the last time i had a test with contrast(scan to check my gallbladder with contrast) i had to get stuck 4 times and they were going to put it in my neck if they didnt get it in the last time. plus i froze to death, the bag leaked some and i couldnt lift anything for the rest of the day after it. plus, my mom will make fun of me.yes, im 28 and afraid of needles! if they say the doctor wants me to have one with contrast im going to say no.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 13, 2012 9:42 PM by rebekah

    To D Houston,  
    firstly please re-read my message of 21-feb and you will see I have not slagged off anybody. There is no justification for you to be rude to anyone here. The reason I know I was poisoned by gadolinium is because the toxic reactions occurred immediately and are ongoing. It didn't just happen once, only the first time I was told that gadolinium was just a harmless food coloring. I had the same but worsening toxic reactions following a further scan which have now been ongoing for years, burning, swelling, skin induration, pigment change, lesions, pain, weakness. This is not a coincidence. I know what I have and all other conditions have been ruled out. Most healthcare professionals and primary care physicians are actually staggeringly unaware of NSF or gadolinium toxicity, even some within the radiology specialism. This toxin is not safe, it has no theraputic benefit for the patient and is just a device for the radiologist. In circumstances where the monitors to view the scans are maintained and replaced frequently most scans images are of perfectly acceptable quality without using gadolinium and in many cases its use is just habitual.. Patients have a right to be informed about what this stuff is, (toxic earth metal) and to be spoken to openly and honestly about the risks ahead of these procedures so that they can make their own informed choices, in their own time without being pressured. 
    I'm glad you are proud of your nhs but the good does not justify the bad.  

    posted @ Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9:06 AM by tw

    CFW- If you react once to gadolinium statistics suggest that your chances of reacting again are 8 times as likely. Is it worth it?  

    posted @ Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9:15 AM by tw

    I'm 14 and having an MRI done on my shoulder. I'm kinda nervous. I'm not afraid of needles just the side effects afterwards. Any tips?

    posted @ Wednesday, March 14, 2012 9:57 PM by Corey

    Corey, an MRI does not have to involve needles or gadolinium. I have scans with and without gadolinium; the image quality was pretty much the same. The differences were temporary nausea after normal MRI and a shed load of ongoing symptoms after an MRI with gadolinium. 
    You may be 14 but you have the right to refuse anything you are not happy about. 
    take care

    posted @ Thursday, March 15, 2012 4:51 AM by tw

    I recently had my 5th MRI scan and have just been called back for more pictures and to get some with a dye for a more enhanced scan. They are looking for lesions in my spinal cord (MS). Every scan until now has been negative but I am a bit apprehensive about the dye they are going to inject. I suppose it is necessary, but after reading most of the above I am now quite nervous. Any advice would be helpful please eg should I drink plenty, do I need someone to accompany me etc thanks.

    posted @ Monday, March 19, 2012 9:45 AM by Leah

    Anyone else notice that while the picture is being shot , the ear phones stop playing the music? It kinda ruined the whole idea of music even being helpful. 

    posted @ Sunday, March 25, 2012 9:29 PM by mike

    I have had MRI with contract two times before without any problems. On the third test I broke out in massive hives, swollen palms and feet that have been so painful it hurts to walk. Been on Benadryl for over two weeks without relief. WILL NEVER DO THIS TEST AGAIN.

    posted @ Friday, March 30, 2012 5:39 PM by Peg

    Although this may seem boring please read, as it could save your life! 
    A  cause of fibrosis not addressed here, is a man-made disease called, "Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis", first discovered in 1997 in patient who had received Gadolinium based contrast material, which is essentially a toxic heavy metal put into the body during an MRI (with contrast) to highlight areas of concern. It took the manufactures (Bayer healthcare and GE makers of the MRI Machines themselves) almost another 10 years to warn about this severe health risk to patients and it took the FDA SOme more time, with 3 warnings in '06 and '07.  
    despite These warnings there is also a cohort of patients, who have never had an issue with their kidneys PRIOR to the administration of Gadolinium based contrast agents or GBCA's, but are now so severely ill with multitudes of diseases; similar to Scleroderma in nature, that there is skin  thickening,  but with certain cells upon pathological slides appearing slightly sidferent; Negative Sjogren's (serum/biopsy neg.despite inability of all glands in body to produce "normal" moisture) Pancreatitis, Fibrosis of Bowel, Severe contractures of hands and Feet, En Coupe De Sabre (mark of the sword) usually seen in true Scleroderma; Peau D'Orange (skin of the orange) visible usually when veins are infiltrated accidentally highlighting cutaneous (skin) fibrosis, yellow plaques in sclera (whites) of eyes; skin plaques (brownish tannish marks)  and tight, shiny skin hindering normal moment and flexion somewhat resembling Scleroderma, but with subtle clinical differentiations, as mentioned above. 
    I had 10 MRI's with contrast in 10 years period of time, in pursuit of a Lyme disease Diagnosis,(Babesia and b. Burgdorferi) for which simple blood tests should have sufficed. Medicine exposed me drastically, to a poisonous.metal that is still within my body having wreaked the havoc it has, which will only continue to destroy what little good health I have left. 
    So with this warning in mind;  I am urging anyone who is told they are to have an MRI with GBCA's to refuse them, knowing full well that what I have told you here is the grub and doctors tried everything to distract me from getting a diagnosis, suspecting and finding this out on my own, (with the right Mayo medical Labs testing done at a local hoispital that has an account with Mayo. If it means work to the doctor they aren't going to perform what you need. You need to advocate for yourself, they don't care about your health, they care that they can poison you and keep you coming back Month after month for years, in pursuit of "that esoteric diagnosis and body burden" 
    Don't let the doctor tell you it can't  & won't happen why take the chance? It's also my belief that at least 90% of patients having received GBCA's in their MRI's are poisoned and instead being misdiagnosed with "fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndromes" good luck everybody, you are GOING TO NEED IT, ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T HEED MY HEARTFELT WARNING! 
    Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski 
    Sent from my iPhone

    posted @ Sunday, April 01, 2012 1:56 PM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    No way... after my MRI with contrast Mi kidneys started to hurt and an alergic reaction appeared on my hands and feets. specially in my hands. It hurts a lot. 
    its been 2 weeks since and still hurts. I went online for this reason.

    posted @ Thursday, April 05, 2012 8:01 PM by Bruno

    I have my first MRI/MRA scheduled for Apr. 26 and I was nervous as it was, but after reading these posts I'm even more scared and going to think of an excuse to cancel! Yikes!!!!!!

    posted @ Sunday, April 08, 2012 9:17 AM by Serena

    Hello could someone please help me I had a ct scan 30 years ago and i had a very bad reaction to the IVP DYE my chest and stomach blew up the dr and nurse had to pump benadryl into me they had told me that do not have that anymore cause it would kill me. Ever since that time I have had numerous cts,mri without contrast because the techs told me that i shouldnt have any contrast becaud=se of what i had experenced before in the past. Now i have renal cancer my only kidney that I was born with im schuduel for a MRI with contrast and they are telling me that I will be just fine. I dont think so but they are giving me a very hard time. I had talked to my sister and she suggest to me to conact my primary care dr to see what he suggest. I did call im awaiting for his phone call back to me. Im gterminal cancer and i dont want to have my only kidney to shut down . Any suggestions im cancelling my test for tomorrow due to the dr who precribed it hasnt gotten back to me. Therefore im going with my gut cause theres no cure for my CARSONOMA RENAL CELL CANCER. Thank you I hope I hear from someone today if all possible. GOD bless everyone. Danielle

    posted @ Monday, April 09, 2012 12:30 PM by DANIELLE BISHOP

    While I am not a doctor, I am a patient who's had her share on health issues brought on by MRI contrast, namely Magnevist Gadolinium based Contrast, please view the following links: Rae's on Google, you know your body and what you can handle, you make the decision based on ALL THE READING YOU CAN DO, NEVER RELY ON JUST ONE DR TELLING YOU WHAT YOU NEED! And they are now denying me the final biopsy to find the gadolinium in my skin, they'd rather take the lesion(caused by gadolinium) and. He k it for cancer and NOT CHECK IT FOR GADOLINIUM!!! Modern medxiine seems to want to make us sucker so that they can "study you" I'm on Facebook of you need some more help with research, contact me there! 
    Gadolinium use in patients with kidney disease: a cause for concern. 
    AuthorsPerazella MA, et al. Show allJournal 
    Semin Dial. 2007 May-Jun;20(3):179-85. 
    Gadolinium is widely used as a magnetic resonance imaging contrast agent and is considered to have a good overall safety profile. Recently, both renal and extra-renal toxicities have been reported following exposure to gadolinium in patients with underlying kidney disease. Gadolinium-related contrast-induced nephropathy appears to be a risk in patients with advanced kidney disease and especially those with diabetic nephropathy. Even more concerning is the strong association of gadolinium with nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF), a devastating fibrosing disorder of the skin and other systemic organs. Although cause and effect have not been proven for the NSF-gadolinium link, the impaired renal elimination of gadolinium in patients with kidney disease and the instability of gadolinium-chelate binding may expose tissues to toxic free Gd(3+) and promote this fibrosing disorder. Caution should be exercised when utilizing gadolinium as a contrast agent in patients with advanced CKD or ESRD. 
    PMID 17555477 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE] 
    Full text: Blackwell Publishing 
    Related CitationsShow all 
    Gadolinium-contrast toxicity in patients with kidney disease: nephrotoxicity and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis. 
    Advanced kidney disease, gadolinium and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: the perfect storm. 
    Gadolinium-containing magnetic resonance imaging contrast and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis: a case-control study. 
    Extracellular Gd-CA: differences in prevalence of NSF. 
    Gadolinium-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging, renal failure and nephrogenic systemic fibrosis/nephrogenic fibrosing Dermopathy  

    posted @ Sunday, April 15, 2012 10:28 PM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    If that is your only kidney, the MRI imaging contrast is METAL and does not filter out of the kidneys when decreased function is present. You will most likely have a terrible time with this metal , which also deposits in the bones/affects the immune system, bone pain in ribs/hips. I hope you have advanced directives or no CPR, but know the FDA has a rule Humanitarian Exemption device and one other that they can do anything they want to you if not in writing and don't have to get family approval if you cannot voice your disproval. I would not have this metal injected. It's known to cause serious, painful effects, fibrosis, vision/glare, bone pain in hips/ribs. Go to any personal injury atty site and read it, see what it does to the skin, many of these sx are similar to what kidney disease does, they will attempt to dialyze it out, it takes 3 treatments of dialysis for 90% NSF info, search G for Gadolinium, you'll see. This is a very cruel act to inject metal into the body, when it breaks apart, like an M&M, leaves the toxic Gd+ behind to wreak havoc. Do not have anything injected or drink anything for this MRI. You are just a subject to them, one of many as you can see above. It happened to me, I have gad in my skin via biopsy/Mayo clinic and blood levels of it. Skin lesions, R arm contracture. Do NOT get a CT scan either, this is radiation as is the imaging contrast, usually iodine/radioactive, iodine is a known nephrotoxic agent. SAY NO.

    posted @ Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:45 PM by janet

    Do not have any contrast injected into you. MRI contrast is metal, gadolinium, search G for gadolinium. 
    CT contrast is radioactive iodine, a known kidney toxin. CT without contrast is still radiation, more than an xray. What do they want to know that simple blood tests can tell them. If you have decreased kidney function and you do, you will hasten your death by weeks, not months or years. Do not let them make you another victim/subject. Sx occur immediately or weeks to months later. Skin sx sores occur, contractures, painful, as is the ribcage bone pain/hip pain. nausea, vomiting, tremors, you know you've been poisoned. If your kidney fails or worsens because it will not clear the gadolinium metal, it will separate and leave the toxic Gd+3 to cause fibrosis, they just want to see what happens, they have no intention of helping you. This is pretty common throughout radiation experiments and now with Gadolinium which has a blackbox warning, they do not tell you it's metal. The NSF condition is NOT rare, 
    SAY NO TO ALL contrasts, injected, oral, or local injections. Say no to radiation scans. It happened to me, I have the skin sores,s, R arm contracture that is nauseating when I try to extend my arm, extreme fatigue, R ribcage pain, difficulty walking, my UCH doctors lied to me. I told them I would find out and I did. ex RN medically retired.

    posted @ Sunday, April 15, 2012 11:57 PM by janet

    Don't let them bully you into this scan, it is you who will have to live with any consequences. The gadolinium caused acute kidney injury symptoms; now I have to live in fear with NSF type symptoms and I had two healthy kidneys. 
    Tell them to do the scan WITHOUT CONTRAST

    posted @ Monday, April 16, 2012 4:34 PM by tw

    Well this is just great. I had an MRI yesterday with contrast & no one told me anything about it just that it was a dye, my right side kinda felt cold here & there & I felt slight pain in my right rib area, I didn't mention it..I did ask how many people have reactions to the contrast if any, she said less than 20% & told me to drink lots of water for 2 to 3 days...I'm already scared to hear the results now I'm scared cuz I had contrast...they just did it without giving me an option & as an adult or well a human being..I know I have the option but it didn't enter my mind to question them.. Things were bad enough with my Claustrophobia issue & I was scared & freaking out...& I regret not researching more about this before hand...

