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    Open MRI Scanner Pictures

    Posted by John Holden on Tue, Jan 13, 2009

    Open MRIs represent nearly 25% of all of the MRI scanners in the U.S. Though originally designed for claustrophobic and obese patients, open MRI technology has rapidly improved and these machines can do nearly any type of MRI test. You can read more about Open MRI here.

    Below are several pictures of open MRI scanners with a brief description.

    open mri scanner technologist

    The sides of the MRI scanner are open. You can  see through to the back side of room as well. The technologist is next to the table. The table rises and goes into the scanner.  Many open MRI facilities have light enhanced paintings, giving you the feeling of being outdoors.

    open mri scanner wrist mri

    The patient is getting a wrist MRI. Can you see the device around her right wrist? This is a coil. It enhances the signal from your body. All tests require a coil.

    open mri scanner altaire

    The patient has a coil wrapped around her upper body and neck. There is a sponge underneath her legs to help her stay comfortable on the hard table.

    open mri scanner reading

    The patient is getting a knee MRI. See the coil around her knee? She's also reading a magazine. This picture demonstrates that the top part of the machine and the table are quite close.

    Have you ever had an MRI done on an open MRI scanner? What was your experience like? Please leave your comments below.


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