    posted @ Tuesday, April 17, 2012 4:01 AM by Carla

    You people like janet and tw are just fear mongering. The contrast is 99.999999% saline solution. Most of the "wierd" feelings that are felt in the MRI machine are due to the very high strength of the megnetic fields that you are being put in. Also to anyone who thinks that MRI have ionizing radiation, you are incorrect.  
    If you don't want the contrast then tell the tech no. You will just be getting a $2000-4000 incomplete scan. Have fun with that.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 18, 2012 7:00 PM by some ppl

    to "some ppl", you got my reply to your email on this site, though it was not posted. I will post it later when it's not so late. You have alot of nerve when you know the studies show what MRI gadolinium metal does to people and they know you don't need decreased kidney function for this to occur. Even one MRI contrast injection will deposit in the bones, painful, stays for years, accumulates and causes skin sx which the MD's will deny is the cause though the post marketing studies want skin biopsy within 2 yrs of the MRI. Fourth Annual NSF conference e briefing 13 Sept 2010. Listen to it, see the players, FDA, Yale, Jack Gauldie is truthful about this fibrosis being the next epidemic with 10's of thousands of cases of nsf like conditions expected. Panel 1 says radiologists are terrorists. Search it. it's on site, too, but he says he has only 366 cases yet the mfrs report thousands more. This is a cruel condition, painful. No cure, progressive. It distributes throughout the body, not just the site being scanned. Don't be fooled. The issue is Informed Consent which is NOT being done.If you were told you were being injected with metal for the magnets in the MRI and it could cause fibrosis or painful fibrosis, contractures, problems walking, immune system disorders, vision changes progressive, lung, kidney, skin fibrosis/difficulty walking, talking, sleep, eating /swallowing, extreme fatigue, would you allow this on you or your kid? NO.

    posted @ Sunday, April 22, 2012 3:01 AM by janet

    My daughter is 11 and is due to have an MRI contrast on her knees. We want to get to the bottom as to why she has been in Chronic pain for a year. 
    She has a scar on her kidneys, has had recurrent UTIs and has a duplex kidney.  
    Could a technical expert please advise if she should be having a contract MRI or should she have a urine test, blood test prior to check her kidney function.  
    She's had a DMSA scan on her kidneys one works at 45% the other at 65% (the duplex one), the scar is on the normal kidney. 
    Please advise .... 
    She's also autistic and I am very concerned about the noise and her sensorary issues.. Can you have this scan under a general? 
    Best wishes to you all. x

    posted @ Tuesday, April 24, 2012 7:07 AM by Sarah

    Hi all, I'm due an MRI scan with contrast on wed due to balance problems, they want to look at my inner ear and was just wondering if I could have it without contrast as I'm really freaking out about it after readin these stories :(

    posted @ Monday, April 30, 2012 7:14 AM by Pauline

    I had an MRI in 1992(I was 12) and had an immediate allergic reaction to the dye just as soon as they injected it into my IV.My face started swelling and I started sneezing violently and my throat also began swelling.They had to hurry and get a flush? or something It was obviously pretty bad because a nurse ran into the room with the flush,she even ruined her watch(forgetting to take it off) And then they told me to make sure and remember that I am allergic to MRI DYe I had to comment since I didn't see anyone else posting about having an IMMEDIATE s 
    evere reaction like me.

    posted @ Tuesday, May 01, 2012 12:16 PM by Stephanie

    How much extra does mri scans cost with contrast fluid?

    posted @ Monday, May 07, 2012 11:03 AM by niall

    I have had my third MRI this morning. However it is only my 2nd one with contrast. I am writing this as it seems predominantly comments made are from people that have had bad reactions. And it is important to get a balance as most people don't write comments or go looking up a subject if everything has gone well.  
    My MRI was 8am in the morning. Although I am feeling a little dizzy, I am fine. I think it is important to remember that your Dr has referred you for an MRI for a good reason (it isn't that he/she has nothing better to do) - and one would like to believe the benefits from the information that can be gained from an MRI far out weigh the possible side effects for the unlucky few. 
    I was very fortunate, and the hospital staff involved asked me questions whether I was aware of having an injection etc and were open to me asking any questions about the procedure also.  
    I will however mention, that as you have to fast for a few hours before hand, they did have trouble finding a vein in my arm due to having not had liquids since the night before. In the end a needle was put in my wrist which they referred as a butterfly... something. Obviously there is a little prick when the needle goes in - but it is very important to be relaxed and not tense up.  
    Ditto with being put head first into the MRI tube. Being a Christian I prayed before going in and sang songs in my head to keep me relaxed and not thinking about what was actually happening.  
    Claustrophobia is real. On my form I was asked whether I was claustrophobic - I wrote "sometimes" as I know for me it is a "brain" thing. We can exacerbate a situation by over thinking the situation, so rather than thinking about being stuck in a "torpedo tube" and what would happen if..... stay away from that train of thinking and do the opposite - imagine lying on a beach relaxing and sing, or recite poems, or think about all the things you are blessed to have that others don't have - like your eye sight, your legs, your arms, your hearing etc etc.... 
    It is important to be prepared - you really need to be aware of the contrast dye injection that is going to happen and also you need to know there is A LOT of noise (despite wearing ear muffs) - and the operators need you to stay very still not moving for the entire time. 
    Most of all be positive - The more you stress/worry the more traumatic will be the experience. Even relaxing when the needle goes in will make the prick feel like a tiny pin prick. Good Luck.

    posted @ Monday, May 07, 2012 9:51 PM by Dianne

    Its been almost a month since I had mine & I feel fine although when I last posted here I was freaked out after reading some of these posts so I wonder if any pain I felt was my imagination from reading horror stories or what but all I know is it came back with nothing wrong & I feel fine after having the contrast but maybe it's something that'll show up later, let's all hope not...& to the person that asked if it cost extra, I have no idea but the MRI people should be able to tell you, my whole bill was insurance btw, honestly I think my doctor should have ruled out all possibilities before having me spend the money for an MRI but I guess at least I know nothing major is wrong...I'm just pissed for having to have this possibly risky contrast stuff for no maybe people should start there & rule out all other possibility...turns out I have an inflamed ligament in my back which didn't require or for that matter even show up on an MRI...

    posted @ Tuesday, May 08, 2012 4:02 AM by Carla

    Anyone reading this and freaking out, calm down! It'll be fine. I had a contrast MRI done today after reading all of this and almost having a panic attack--I had NO symptoms. Not to mention the needle was the tiniest one I've ever seen. I asked my technician and he said he had NEVER seen any adverse reactions to MRI contrast, at all, while working for TWELVE YEARS.  
    The forms I had to sign said allergic reactions have a <1/100,000 of occurring. I guess all these people posting are those 1 in 100,000--or, I have a feeling, didn't actually get contrast MRIs but got CT scans or PET scans which have much more commonly occurring side effects.  
    So deep breath and it'll all be ok! Do make sure to ask your tech how long you'll be in for if he or she doesn't tell you before they start sliding back that table, this makes things seem to go much faster for me. Also consider asking them to talk to you while you're in there--if you're not having one long uninterrupted scan you can have them say "ok, 8 minutes on this one" and then "all right, two more at 12 minutes each" or whatever. They want you to feel ok in there so they're happy to accommodate!

    posted @ Thursday, May 10, 2012 11:58 AM by MG

    I too read all these comments and was worried beyond belief. My daughter had hers yesterday she had a GA, so she was asleep. She had no adverse reaction to the contrast, and is happily singing Karaokee as I type.

    posted @ Thursday, May 10, 2012 2:48 PM by Sarah

    I had a CT scan with contrast on 11th may 2012, had the burning sensation that i was warned about, but after 2 hours my face came up in hives, very red and itchy, calmed down after anti histimines. I was due to have a MRI with gadolinium on 15th may 2012, i was very apprehensive about it having a reaction to this dye, i have had it done it was much better than the ct dye, didn't feel it going in and no side effects. think the possible side effect should be explained,as although i haven't got kidney problems, this dye could be harmful

    posted @ Tuesday, May 15, 2012 12:32 PM by jacqueline jenkins

    Jacqueline: CT "dye" is radioactive, technetium, or TC 99 and usually contains Iodine, which is a known nephrotoxic or kidney damaging agent. MRI metal Gadolinium is not a dye. But if you have kidney damage from the CT contrast and think MRI "dye" is safer, you are wrong. you need to go see the recent/today reports about cumulative radiation doses and reduced radiation for kids, as if this is something new and has not ever been done? The known kill dose of radiation has been established long ago. MRI metal, Gadolinium can be soon or months later, it too, accumulates, can't be eliminated out of body via kidneys if damaged, breaks apart, skin lesions, fibrosis, internal organ damage, bone deposition, listen to FDA Advised to Tighten Restrictions on GE and Covidien MRI Celeste Castillo Lee,admin N.Carolina University/her NSF experience,5", she looks well but does have a contributory hx,no doubt,but we know you don't need an extensive hx to still have Gadolinium reactions. articles Jeff Gerth, Omniscan Spector or MRI Disease Haunts General Electric.

    posted @ Thursday, May 17, 2012 6:05 PM by janet

    Just had MRI with contrast about 3 hours ago and so far have no side effects. What happens to the dye in ones system?

    posted @ Monday, May 21, 2012 2:44 PM by Pam

    I was beaten in a hate crime and suffered a TBI four years ago and the doctors still havnt been able to figure out why i still have seizures and havent regained my balance. Today was my second MRI and again i have had no side affects whatsoever. Im just hoping that we can get some answers to my brain damage.(Even if the Local Police and FBI failed me by not doing anything about those who attacked me,even though they know the perpetraters, i hope to get some answers from this second MRI.

    posted @ Monday, May 21, 2012 7:58 PM by Nate

    I had my first MRI last week. The focus was on a growth on my neck so my head had to be positioned inside the machine. The MRI was done with contrast.  
    I felt claustrophobic when placed inside a cylindrical MRI machine. Fortunately they had another machine that used two flat plates instead. They also gave me a sedative tablet. I had no problem at all after that. In fact the noise of the MRI machine sounded just like my Mom's old washing machine, a sound that often put me to sleep when I was a kid.  
    The contrast material was no trouble either. I didn't feel a thing when the contrast was administered. There were no after effects either.  
    In summary, everything went well. There was no problem at all.

    posted @ Sunday, June 10, 2012 10:00 PM by David

    So, you didn't have any immediate effects. So what. The point is, NO contrasts. NO METAL contrasts for MRI and NO radiation/TC 99 for radiation CT scans. Did you have your sCR (serum creatinine and eGFR est glomerular filtration rate (kidney function) done pre MRI dye? You should have. They know better. Did you ask to see the policy on MRI contrasts and CT's. Did you do the screening sheet for the MRI that has METAL written all over it? asking if you have metal in your body? Did you read the blackbox warning on GADOLINIUM? Do you know the effects can occur up to 18 months p MRI contrast? It happened to me, 7 months p last MRI, Dec 2010, began July 2011, I'm still dealing with the skin issues. R arm pain. You may not get any reaction this time, but it will accumulate. Why did you need a sedattive? Why won't you believe what people are telling you on this site? Esp my comments with references? 2010 e briefing, 13 Sept Fourth Annual NSF conference> Jack Gauldie's slides, the FDA Ira Krefting's slide and mfgr slides? What is the matter with you? You just got lucky, that's all. Those with the effects of NSF and other MRI metal, not in claims still suffer. Those with claims are silenced with gag orders and $$$$$. The one's in between are in pain, being lied to, even to Medicare. The system is corrupt. Never have any more METAL injected into you or radionuclides, never inhaled, drink or local inject metal or radiation. Get up to speed. Once it happens to you, you'll never write, no problem.

    posted @ Monday, June 11, 2012 4:07 PM by janet

    I have had reverbarations in my head for 3 days now after a Brain MRI. Everytime I move my head. It feels like it is in my middle ear.

    posted @ Saturday, June 16, 2012 9:34 AM by Pat Capp

    Jeez people its not that bad! I'm 19 and I had an MRI on my ankle yesterday. About two thirds of the way through they said they were going to inject dye into my system so they could see other tissues better. The iv didn't hurt at all. No warm feeling. Nothing. I went back into the MRI and then I was done a few minutes later. They told me to drink a lot of fluid so the dye flushes out of my system. I only have one kidney so I doubled up kl

    posted @ Tuesday, June 19, 2012 8:45 AM by Alissa

    Had an MRI with contrast 20 Jul 2012. No mention by staff of any potential side effects behorehand. I did indicated that I had prior allergic reaction to iodine. Felt an immediate burning sensation at the injections site in right arm. Next day I had a severe crippling headache that put me into bed for a good 12 hours. My stools were also a lose bright green (like baby food peas). I cannot think of anything else to contribute this reaction to other than the contrast. Wish I had read some of the other folks experiences here as I would have opted to go non contrast route. Have had a few other past MRIs in recent years that I am now wondering if could be contributing to current undiagnosed health issues. Everyone is certainly entitled to make their own informed decisions - just hard to get truly informed with good accurate study info BEFORE being in a position to have to decide. Hard to know when tests are helping or hurting...

    posted @ Monday, July 23, 2012 6:16 PM by Cindy

    CT is radiation. the contrast is radioactive. base is usually techentium, radioactive. made in moly cow generator from mined molbydenum metal 
    MRI is radio frequency. MRI CONTRAST is metal. Metal for the Magnets is called GADOLINIUM metal. It's coated, but can break off leaving the TOXIC metal Gd3+ to wreak havoc in the body. It should be eliminated via kidneys. CT radiation DAMAGES the kidneys and other tissues with double strand DNA breaks/cancers and other DNA/Chromosome damage. If kidneys damaged or not, the metal causes damage, sometimes right away and then months later. CT contrast is not the same as MRI contrast. How many times do we have to tell you!

    posted @ Tuesday, July 24, 2012 11:57 AM by janet

    You need to know your total radiation dose/life time. Avoid raidiation in the body. Man made radiation is different than sunlight/natural radiation. Man made is stronger and more dangerous and should be infrequent or NOT AT ALL. see acute and chronic radiation exposures. read The Treatment by Martha Stephens,not so long ago deliberate and willful radiation and death to people in Cincinatti.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 24, 2012 12:00 PM by janet

    I had brain mri with contrast on  
    saturday,and for 3 days now I am having diarrhea. Is this one of side effects of mri with contrast?  

    posted @ Monday, August 06, 2012 11:58 PM by lucy

    diarrhea, most likely stressed, but gadolinium chelated is meant for kidney elimination and some though the bile/gut. Could be stress, also know that radiation scans,esp to the abdomen are dangerous, worse with contrasts. Radiobiolgy is the most frequently studied area in medicine. Do you know your max lifetime dose? YOU should.your GI issues most likely are related to something you ate, stay hydrated either way, with all scans, contrasts, Gd stays in the body longer than mfgrs say it does, it does deposit in the bones, so avoid repeated scans, ALL of them. Repeated CT scans to the head/for sinus/injury, are 95% cause of meningiomas. pg 4 if you print it.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 07, 2012 4:46 PM by janet

    I have had 6 brain mri's with and without contrast, and never had a problem. I am not allergic to shellfish, ect. I have a brain, and a c-spine mri today and were supposed to be done with and without contrast. I was back home before I realized they did not use the contrast. Now I am concerned that my mri's may give unreliable results. Everyone here seems to have issues with the contrast so I want to tell people that I never had any problems at all, and I have had several brain mri's.

    posted @ Friday, August 17, 2012 11:54 PM by debra

    I had a CT scan done with contrast dye a few years ago with terrible side effects- dizziness, Taci Cardi a, heart rate dropped, vomiting and then left with a server headache for days requiring hospitalization... Tomorrow Monday the 20th of August 2012 I have to go for a MRI scan with contrast again and this time lie there for 2 hrs. I am scared stiff that the same reactions will happen and I told them about my last reaction and they said I have to have the contrast die as it is a full body scan and I have never been so terrified in my life to do this. I have had a server chest infection for the last 3 weeks and having headaches daily not a good lead up this bloody scan... If I could get out of this I would but I need the test urgently and been waiting 4 months for this appointment.. My daughter is going with me and they are doing the test with a Doctor on stand by and I will be near the Emergency room..I don't recommend these test to people who have had a server reaction from using contrast..

    posted @ Saturday, August 18, 2012 10:14 PM by Carol

    Let's get this straight. 
    MRI's do NOT use iodine contrasts, they use METAL contrasts as in Gadolinium metal, the one with the FDA Black Box warning that does not say it's metal, only to have kidneys checked pre MRI metal injection. if the kidneys are normal or less than optimal, you risk the immediate or latent effects of the breakdown of the coated metal GADOLINIUM and skin sores and painful fibrosis made by a skin biopsy. 
    CT scans are radiation, they also can cause fibrosis. The contrast here is often iodine and technetium or other radionuclides. Search radionuclides yourself.  
    Other contrasts are ingested as barium /or barium enemas or inhaled such as xenon or krypton gases, oderless and you'd never know you inhaled them. Radiation is cumulative and there is a maximum lifetime dose and a known lethal dose of radiation. Known since the 1940's. CT contrast is not the same as MRI contrast. 
    CT iodine contrast is different proteine of iodine than seafood protein iodine. Once again, CT contrast is not the same as MRI contrasts. CT used radiation contrasts agents and MRI needs metal for the magnets. GET it? Both are dangerous. 1 CXR= 1 years of natural radiation (Sunlight), 1CT scan = 600 CXRs. These are ionizing radiation, manmade vs sunlight. Ionizing radiation is dangerous, there is NO safe dose. A plain MRI , NO contrast and any MRI that last 2 hours is outrageous as is any CT to the abdomen or heart or soft tissues. It's well known that the serum creatinine rises and immediate acute kidney damage can occur with CT radiation as well as double strand DNA breaks. The Rx for NAC is underutilized pre CT radiation. Avoid all radiation scans and be suspcicious of lengthy scans, $/time and they often do normal people to study against those with serious conditions. sadly a plain MRI is about the least harmful, next to ultrasound. One last time, MRI contrast is metal and not the same as CT radiation + radioactive contrasts of technetium TC99 + iodine or other radiotracers!!!!

    posted @ Monday, August 20, 2012 2:06 PM by janet

    had a brain MRI done today with and without far no biggie! being in the tube was just fine, and i didn't feel the contrast at all. and this was after being extremely anxious reading all of the comments on this site! don't sweat it, every person is different, and chances are you'll be just fine.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 28, 2012 10:33 AM by bulda

    I had an Brain MRI today with contrast. The tech blew 4 veins before calling a nurse in to assist him with the contrast. After several tries, the nurse finally was able to get a decent vein and inject the contrast. Now where the tech blew out the veins, my arm is swollen and white. Is this the contrast that he injected in my arm? It was extremely painful and still is very sore and bruised, was wondering if there are any ill effects of this "white swelling" of the arm.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 28, 2012 6:18 PM by Anastasia

    I had contrast done a couple days ago with the MRI of my brain. It took two pokes, but other than that there was no real problems at all. The first stick stung a little bit so she redid it. Once she got the second one i remember it felt kind of cold on my arm but went away very quickly. I had no side effects. I didn't mind it very much, especially after spending the past few months getting poked for all kinds of blood work. If it will help find the problem so you can find a solution, GO FOR IT!

    posted @ Thursday, August 30, 2012 3:55 PM by shaina

    No one cares that you tolerated the needle stick, it's what is in the syringe that matters! It's metal. Gadolinium metal with an BLACKBOX warning and the longterm effects within months to your kidneys, skin, fibrosis, pain, no matter what they find. I had one for brain/balance/walking problems. They found a BENIGN meningioma not seen with normal CT contrasted scan in July 2010. In Sept the MRI identified a 6mm meninigioma. Now where do you think that came from? RADIATION from the CT scan! and the ensuing kidney damage from the contrasted scans. Without MRI gadolinium metal the "tumor" is 4.5mm. It IS NOT THE CAUSE of the balance/problems walking and the current skin problems for over a YEAR! The metal injection IS! it causes fibrosis, pain, fatigue, deposits in bones, vision problems, NO one has as many "genetic" problems as I do in less than 4 years! MY ILLNESSES are caused by RADIATION, MRI METAL injections. I was not born with any of them! My relatives are 40 years older than me in their 90's! I was not born with Cystic Fibrosis, Chronic kidney disease, asthma, immune disorder IgA1/2. skin problems, Fuchs Corneal Dystrophy, that's VISION! That's 6 major disorders in 8 years, 4 of them are in the past few years! All due to radiation and MRI metal injections. Which they knew this caused problems in 1997 with the Danish study. So don't tell me getting injected was not a problem. It's the medical "device" they injected into you! The rule is, becareful what is injected. YOU CAN't GET it back! You now have metal deposited in your bones for atleast the next 8 years, you risk kidney problems, skin/fibrosis of internal organs and other sx that will/can show up months later. Do you know your kidney function pre MRI injection? NO. They are supposed to do it if not within the last 6 weeks. Do not get injected with metal. It has no biological function in the body. BE glad if you just got lucky this time, Many did not get lucky and their doctors lie to them as do the manufacturers and radiology departments. This is a warning to you and your friends and family! Don't do that again. 
    Radiation CT/xrays are not the same as MRI metal for the magnets! Get smart/be informed!

    posted @ Saturday, September 01, 2012 12:11 AM by janet

    I wish I had found this forum before I had my MRI of the brain. But now that I did have it, and was injected with the metal (shame on me for not researching BEFORE they gave it to me), My question is, for those who have had adverse affects (I am feeling NONE at this time) but should I follow up with my MD to check kidney function? Should I be taking any activated charcoal or something to erradicate the metal so I don't develop a reaction? If I need an MRI again, I will refuse the injection, but do you know of any other "safer" injections so they can read the tests better? Or are they going to try to scam me again and tell me that they can't read the MRI effectively without it.

    posted @ Monday, September 03, 2012 6:57 AM by Anastasia

    charcoal OTC will not work, not will Rx Activated Charcoal for any metal ingested. It can work for radiation, but an ethical hospital, MD would Rx NAC pre radiation scans to prevent or decreased double strand DNA breaks.\ 
    MRI metal is coated with DTPA, if you have normal kidney function as in eGFR>90 and sCR(serum creatinine) below 1 or less, you should be ok this time.  
    Radiation scans and contrasts injected are technetium or TC 99, radiation causes dsDNA breaks and are potentially cancer causing. There are many radionuclides. Many radiation scans which are gamma rays and all IONIZING radiation. 
    SUNLIGHT IS NATURAL-not ionizing radiation. 1 year of natural sunlight = 400-600 Chest xrays. 
    MRI metal is gadolium/variations by mfgr and DTPA coated(chelated). If decreased kidney function as in eGFR <60 and elevated sCR as >2, though >1 is not good, you increase the chances the kidneys cannot eliminate it. It lingers in the body, then breaks apart, leaving the TOXIC Gd3+ to wreak havoc. It takes weeks to months for this to occur. It evidences itself by rib/hip pain, as it deposits in the bones, eyes and eventually a skin reaction (this it not the metal coming out of your skin) but the damage from the metal causing pain/fibrosis, contractures, tendon shortening, vision changes/blurs/double/triple vision/difficulty seeing at night, irritability, agitation from the muscle and organ pains. it's progressive, though your MD will ask any new soaps, foods, clothing, meds, no one makes the connection they've been harmed by metal for magnets in the MRI or that their MD would hurt them. This is a lie and all for profits and to further study this dangerous condition. BLACKBOX WARNING on Gadolinium, though they do not say it's metal. How else could you enhance the scan? there are other NON metallic ways.  
    Radiation scans as in CT scans/sinus, dental are 95% known to be cause of meningiomas which have estrogen /progestin receptors. Dangerous ok, but not usually sx causing as they are benign. Radiation also causes fibrosis, hardening of the arteries, fibrosis of skin, heart valves, brain, lungs, kidneys, it's very damaging. floppy gums post extraction, poor wound healing. Mammograms are radiation cancer inducing scans. Radiation causes genetic mutations, too. I have adult Cystic Fibrosis, meningioma (sinus scans/dental/surgeries) asthma + methacholine challenge test, immune disorders, low IgA 1&2, elev IgM, Fuchs Corneal dystrophy, that's genetic, skin sores since last year until present, I had/have fatigue, diff walking, balance problems, pain in R ribs/ now R knee is swollen 1" > Left/w pain. Docs lied to me. I have decreased kidney function, too. NO ONE told me all this. Normal CT brain in July 2010- MRI Sept 2010 w contrast-6mm meningioma, stupid follow up MRI Dec 2010-6.3mm meningioma, NOT sx causing at all. In Sept 2011- NO Contrast brain MRI, meningioma-unchanged, 4.5mm. Terrible time in the always ON MRI room, extreme agitiation had to lie down and I tied up their MRI room for hours for a <5" scan. I never went back, I have NO MORE RADIATION , NO MRI's on my pt info sheet. 
    NO, General anesthesia is NOT good for any child in the MRI room and cannot be done, they can sedate them, you risk leaving your child unattended and if they "give the sedation IV", they WILL use that heplock site to inject the METAL MRI I guarantee it, you'll never know. Do NOT let your child go unattended by you EVER.  
    The things you can do, ask to see MRI/RADIATION policies, know they are NOT prepared for any radiation emergency or MRI metal injection emergency. Most are NOT allergy to the metal but many are allergic to xray and CT contrasts, TC 99 with iodine and other radionuclides which you need to search. There are many. as in Americium is in smoke alarms, xenon/krypton used in headlights, can be inhaled with that deep breath you take for scans/chest xrays, lights up the lungs and is ODERLESS.  
    NO INJECTIONS are safe, it's been suggested Fourth Annual NSF Conference e briefing 2010 , goto media tab, listen /see J. Gauldies slides/talk that blueberry juice or kaopectate can be used as an imaging agent, don't know how/why, I would never get AN?Y screening exams, preventative exams or any xrays, dental, chest, or esp abd CT scans/contrasts AGAIN. NEVER again. Only time can eliminate the metal if you have good kidneys.  
    Radiation: see technetium , health effects of, stays in the body >1 mo when ingested. 
    MRI Metal-does not eliminate in time THEY say, deposits in the bones up to 8 years, competes with zinc, copper, IRON, calcium and Vit D. Zinc, Copper, Iron "vitamins" cause retention of Gadolinium metal.  
    The above sx/condition? I WAS NOT BORN WITH ANY of them and I have relatives in their 90s. MY fired MD's lied to me, to make it worse, the skin sores, she is an idiot, Rx'd Acylcovir for herpes zoster. My las were negative x2, that she did and knew about. Acylcovir fors crystal induced nephrotoxicity or kidney failure within 24-48 hours. She knows this as a transplant MD /husband is renal pathologist.  
    Plain MRI is EMF, electro magnetic fields, see how MRI's work and search Molycow generator/molybenum. BE SAFE! Search double strand DNA breaks, not hard to figure out. STAY AWAY from radiation and addicted raddocs who are hooked on imaging scans/like teenagers on video/iphones. It's YOUR life. 
    Max danger of radiation is 2 Gy, If you puke within 1 hour of radiaton, be lucky if you recover. This is the lethal dose of radation. go to see for yourself.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 04, 2012 2:27 PM by janet

    I am having an MRI on my foot on Monday with the injection. I have been reading a lot and feel scared stiff. I have a bit of cystitis and I have asthma so will try my best to not have the injection. HELP..... Will let you know how I get on. What's worst is I have to have it done at an unfamilar hospital that is miles away.

    posted @ Saturday, September 08, 2012 5:11 PM by Jill

    You don't HAVE to do anything! YOU say NO to any local injections. They just want their picture perfect, they don't care about you or your foot or the consequences. Many conditions were diagnosed pre MRI, CT and NO Contrast, and this does NOT warrant any injections. HOw 'bout I just inject you with some metal? Would you like that? That's what they are doing. I don't care if they have RN, MD or Med Tech after their name. YOU say NO!. I refused 3x in the past 2 months CT and dental xrays in the past week. NOT needed and would not have affected filling a tooth or any treatment. WE are trying to help YOU avoid the problems. YOU say NO.

    posted @ Saturday, September 08, 2012 5:44 PM by Janet

    I had an MRI done about 8 wks ago with contrast to check scar tissue in my lower back. Since the I've been having pain in my hips, hot flushed face, heart palpatations, blood pressure rises, dizziness (lightheaded). Doctors can't find anything wrong. I'm suffering, don't know what to do. If it is from contrast~how do I find out if this is what caused it? Who will do skin biopsy to test? Any advice is appreciated

    posted @ Saturday, September 15, 2012 11:45 AM by Kim

    an MRI to check scar tissue in your back? a simple exam or ultrasound would have been fine and a PLAIN MRI. A derm MD can do a biopsy of skin tissue. Don't do this again, and don't do any radiation scans. Radiation IONIZING heats tissue as does MRI Radiofrequency.Radiation can cause scar tissue, too. YOu need a blood test to check your serum creatinine and eGFR too. go search G for Gadolinium. It's all there and go to for BLACKBOX warning on GADOLINIUM METAL. bettere drink fluids, water, NO zinc, copper, iron, calcium supplements that retain gadolinium metal in your body. How could you do this if you found this site? YOU need to tell every one YOU KNOW about this site. Do not take any aspirin, motrin/ibuprofen/aleve/naproxsyn/vioxx/celebrex as these affect kidney's tiny blood vessels and shrink them up/die. YOU need to search about radiation scans, too, they cause double strand DNA breaks. go to Antioxidant formula halves DNA damage from CT. MRI is not the same as CT. this is a different article, I tell you so you won't think CT/Xrays are better than MRI. MRI w contrast and CT with radiation contrast are very bad exams. I hope you get well. 

    posted @ Saturday, September 15, 2012 9:23 PM by Janet

    I had an MRI w/ contrast done a week and a half ago. Afterwards I had a headache, bodyache, nauesa, and general lethargy...normal symptons I' ve read. A day later though the bodyache stayed with me and now the joints in my hands were painful like never before. Arms/hands were swelling, my ligaments hurt in a carpal tunnel kind of way. Pain in my mid/lower back, hip and back of my legs. I visited my family doctor a few days later who said it may have just been a reaction to the gadolinium/my body may still be excreting it. there was no concern of NSF from the doc since I have normal renal function. I was put on an anti-inflamitory and sent along. It helps with the arm/hand swelling, but does nothing for the sharp pain in my joints/bones. I want a 2nd opinion, but I'm unsure of where to go where my concerns and my very real pain will be taken seriously becuase almost 2 weeks later I'm still having a "reaction." Any tips or advice anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 18, 2012 2:04 AM by Mike in Az

    Today I went in for my MRI I had with and without contrast of my neck, and my lower and upper back. When they went to give me contrast the woman poked me once and missed and then poked me again and she poked through and through my vain and when the got it in my other arm and got it done my arms were so swollen I couldn't even bend them a little bit. After i couldn't stand on my own and i couldn't breath well, the doctor told my mother and i quote "She did fine everything was great! Bye." and didn't bother to tell her any of the side effects everything is swollen and i felt sensation in my finger tips of both of my hands. If you do have to get an MRI with contrast ask the techs for a list of side effects and a number for there hotline or somewhere you could get anwser anytime of day or night.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 26, 2012 6:49 PM by Skylar

    After reading some of these comments, I am now questioning whether or not I should allow my 11 year old daughter to have an MRI with contrast. She injured her back and the xrays showed some swelling. Her doctor has ordered an MRI with contrast and one without to be done. What I'm really worried about is the fact that she is asthmatic. Everyone here is saying that contrast can cause shortness of breath... am I crazy in thinking that this is not the best of ideas for a child with asthma?? This is not a life threatening situation. Should I pass on the contrast and have them just do the MRI without and see what they can see? I could really use some advice here.

    posted @ Monday, October 01, 2012 1:44 PM by Jen

    My 12 year old daughter was scheduled to get an MRI with contrast. I was concerned that she may need sedation for this. I was very nervous after reading some of the comments here. After discussing it with her nurse,I decided to leave it up to my daughter. I told her we could go ahead with it as scheduled for today or reschedule to have her sedated for the procedure. She decided to go ahead with it. She did great with the MRI and getting the IV inserted. Unfortunately her vein "blew" and the IV was restarted in her other arm. She tolerated it all very well. She comploained of pain in her "blown" arm and was given a warm compress which she said helped somewhat. She complained for approximately an hour and then said it felt better. She is complaining of a slight headache, but don't know if that is related. She is playing video games and doing well. (fingers remain crossed)

    posted @ Monday, October 01, 2012 7:12 PM by Karen

    Well, I just got back from getting a contrast MRI and I feel fine. (I have a tumor of the spine and the surgeon is using this MRI for my "removal procedure" in two weeks.) I'm sitting here at my desk at work, just finished my lunch, and got a big glass of water as instructed by the tech. I found this site to check on any side effects I might feel this afternoon. I feel bad that so many people had trouble with it! I feel fine. Maybe ignorance is bliss in this case.

    posted @ Wednesday, October 03, 2012 1:14 PM by Elyse

    I just got back from a w/wo contrast MRI. No problems at all and don't feel anything weird. Usually don't post on things like this, but then again you always read up about the negative reactions and people don't tend to post when nothing is wrong so I thought I would.

    posted @ Wednesday, December 12, 2012 12:33 PM by Molly

    I had a brain mri with dye contrast last summer. My doc was lookig for anything that could explain my bizzar symptoms like phantom smells, hearing English language and interpreting It as French, difficulty speaking even though I knew what I wanted to say, seeing flashing lights, moods that are not appropriate for the situation, and very high blood pressure. So in other words, a tumor, or MS, or atypical epilepticus and so on. Anyhow, im in nursing school and to be honest id rather be diagnosed and fix this problem before I get kicked out of school than worry about staining my veins with dye (pun Intended). I wasnt nervous, anxious, scared , worried.... no biggie. I had one of these before on my knee so im pretty sure im not allergic or anything. 15 minutes go by and im doin fine... just planning my weekend of kayaking since I got a month off between semesters. They say its ti.e for the dye which is, again, fine cause I like needles; they're fascinating. Ok so heres where im stumped.... I get the dye, lay back down and I can already tell something is wrong cause all of a sudden everything is in slow motion. I think.... ok I remember what its like to overcome nausea just flare up the nostrils and touch something really cold. But then in addition to nausea and vertigo I get an elephant on my chest... more like my esophagus. And that smell when he was injecting the dye i could even taste in my mouth. I asked if he could smell it and he said i was probably hallucinating since i was in there for that sort of thing. I just wanted to be a good girl and get this overwith so I continued the breathing and concentration. I lay down and my stomach gets hard up by my diaphragm. Then my torso from my armpits to the top of my head feels hot and cold like pins and needles. It kinds reminds me of the mummy when the scarab was crawling under the guys skin. Anyhow I knew it was coming. They hadnt even started the test back up and I was banging on the headpiece that I was locked I to... I was also kicking and squirming about. I know kinda dramatic but I was about to puke and I didn't want to do it on their machine; or drown in it for that matter... they got me up and it was like a jack-in-the-box as soon as I sat up it was out. They got me a cold towel, a bucket, and a nurse. She looked me over and deemed it a "Vagal response". Now I might be just a student nurse but I know what that means and like hell it was vagal!!!!! She was saying, more or less, it was an anxiety attack. What I DONT know is what it WAS. Everything in life is a learning experience. I believe in God. I believe regardless of what I do or don't do to prevent illnesses, my future is set in stone. This is why I have never once been worried about the outcome of the results. Yes i did go backin and complete the test. And after I threw up I was able to complete the mri without problems at all. Which if anyone was wondering turns out to be a-typical migraines. I dont get head pain like a usual migraine sufferer does.

    posted @ Saturday, December 29, 2012 2:31 AM by Christine Hensley

    Had my first brain MRI scan today,with and without contrast. Before the scan, I was told some horrific stories of how scary the test would be and I was a nervous wreck for a week before the scan. Prone to panic attacks, I was even twice as frightened. Once they put me on the scan table,the techs expained the procedure and put my head in a plastic brace, so I couldn't move. Then proceeded to move my head into the scan machine. There was a mirror to look thru, so I could see outside, then the noise started. (not too bad). Did have ear plugs. Then pulled me out and started the IV in one arm, that would not go beyond 1/3 the way, so had to change to the other arm for the injection. No problem. Didn't even feel the injection. It all worked out just fine and I didn't panic or feel a bit uneasy. No adverse reaction to the scan or dye so far. That was at 12:00PM and it is now 9:00PM and all is well. Hopefully the results will be fine too! For all of you who are scared of an MRI, don't be. If it is a matter of finding the problem--go for it! Dorie.

    posted @ Monday, January 14, 2013 10:43 PM by Dorie Bonnel

    I had an MRI yesterday (1,18.13) with the dye , about 2 in the afternoon , when i was finished i felt light headed and had my wife drive ,, at about 2 in the morning i had very bad stomach pains and diahrea in the morning i still felt the same with the stomach pains and noticed BLOOD in my stool . hopefully i feel better soon

    posted @ Saturday, January 19, 2013 1:03 PM by Dave MacKenzie

    I am due to have an MRI scan on my breast. Others who have this done tell me they had the injection straight into the brest and that it DID hurt. Can I insist on an intravenous injection?

    posted @ Wednesday, February 20, 2013 12:03 PM by Jean

    I just had my MRI with contrast last friday, I felt no significant pain or side effects, It's been a week already. I hope everything will be fine when I will have my checkup tomorrow together with the results of my blood test, I have discomfort on my neck for three months already, I am backpain sufferer for 13 years already, I would like to have MRI scan on my back after this. Let's be healthy.

    posted @ Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:39 PM by harris

    Nothing Negative to say: Today, I had a 2 part MRI; first they scanned my neck,then they pulled me out of the tube and injected contrast, and put me back in to scan my head. I had no problems. The contrast had a cool sensation, no pain, no burning. I did not have any problems. It has been 12 hours and I am fine. I did notice my ears were sensitive to loud noises when I got back to work (I am an elementary teacher)and my ears were ringing a bit, but this is nothing new, so I do not blame the contrast for that. I have had a neck MRI in 2005 with no problems. I also had a couple of lower back MRs (10 years ago) for disk problems L4-L5. I have never had any problems or side effects with any of them. I would not hesitate to have another one. My advice; Try to relax and do not be afraid.

    posted @ Friday, March 01, 2013 8:39 PM by Jill

    I have 2 to 4 MRI's with contrast a year for diagnosed Struma Ovarii. Been doing it for 4 years now. It's easy. You just have to lay there for an hour and half.....and have a nice nap. Ust a new vien if it injection burns. It means that viens done. Easy Peasy. No reactions. Home after for wine, and a nice movie or nap. Stay strong peeps!

    posted @ Sunday, March 17, 2013 8:07 PM by stephannie

    I think that everybody should be aware that each individual body is built physically different and everybody reacts differently on each medicine. If you don't have any reaction, doesn't mean the same for others. Should always suggest others to be precautious if it's the 1st time using the contrast. 100% agreed that it's the physician's responsibility to inform the patients the risks. I myself had a very bad experience that the doctors didn't warn me that i might have problem with the kidney and i should drink a lot of water after due to the contrast. For few days i had pain with my kidney and peeing, fever, etc. also it wasn't always pleasant with the MRI scan, depends on what scan you need. It wasn't a nap for me when they scan my abdomen. Because i had to keep my breath for few seconds, i got hyperventilated and all my members got numb till my scalp. I thought i was dying... The techinicians don't pay attention if it's short enough for patients to not get stressed and feel easy in such small space with lot of noise. More, it was very cold and they didn't cover me with blanket. Always be prepared and if it's possible, choose an open MRI device, a sitting or newer MRI machine. Good luck!

    posted @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013 2:10 PM by Akai

    Jean, I have never heard of such a thing. It would be difficult to inject the dye directly into the breast if its the same they give iv because it is very caustic to tissue. That is why it burns so badly when the iv site is bad. Sometimes they inject into your vein instead of an iv site but the iv site is best. I have had two and the first one was agonizing as she blew the iv site and much of the dye went into my tissues and yes, it's worse than childbirth! If the tech is good, they get the iv right and it shouldn't hurt. I would ask before the test how they will do it and if they say directly into your breast; ask if its the same substance that goes into an iv and burns like fire if any leaks out onto skin or tissues and if they say yes, you have the right to refuse. Much of the time the dye is not necessary to see all they need to see.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 19, 2013 10:41 PM by Sandra Trank

    I had a fairly good experience with my MRI, at least with the technicians. They made me sign several documents, consenting to the IV portion and asking me for a pretty thorough history of any health-related issues or concerns. I felt very comfortable with them knowing what they were doing. 
    I was nervous at the IV, and the technician talked me through it. Usually when I have blood drawn, they have problems finding a vein, but she did it first time no problem. 
    I had to have a scan done of my head, so I just kept my eyes shut the whole time. I could not listen to music because of the procedure, but they did give me ear plugs and covered my ears with rolled hand towels. The first part was perfectly easy. 
    Once I was injected with the dye, I could taste rubber in my mouth and felt tightness in my chest, and my arm felt warm. More than anything that could have been me having a freak out moment, and I started to feel better after a little while. The overall procedure was maybe 20 minutes, and I feel fine an hour later. Hopefully I stay that way! 
    Good luck, the MRI itself is no problem, just keep your eyes closed and imagine you're taking a nap. Don't even bother opening your eyes, and make sure you shut them before you go in the tube. It's nice and cool in there, like snoozing in a little cubby hole. :)

    posted @ Saturday, March 23, 2013 2:38 PM by Laura

    Had MRI today, and wasn't told anything of needing contrast before, and it also wasn't mentioned on the consent form. In the middle of the scan I suddenly was told I'm going to have contrast injected, without any further explanation, potential side-effects mentioned or anything to sign. Has no problem (so far), but don't think it's the right way to do it "by stealth" like that instead of letting you make an informed decision. I don't think many people are going to go for opting out in the middle of the scan! The tech also didn't seem to know anything about the contrast, as I asked what it was and he didn't seem to know. Not very confidence inspiring.. That said, the scan was fine and the injection too.

    posted @ Monday, March 25, 2013 4:13 PM by Tia

    After reading all these comments this morning, I was terrified to have my MRI w/wo contrast done today. However, it wasn't bad at all. It was loud, kind of like hearing sledgehammers in a construction zone. They gave me headphones and let me pick which music I wanted to hear through them. The contrast given through a very small needle did not burn at all. The only side effect I have noticed is that I'm very tired this evening.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 26, 2013 2:26 PM by Cindy

    I had my first MRI last week and was in for a shock--I'd had a CT scan before and thought it would be similar. I guess they both have tunnels but wow...I'm not claustrophobic but wow. If you have claustrophobia, you should 100% tell your doctor ahead of time. I cannot emphasize enough how close everything is around you. The tunnel is small to begin with and then they put pads all around you so you can't move while they are doing the test. I'm not sure if it was because my scan was of the brain or not, but I had a sort of helmet put around my head that made it feel like I only had 3 inches between my face and the top of the machine. I hope this doesn't scare anyone off but it's important to know it is uncomfortable. 
    The contrast dye in the form of a shot came as an unexpected shock because the radiologist didn't tell me about it until the middle of the MRI when he brought me out of the tunnel and started prepping me.(I'd seen MRI "with contrast" but was thinking it's something you drink...naïve, I know.) Until I read these comments, I thought I just had a "jabber" -- you know, the medical professionals that just don't give shots well. The needle hurt but otherwise, I didn't immediately notice any of the effects others have had. It was after the test was done and my arm kept hurting that I took a closer look. The vein under my arm had formed a knot an inch and a half long that was painful. I'm guessing that was a local allergic reaction to the dye. It took days for the vein to go down and nearly a week later, I still have a huge red blob under my skin. I took a Benadryl to help negate any additional symptoms the day of the test.  
    Another thing to expect is the noise. Request earplugs if the radiologist doesn't offer them. It's LOUD no matter what. 
    The good news is that the MRI didn't take that long, probably 30 minutes for the actual test.  
    I would caution people about refusing to have the contrast done. I wouldn't say go into it blindly like I did but consider why the MRI is necessary in the first place. I knew exactly the types of things my neurologist was looking for before I went for the MRI and he explained that MRI's pick up on things that CT scans cannot do--like picking up on very minute brain tumors.  

    posted @ Wednesday, May 01, 2013 9:00 AM by Taylor

    I had an MRI in 2010 and 2011. The one I had in 2010 was fine, had no problems. But then I had to have another one but after I had the contrast I started feel my eyes feeling odd. I didn't say anything till it was over but my eyes swelled up. But they say if you are allergic to Shell fish or Iodine to let them know. I have to be premedicated before I even do a CT scan.

    posted @ Friday, May 03, 2013 10:02 AM by Martha

    I have had multiple MRIs in the past and had one just one yesterday. It was also (for some reason) the first time I asked about the dye. The technicians had informed me about the dye before hand, but at the end, I was curious about it and asked what its made of. I found it rather interesting.  
    In terms of how I felt after, they had given it to me through an IV they inserted before the MRI started and had trouble finding my vein. (I get that from my dad)Anyway, my arm hurt a lot after and I wasn't able to completely straighten it. Today, it doesn't hurt, just feels slightly odd. only when i think about it though.

    posted @ Sunday, May 05, 2013 11:29 AM by Bee S

    Hello-Can anyone respond please. I am scheduled for a pelvic MRI next week with the dye contrast. I am a borderline diabetic and insulin resistant. I had my blood work done this morning for kidney function, fasting blood sugar etc. First of all I am terrified about having the MRI and even more scared about the dye. My sister had a bad reaction to the dye, vomiting and hives. The MRI is to get a better picture of my reproductive organs, as they could not see my right ovary on ultrasound. 
    There is no suspect of cancer or anything serious, I have no pains or symptoms, just a check as I am entering menopause soon. Does anyone know if I can refuse the dye? I am freaked out and cancelled my last MRI due to the fear-as it gets closer I am feeling the same "fight/flight" feeling. Anything anyone can share about pelvic MRI's, MRI's in general and of course the dye. Can they still do the test without the dye? I live in Ontario. 
    Any responses are appreciated. 

    posted @ Tuesday, June 04, 2013 3:00 PM by Karen Wilson

    Hi Karen from Ontario, 
    I'm in Ontario, too, just an hour north of Toronto. I was having some unusual menstrual bleeding, and had an ultrasound to check for any issues. Yesterday I got the results of the ultrasound - nothing suspicious in my uterus or ovaries, but I now find out that there is a small cyst on my Pancreas. 
    Now I am told that I have to go for an MRI, with contrast, to check out the Pancreatic cyst. I am asymptomatic of any Pancreatic problems, and would NEVER have been concerned if it weren't for this ultrasound. I am asking the same question that you are, which is whether I can have the MRI without the contrast. 
    After reading some of these scary posts, I think I will refuse the contrast - my doctor will just have to deal with it and monitor this thing on ultrasound for now.  
    I have had allergic reactions to medications in the past, and I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Once something is INJECTED into my veins, they can't dive in and pull it out again.  
    To anyone who has had good experiences with MRI contrast agents - great! That doesn't mean anyone who is concerned about them should ignore their concerns. As patients, we have a RIGHT to refuse or accept any test or treatment suggested - we are NOT slaves to the medical system.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 05, 2013 1:32 PM by Bonnie North

    Hi Keren, 
    Just read your post. Everybody reacts differently to the contrast dye. I had a reaction to the dye that i got problem with my kidney for many days and the hospital didn't tell me anything upfront about it. Also i got hyperventilated in the MRI device because it was a very narrow space with loud noise during the scan and i wasn't allowed to move or breathe as i wanted. If you'd be scanned in an open scan machine or just have the lower body in, it'd not be any problem. I had a scan to check my abdomen and they put me from the head to the belly in the machine so it wasn't very pleasant. As i read that this scan is to check your ovary that can't be seen with the ultrasound, i'd suggest you to have uterus photo made instead of a mri scan. What they do is to inject a dye directly from your vagina and take a live CTscan. With that, the doctors can see if your tube and ovary stocks are ok or blocked. So the location can be seen and you'd know if you still have your ovary(good luck for that). I had it done few years ago to see if the tube is still ok and you see quite well everything and no problem with the dye because it's not in your vein but in your vagina and the dye won't be in contact with your blood. Safe and no stress. Unless they see abnormality that needs better image, a mri scan is not needed. I don't want alarm you but you have diabeti, you never know how your body would react. Good luck.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 05, 2013 3:54 PM by Ayc

    Yes you can refuse the dye. I wished I had. THe contrast dye made me sick as a dog. They did'nt tell me I should have eaten right after I had the MRI. If you go ahead with it, just eat right after so you will feel better. Hope this helps. 

    posted @ Wednesday, June 05, 2013 5:46 PM by Jeanie

    My own experience with the dye was a disaster.I almost died.It had a terrible impact on my health that continues years later.You will get no help or sympathy from the hospital if anything goes wrong once you leave the hospital.You will be made to feel like a nut case if you claim the dye harmed you.An MRI without contrast can get some pretty amazing images.As a rule getting radioactive heavy metals injected into ones body is not a good idea.I wouldn't wish what I've gone through on anyone.They didn't tell me the signs of a reaction,so from my experience I'd say the signs were that the dye feels warm going in.Stop the procedure if you get this far.If you have silver fillings and you feel the dye leeching the metals from them stop the procedure.I wasn't told this sensation wasn't normal.If you experience any of these two things you could be moments from disaster.I tried everything to recover and found that bentonite clay was really a life saver.Believe me,you don't want to live with brain fog and neuropathy for a test that you could have foregone.I'm not trying to scare you.I'm just informing you based on my personal experience.It's your body.You have every right to say no to the dye just like if you order a hamburger,you have the right to say "no pickles". They have no right to pressure or intimidate you into getting the contrast.Also,if it was safe they probably wouldn't have you sign a waver of liability before the procedure for such a simple little test.Good luck.

    posted @ Wednesday, June 05, 2013 8:37 PM by Dee

    Hi Karen, 
    Read your post. Just want to tell you that everybody reacts different from the contrast dye. I understand that the mri scan is to check your ovary to see if it's still there and if there's any abnormality because the ultrasound can't see it. I can suggest you to make the uterus photo instead of the mri scan. It's easier and no stress. What they do is to inject a dye via your vagina that would go throught the uterus, the tubes and the ovaries. With a special scan machine, the doctors can see everything live and check if there's any issue. The dye doesn't come in contact with your blood, so you won't have any reaaction. It's very simple. Unless the doctors see something not good, then you'd need a mri otherwise it's not needed. I myself have it done and know what the result is.  
    If your really need the mri scan,You should consult your doctors before you'd go on with the mri scan because You have some condition that you don't know how your body would react.. I myself had serious reaction to the dye with my kidney and i suffered serious pain for many days. I wasn't informed upfront about the dye injection and the hospital also didn't tell me to drink a lot of water after the scan. The dye can seriously affect your kidney, specially people who have any disease should have had a serious check up before continue with the dye. I also got hyperventilated because of the narrow space and the noise. I was forced to breathe in a pace that defined by the technician because they needed to scan my abdomen. If you can have an open scan or ask to only have your lower body in the machine with your head out, then it should be ok and less stress.  
    I recommend you to first discuss with your GP and hope you get the uterus photo instead of the mri scan. it's cheaper too. Good luck.

    posted @ Thursday, June 06, 2013 8:34 AM by AYC

    I just had an MRI done with and without contrast. I read this blog as well as the comments before going in to the MRI and honestly, it completely freaked me out. I was worried about all the potential side effects and almost didn't go through with the contrast portion. I am so glad I did because it was not painful at all and I didn't have any reactions. Obviously, everyone's bodies are different and react differently to foreign substances in their body, but I was pleasantly surprised as I have a history of being sensitive to medicines and anesthesic agents. I did feel slightly lightheaded after the MRI was over, but other than that, no other reactions/side effects. Remember, everyone is different and if you have any questions or doubts about the contrast portion, ask your doctor!!

    posted @ Thursday, June 06, 2013 10:46 AM by Robyn

    It doesn't matter if it is injected into a vein or into the body as it has to go somewhere and it will be absorbed into the body anyway. There is no escape. If I had it to do over, I would have refused the dye and I will in the future. Drinking lots of fluids help to flush the chemicals from your system but I also, after a CT Scan which is worse as far as radiation is concerned, I had symptoms of toxicity and was told by a friend who had cancer treatments that MSM is given to help detoxify the body. It is a nutritional supplement that has had wonderful results for me. Research MSM. It is effective for multiple issues. The pills are huge. Not for those who don't do well with huge pills. I take the Opti-msm which is the most pure and the powder form. I mix it in a bit of grape juice every day. It will help rid your body of the toxins. Injecting into the vagina is about the same deal as in the vein; it will be absorbed by the body just as it is iv. Still a toxin that needs to be flushed from your body. A person may not have symptoms of any adverse kinds but the toxin is still in their systems. It has a pretty long half life. I stand with the MSM and praise the Lord for a friend to tell me. God Bless!

    posted @ Thursday, June 06, 2013 9:36 PM by Sandra Trank

    I am having a w/wo contrast MRI on this coming Monday (17). I have terrified to say the least. First off, I have a bad phobia of needles, and had blood work done last week and it was very unpleasant to be nice about it. The nurse was very gentle, so bruising.  
    Now since nothing came up on my labs I am being subjected to the MRI. I have lots of symptoms that don't fit together really, as well as lower spinal pain. possible spinal inflammation I think is what they're mainly looking for. I have drug side effects often, and I'm scared to death of these horror stories!!! Especially since a lot of them relate to the injection part of the proceedure. I did get a script for lorazepam for that day to try to help relax the phobia. But I'm still dreading it, and wondering why they have to use the dye when they know I'm side effect sensitive.  
    For a spinal MRI looking for inflammation, is there a NEED for dye? Are they also looking for tumors or nerve damage? If an RN/LVN could help shine a little light for me, easy my problems. How much of a difference would it make to refuse in my case?

    posted @ Saturday, June 15, 2013 1:05 AM by Jessica

    Hi Jessica 
    I had an MRI June 12 with contrast dye. It was a pelvic MRI. I want to tell you I was terrified beyond belief. So much so I cancelled the first one back in February. But it was one of the easiest medical test I have ever had. I had non reaction whatsoever from the dye and the test itself was painless. I had a great Tech who talked me through the whole process, I knew exactly what was going on and got to watch a bit of a movie while they did the test. I would do it again if I had to, no problem. I know I can't speak for everyone but I feel kinda silly worrying and I suffer from a mental illness as well. After the test I had something to eat and we played 9 holes a golf. I wish you good health and strength. I have learned in many cases, the things we worry about are never as bad as we think. Sending you good thoughts! Karen:0

    posted @ Monday, June 17, 2013 9:04 AM by Karen Wilson

    Hi guys, 
    Recently (June 21) I had MRI of my spine with Gd based contrast agent in Germany. And I had no side effects. They told me that Gd is toxic if it is in a free form but for MRI use it is chelated and it is possible to get it out of the body through the kindness. For that you need to drink lot of water. In my case they gave me 7 ml (1 ml per 1 kg of body weight) which is not much. 
    So I believe that the key is in drinking lot of water afterwards. 

    posted @ Tuesday, June 25, 2013 8:27 AM by Ruzica

    I am having it this friday and am petrified now from what i have read. I have already had one MRI without contast afew years ago and it didnt show what it needed to so i have to have the contrast. But I am scared.

    posted @ Tuesday, June 25, 2013 11:18 AM by Liv

    I had an MRI of my ears and brain this morning. In the mid-1980's I had a food allergy (popcorn -- crazy!) and ended up losing 65% of my hearing in my left ear. After a recent hearing test, we discovered that I now lost almost all hearing in that ear, so my physician wanted an MRI.  
    The MRI was 20 minutes without contrast dye, and then another 10 minutes after gadolinium (Gd) was injected IV. I had no reaction whatsoever to the Gd -- no flushing, no sensory changes, nothing. I was worried also, but as it turned out worry was unnecessary. The MRI was very loud, but some country music on headhphones helped.  
    If your physician needs to make a proper diagnosis, and needs a contrast MRI to do the best job, then you need to get past your worry and get it done.

    posted @ Monday, July 29, 2013 4:03 PM by Allen

    I just had an MRI with contrast earlier today. My contrast was injected directly into my shoulder joint. Barely felt a thing. So far, no problems except for some (very) minor discomfort at the injection sight. The MRI itself wasn't bad either.

    posted @ Wednesday, July 31, 2013 3:33 PM by Heidi

    Had the injection, never felt a thing, and no reactions at all. Thought the drummer was very poor, had an awful beat and no rhythem at all. Never make No.1. Cheers all, Bob

    posted @ Thursday, August 08, 2013 11:46 AM by WKR Tainton

    I am due to have mri with contrast on my hips. I phoned and was told a consultant has to do ultrasound first to get the dye in, then he will walk me down to mri. Dr didn't mention dye or procedure. Does the injection go into my hip or arm and travel round? Totally freaked out.

    posted @ Sunday, September 15, 2013 3:34 PM by Fiona

    Hello Fiona 
    The dye for me went in my arm and it does travel through your body. I was terrified-for nothing. It was absolutely painless. I felt nothing and no affects at the time and nothing afterward. I googled everything I could think of and was prepared for a bad experience. I may have to have on on a yearly basis and it is of no concern to me. As long as your Kidneys are working as they should be then it should be fine. They did a kidney function test before giving me the dye. I know some people have bad experiences but mine was good and I had great technicians and attendants that talked me through it. Good Luck -I know what it is to feel scared and anxious. I am confident you will be fine! 

    posted @ Wednesday, September 18, 2013 8:57 AM by Karen Wilson

    Some of this message is for antibiotics (FQ's) but at the bottom is some info on MRI's, do not get one with contrast it doesn't chelate from the body, casuing a NON-nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis I am on way to get my 6th Dermal Biopsy! Pleas,e if you value what health you DO have NO CONTRAST EVER!! I am victim of 3 toxicities, FQ's, GADOLINIUM CONTRAST & Barium (retained in bowel form a swallow test) it is not a rare side effect, Google MRI Toxicity!! 
    and other places as well, I copy and paste rather than type too much as my hands, contracting from Gadolinium and tendon issues form FQ's, makes it hard, But I dont care, I need to get the word out on these drugs and imaging products. 
    For those who have had Fluoroquinolone antibiotics for their sinus infections and/or Gadolinium Contrasted MRI's in imaging studies for diagnosis of sinus issues and or any other medical issues-and for those who have had Cultures and Sensitivities testing via a SIEMENS test/labs: 
    FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA requires label changes to warn of risk for possibly permanent nerve damage from antibacterial fluoroquinolone drugs taken by mouth or by injection 
    FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA requires label changes to warn of risk for possibly permanent nerve damage from antibacterial fluoroquinolone drugs taken by mouth or by injection 
    facial paralysis 
    FDA Strengthens Fluoroquinolone Warnings, Facial Paralysis Surgeon Responds to Nerve Damage Risk 
    Top facial paralysis surgeon Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS, responds to the FDA strengthening the warnings on fluoroquinolone antibiotics. 
    facial paralysis 
    From 2008- 
    Information for Healthcare Professionals: Fluoroquinolone Antimicrobial Drugs [ciprofloxacin (marketed as Cipro and generic ciprofloxacin), ciprofloxacin extended-release (marketed as Cipro XR and Proquin XR), gemifloxacin (marketed as Factive), levofloxacin (marketed as Levaquin), moxifloxacin (marketed as Avelox), norfloxacin (marketed as Noroxin), and ofloxacin (marketed as Floxin)] 
    FDA alert [7/8/2008]: FDA is notifying the makers of fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drugs for systemic use of the need to add a boxed warning to the prescribing information about the increased risk of developing tendinitis and tendon rupture in patients taking fluoroquinolones and to develop a Medication Guide for patients. The addition of a boxed warning and a Medication Guide would strengthen the existing warning information already included in the prescribing information for fluoroquinolone drugs. 
    Fluoroquinolones are associated with an increased risk of tendinitis and tendon rupture. This risk is further increased in those over age 60, in kidney, heart, and lung transplant recipients, and with use of concomitant steroid therapy. Physicians should advise patients, at the first sign of tendon pain, swelling, or inflammation, to stop taking the fluoroquinolone, to avoid exercise and use of the affected area, and to promptly contact their doctor about changing to a non-fluoroquinolone antimicrobial drug. 
    Selection of a fluoroquinolone for the treatment or prevention of an infection should be limited to those conditions that are proven or strongly suspected to be caused by bacteria. 
    Siemens Dx test panel recall draws FDA's 'most serious' label 
    September 4, 2013 | By Mark Hollmer 
    Read more: Siemens Dx test panel recall draws FDA's 'most serious' label - FierceMedicalDevices  
    Subscribe at FierceMedicalDevices 
    Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia‎ 
    Nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) or nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy is a rare and serious syndrome that involves fibrosis of skin, joints, eyes, and internal ... 
    Gadolinium, 24 Hour, Urine 
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue 
    Gadolinium, Random, Urine 
    Gadolinium, Serum 
    Gadolinium/Creatinine Ratio, Random, Urine 

    posted @ Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:33 AM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    They do inject into veins, if it misses the vein, it's called "extravasation" many who are sick had this happen. If they are using Ultrasound to guide an injection in, then the needles may be tipped with Gadolinium besides what is going to go into your veins for the MRI. iT IS LETHAL DO NOT DO IT-I have been trying to prove for past 10 years how sick I am and the medical community is not elpin gone bit. The day I found out I had High amounts of Gadolinium in urine, my doctor who ordered the blood and urine tests, called me HYPOCHONDRIACAL! this was 2.5 years AFTER the last MRI with contrast. what drug stays in you that long and gives you systemic sclerosis fibrosis of bowel stenosis of carotids DO not do it plain shoudl be ok SAY NO TO CONTRAST! contact me on FB for any questions. what do they want to MRI anyway? 

    posted @ Wednesday, September 18, 2013 11:40 AM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    On September 24, 2013 I had an MRI with Contrast. The contrast was injected into my shoulder joint, as I have a possible tear. Piece of cake a little pain at needle site for a few seconds. When I saw my MRI disk I noticed the tear between the shoulder and the shoulder socket middle front portion. I saw the contrast exiting the tear. I guess that is why the surgeon ordered the MRI with contrast. If you are allergic to the contrast ask the MRI Tech. what it consists of. If not it is the best way to find a tear. Now maybe my shoulder can be repaired faster.

    posted @ Wednesday, September 25, 2013 6:23 PM by Larry Joseph

    i have had many scans in my life 3 times with the dye every time i had one i was well inform i was asked if i have and adverse effect to iodine base products if i had this type of scan before they found i had a life threatening 7 centimeter Aoric abdominal anurisum thank god because several x rays missed it diagnose at the Royal VICTORIA Hospital Montreal Canada the risk is always worth i am 75 years old this type of device save my life 4 times thanks to nuclear imagery

    posted @ Sunday, January 12, 2014 5:10 PM by peter baillarge

    I was not informed Iwould be given injections beforehand and not told the purpose of the injections.ALL patients should be informed in writing before attending.

    posted @ Friday, January 31, 2014 8:08 AM by a clark

    I was not told either when I had mine and its not right for them to do that to us. The tech missed my vein and injected into my tissues and my arm was a mess,not to mention the pain! If I had known,I would not have agreed. With things the way they are with communication we need to do our own research before any test. Many don't have any "noticeable" reactions but what it does to our liver and kidneys is not readily known. My doctor didn't know the half life of the dye either when I asked afterwards. They don't always tell you to drink drink drink to help your body get rid of it either. It lingers in your bodily tissues far longer than most of us know.

    posted @ Monday, February 03, 2014 4:00 PM by Sandra Trank

    Today I had a pelvic MRI due to an abnormal uterus and possible endometriosis. My script said with and without contrast, and immediately I looked up what it meant. I am so terrified of needles and IVs and I am very sensitive to any pills or injections that I receive. After reading these comments I was very nervous about my MRI. I took an lorazepam (ativan) about an hour before my MRI to calm me down. I was not allowed to eat or drink anything for 4 hours before my MRI. Going to the MRI the pill really mellowed me out (I had someone drive me) and my meeting with the MRI technician was pretty basic questions (metal implants, surgeries, diabetic, tattoos, why are you getting an MRI.. etc). She never told me anything about the contrast, how it's done, what it will do to me, or any other side effects. After reading this blog I knew to expect the worse...  
    For the MRI they had me lay on the table (enclosed Tube MRI) and then they strapped a large metal contraption to my stomach - upper thigh area to get a better view. It was hard to breathe since it was smushing my stomach. They gave me headphones and the emergency button. By then my pill really kicked in, I felt very mellow even only being inches from the top of the tube. First round of MRI images lasted about 50-60 minutes. They talked to me the entire time and then she told me a technician was coming to give me a contrast dye. I told the technician I was really nervous about it, he didn't tell me what they were injecting me with or what I would feel...... which I was VERY surprised.... he used a butterfly needle and injected the dye through a syringe, no IV and left the room really quick and they started the MRI within seconds. My arm/elbow started to burn only a little bit and then it felt like I had a full bladder (which I didn't due to the fasting) The last pictures I was very anxious and wasn't breathing right. I think it was just from being so nervous that the dye would do horrible things to me. When it was over they had me stand up I nearly passed out and had to sit for a few minutes until I could walk to the changing room. I was very 'out of it' and couldn't walk straight. I couldn't keep my eyes open and my arm felt only a little weak. It was probably more from being stuck in a tube for over an hour and the pill rather than the dye. My mom advised me to drink a LOT of fluids tonight, we got a slushie on the way home to give me some sugar and caffeine and I've been drinking at least 36+ ounces of lemon water to help flush the dye out of my system. Apparently this is very important to help minimize the side effects. 6 hours later and my arm feels only a little weak, but no other problems.  
    If you're worried about getting the dye think about the pros before the cons so you don't worry so much. My insurance was paying for an expensive MRI which probably won't happen again, I didn't want to skip the dye just because I was nervous.. The better images could save my life. So it's important to get really good images done right the first time. The dye can show tumors or other problems a regular MRI cannot show. If I have to get another MRI and was told I need contrast I would get it. You want the best images to show what is going on inside of you. Something might show up with the dye that they would never see otherwise.  
    I hope my experience helps someone out there that the contrast dye doesn't always go bad. Ask your doctor for a few pills to relax you before the MRI. Being in the enclosed tube can be very tough but my pills made me feel very relaxed. Make sure you have a driver!

    posted @ Tuesday, February 11, 2014 10:25 PM by terrified of needles

    @The dye can show tumors or other problems a regular MRI cannot show. If I have to get another MRI and was told I need contrast I would get it. You want the best images to show what is going on inside of you.  
    Not in the beginning, GADOLINIUM takes time to make it's presence known, then BAM, FIBROSIS! and when it does it will be blamed on"fibromyalgia," or anything BUT. Please keep yourself safe and refuse ALL GADOLINIUM! It's toxic heavy metal and it's lethal! Sometimes unkown is a less painful way to go! If I didn;t know any better I'd say your comment was a 5th Avenue commercial for the PROS of GADOLINIUM CONTRAST!

    posted @ Sunday, February 16, 2014 7:06 PM by Catherine Pogorzelski

    I had my second MRI on Sunday. I was not informed beforehand that I was getting an injection - only when I asked why they needed a needle in my arm. Was not informed of any possible side effects. However - everything went well and they were able to see what the problem was in my spine. there was no there way other than MRI to diagnose what was going on. So far I ahve had no side effects, and am grateful that we have this technology available to us.

    posted @ Tuesday, March 11, 2014 9:29 AM by Heather

    I had an MRI with contrast yesterday, previous 2 without, went well, trouble finding veins but that was it. However I'm a big fatty and was pretty sure they wouldn't get me out having squeezed me in. So glad I didn't read this thread before I went as I think I may have panicked. It is not a pleasant experience being in the tube, but more my fault, my boobs were literally squashing along the top. Sorry for those who's experience has caused much pain, really sounds unpleasant. I now laugh at my experience and plan to start gym as soon as my back is fixed up.

    posted @ Wednesday, March 12, 2014 7:18 AM by Ange

    Anyone had an MRI with contrast with the dye injected into the back?

    posted @ Wednesday, March 19, 2014 10:59 PM by Carol

    I was had multiple injuries from a fall. Two months following my accident an arthrogram with contrast was ordered. Another Orthopedist ordered an MRI lower back with contrast. Prior to both radiology procedures no labs were ordered, there was no information given to me possible adverse reactions resulting from administration of contrast. When I questioned the Radiologist about the contrasts he informed me they were like drinking water. The contrast would be flushed out through my kidneys. Because I was receiving sedation prior to the MRI's to be NPO after midnight. The Arthrogram left shoulder contrast administered multihance 7.5 ml & isovue 300 7.5 ml. For days later mri lower spine with out @ with IV multihance which was administered Bolus with out additional fluids. I experienced horrible frontal headaches, nausea, swollen eyes, itching & burning the skin my face. My blood pressure was lower than normal. Racing heart rate then some irregular heart rate. My body ached a lot of joint pain. I was confused and depressed like something bad had happened. I developed very rough texture the skin on my lower legs. I developed symmetrical rashs lateral sides both feet. I developed swelling the left side of my face my left eye almost swollen shut. I had bleeding gums and sinusitis. When I told the Radiologist about my symptoms I was told these symptoms were not caused by MRI contrast. I went to PCP who felt I neede d to be premedicated prior to being administered MRI contrast. Another Orthopedist asked me if I had Arthritis. I found out with the results of the MRI I have a cystic right kidney and an unusual signal right hip. I next had a bleeding peptic ulcer from anti inflammatory medication prescribed by the Orthopedists. I continued with multiple joint pain, unusual ichting dry skin lower legs. The rash on feet went away. I next had left shoulder rotator cull surgery same shoulder the contrast was administered. Following my left shoulder surgery I experienced multiple complications frozen shoulder,sever joint pain, nerve pain, swollen axillary lymph node with no dual. Swelling of my left extremity into my left neck and chin. I was diagnosed with CRPS. I was referred to a pain specialist who perscribed Oxycodone and Lyrica. Physical therapy and three Sympathetic nerve blocks. The medications effected me greatly I was confused a lot of the time. But the pain in my left shoulder, extremity was unbearable with out pain medication. I also had additional injuries from my original fall radiating acute chronic pain, left leg ankle foot acute pain with walking,injuries right shoulder, extremity. I had SLAP tears both shoulders which are painful. I had not been able to pay for health insurance so myedical care was limited. After the strange symptoms I experienced following administration of MRI contrast I wondered if the adverse reactions following left shoulder surgery was related to MRI contrast. None of the Orthopedists who all worked in the same clinic seemed to know anything about adverse reactions to MRI contrast. There is more to my story regarding how MRI contrast has destroyed my body. I am tired. L.T. 

    posted @ Thursday, March 20, 2014 1:03 AM by L.T.

    LT: I do nto doubt you have been affected via the Gadolinium contrast and may well have to Demand testing, local labs to sendout, do not let docs tell you this is NOT happening, it is happening more than you KNOW! even in those without Kidney Disease! No matter how tired you are right now, PLEASE PURSUE this, it matters for your quality of life! also get your thryoid tested, I have thyroid cancer as well as many of the same conditions that occur in Nephrogenic SYstemic Fibrosis, but we are saying we have "Gadolinium Induced Fibrosis" Contact me on FB! I have a lot of info for you! Cathy IF YOU HAVE HAD IMAGING WITH CONTRAST MRI'S AND FEEL ISSUES THAT CONTINUE AND HAVE NOT BEEN DIAGNOSED-GET THESE LABS DONE THEN IF POSITIVE GET THE DERMAL BIOPSIES DONE-NOT THESE ARE SENDOUTS FROM A LOCAL HOSPITAL TO GO TO MAYO-YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TRAVEL TO MAYO IN MN, FL OR AZ: 
    Gadolinium, 24 Hour, Urine 
    Gadolinium, Dermal, Tissue 
    Gadolinium, Random, Urine 
    Gadolinium, Serum 
    Gadolinium/Creatinine Ratio, Random, Urine

    posted @ Thursday, March 20, 2014 9:51 AM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    To Carol and LT, No I have never had an injection in my back Carol and if were live and death I may consider it, other than that,no way,  
    LT You poor man, it sounds like you are allergic to the dye and should not have had any further exposure and that being the lesser of your problems. I believe you had a toxic level and are experiencing the results of that. I know I had a horrible reaction to the dye and they infiltrated the dye so my arm was a mess. Nobody told me I had to drink a lot to flush it our until I did my own research. Some people laugh at the accounts here but I don't. I am a RN and I know this stays in your system for a long time. They give msm supplement to those with radiation toxicity and that is usually chemo patients but it works for any kind of toxicity, even after antibiotic therapy. I still take the msm and will continue indefinitely. It is a normal needed nutrient for the body to repair itself and one cannot overdose on it. It is something you take in low doses and gradually increase them. If you increase too fast you may get a headache but that is due to the toxins being removed I am told and you just back up to the previous a few days and then increase it. I get the most pure powdered kind that is Opti MSM. I am taking about 30,000 mg daily now and is help with my pain and energy levels. I can tell when I don't take it. I became toxic from the dye for ct scan and mri done the same day. I also lost some hair and am getting it back slowly. I changed to organic shampoo to not do any more harm to my hair follicles. DermOrganic is about the best out there. I will be praying for you. You can get the powdered Opti Msm from viticost at a very reasonable price. Its sad you have had to suffer so. I know the shoulder pain as I had a tear in my rotor cuff and still sleep with my arm on a pillow but am relatively pain free at this point in time. It will take a few months for the msm to detox you but it will and you should then feel better. I know how you feel about being tired. God Bless.

    posted @ Thursday, March 20, 2014 7:05 PM by Sandra Trank

    I had an MRI with Contrast yesterday morning after being admitted into the hospital. They gave me a basic MRI but then said that they needed another, but this time with contrast. I was 18 at the time so I had the option and said yes, but they told me that the dye would need to be injected through my femoral artery. All I can say is that it felt more hot than warm, but I was drugged to it didn't hurt, jut felt uncomfortable.

    posted @ Saturday, April 26, 2014 10:09 PM by Julian

    I had a MRI with contrast today - for shoulder. Within 10 secs, I instantly felt terribly nauseous, and vomited at least 4 times. Was dizzy for a little while. Reaction subsided after about 20mins. 11 hours later, still not quite feeling the best. MRIs are back enough with ought having the reaction. I doubt if I'd have another dye contrast again. Very bad experience.

    posted @ Wednesday, April 30, 2014 6:37 AM by Kellie Carrier

    I have had 4 mri brain scans over the past 8 months, the most recent on 2 May. Two of the scans involved contrast dye. I had no symptoms with the dye either time apart from a slight stinging sensation close to the needle as the dye was turned on. I spent about 20 minutes in the mri scanner each time, perhaps longer - I'm inclined to doze off. That may be because I keep my eyes closed so as not to see how small the space is.

    posted @ Saturday, May 03, 2014 4:44 PM by mary lally

    My experience with contrast has been a nightmare? I had an MRI of my heart,and went into anaphylactic shock! I nearly died, I don't know how long I was unconscious before they pulled me from the scanner but I was unresponsive,lost bladder control and blood pressure dropped to 52/26. I was coded and the STAT team was called. I didn't recieve oxygen for 17 minutes and was transferred to ICU. I am now cognitively disabled. I was not aware of the risks. Now what, I can't work, disablility takes forever, and I have no source of income. Certainly not worth the risk.

    posted @ Monday, May 26, 2014 7:36 PM by jaymkay

    I'm having a MRI with contrast on the brain. Should I have someone with me or can I go alone?

    posted @ Saturday, June 07, 2014 7:19 AM by sherry bartol

    I had a pituitary MRI with contrast dye today. There were no side effects at all. I was cannulated, put in the MRI machine, they took some scans, took me out and applied the dye and then rescanned my brain.  
    I'm shocked to read some of the stories above, as my experience was the total opposite. I had my MRI scan about 7 hours ago and I still feel fine. Maybe different dyes are used at different hospitals?! Who knows.

    posted @ Tuesday, July 22, 2014 3:33 PM by Shelly

    It is not a matter of WHERE you get the MRI with contrast, nor is it a matter of WHAT area(s) they are doing the MRI on, it is a matter of the body RETAINING what GE & BAYER tell us is SUPPOSED TO CHELATE FROM THE BODY! I Will tell you after 7 yes SEVEN year, I STILL HAVE high amounts of Gadolinium in urine, some in blood and still more in my skin. I also have many health issues that were enot evident form the minute I got the MRI's but developed within one month to seven years later. This is not an acceptable form of medical care I want to happen in any instance and GE & BAYER are responsible of rearming untold million s f patients who but of r few are ignorant to that which is clearly a form of "toxic heavy metal poisoning" I can tell you if you go tot a toxicologist and they tell you, :you will have to come to grips with why ahas happened to you, you will NEVER PROVE IT'S FORM GADOLINIUM!" you KNOW something his up of redactors to totally IGNORE what is staring the in the face. All I can tell you is to document and skin changes, with pictures, if they crop up go to doctors IMMEDICATELY upon recognizing any skin disorders no matter how small, document in writing anything you feel may be unusual, you may begging, ike I did to see patterns emerging, once enough proof is garnered, need I say more?! check out this info and the settlement: AUNT MINNIE & GE & $5 Million verdict 
    Study links Gadolinium MR contrast to brain abnormalities 
    By Wayne Forrest, staff writer  
    Radiology. 2014 Mar;270(3):834-41. doi: 10.1148/radiol.13131669. Epub 2013 Dec 7. 
    High signal intensity in the dentate nucleus and globus pallidus on unenhanced T1-weighted MR images: relationship with increasing cumulative dose of a gadolinium-based contrast material. 
    Kanda T1, Ishii K, Kawaguchi H, Kitajima K, Takenaka D. 
    Specter of MRI Disease Haunts General Electric 
    GE Failed to Adequately Warn about Dangers of its MRI Dye, Jury Finds 
    by Jeff Gerth 
    ProPublica, March 22, 2013, 2:41 p.m. 
    $5 Million Verdict In The First Gadolinium Injury Trial 
    Tags: claims, Gadolinium Verdict, GE Healthcare, lawsuit, lawyer, litigation, Product Liability 
    A federal jury in Ohio has awarded $5 million in the first case to go to trial in the multi district litigation involving patients who claim injury from the body scan contrast agent gadolinium. The jury found that GE Healthcare failed to provide adequate warnings of the health risk posed to those with impaired kidney function from Omniscan. As we have reported, the GE product is a gadolinium-based contrast dye used in MRIs and other imaging scans. The plaintiff in the case, Paul Decker, contracted a debilitating skin disease — nephrogenic systemic fibrosis (NSF) — as a result of being injected with Omniscan for a magnetic resonance angiogram in 2005. At the time, Decker was also undergoing dialysis for end-stage kidney disease. 

    posted @ Wednesday, July 23, 2014 10:15 PM by Catherine Nichols Pogorzelski

    I've just had my 2nd MRI in about 10 days, following a mountain bike accident. I received a contrast dye for both of them. The first was no problem at all, but the 2nd was awful. I had a serious reaction to the contrast liquid and felt as if I was going to die. Symptoms were extreme nausea, dizziness, saliva pouring from my mouth, feeling I was going to pass out and wanting to vomit. The liquid was injected for the last remaining 10 minutes of the MRI. I battled to walk back to the recovery room at the end of the scan. 24hrs later I am feeling much better. I would seriously hesitate in accepting the contrast dye in the future.

    posted @ Tuesday, August 12, 2014 1:43 PM by Kate Dorland

    I had an MRI with contrast on my shoulder for the first time this morning, which was about 11 hours ago. I went to Kaiser, and must say my experience was no trouble at all. After I registered with the receptionist, I went to another building where I put on a hospital gown and was taken to a room in the radiology department. There, the doctors were extremely accommodating and warned me of the risks of the dye (such as infection) and I signed a waiver. They assured me that these side effects were very uncommon but they must let me know before the procedure. Then they did some scans with a different machine (not sure what kind, but not the MRI) and cleaned my shoulder with a brown antiseptic gel. They were very good about letting me know exactly what they were doing and what it would feel like. First they injected me with stuff that numbed the skin on my shoulder. This injection was the most painful part; it felt like an extra long and very intense bee sting. Then they injected me with the dye and it did ache a lot but there was no pinch from the needle because I was numb. It felt as though my shoulder was swelling up and seemed to be spasming but that was the worst of it. I then went and got a regular MRI, which only lasted about 20 minutes, then went home. My shoulder was feeling achey earlier in the day but now it is doing much better and feels almost normal again. The nurse warned me to take advil before the numbness wears off and drink lots of water to help the dye flush through my system. I left with nothing but a bandaid where they made the injection and a feeling similar to a dead arm. I'm so sorry that others were not so lucky as to have an experience as easy as mine was.

    posted @ Monday, August 25, 2014 10:03 PM by Kate

    I have problems with MRIs and have to take meds to allow the test. This time my MRI/MRA was scheduled when imaging company was having a "remodeling". Actually, their MRI machine had broken down and a portable unit was the only option. 
    I was prepared for the MRI, inserted IV and I took my meds. The MRI had progressed about 30 minutes when I could no longer remain in the narrow tube. I was not sure why my Dr. had requested the test except it had to do with brain and pituitary gland. 
    I made another appointment at another MRI facility and was told the previous scan would be useful but I needed further scanning with dye. Maybe a 30 minute scan. So, I did the second MRI only to be advised another MRI would be necessary. I am not 
    sure if the doctor needed added information but his office said they never received any results from the two MRI already done. I wish I could know why the additional MRI is necessary. Everyone seems to be vague about it and I still do not know why these 
    MRI were necessary. I have some fear about the dye that they use.

    posted @ Tuesday, September 09, 2014 6:24 PM by Tony

    Just had a MRI with dye. No one told me anything, just where to go and when. I knew I would be in a tub but the noise just about drove me crazy, 30 minutes. About 10 minutes from the end I received the injection. No one told me about that. I still have a headache 24 hours later. I am usually pretty good if I know what I an in for but I had no idea of that pounding noise or injection. Who is reasonable for telling you about this test? I WOULD think it would be the doctor.

    posted @ Saturday, September 13, 2014 10:42 AM by geri

    I had a CT scan some 17 years ago. When the dye (iodine) was injected, I had a massive case of hives within seconds. I was given an injection to relieve that and have had several CT scans since then without dye. When I went in for an MRI a few days ago, I was adamant about finding out what was in the contrast. After checking it out, I agreed to go ahead (I have numerous other allergies) and had no problem. I had a slight metallic taste for a few minutes but that was all. The noise for the roughly 50-60 minutes I was in there was all I could handle so I'll go back in a couple of weeks for the other MRI rather than having both done at that time.  
    I can believe the noise would give anyone a headache. I definitely think that every patient should be given full information by the physician ordering the tests so a discussion can be had at that time concerning dyes and whether or not the tests can be run without them. This wasn't done in my case but my rheumatologist is located in a building across the street from the hospital. I insisted on the radiologist calling her so that I could hear the conversation.  
    As patients we have to be aware of what is being asked of us and we have to be in charge of our own health care as opposed to 'following the doctor's orders.'

    posted @ Friday, September 26, 2014 1:54 PM by Gayle Lacy

    Just had an MRI with contrast - was nervous cuz I have small veins and did not want them to shoot it through the vein. Got very lucky - the nurse hit the vein perfectly and I had no side effects. Thanks to the kindly folks at Insight Imaging in Los Gatos

    posted @ Wednesday, October 08, 2014 10:19 PM by Laurie

    I had a MRI w and w/o contrast on Saturday. This was done on my brain checking on tumor growth. I have thought that I was just a little sensitive to the magnetic field, feeling off balance, not quite right, even in the machine feeling the slicing sensation. This time I had that but much more. I feel fuzzy - brain fog- I am off balanced, I am extremely tired, weak, my headache will not go away. 
    I was not informed to drink fluids in the past or this time, I was not told of any dangers - I even had to sign the form after the procedure was complete and the dye was administered. Is this a 'normal' reaction? Or more? Even now I'm to exhausted to finish my comment.

    posted @ Sunday, October 19, 2014 10:15 PM by Carla

    had mri/contrast today...pounding headache -sob...hope it goes away soon

    posted @ Tuesday, October 21, 2014 6:44 PM by victoria pitts

    I had an MRI with contrast dye on the 20th Nov 2014 on my left knee. Immediately my leg was paralyzed and the pain was horrendous. I could not move my leg at all and had to be lifted off the table and helped into the MRI room. I could not walk. My leg swelled up and took a long time for me to be able to put it on the floor. Fortunately I had a walker which was a big help. For the rest of the day and night and far into the next day I was in agony. I got hives and a red rash all around my leg which in itself was very painful. I was not given any information about the fact that I may be allergic to the dye. I was only told to drink plenty of water which I have been trying to do. I will never ever again go through this procedure, I was actually praying for death, the pain was so horrendous.

    posted @ Saturday, November 22, 2014 10:42 AM by Liz Rubie

    I have had several MRIs throughout my life and each time they have insisted I have the MRI with Contrast. I have refused every time. Yet every time my Doctor has looked at my MRI photos he has been able to see everything he needed to see.  
    I only share this because I think a lot of people get Contrasts without knowing the dangerous side effects it could cause and often Doctors don't inform you about them.  
    If it's your first MRI I'd say just have a regular one no Contrast. If the Doctor then tells you that they were unable to see what they were looking for then maybe reconsider having an MRI with Contrast but remember to think about why you are having this MRI and is putting your life in danger worth it?

    posted @ Saturday, December 06, 2014 12:49 AM by Anna

    Hi Anna, I have a question for you, Last week they Did MRI for headaches (comes occasionally and Advil/Tylenol works most of the times), they said every thing was ok except they could not see some thing for like Cavernous Angioma, asked me to do MRI with Contrast, I have an appointment for this Friday, do you think it will have side effects? if yes, what could be it, is it worth it to take with contrast? Im normal except occasional headaches 

    posted @ Wednesday, December 10, 2014 3:10 PM by Ravi

    Just got back from my MRI about an hour ago. It felt forever when I was inside and the noise didn't help, but I was okay with it. Then the tech said she is coming out to give me an injection. I was alarmed about the injection since I was not told about it. I asked her what she was injecting me with? She just said not to worry but my kidneys were fine (I didn't even know why she mentioned kidneys, never had a kidney test or whatever, although I don't drink alcohol or take any meds). I refused to have the injection. The tech insisted however that it needs to be done since my doctor prescribed it. I was ignorant about contrast/no contrast, so I said I really want to skip the injection and be done with it. However, the tech insisted I get one and not to worry, and keep telling me not to move (I didn't). So I felt helpless and pressured and let her do it. The injection bite was painful of course, and I felt strong pressure/spasms throughout my arm. Never felt anything like it, and I started freaking out. I said my arm felt limp, etc. She said that was normal. After what felt like forever, she then said I was done. And then she gave me a waiver to sign, saying it's just to say she gave me an injection. The pain was bothering me so I just blindly sign. But in retrospect, shouldn't this be given to me first before I went through with it? I feel like I wasn't informed much. Also prior to coming, they asked if I had my blood work done, and I said no I haven't but I can get one and re-schedule. But then they said it's okay because of my age (I don't even know why they mentioned it to begin with if it's fine). Anyway, I'm feeling fine now, but who knows what symptoms I'll be having in the future because of the dye. And the MRI wasn't to check for a tumor or anything, but it's for the mild on and off ringing in my ears. So I would choose not to have the dye had I known about negative effects which I just read about. Still, it could be helpful because you'll never know if they find something, right? So all in all, I guess I leave it to God's hands.

    posted @ Thursday, January 08, 2015 6:48 PM by JC

    I had CT, MRI, MRI with dye, EEG, X-Ray's done every month and then every 6 months for the rest of my life, it was 35 years ago (in Canada)after a bad accident that had left me paralysed for almost 3 years, thanks to the extensive physiotherapy with 2 different approach for 2 hrs each morning and afternoon and chiropractor 3 times a week they help me be normal again physically and mentally I had regain my life and forgot about the ordeal. The dye was necesserary and I put up with the burning sensation, I already was dizzy, nausea, blurry vision etc. with my head injury and spine a little more discomfort won't kill me and it didn't, maybe I was lucky don't know. What I know is from one specialist to another, from province to province and different countries, they don't find same things, that is more questionable why can't they find same things, same area, none from Canada, France, Italy, USA and UK have come up with same results, during all those years in my youth I suffered and the combination of different remedies or my will power got me to have a normal life till 6 months ago when I received a violent blow in the head and the night mare started a month and half later... Now again I'm from CT, MRI another to do with dye etc. In the same city none can come up with same answers, I'm 61 now and feel like a Guiney pig... Bad enough with the regular symptoms to disrupt my life style and make my life a living hell, but when none of them see past scars that been there most of my life, can't disappear over night! And they do see new one, I wonder what should we be worry about chemicals along or the specialist that can't read the radiology? I have a fractured tibia, I have a scar and operation done on it with a pin to hold the bones together it was done over 3 decades ago... No one can tell me it's no there, a scar is a scar and remain a scar, on the leg or brain same thing... I don't know what to believe any more who to trust in the medical field, I'm the one that have to adjust and try to manage the pain and discomfort of blurry vision, when tested eyes are healthy, 20/20 vision but often I get blurry vision, nausea, lost of balance, short memory lost, tingling in my hands, stiffness in my neck and spine etc. etc. constantly I have to fight to stay normal and the mind get very tired from the amount of energy it use, I have to wait and wait they make decisions and for next test... I don't care any more if the dye burn etc, because I'm living with the pain already, all I want they find what I already know and get help restore it, I do have an hematoma back of my head, the pituary gland stop working causing other symptoms and it is due of the brain injury they finally agree after countless test to eliminate all other possible problems, I'm lucky to have had in the past a healthy life style, I have a strong immune system, a strong heart, good lungs, good kidney, good stomach, good liver etc.etc. No High blood pressure, no cholesterol, no diabetes so on. I used natural remedies all my life, walk, run, jump, limb so on, for the past few months I been restricted in my movement since my injury. I don't have the money I used to have 3 to 4 decades ago. I'm alone and no one care really to help me get better. I still have a lot to give, my mom at 85 still does gardening, OK she hasn't had a head injury, but what I noticed age has nothing to do, specially when you know how to take care of yourself, I don't drink or smoke etc... I don't get sick easily, my body can fight infections better than most, but can't take the stick out of my wheels when someone else put it there and tie my hands, I need exteriors help to remove it, if you know what I mean. Who should I trust? Doctors? Some almost kill me with wrong medications, some don't give a dam and delay the founding, more you delay more the symptoms grow and putting your life at risk. If I don't go along with them and refuse a test, well it become my fault. I don't have a life any more since few months ago, I'm forced to laydown in my bed each time , my spine lock and my neck and head hurt, passing out and losing days not knowing where you are or why, try to focus and recall , trying to move and you can't, dizziness, vomiting, The neurologist suspect bleeding in the brain, but the call center that make apt screw up with apt and patients files... I must have several Angels looking after me, helping me to hold on, my will to live is stronger than ever, I fight each day to stay alive ... Why our society is all about money? I don't have any. I used to have a job, worked 16 hours a day, 5 days a week in an office where target need to be met... 2 years I never had to complain about my work or been tired of working so much, I was full of positive energy, all got taking away from me from the day I received a hard blow in the head... Now I have a post concussion syndrome, my life is upside down, no matter how much I try to fix it with natural remedies etc. I'm out of service, can't go back yet to work causing financial drain, lucky for me I know how to manage money, but it is getting harder and it is frustrating it take so long. Anything I try to feel like normal again set me back, pain become more I can handle, and pass out, days are lost, the doc said it take times, be patient, just a few years at most... Lucky me I got strong bones, my heads hurts every where constantly and nothing works... Good luck to all, hope you don't have to endure what I'm enduring now. I'm stronger than most and at time even with all the training and mind over matter, meditation etc. I lose control over the pain. I'm not suicidal, I love life more than anything but I do understand now why some do. All I have left is pray since nothing else work.

    posted @ Saturday, April 04, 2015 4:44 AM by Antoinette T

    I was told that an MRI of the shoulder area was absolutely worthless unless the contrast was used. I am having pain in the shoulder area when working out with weights, especially when bench pressing. Doctors say I have arthritis but no rotator cuff issues. Is it true that the oontrast should be used to get an accurate diagnosis.?

    posted @ Saturday, April 04, 2015 11:27 AM by Tom Fitts

    I am scheduled for an MRI next Saturday with a contrast injection because I had spine surgery 4 months ago and have major problems on the other side of my lumbar area. The reason for the contrast injection and to distinguish between my natural tissue and any scar tissue that may have formed. The booking secretary said I could experience some hives but very seldom does this happen. I will receive it after about 15 minutes then the injection in the arm then back in again. Kind of nervous.

    posted @ Saturday, August 01, 2015 3:45 PM by Pam

    I had a MRI on my shoulder and my knee at the same time, my shoulder had a contrast directly injected into it, my knee was without contrast. what is the maximum amount of time between the injection and the actual MRI and does the operator need to tell the MRI unit that it is looking at a contrast or not

    posted @ Wednesday, August 05, 2015 4:11 PM by jim aucoin

    I had an MRI 10 months ago and the nurse had trouble getting the needle in my arm. It hurt terribly while she was jabbing me. After the MRI, my arm was bruised for days. Now 10 months later I still have pain and have very limited use of my arm. I think she did something to a nerve. Either that, or the solution (dye) caused damage to my arm. It's very painful.

    posted @ Monday, August 10, 2015 7:29 AM by Beth

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